2015: Garden Haiku poems from Mrs. Harvey's 2nd grade class
2015 Garden Haiku Alemayehu.jpg
by Alemayehu

The lettuce is round
The cherries are colorful
I like the garden

2015 Garden Haiku Brooke.jpg
by Brooke

Bees buzz on flowers
A rainbow in the garden
Raspberries taste good

2015 Garden Haiku Brooklyn.jpg
by Brooklyn

Bees buzzing around
Strawberries are delish
Raspberries are red

2015 Garden Haiku Camila.jpg
by Camila

Cherries grow on trees
Strawberries are sweet and good
Carrots are yummy

2015 Garden Haiku Colton.jpg
by Colton

Bees land on flowers
Tomato vines growing up
Apple blossoms grow

2015 Garden Haiku Cons.jpg
by Cons

Planting kale is fun
I see yellow bees buzzing
Strawberries are sweet

2015 Garden Haiku Erynn.jpg
by Erynn

Colorful cherries
Vegetables are yummy
Strawberries are sweet

2015 Garden Haiku Faith.jpg
by Faith

I see bees buzz'n
The bees buzz by the flowers
I like harvesting

2015 Garden Haiku Ida.jpg
by Ida

I see strawberries
Strawberries so big and red
I love gardening

2015 Garden Haiku Isabella.jpg
by Isabella

I see bees buzzing
I see bright red ladybugs
I love harvesting

2015 Garden Haiku Kyle.jpg
by Kyle

Strawberries are good
Bugs crawling on the wet soil
Raspberries delish

2015 Garden Haiku Lance.jpg
by Lance

Bees are in flowers
Bees fly around the garden
Kale grows in gardens

2015 Garden Haiku Makalya.jpg
by Makayla

I like strawberries
I love the taste of cherries
Bees fly around here

2015 Garden Haiku Moly.jpg
by Molly

Bees buzz on flowers
Lettuce sparkling in the sun
Raspberries growing

2015 Garden Haiku Natalie.jpg
by Natalie

Tomatoes taste good
Bees buzz around the garden
I love strawberries

2015 Garden Haiku Nicky.jpg
by Nicky

Bees in the garden
Rabbits want to eat carrots
Kale in the garden

2015 Garden Haiku Pitya.jpg
by Pitya

Bees buzz on flowers
Beautiful carrots grow
Ripe raspberries dry

2015 Garden Haiku Rachel.jpg
by Rachel

Raspberries are sweet
Strawberries grow in the ground
Tomatoes taste good

2015 Garden Haiku Sarah.jpg
by Sarah

The bees fly around
The flowers grow in the dirt
Colorful rainbow

2015 Garden Haiku Shruthi.jpg
by Shruthi

Raspberries are red
Cherries are good and juicy
We like to harvest

2015 Garden Haiku Sienna.jpg
by Sienna

Colorful berries
Buzzing bees and chirping birds
Green trees and bushes

2015 Garden Haiku Sofia.jpg
by Sophia

Apples red and ripe
Vegetables are tasty
Strawberries are big

2015 Garden Haiku SophiaC.jpg
by Sophia C.

Bees buzz on flowers
I like harvesting kale
I love the garden

2015 Garden Haiku Suha.jpg
by Suha

I like strawberries
Raspberries are very good
Tomatoes are great

2015 Garden Haiku Ty.jpg
by Ty

I like strawberries
Bees fly around the garden
I love the garden

2015 Garden Haiku Yugu.jpg
by Yugu

I see yellow bees
They go around strawberries
Planted kohlrabi

2015: Garden Haiku poems from Mrs. Kajita's 2nd grade class
2015 Garden haiku Abby.jpg
by Abby

Pollinating trees
Happy, joyful, lively bees
Striped bees won't sting you

2015 Garden haiku Adrian.jpg
by Adrian

Brown, fast, cute lizard
Quickly walking down the path
Walking animal

2015 Garden haiku Aurora.jpg
by Aurora

Lovely pink flower
Happy, joyful buzzing bees
Beautiful indeed

2015 Garden haiku Clare.jpg
by Clare

Lots of great veggies
Stir all the ingredients
Then salad is born

2015 Garden haiku Eli.jpg
by Eli

Bright bees do their work
They work really hard and tough
They work night and day

2015 Garden haiku Ethan.jpg
by Ethan

Bees make a big hive
All bees have a good pattern
And bees can sting you

2015 Garden haiku Evan.jpg
by Evan

Dinosaur kale blows
Pointing stem prickling upwards
Looking really cool

2015 Garden haiku Gianna.jpg
by Gianna

Growing in bushes
Lovely, orange, nice blossom
Lightly delicate

2015 Garden haiku Gina.jpg
by Gina

Busy, busy bees
Pollinating where they go
Yellow and black bees

2015 Garden haiku Ian.jpg
by Ian

Water on green leaves
Iridescent broccoli
Green stems on bottom

2015 Garden haiku Joey.jpg
by Joey

A little lizard
A little one on the leaf
A cool big lizard

2015 Garden haiku Jordan.jpg
by Jordan

Black and yellow stripes
Small, tiny crawling around
Ready to change shape

2015 Garden haiku Josh.jpg
by Josh

Beautiful lizard
Lying in the big, hot sun
Watch out for the kids

2015 Garden haiku Julia.jpg
by Julia

Red good strawberry
Hiding under brown moist soil
Getting good and red

2015 Garden haiku Kayla.jpg
by Kayla

Purple flowers bloom
Amazing flowers smell good
Bees buzz around them

2015 Garden haiku Kody.jpg
by Kody

Hummingbird flying
Shiny green feathers galore
With a yellow beak

2015 Garden haiku Lacey.jpg
by Lacey

Carrots are yummy
Crunchy best vegetable
Very good orange

2015 Garden haiku Mat.jpg
by Mat

Purple green cabbage
Curling in the big, moist bed
Growing so healthy

2015 Garden haiku Max.jpg
by Max

Beautiful flower
Standing out in the hot sun
Growing big and tall

2015 Garden haiku Mirabelle.jpg
by Mirabelle

Gorgeous ladybug
Crawling on the gray surface
Out in the garden

2015 Garden haiku Omraan.jpg
by Omraan

Hoverflies crawling
Now hoverflies are eating
They like to hover

2015 Garden haiku Reese.jpg
by Reese

Very dark green leaves
Shining in the glowing sun
Iridescent leaves

2015 Garden haiku Sophia.jpg
by Sophia

Juicy strawberries
Sweet and shiny as can be
Red, ripe strawberries

2015 Garden haiku Van.jpg
by Van

Nice and juicy red
Smell goodness in your mouth
Good, fresh, really soft

2015 Garden haiku Zoe.jpg
by Zoe

Violet flowers
Its middle has some pollen
Beautiful petals

2015 Garden haiku ZoeD.jpg
by Zoe D.

Corn, beans, squash growing
Three sisters in the garden
Pokey leaves poke out