Week of August 10 - August 14, 2015
2015 August 15 Arbor posts.jpg
Construction of the garden arbor has begun!
2015 August 14 Watermelon baby and ready.jpg
No photos of this week's harvest (the camera was lost!), but the watermelon pic on the right gives you an idea of the size of
the first mini watermelon that was picked. It was a big cucumber and zucchini harvest this week. Over 23 pounds of them.
2015 August 14 Corn bed #2.jpg
Three Sisters bed #2 has the tallest corn plants to date.
2015 August 14 Corn bees.jpg
The tassel pollen is delighting the bees...
2015 August 14 Figbeetle on corn.jpg
...the figeater beetles...
2015 August 14 Corn ladybug.jpg
...and the ladybugs who hunt for the aphids.
2015 August 14 Wee baby gourd.jpg
The gourds are making fruit!
2015 August 14 Baby gourd.jpg
This is the biggest one.
2015 August 14 Gourds on fence.jpg
The ones along the fence are flowering now as well.
2015 August 14 Gourd flower.jpg
You'd never guess that such a beautiful, delicate flower belongs to such a stinky plant. Gourd leaves are not prickly like
squash, they have a velvety fuzz. If you rub them, however, they emit an awful smell - think skunk mixed with cat pee.
2015 August 14 Milkweed bugs.jpg
Baby milkweed bugs are nibbling the milkweed seed pods and some of the butterfly bush leaves.
2015 August 14 Grape vine climbs tree.jpg
The nearby tree is dripping with grape vines.
2015 August 14 Purple flowers.jpg
It's purple flower week. From left to right, mint, butterfly bush and eggplant flowers have opened.
2015 August 14 Fortnight lily.jpg
The fortnight lilies, who also have some purple, are blooming nicely.
2015 August 14 Carpenter bee.jpg
The carpenter bees are drawn to the senna flowers. They share these with the cloudless sulphur caterpillars. Can
you find the yellow caterpillar in this picture?
2015 August 14 Cloudless sulphurs mating.jpg
Two Cloudless Sulphurs were mating on the cannas. We're guessing that the one on top is the male. He's holding all that
weight from the female by using the tiny hooks at the ends of his feet.
2015 August 14 Common checkered skipper.jpg
These two Common Checkered Skippers were mating in the grass outside the garden. The male is on the right. He has
blue coloring on top and lighter wings.
2015 August 14 Crab spider.jpg
And a white crab spider was lying in ambush on the butterfly bush.

Week of August 3 - August 7, 2015
2015 August 5 Tomatoes big.jpg
Another good tomato week. A bunch of the big ones were ready to collect.
2015 August 3 ESS Tomato harvesting.jpg
And there were enough little tomatoes ripening on Monday that we called in ESS to haul a bunch away for themselves.
2015 August 3 ESS Tomato harvest.jpg
Their haul was 8 pounds!
2015 August 5 Peppers.jpg
A few little peppers turned red.
2015 August 6 Bell Peppers.jpg
Many large green ones are hiding underneath the foliage.
2015 August 5 Beet.jpg
The tall beet tops tricked us into thinking the roots below were big enough to harvest. We stopped after pulling out this
small one.
2015 August 5 Harvest.jpg
Two large yellow spaghetti squash, the last of our garden's garlic, and over 13 pounds of tomatoes were donated on Wed.
2015 August 6 Gourd Bed #1.jpg
The watermelon and gourd beds needed to be roped off to protect their crawling vines.
2015 August 7 Gourd blossom.jpg
The gourd blossoms finally opened, and the flowers are white!
2015 August 6 Watermelon.jpg
The watermelons are quickly growing plumper.
2015 August 6 Three Sisters bed #2.jpg
The second corn bed has reached its full height and is in full bloom.
2015 August 6 Melons climbing corn.jpg
The melons are crawling up the corn stalks, along with the beans.
2015 August 6 Squash.jpg
Turns out our monster green squash really would turn yellow if we waited long enough. We'll let them fully color before
2015 August 5 Seeding cilantro.jpg
The cilantro has starting forming seeds. Hello, coriander!
2015 August 3 Figeater beatle.jpg
Their blossoms continue to draw all kinds of flyers. This large figeater beatle awkwardly crawled all over the flowers. It used
its bristle-like tongue to lap at the nectar.
2015 August 5 Yellow grasshopper.jpg
It was a marvelous week for bugs. Several grasshoppers were relocated away from the garden.
2015 August 7 Grasshopper.jpg
Even the ones looking picturesque among the flowers.
2015 August 6 Monarch.jpg
The monarchs were excellent at posing.
2015 August 7 Ladybug larva on milkweed.jpg
We spotted a chubby monarch caterpillar on this native milkweed, along with a couple ladybug larva dining on those yellow
2015 August 3 Cloudless sulphurs.jpg
The senna tree is covered with cloudless sulphur caterpillars in both green and yellow. Having dined exclusively on yellow
blossoms, the youngest (seen on the right) are solid yellow.
2015 August 6 Hoverfly.jpg
We haven't noticed hoverflies since the kale left the garden, so this one was a surprise on the tomato blossoms.
2015 August 4 Small striped bee.jpg
This tiny bee sipped from the strawberry flowers. He's only half the size of the common honeybee.
2015 August 5 Gulf Fritillary.jpg
Two new butterflies were spotted this week! This is a Gulf Fritillary butterfly. They're smaller and brighter than monarchs.
2015 August 6 Grey hairstreak butterfly.jpg
And this new visitor is a Grey Hairstreak. When at rest, she constantly rubbed her wings together, wiggling those false
antenae on the ends of her wings. At first, we thought she had red bugs crawling on her! She laid eggs on some of these
strawberry flowers.
2015 August 3 Bee fly.jpg
This large bumble bee mimic we found on the mint is still nameless. It's most likely some kind of a fly. Didn't think flies could
get that big, did you?...
2015 August 5 Tiger bee fly.jpg
Well, check out this one we found! It's called a Tiger Bee Fly. It's a fly that lays eggs at the entrance to carpenter bee
nests. When the flies hatch, they eat the carpenter bee larva.
2015 August 7 Katydid.jpg
Can you even see this insect in this picture? We've see katydid nymphs, or young, but not a full grown adult in the garden
before. For scale, it's resting on a large geranium leaf!
2015 August 6 Bird of Paradise.jpg
And the flower of the week - our first bird of paradise flower of the season opened.

Week of July 27 - July 31, 2015
2015 July 29 First big tomato.jpg
It was a good tomato week. Our first big tomato ripened to a beautiful red.
2015 July 29 Tomatoes.jpg
And lots of different cherry and grape tomatoes were ready for picking...
2015 July 29 Black cherry.jpg
...including a black variety...
2015 July 29 Yellow cherry.jpg
...and yellow.
2015 July 31 Cherry tomatoes.jpg
They make a very pretty harvest.
2015 July 29 Cucumbers.jpg
This was also our biggest cucumber harvest to date...
2015 July 29 Harvest.jpg
...almost 10 pounds of cucumbers and over 13 pounds of cherry/grape tomatoes!
2015 July 31 Butterfly strawberry.jpg
The strawberry bed has slowed down in fruit production. But it did produce one funky butterfly shaped berry.
2015 July 31 Strawberry runners.jpg
The reason for the slow-down? It's putting its energy into making runners!
2015 July 30 Watermelon bed.jpg
The watermelon bed seems to be running away too.
2015 July 30 Baby watermelon.jpg
We have baby watermelons! And they have hair!
2015 July 30 Gourd bed #1.jpg
The first gourd bed is starting to explore the garden.
2015 July 30 Gourd bed #2.jpg
The second (younger) gourd bed, not so much.
2015 July 30 Gourds on fence.jpg
The extra transplanted gourds are growing up the fence just like we wanted.
2015 July 30 Cilantro bed.jpg
The cilantro bed is so pretty in bloom.
2015 July 30 Bees on cilantro.jpg
The bees are loving it.
2015 July 30 Bee on cilantro flowers.jpg
We wonder what cilantro blossom honey tastes like.
2015 July 28 Succulent circle.jpg
The succulent bed received a major haircut. All the spent flower stalks on the rock purslane were cut away. They're
forming many new flower buds, so a second round of flowers should burst soon.
2015 July 30 Sunflower.jpg
All the former sunflower heads have seeded and have been cut away.
2015 July 30 Sunflower heads.jpg
We collected about 5 big heads like these...
2015 July 27 Black sunflower seeds.jpg
...and many smaller ones that produced black and brown seeds.
2015 July 28 Sunflower moth caterpillar.jpg
And because we didn't find too many of these seed-destroying sunflower moths and the bees seem to have done their job
visiting all the tiny yellow blossoms inside those big heads...
2015 July 27 Seeding sunflower.jpg
...we got viable seeds! Very few seeds from each head turned out to be hollow this time. Thank you, bees!
2015 July 31 Sunflower bed refurbish.jpg
The sunflower bed received a new edging and its soil was refurbished.
2015 July 31 New sunflower seeds.jpg
We planted some new varieties of sunflowers.
2015 July 29 Watching sulphur laying.jpg
A hot week meant a good week for butterfly watching.
2015 July 29 Sulphur laying.jpg
The cloudless sulphurs were busy laying eggs on all the flower buds of the senna.
2015 July 28 Swallowtail caterpillar.jpg
We found our first Anise Swallowtail caterpillars on the blooming fennel!
2015 July 28 Baby swallowtail caterpillar.jpg
Swallowtails like to mimic bird poo for defense, so when they're young, they have more black coloration.
2015 July 29 Monarch chrysalis.jpg
We found a monarch chrysalis underneath a strawberry leaf. We could tell this one was ready to hatch any day - you
could already see the fully-formed wings inside. We tied a piece of string to the leaf so we could easily find it later.
2015 July 30 Monarch emerged.jpg
When we checked the following morning, we found this! Welcome, new butterfly!
2015 July 31 Baby bluebelly.jpg
And welcome little baby blue belly lizard...
2015 July 28 Leafhopper Assassin bug nymph.jpg
...and baby assassin bug!

Week of July 20 - July 24, 2015
2015 July 21 Squash and cucumbers and lettuce.jpg
More cucumbers were ready for picking this week. The normal-colored spaghetti squash is getting plumper...
2015 July 20 Green spaghetti squash.jpg
...and the biggest of the green-colored ones was harvested.
2015 July 23 Three Sisters Bed #2.jpg
The 3 Sisters bed #2 is filling out.
2015 July 21 Watermelon bed.jpg
The watermelon leaves are such a pretty shape. Their first flower (no bigger than a cucumber flower!) opened this week.
2015 July 20 Sweet peppers and beets.jpg
The sweet peppers are taking their time, but they are fruiting. The beets are riddled with little holes, but they're still lush.
2015 July 20 Cherry tomatoes.jpg
Lots more cherry tomatoes ripened this week.
2015 July 22 Tomato harvesting.jpg
ESS kids helped to crawl underneath to hunt for the ripest.
2015 July 22 Curly Cucumber.jpg
We found our first curly cucumber of the season.
2015 July 22 Sorrel harvesting.jpg
We also needed to harvest a bunch of the sorrel.
2015 July 22 Green beans.jpg
The beans slowed down this week. But the ones we found were perfect.
2015 July 20 Find the beans.jpg
The beans do like to blend in. Can you spot 9 beans hiding in this picture?
2015 July 22 Partial Harvest.jpg
The bag on the right is probably the last of the cilantro.
2015 July 22 Corn harvest.jpg
We pulled out a few more ears of corn.
2015 July 23 Trellis #2 over lettuce.jpg
The cucumbers vines over lettuce bed #2 finally got their bamboo trellis.
2015 July 23 Birdhouse nest.jpg
The second brood of Western Bluebirds fledged, so it was time to clean out the bird house. A much neater nest this time,
without any plastic bits and far fewer carrotwood seeds. One black crow feather was used.
2015 July 23 Caterpillar in birdhouse.jpg
Again, the birds shared their home with several green caterpillars and a couple spiders.
2015 July 23 Twig caterpillar.jpg
This twig caterpillar was found nearby.
2015 July 23 Twig caterpillar on tree.jpg
Not so easy to spot once he's on the tree, is he?
2015 July 20 Figbeetle.jpg
Lots of figeater beetles flew through the garden again this week. This poor guy damaged a wing and could only fly in
circles on the ground.
2015 July 20 Figbeetle feeding.jpg
We helped him out by giving him some over-ripe strawberry guavas. He was hungry!
2015 July 20 Strawberry guava.jpg
There was plenty to share.
2015 July 23 Bee on leaf.jpg
This large bumble bee was hanging onto a tomato leaf.
2015 July 20 Centipedes.jpg
Dozens of centipedes were feasting on a decaying zucchini blossom.
2015 July 21 Grape vine caterpillar.jpg
Our first sphinx moth caterpillar was spotted on one of the grapevines! They are so big!
2015 July 22 Inchworm on strawberries.jpg
We also keep finding various little inchworms of various colors...
2015 July 20 Brown caterpillar.jpg
...and shapes.
2015 July 21 Monarch caterpillar.jpg
Last week we lamented the lack of monarch butterflies. This week several came out of hiding!
2015 July 21 Roaming monarch caterpillar.jpg
This one roamed everywhere. He crawled all over the herb garden, across the pathway and mulch, and finally into
the gourd bed.
2015 July 20 Monarch laying eggs.jpg
Several monarch mamas were busy laying their eggs under and over the milkweed.
2015 July 21 Succulent flower.jpg
A pretty succulent flower stalk was home for the little lacewing larva on the right-most blossom.
2015 July 20 Fennel.jpg
And one of the fennel is in full bloom.

Week of July 13 - July 17, 2015
2015 July 15 Corn harvest.jpg
We have corn! With the help of several ESS kids, we harvested our first ears of corn on Wednesday.
2015 July 15 Corn harvest total.jpg

2015 July 15 Bean harvesting.jpg
We also hunted for all the green beans...
2015 July 15 Cucumber harvesting.jpg
2015 July 16 Squash bed.jpg
2015 July 15 Harvest.jpg
...tomatoes, and strawberries. We got another bagful of cilantro...
2015 July 17 Cilantro bolting.jpg
...even though the cilantro has begun to bolt.
2015 July 17 Produce beds.jpg
The corn in 3 Sisters bed #2 is coming along.
2015 July 17 Gourd sprouts.jpg
The sprouts in gourd bed #2 have popped up.
2015 July 14 Gourd transplant.jpg
We moved out three of the gourds from the bed #1...
2015 July 15 Gourds at fence.jpg
...and planted them along the western fence.
2015 July 15 Eggplant.jpg
We added 6 eggplants to the bell pepper bed.
2015 July 16 Green spaghetti squash.jpg
There are some large green mutant spaghetti squash in the squash bed.
2015 July 17 Bean harvest.jpg
A second harvest of beans on Friday was given to ESS for the kids to snack on.
2015 July 17 Monarch caterpillar on milkweed.jpg
So sad to see few monarch caterpillars this summer. One was hanging out on the native milkweed in the butterfly
2015 July 17 Monarch caterpillar.jpg
Another was found in the strawberry bed.
2015 July 16 Marine Blue.jpg
This little guy is called a Marine Blue. That's a strawberry flower he's sipping from.
2015 July 17 Sunflower seeds.jpg
The dark sunflowers have been producing lots of seeds.
2015 July 17 Sunflower egg clutch.jpg
The sunflowers have been attracting lots of insects. We found an insect's egg clutch...
2015 July 17 Sunflower milkweed bug.jpg
...a milkweed bug...
2015 July 17 Sunflower moth caterpillars.jpg
...sunflower moth caterpillars...
2015 July 17 Sunflower caterpillars.jpg
and other moth caterpillars.
2015 July 14 Rudbeckia nibbled.jpg
The black-eyed susans (the same family as sunflowers) have been attractive to the caterpillars too.
2015 July 14 Rudbeckia caterpillar.jpg
This one was particularly eye-catching.
2015 July 15 Hornworm.jpg
It's tomato hornworn time!
2015 July 15 Hornworm young.jpg
Even when they're itty-bitty, they still have that long horn!
2015 July 16 Green caterpillar with hairs.jpg
This caterpillar with hairs was nibbling the willow at the entry.
2015 July 15 Cucumber beetles.jpg
Cucumber beetles in the garden were trying to make more cucumber beetles.
2015 July 15 Figeater beetle.jpg
And this figeater beetle has been flying through almost every day.

Week of July 6 - July 10, 2015
2015 July 10 Watermelon & gourd seedling.jpg
Yea, seedlings! All the seeds planted the week before last have come up!
2015 July 10 Watermelon bed.jpg
2015 July 10 Gourd bed.jpg
2015 July 10 Beet seedlings.jpg
...beets, and the melons and beans added to 3 Sisters bed #2.
2015 July 7 Tomatoes.jpg
More of those baby tomatoes are beginning to ripen.
2015 July 7 Green tomatoes.jpg
There are lots of cherry tomatoes.
2015 July 7 3 Sisters.jpg
Some of the corn plants in 3 Sisters Bed #1 needed staking.
2015 July 8 Beans.jpg
In addition to the swelling corn earns, they're holding up the weight of beans now.
2015 July 6 Beans.jpg
We picked lots of these for our first bean harvest.
2015 July 6 Squash bed.jpg
The squash bed has become productive.
2015 July 8 Cucumbers.jpg
More cucumbers were ready this week as well.
2015 July 8 Garlic.jpg
Another batch of garlic was dried out enough to give away.
2015 July 8 Harvest.jpg
That chunky cucumber was a gift from a student's garden. We collected almost a full bag of cilantro.
2015 July 7 Gourd seeds.jpg
We planted more moth looking gourd seeds.These will produce fruit in the shape of a traditional gourd birdhouse.
2015 July 7 Planting gourds.jpg
We'll try growing these in groups of 3's.
2015 July 9 Mulching.jpg
We've started to replenish the mulch in the garden.
2015 July 9 Cannas.jpg
The cannas have reached their full height. Hard to imagine that this spot was completely bare when they died back in the
2015 July 10 Sunflower mutant.jpg
We have a mutant sunflower head! Another flower grew out of the head of one of the mammoth sunflowers.
2015 July 6 Plums.jpg
Sadly, we let the fruit of one of the plum trees go to the birds.
2015 July 8 Western Kingbird.jpg
We're not sure which birds dined on the fruit, but there was a new visitor to the garden, a Western Kingbird.
2015 July 8 Bluebird papa.jpg
The Western bluebirds didn't seem too bothered by him. All their time now is occupied with catching bugs for their babies
in the birdhouse.
2015 July 7 Skipper.jpg
Other common flier this week were the skippers.
2015 July 6 Yellow ladybug.jpg
This may be the first time we've seen a yellow, spotless ladybug in the garden.
2015 July 6 Spittle bugs.jpg
Spittle bugs are enjoying the mint and some of the garden natives. They hide under a cloud of white froth.
2015 July 6 Weevil.jpg
This weevil was doing some damage in the strawberry bed.
2015 July 6 Red bugs all stages.jpg
In the driest grass patches outside the garden are thousands of these bugs that look similar to milkweed bugs. Called Red
Bugs, they're newcomers to America, originally from the Mediterranean. Lucky for us, the prefer to eat weeds and haven't
ventured into the garden.
2015 July 6 Red bugs.jpg
It seems they like to burrow underground as well.

Week of June 29 - July 4, 2015
2015 July 1 Harvest.jpg
Lots of lettuce in this week's harvest - over 7 pounds!

Week of June 22 - June 26, 2015
2015 June 26 Garden.jpg
Lots of work in the garden this week. Five produce beds were changed!
2015 June 26 Tomato bed.jpg
Some others are growing tall. The tomatoes are filled with blossoms now.
2015 June 26 Three Sisters.jpg
The corn is proud.
2015 June 26 Corn ears.jpg
The ears are swelling up nicely.
2015 June 22 Bagradas on kale.jpg
These little nasty bugs were the cause of so many changes this week. Bagrada bugs galore...
2015 June 22 Kale bed.jpg
...meant we had to say goodbye to all the garden kale.
2015 June 26 Naked kale stalks.jpg
We ripped out everything from this bed.
2015 June 23 Bagradas on cabbage.jpg
Bagrada bugs like cabbage too.
2015 June 24 last of red cabbage.jpg
We harvested the last of the heads - many of these were the secondary crop after the main head was cut.
2015 June 24 Cabbage bed end.jpg
Goodbye cabbage.
2015 June 25 Prepping gourd bed.jpg
Each new bed we planted this week was turned over and replenished with the Kelloggs soil mix, worm castings, and chicken
2015 June 22 June beetle.jpg
Lots of these guys were hiding in the soil. June beetles were aptly named!
2015 June 24 June beetle pupa.jpg
We even found some in pupa form, the stage after the grub.
2015 June 25 Gourd seeds.jpg
In the former cabbage bed, we planted gourd seeds that look like brown moths.
2015 June 25 Gourd bed.jpg
Stakes were left near the places we seeded and the bed received a light layer of straw.
2015 June 22 Watermelon seeds.jpg
The old funky bed (orach, radicchio, kohlrabi, and mini cabbage) got seeded with two colors of watermelon.
2015 June 23 Planting beans and melon.jpg
Cantaloupe and bean seeds went into 3-Sisters bed #2.
2015 June 23 Corn bed 2.jpg
The corn in that bed is just 2 weeks old!
2015 June 23 Beet seeding.jpg
The former curly kale bed was seeded with multi-colored beets.
2015 June 24 Cilantro.jpg
The cilantro was big enough for harvesting this week.
2015 June 26 Strawberry hunt 2.jpg
The strawberries continue to put out.
2015 June 26 Strawberries.jpg
We collected this many times 3.
2015 June 24 Harvest.jpg
The total donated harvest. Lots more zucchini this week. Still not many cucumbers!
2015 June 25 Sunflower with goldfinch.jpg
We're continuing to allow the goldfinches to peck away at the sunflower leaves.
2015 June 22 Sunflowers.jpg
A new color opened up this week - the strawberry blonde.
2015 June 22 Sunflower head.jpg
We cut down the big head. Sadly, only a couple handfuls of seeds were good - the others were perfected formed, yet
hollow on the inside!
2015 June 23 Ladybug pupa.jpg
Last week we saw ladybug babies, this week we found lots of ladybug pupa. Lettuce is on left and bell pepper on right.
2015 June 26 Bagrada young.jpg
When young, bagrada bugs look a little bit like mini ladybugs.
2015 June 22 Mystery bug.jpg
Not sure what this guy is, but we've seen their kind many times.
2015 June 26 Fly.jpg
You don't think of flies as being hairy, but this guy sure is.
2015 June 25 Mating squash bugs.jpg
Mating squash bugs were found in the strawberry bed. Correction: these are Bordered Plant Bugs
2015 June 24 Crane fly.jpg
A crane fly rested on a kale stalk.
2015 June 24 Anise swallowtail.jpg
An anise swallowtail butterfly landed on the tomatoes.
2015 June 23 Yellow sulphur.jpg
We're starting to see lots of yellow sulphur caterpillars again.
2015 June 23 Grasshopper.jpg
Grasshoppers have become a rare finding this summer.
2015 June 26 Blue belly.jpg
We wonder if these guys patrolling the produce beds are to thank.
2015 June 25 Gopher hole.jpg
Gophers came into the garden from two sides this week. Here in the butterfly garden and also into the watermelon bed.
2015 June 26 Bladder pods.jpg
Our native bladderpods have started forming their namesake pods.

Week of June 15 - June 19, 2015
2015 June 15 Flowers.jpg
The first week of summer brought many new heads of sunflowers, some gladiolas, and many yellow daylilies.
2015 June 17 Tomatoes.jpg
Our first tomatoes of the summer are yellow cherry tomatoes.
2015 June 17 Cucumbers.jpg
Our first cucumbers were ready to pick this week.
2015 June 17 Harvest.jpg
It was a small harvest. But over 4 pounds of garlic was bagged up.
2015 June 17 Corn bed.jpg
The corn is getting tall. The beans are wrapping their way up the stalks and the female silks are emerging to catch the
pollen from the male tassels.
2015 June 17 Kale seeds.jpg
Lots more kale seeds were ready to collect and the last of the orach seeds were removed. Both the curly kale bed and the
orach bed were ripped out to make way for watermelon and beet seed planting next week.
2015 June 18 Ladybug larvae.jpg
The orach plants were the few remaining places for garden aphids. That made it a hotspot for ladybug larvae! We
relocated as many of these as we could find as we pulled out the plants. The big...
2015 June 18 Ladybug larva young.jpg
...the little...
2015 June 18 Ladybug larva newborn.jpg
...and the wee newborns.
2015 June 19 Compost.jpg
Another compost bin was ready to be emptied.
2015 June 17 Beetle on cassia.jpg
This is the second time we've encountered this mystery bug. This time its on the cassia. Some kind of beetle?
2015 June 19 Longhorned Eucalyptus Borer.jpg
This large guy we accidentally ran the hose over . It's a Eucalyptus Longhorned Borer. It's a mystery why he was in the
garden, as we have no eucalyptus trees for them to feed from!
2015 June 17 Cucumber beetle.jpg
This cucumber beetle on the corn flew away shortly after taking the photo. We've seen several in the last few weeks.
2015 June 9 Cabbage white caterpillar.jpg
The remaining cabbage is attracting all kinds of attention from the cabbage moths & butterflies. Last week we found this
ravenous cabbage white butterfly caterpillar.
2015 June 18 Caterpillars.jpg
This week we found these on just a few plants.
2015 June 17 Monarch emerged.jpg
It was a relief to find a healthy newborn monarch butterfly on the geraniums this week. Last week we found an emerged
monarch that was no longer living.
2015 June 18 Bluebird eggs.jpg
Another repair of the birdhouse necessitated opening the roof. Under the watchful eye of both western bluebird parents,
we got to peek at the eggs - there are 2 so far!
2015 July 17 Cilantro bolting.jpg