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Tuesday, January 9

  1. page Garden Photos 2017-2018 school year edited Week of December 18 - December 22, 2017 {2017 Dec 20 Harvest.jpg} Harvested the week before wi…
    Week of December 18 - December 22, 2017
    {2017 Dec 20 Harvest.jpg}
    Harvested the week before winter break: sorrel, broccoli leaves, cauliflower, carrot and tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce...
    {2017 Dec 20 Kohlrabi harvested.jpg}
    ...and kohlrabi. The big one underneath was...
    {2017 Dec 20 Kohlrabi big.jpg}
    ...this one!
    {2017 Dec 20 Kohlrabi bottom.jpg}
    This is how it looked from the underside.
    {2017 Dec 20 Kohlrabi double.jpg}
    One of the smaller ones looked like a submarine.
    {2017 Dec 20 Lettuce harvested.jpg}
    Mrs. Coate's class came to assist with some of the harvest. We pulled some of the pretty lettuce out of this...
    {2017 Dec 19 Cabbage lettuce bed.jpg}
    ...cabbage bed.
    {2017 Dec 20 Cauliflower harvested.jpg}
    We also harvested this cheddar cauliflower.
    {2017 Dec 21 Sugarcane.jpg}
    And then we looked for the ripest piece of sugar cane.
    {2017 Dec 21 Sugarcane cut.jpg}
    We sawed through this one.
    {2017 Dec 20 Sugar cane passing.jpg}
    It was tall.
    {2017 Dec 20 Sugar cane passed.jpg}
    And heavy!
    {2017 Dec 20 Sugar cane pieces.jpg}
    It took a while to cut off the outer peel and chop it into smaller pieces. One stalk was enough to feed two 3rd grade classes.
    {2017 Dec 20 Sugar cane seconds.jpg}
    With seconds.
    {2017 Dec 20 Carrot harvested.jpg}
    There was one carrot that self-sowed in the cabbage bed.
    {2017 Dec 20 Carrot.jpg}
    We weren't surprised that it looked like it got over-fertilized.
    {2017 Dec 22 Green caul.jpg}
    The green cauliflower is getting bigger.
    {2017 Dec 19 Gold dust plants.jpg}
    Fourth graders tackled a new indoor/outdoor plant for propagation. These are gold dust plants.
    {2017 Dec 19 Gold dust flowers.jpg}
    They get tiny little purple flowers. But they only get berries if you have both a female and male plant. This one is a boy.
    {2017 Dec 19 Gold dust cuttings.jpg}
    We took cuttings that will be kept under plastic cover.
    {2017 Dec 22 Finished compost.jpg}
    One of the compost bins was ready to be emptied and moved to the storage bin.
    {2017 Dec 22 Grubs all.jpg}
    We collected all the grubs so we could move them into the recently filled up composter.
    {2017 Dec 21 Grub kinds.jpg}
    There were a mix of green june bug (figeater beetles) and chafer beetles.
    {2017 Dec 22 Grubs K recess.jpg}
    The Kindergardeners were intrigued.
    {2017 Dec 21 Garden rain.jpg}
    A little bit of rain fell.
    {2017 Dec 22 Frozen leaf.jpg}
    And there were a couple freezing nights.
    {2017 Dec 22 Frozen bird bath.jpg}
    The bird bath needed to thaw out in the sun and the frozen hose couldn't be used for several hours.
    {2017 Dec 20 Brussels Sprouts.jpg}
    Our Brussels Sprout seedlings came up quickly.
    {2017 Dec 20 Bordered plant bug.jpg}
    This bordered plant bug was crawling around our produce beds.
    {2017 Dec 19 Cannas.jpg}
    This might be the last hurrah of the cannas before the cold forces them to die back.
    of December
    {2017 Dec 14 Harvest 1.jpg}
    Harvest included broccoli leaves and crowns, tree collard leaves, kale, tomatoes, sorrel, cilantro...
    Hoverflies were more notable this week, especially this chubby one.
    {2017 Dec 13 Cloudless sulphur.jpg}
    the apple
    Week of December 4 - December 8, 2017
    Week of November 27 - December 1, 2017
    {2017 Nov 29 Harvest.jpg}
    with one
    large guava, 2 bags of broccoli crowns...
    {2017 Nov 29 Kohlrabi.jpg}
    Week of November 13 - November 17, 2017
    {2017 Nov 15 Harvest.jpg}
    pomegranates, some
    winter squash, and our first broccoli crowns.
    {2017 Nov 15 Tree collard leaves.jpg}
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