Week of December 18 - December 22, 2017
2017 Dec 20 Harvest.jpg
Harvested the week before winter break: sorrel, broccoli leaves, cauliflower, carrot and tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce...
2017 Dec 20 Kohlrabi harvested.jpg
...and kohlrabi. The big one underneath was...
2017 Dec 20 Kohlrabi big.jpg
...this one!
2017 Dec 20 Kohlrabi bottom.jpg
This is how it looked from the underside.
2017 Dec 20 Kohlrabi double.jpg
One of the smaller ones looked like a submarine.
2017 Dec 20 Lettuce harvested.jpg
Mrs. Coate's class came to assist with some of the harvest. We pulled some of the pretty lettuce out of this...
2017 Dec 19 Cabbage lettuce bed.jpg
...cabbage bed.
2017 Dec 20 Cauliflower harvested.jpg
We also harvested this cheddar cauliflower.
2017 Dec 21 Sugarcane.jpg
And then we looked for the ripest piece of sugar cane.
2017 Dec 21 Sugarcane cut.jpg
We sawed through this one.
2017 Dec 20 Sugar cane passing.jpg
It was tall.
2017 Dec 20 Sugar cane passed.jpg
And heavy!
2017 Dec 20 Sugar cane pieces.jpg
It took a while to cut off the outer peel and chop it into smaller pieces. One stalk was enough to feed two 3rd grade classes.
2017 Dec 20 Sugar cane seconds.jpg
With seconds.
2017 Dec 20 Carrot harvested.jpg
There was one carrot that self-sowed in the cabbage bed.
2017 Dec 20 Carrot.jpg
We weren't surprised that it looked like it got over-fertilized.
2017 Dec 22 Green caul.jpg
The green cauliflower is getting bigger.
2017 Dec 19 Gold dust plants.jpg
Fourth graders tackled a new indoor/outdoor plant for propagation. These are gold dust plants.
2017 Dec 19 Gold dust flowers.jpg
They get tiny little purple flowers. But they only get berries if you have both a female and male plant. This one is a boy.
2017 Dec 19 Gold dust cuttings.jpg
We took cuttings that will be kept under plastic cover.
2017 Dec 22 Finished compost.jpg
One of the compost bins was ready to be emptied and moved to the storage bin.
2017 Dec 22 Grubs all.jpg
We collected all the grubs so we could move them into the recently filled up composter.
2017 Dec 21 Grub kinds.jpg
There were a mix of green june bug (figeater beetles) and chafer beetles.
2017 Dec 22 Grubs K recess.jpg
The Kindergardeners were intrigued.
2017 Dec 21 Garden rain.jpg
A little bit of rain fell.
2017 Dec 22 Frozen leaf.jpg
And there were a couple freezing nights.
2017 Dec 22 Frozen bird bath.jpg
The bird bath needed to thaw out in the sun and the frozen hose couldn't be used for several hours.
2017 Dec 20 Brussels Sprouts.jpg
Our Brussels Sprout seedlings came up quickly.
2017 Dec 20 Bordered plant bug.jpg
This bordered plant bug was crawling around our produce beds.
2017 Dec 19 Cannas.jpg
This might be the last hurrah of the cannas before the cold forces them to die back.

Week of December 11 - December 15, 2017
2017 Dec 14 Harvest 1.jpg
Harvest included broccoli leaves and crowns, tree collard leaves, kale, tomatoes, sorrel, cilantro...
2017 Dec 14 Harvest 2.jpg
...and kohlrabi.
2017 Dec 14 Harvesting kale.jpg
Mrs. Golden's 2nd graders assisted with the harvesting of the kale...
2017 Dec 14 Cauliflower harvest.jpg
...and passed around broccoli crowns and a cheddar cauliflower...
2017 Dec 14 Cheddar cauliflower.jpg
2017 Dec 12 Cauliflower bed.jpg
...from the cauliflower/ broccoli bed...
2017 Dec 12 Green cauliflower.jpg
...where the green cauliflower is getting easier to see...
2017 Dec 14 Cabbage worms.jpg
...and the cabbage worms are getting easier to find.
2017 Dec 14 Kohlrabi leaves.jpg
For the first time we harvested the bottom leaves from one of the kohlrabi (one that hasn't produced a swollen stem).
2017 Dec 14 Purple broccoli.jpg
We also cut off the budding top of the tall purple broccoli tree.
2017 Dec 11 Garlic chives.jpg
Skinny green seedlings of garlic chives are popping up all over the strawberry bed.
2017 Dec 11 Brussels spouts seeding.jpg
We started seeds of Brussels sprouts that we plan to grew in the small planting patches against the fence.
2017 Dec 15 Prop lemon geranium.jpg
Fourth graders took cuttings of lemon-scented geraniums...
2017 Dec 15 Lemon geranium potted.jpg
...to make these cute pots.
2017 Dec 13 Bird fountain.jpg
Finally, we have a bird bath! Thank you to Rosemary for the donation. :)
2017 Dec 11 Aloe.jpg
The aloes have started to bloom.
2017 Dec 14 Hoverfly.jpg
Hoverflies were more notable this week, especially this chubby one.
2017 Dec 13 Cloudless sulphur.jpg
The garden shrub's weekly watering rudely awakened this pretty cloudless sulphur butterfly that was resting in the apple

Week of December 4 - December 8, 2017
2017 Dec 6 Harvest 1.jpg
Harvest this week was to big to capture in just one pic! Tree collard leaves, broccoli leaves, lettuce, kale, broccoli, sorrel,
various fruit (some guava, pomegranate, and oranges) and lemons. Not captured in this shot are the 2 bags at the right
that held tomatoes and more lettuce...
2017 Dec 6 Harvest 2.jpg
...and the kohlrabi and a couple purple cabbage.
2017 Dec 6 Cauliflower harvesting.jpg
2017 Dec 6 Harvesting caul & brocc.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders passed around the 1st cauliflower harvested this season and the broccoli.
2017 Dec 6 Cheddar cauliflower.jpg
2017 Dec 6 Cheddar cauliflower bottom.jpg
It's always fun to see the orange center that runs through the stem of the cheddar cauliflower.
2017 Dec 6 Lettuce harvesting.jpg
The kids also got to smell freshly harvested heads of romaine...
2017 Dec 6 Kale harvesting.jpg
... and help to harvest the kale.
2017 Dec 7 Cabbage with lettuce.jpg
The cabbage bed is growing well the the interplanted lettuce.
2017 Dec 6 Purple broccoli.jpg
2017 Dec 6 Purple broccoli crown.jpg
To our dismay, our broccoli tree is crowning! We hope this doesn't mean our tree will not survive into next year.
2017 Dec 5 Calendula.jpg
Some self-sowed calendula has started to bloom in the kale bed.
2017 Dec 8 Rubber plant prop.jpg
With the fourth grade classes, we air-layered 7 branches of a variegated rubber tree.
2017 Dec 8 Rubber plant prop steps.jpg
We sliced into the stem, inserted a toothpick to keep the wound open, and surrounded a bag holding...
2017 Dec 8 Sphagnum moss.jpg
...damp sphagnum moss.
2017 Dec 6 Gazania.jpg
A self-sowed gazania was a surprise bloomer in one of the succulent pots.
2017 Dec 6 Monarch chrysalis.jpg
A monarch chrysalis was spotted behind the garden by the PE kids.
2017 Dec 7 Cabbage white.jpg
This newly hatched cabbage white was found in the cauliflower bed.

Week of November 27 - December 1, 2017
2017 Nov 29 Harvest.jpg
Harvested this week were tree collard leaves, 2 bags of lettuce, broccoli leaves, kale, sorrel, cilantro, tomatoes with one
large guava, 2 bags of broccoli crowns...
2017 Nov 29 Kohlrabi.jpg
...and one over-sized kohlrabi that kind of resembles a giant grub.
2017 Nov 29 Harvesting tomatoes.jpg
Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders helped harvest the tomatoes,
2017 Nov 29 Broccoli.jpg
...compare the different broccoli crowns (can you guess which one is older?)...
2017 Nov 29 Lettuce broccoli.jpg
...pass around the lettuce...
2017 Nov 29 Harvesting kale.jpg
2017 Nov 29 Harvesting kale mix.jpg
...and harvest the different types of kale.
2017 Nov 28 Cauliflower bed.jpg
Our inspection of the cauliflower bed...
2017 Nov 29 Cheddar caulf.jpg
...revealed some colorful cauliflower...
2017 Nov 28 Broccoli with caul.jpg
...and several accidental broccoli!
2017 Nov 30 Kale seedlings.jpg
Our dinosaur kale seedlings have popped up.
2017 Nov 30 Garlic chive seeds.jpg
Fourth graders planted seeds of garlic chives...
2017 Nov 30 Thyme cuttings.jpg
and cuttings of thyme for our future indoor plant sale. These two herbs grow better indoors than others.
2017 Nov 27 Rose hibiscus.jpg
Lots of rose hibiscus are pleasing the bees.
2017 Nov 29 Bird of paradise.jpg
The bird of paradise has started to bloom.
2017 Nov 28 Monarch.jpg
And we're still seeing the monarchs.

Week of November 13 - November 17, 2017
2017 Nov 15 Harvest.jpg
Harvested this week: lettuce, kale, broccoli, tree collards, tomatoes, guava with a couple splitting pomegranates, some
winter squash, and our first broccoli crowns.
2017 Nov 15 Tree collard leaves.jpg
The tree collard can produce some amazingly large leaves.
2017 Nov 15 Broccoli.jpg
Hello broccoli!
2017 Nov 13 Planting cabbage.jpg
Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders planted cabbage seedlings in the former winter squash bed.
2017 Nov 13 Cabbage.jpg
2017 Nov 16 Lettuce.jpg
We added straw and some lettuce between them.
2017 Nov 16 Planting kale seeds.jpg
We planted dinosaur kale seeds in some 6-pack trays.
2017 Nov 16 Devils Ivy.jpg
The devil's ivy was changed from 2 to 3 plants per container in some wider pots that were donated to the garden to create
a fuller arrangement.
2017 Nov 17 Grasshopper.jpg
Look, a grasshopper in the yerba santa growing outside the garden's fence.
2017 Nov 17 Praying mantis.jpg
And nearby, a praying mantis!
2017 Nov 17 Praying mantis upside down.jpg
2017 Nov 16 Praying mantis.jpg
This one was found inside the school's courtyard.
2017 Nov 16 Praying mantis injured.jpg
Unfortunately, she had a booboo on her abdomen and an injury to her wings.
2017 Nov 17 Weevil.jpg
This weevil was crawling on a damaged guava.
2017 Nov 13 Monarch.jpg
Several monarch caterpillars were munching on the milkweed.

Week of November 6 - November 10, 2017
2017 Nov 8 Harvest.jpg
A small harvest this week: kohlrabi, sorrel, guava with lemons, and some tomatoes.
2017 Nov 8 Kohlrabi.jpg
One of the kohlrabi had multiple enlarged bodies.
2017 Nov 9 Cauliflower bed.jpg
The cauliflower bed is trying to burst out of its row cover.
2017 Nov 9 Broccoli head.jpg
The broccoli heads are getting bigger.
2017 Nov 7 Purple broccoli.jpg
We planted the branch that came off the purple broccoli in the raised beds. Getting it out of the pot that we were nursing it
in involved a bunch of its fine roots being shorn off, but we're hopeful it will survive.
2017 Nov 8 Paperwhites.jpg
The paperwhite bulbs have started to bloom.
2017 Nov 9 Metal flower.jpg
We were gifted several of these wire flowers. They can hold cups of water for birds. But they also happen to fit small clay
pots that we filled with succulents.
2017 Nov 7 Katydid eggs.jpg
Katydid eggs were found on the string above the tomato bed.
2017 Nov 7 Hornworm pupas.jpg
Two of the tobacco hornworms shed their last skin and became pupas. They wiggle their bottom halves when they are
2017 Nov 8 Hornworm.jpg
We found only one hormworm this week.
2017 Nov 9 Willow caterpiller.jpg
This mysterious caterpillar was crawling near the willow tree.
2017 Nov 7 Rose hibiscus.jpg
There are many blooms on the rose hibiscus, making it easy to see the contrast between the newer, light pink blossoms
and the older, darker ones.
2017 Nov 7 Rose hibiscus flowers.jpg
2017 Nov 6 Finished compost.jpg
We emptied out a compost bin's contents to the storage composter.
2017 Nov 6 Grubs.jpg
The figeater grubs that we found were transferred to the just filled working compost container.
2017 Nov 6 Compost scraps.jpg
Now we have lots more room for cafeteria scraps.
2017 Nov 7 Mantis egg case.jpg
We pruned back the grape vines and the butterfly bush. A praying mantis egg case was on one of the branches of
butterfly bush.
2017 Nov 7 Praying mantis.jpg
And speaking of praying mantis, our big girl is still hanging out in the blue aster.

Week of October 30 - November 3, 2017
2017 Nov 1 Harvest.jpg
Weekly harvest: broccoli leaves, tree collard leaves, lettuce, sorrel, cilantro, kale, guava with lemons, tomatoes and
2017 Nov 1 Kale harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders assisted with the harvest.
2017 Nov 1 Cilantro.jpg
This was our first harvest of the cilantro in the kale bed.
2017 Nov 1 Lettuce broccoli.jpg
Some of the lettuce growing with the broccoli was also big enough for harvesting.
2017 Nov 1 Broccoli.jpg
You can see some of the broccoli crowns now.
2017 Nov 3 Succulent prop.jpg
2017 Nov 2 Succulent pot.jpg
Fourth graders picked out succulent cuttings to make potted arrangements.
2017 Nov 3 Succulents.jpg
2017 Nov 1 Tree seed pods.jpg
The tree at the back corner of the garden is dropping its pretty seed cases.
2017 Nov 2 Looperd & hornworm.jpg
Lots of loopers were picked off the cauliflower and broccoli plants.
2017 Nov 2 Praying mantis.jpg
Our praying mantis is no longer green! She must be trying to blend in with the dry aster leaves.
2017 Nov 1 Rose hibiscus.jpg
Newly opened rose hibiscus are light pink, but they darken as they age.
2017 Nov 2 Rose hibiscus.jpg
These are the same flowers on the following day.

Week of October 23 - October 27, 2017
2017 Oct 25 Harvest.jpg
Harvested this week: tomatoes, sorrel, broccoli leaves, strawberries, lemons and tropical guava.
2017 Oct 25 Big lemon.jpg
One of the lemons was a big one.
2017 Oct 24 Cauliflower bed2.jpg
2017 Oct 24 Cauliflower bed.jpg
Our broccoli bed #1 is getting bigger.
2017 Oct 24 Broccoli nibbled.jpg
There's been some rodent damage however to the leaves.
2017 Oct 24 Leek seedlings.jpg
Leaks self-sowed from all the seeding heads in the tomato bed.
2017 Oct 24 Broccoli bed 2.jpg
2017 Oct 24 Broccoli bed 2 side.jpg
The lettuce in broccoli bed #2 is doing well.
2017 Oct 23 Refurbished bed.jpg
We refurbished the former winter squash/cantaloupe bed with chicken manure and worm castings.
2017 Oct 27 Cabbage seedlings.jpg
Our cabbage and kohlrabi seedlings.
2017 Oct 27 Umbrella prop.jpg
Fourth graders propagated umbrella plant through cuttings.
2017 Oct 26 Umbrella plants.jpg
2017 Oct 26 Monarch on umbrella.jpg
This monarch with a slightly damaged wing allowed a close-up inspection.
2017 Oct 26 Monarch viewing.jpg
This monarch with a slightly damaged wing allowed a close-up inspection.
2017 Oct 24 Aphids and ladybug larva.jpg
Lots of bloated parasitized aphids on the milkweed. Also helping to control their population are the ladybug larvae.
2017 Oct 27 Monarch butterfly bush.jpg
A monarch drank from the butterfly bush.
2017 Oct 26 Rose hibiscus.jpg
A very frilly blossom opened on the rose hibiscus.
2017 Oct 23 Epiphyllum.jpg
2017 Oct 23 Epiphyllum bloom.jpg
And the epiphyllum bloomed!
2017 Oct 24 Skipper on aster.jpg
A skipper visited the fading aster flowers.
2017 Oct 24 Weevil.jpg
This striped weevil was found on the sidewalk in front of the school.
2017 Oct 24 Dragonfly red.jpg
This pretty red dragonfly found some yummy things to catch in the garden...
2017 Oct 24 Dragonfly eating.jpg
...something small and green. Yum, yum.

Week of October 16 - October 20, 2017
2017 Oct 18 Harvest.jpg
Harvest (clockwise from top left): sorrel, tree collards, broccoli leaves, kale, guava with strawberries, and tomatoes.
Underneath the bags are kohlrabi.
2017 Oct 18 Harvesting.jpg
We had some harvesting assistance from the 2nd-3rd graders at recess.
2017 Oct 18 Guavas.jpg
The very fragrant tropical guavas were the first few that ripened. There are many more still on the tree.
2017 Oct 17 Broccoli cutting.jpg
Our broccoli cutting is looking quite perky. We'll soon plant him in one of the raised beds.
2017 Oct 17 Cabbage seedlings.jpg
The trays of seeds we started have begun to emerge -- red cabbage, savoy cabbage (the wrinkly green kind), and
2017 Oct 19 Baby gourds.jpg
Due to root nematode issues, most of our spinning top gourd plants didn't thrive, but we're getting a few of the cute fruits.
2017 Oct 17 Garlic chive repotting.jpg
We had a bunch of leftover garlic chive plants hiding in a shady place near the compost bins. These are more than a year
old and were still in their original peat pots. We transplanted them into much roomier containers.
2017 Oct 18 Marigold yellow.jpg
The marigolds are growing nicely in the beds -- both the yellow...
2017 Oct 18 Marigold orange.jpg
...and the orange.
2017 Oct 17 Cuttings.jpg
We received a bunch of donated cuttings of epiphyllum and various geraniums. We potted them up and added it to our
growing starter patch.
2017 Oct 19 Prop goldfish plant.jpg
Fourth graders took cutting of a goldfish plant. We placed these cutting in 6-pack trays so that we can add several
together when they're rooted.
2017 Oct 20 Epiphylum.jpg
We gave our potted epiphyllum a more prominent place in the garden. It is now hanging from the entry tree near the
garden gate. There are two flower buds that should open soon.
2017 Oct 20 Scarecrows.jpg
We added a couple fall decorations.
2017 Oct 17 Praying mantis on wall.jpg
Fourth graders found this beauty during PE! She was crawling along one of the portable buildings across from the
2017 Oct 17 Praying mantis.jpg
We gave her a ride to the garden...
2017 Oct 17 Praying mantis in asterjpg.jpg
...and placed her on the blue asters with all the bees.
2017 Oct 17 Praying mantis eating.jpg
She promptly caught and ate some lunch.

Week of October 9 -October 13, 2017
2017 Oct 12 Harvest.jpg
Harvest this week: sorrel, kale, tree collard & broccoli leaves, tomatoes, plump kohlrabi, and strawberries.
2017 Oct 12 Tomato harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Golden's 2nd graders assisted with the harvesting of the tomatoes...
2017 Oct 12 Strawberry harvesting.jpg
2017 Oct 12 Strawberry.jpg
...and the hidden strawberries.
2017 Oct 13 Row covers.jpg
It seems early to be putting the winter row covers on when the days are in the eighties...
2017 Oct 13 Broccoli damage.jpg
...but the rodent nibbling needs to end. Three covers went up to protect the broccoli and cauliflower beds.
2017 Oct 13 Baby rubber plant prop.jpg
Mrs. Macatee's 4th graders potted up divisions of baby rubber plant.
2017 Oct 12 Devils Ivy.jpg
The other 2 4th grade classes potted rooted cuttings of devils's ivy.
2017 Oct 11 Bed turnover.jpg
The former cantaloupe/winter squash bed was turned over.
2017 Oct 10 Lettuce flowers.jpg
We said farewell to the few lettuce plants that had begun to flower.
2017 Oct 13 Sugarcane.jpg
Several stalks of the sugar cane look ready for harvest.
2017 Oct 13 Epiphyllum.jpg
One of the epiphyllum flowers opened.
2017 Oct 13 Aster.jpg
The aster flowers have swallowed up our herb signage.
2017 Oct 13 Paperwhites emerge.jpg
The paperwhite bulbs are beginning to emerge.
2017 Oct 13 Cafeteria scraps.jpg
We have 2 new containers for the cafeteria compost collection. Friday was a good day -- 24 pounds of fruit/veggie/bread
waste was collected.
2017 Oct 13 Monarchs mating.jpg
Two monarchs were mating in the garden.
2017 Oct 12 Swallowtail.jpg
A swallowtail drank from the butterfly bush.
2017 Oct 10 Carpenter bee flying.jpg
2017 Oct 10 Carpentery bee.jpg
This carpenter bee, covered head to toe in pollen, visited the nearby rose hibiscus.
2017 Oct 9 Hornworms full grown.jpg
The hornworm caterpillars from last week were big enough to stop eating...
2017 Oct 9 Hornworms underground.jpg
...and begin to burrow into the soil to shed their last skin and make their pupas.

Week of October 2 - October 6, 2017
2017 Oct 4 Harvest.jpg
Harvest this week (clockwise from top left): broccoli leaves, kale, sorrel, tree collard, kohlrabi, strawberries, and tomatoes.
2017 Oct 4 Tomato harvest.jpg
Grades 2-5 helped find all the ripe tomatoes...
2017 Oct 4 Strawberry harvest.jpg
...and strawberries during morning recess.
2017 Oct 4 Lettuce planting.jpg
Mrs. Bashore's 3rd graders came to the garden for planting.
2017 Oct 4 Lettuce planted.jpg
They interplanted lettuce with the broccoli.
2017 Oct 5 Prayer plant cuttings.jpg
All three fourth grade classes took cuttings of prayer plant. We're starting them to root in water.
2017 Oct 6 Spiderplant prop.jpg
Mrs. McAtee's 4th grade class got caught up with the other 2 classes this week. They potted plantlets from the large
spider plant.
2017 Oct 6 Spiderplant finish.jpg
Not all of these had roots forming already, but they're all doing well.
2017 Oct 6 Turning over soil.jpg
The short pumpkin bed was turned over.
2017 Oct 3 Canna removal.jpg
The small patch of scorched looking cannas was removed.
2017 Oct 6 New planting areajpg.jpg
That center fortnight lily was hiding in those cannas the whole time. We added a Mexican sage, aloe, and bush daisy.
2017 Oct 2 Perennial broccoli.jpg
Several weeks ago, our tall purple broccoli had a branch start to break away from the main stem. We tied it back, but it
finally severed completely. We were surprised to see some roots emerging from the break point, so...
2017 Oct 2 Broccoli cutting.jpg
....we planted it! Imagine, broccoli grown from a cutting! Supposedly, this heirloom variety of purple broccoli has been
grown as a perrenial. As long as we can prevent it from going to seed, we can keep harvesting its leaves year after year.
2017 Oct 6 Tree collard.jpg
Our other perennial brassica is the tree collard on the other side of the garden. This one grows much more slowly than the
broccoli. After almost a year, it's finally tall enough to need some staking. And it has just begun to grow some side
2017 Oct 4 Kohlrabi split.jpg
This is the first time one of our kohlrabies has split.
2017 Oct 4 Carrot seedlings.jpg
The cauliflower bed was the former carrot bed -- the carrot bed with all the bolting, seeding stalks. No surprise then to
find carrot seedlings sprouting all over the bed. We'll go ahead and let several of these grow between the cauliflower.
2017 Oct 2 Garlic chive seeds.jpg
Each tiny garlic chive flower can make up to 8 seeds.
2017 Oct 4 Tobacco hornworm.jpg
We looked all week for new hornworm caterpillars. On Friday we spotting 2 that were this size. They were hiding in front of
us the whole time.

Week of September 25 - September 29, 2017
2017 Sept 27 Harvest.jpg
Harvest this week: tomatoes, sorrel, kale, and kahlrabi.
2017 Sept 27 Kohlrabi.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders helped with harvesting. We passed around the kohlrabi...
2017 Sept 27 Smelling kohlrabi.jpg
...and gave it a sniff test. Smells like kale, broccoli, and peanut butter!
2017 Sept 27 Harvested tomato.jpg
They also found all the ripe tomatoes.
2017 Sept 26 Garden.jpg
Fall in the garden is still a pretty time of year.
2017 Sept 26 Garden 2.jpg

2017 Sept 25 Clearing pumpkin bed.jpg
It was time to clear out, turn over, and mix in the good stuff - worm castings and chicken manure. The was the former
pumpkin bed.
2017 Sept 28 Planting broccoli class.jpg
Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders planted our second bed of broccoli here.
2017 Sept 28 Planting broccoli team.jpg
They planted with a partner.
2017 Sept 28 Broccoli perrenial.jpg
Now our broccoli monster from last winter has some baby companions.
2017 Sept 26 Thinning cilantro.jpg
We thinned out the cilantro that self-sowed in the kale bed.
2017 Sept 28 Spiderplant.jpg
Fourth graders propagated from this bountiful spider plant.
2017 Sept 28 Spider plant prop.jpg
We cut off the spiderlets and planted them in their own pots.
2017 Sept 27 New plants.jpg
A few more plants went into the garden: Russian sage, milkweed, and evening primrose.
2017 Sept 27 Naked ladies.jpg
This naked lady bulb bloomed near the entry.
2017 Sept 27 Acorns.jpg
The acorns are falling off the tree.
2017 Sept 27 Figeater beetle.jpg
This figeater beetle was found in the entry pathway. He eventually figured out how to fly, but he received some 4th grade
hand-holding and hand-feeding until he did.
2017 Sept 25 Dark bee.jpg
Is the bottom bee just an old honeybee or is it a different kind of bee altogether? We're still trying to figure that out.
2017 Sept 27 Ladybug eggs.jpg
It's hard to harvest kale when there are so many ladybug eggs on the leaves!
2017 Sept 29 Cutworm moth.jpg
This cutworm moth was hiding in our produce beds. He's actively trying to dry his wings in the picture.

Week of September 18 - September 22, 2017
2017 Sept 20 Harvest.jpg
Harvest this week: tomatoes, kale, lots of french sorrel, one small red cabbage, and many plump kohlrabi.
2017 Sept 20 Tomato harvest.jpg
Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders helped harvest the tomatoes.
2017 Sept 19 Bed repair.jpg
The former carrot bed needed repair. It appears that the wood embedded into the ground is rotting away. Next year many
of the beds will need new wood. For now, we'll get by with some patches and new corner attachments.
2017 Sept 18 Refurb bed.jpg
2017 Sept 19 Turning over bed.jpg
The recess kids helped to turn over the soil.
2017 Sept 19 Amending bed.jpg
We added our usual mix of chicken manure and worm castings to the soil.
2017 Sept 19 Planting caul.jpg
2017 Sept 19 Cauliflower seedling.jpg
Mrs. Golden's 2nd graders planted cauliflower seedlings.
2017 Sept 22 Squash melon bed.jpg
Our squash/melon bed is dwindling away, no thanks to root nematodes and some powdery mildew. The heirloom
winter squash, however, fared much better than the cantaloupe.
2017 Sept 22 Pumpkin bed .jpg
Nearby, in the pumpkin beds, only 2 pumpkins survived.
2017 Sept 22 Mint bed.jpg
The mint surrounding the lemon tree finally received a trim.
2017 Sept 22 Blue belly.jpg
The area seems to be home to this blue belly lizard.
2017 Sept 21 Pothos propagation.jpg
This year we're focusing on house plants for our plant fundraisers. First up for the 4th graders to propagate was the
ubiquitous devil's ivy, also called pothos. Students in two classes took individual cuttings that we placed in water to start
root formation.
2017 Sept 18 Swedish ivy.jpg
The Swedish ivy in last year's leftover hanging baskets are blooming.
2017 Sept 22 Flowers.jpg
Also beginning to bloom in the garden are the blue aster and guara.
2017 Sept 21 Pomegranatejpg.jpg
The little pomegranate tree is covered with fruit.
2017 Sept 21 New plantings.jpg
We added a few plants to the garden. Pink jasmine and blue passionfruit were planted at the arbor and blue marguerite
went in near the Santa Barbara daisies.
2017 Sept 22 Marine blue.jpg
This little blue visitor, a marine blue, seemed attracted to the blue plumbago.
2017 Sept 21 Cloudless sulphur.jpg
This cloudless sulphur butterfly seemed attracted to us.
2017 Sept 20 Monarch.jpg
A few chubby monarch caterpillars were feeding on the milkweed.
2017 Sept 18 Cabbage loopers and c worm.jpg
Some of the caterpillar pests found this week were cabbage loopers and a cabbage worm.
2017 Sept 22 Tobacco hornworms.jpg
We searched all week for new hornworm caterpillars on the tomatoes, but didn't find these two until the very end of the
week. They were hiding, of course, in plain site.
2017 Sept 18 Cutworm pupa.jpg
A couple of these cutworm moth pupas were found when we turned over the carrot bed.

Week of September 11 - September 15, 2017
2017 Sept 14 Harvest.jpg
This was the last carrot harvest of the season. We also harvested tomatoes, kale, and kohlrabi.
2017 Sept 14 Tomato harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders helped with the harvest.
2017 Sept 14 Tomatoes.jpg
There were lots of plump tomatoes to pick...
2017 Sept 14 Tomatoes on vine.jpg
...and many on-the-vine cherry tomatoes.
2017 Sept 14 Carrot harvest.jpg
But it was the carrot pulling that was the funnest.
2017 Sept 15 Carrot pulling.jpg
We finished clearing the the bed at recess.
2017 Sept 15 Carrots seeded.jpg
These are some from the blooming stalks. Most of these were either woody or half-decomposed.
2017 Sept 13 Bed refurb.jpg
The former zucchini bed was amended with chicken manure and worm castings. We left the couple of snapdragon plants.
2017 Sept 14 Planting broccoli.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders doubled up to plant broccoli seedlings.
2017 Sept 14 Stevia flowers.jpg
The stevia is now in bloom.
2017 Sept 11 Fig cutting.jpg
The top of the fig tree that the raccoons snapped off (climbing to eat the figs) was planted in a pot. We'll see if it grows
some roots.
2017 Sept 12 Praying mantis holding.jpg
This beautiful specimen of a praying mantis was found in the school cafeteria...
2017 Sept 12 Praying mantis.jpg
...and brought to the garden. We hope it stays!
2017 Sept 15 Hornworms.jpg
A couple hornworms were found this week.
2017 Sept 15 Sulphur sleeping.jpg
Ever wonder where butterfies sleep during cool weather? Look for yellow butterflies on plants with yellow leaves.
2017 Sept 15 Sulphur closeup.jpg
That's one of the cloudless sulphurs.
2017 Sept 13 Mourning cloak.jpg
This mourning cloak butterfly had trouble flying with that chunk of wing missing (bird attack?).
2017 Sept 14 Baby grasshopper.jpg
The baby grasshoppers always seem attracted to the marigold blossoms.
2017 Sept 14 Shield bug eggs.jpg
This clutch of shield bug eggs was found on a tomato leaf. We've seen a few green shield bugs crawling around there.
2017 Sept 13 Bee flyjpg.jpg
Bee or fly? It's a fly! This big beauty is called a bee fly.

Week of September 4 - September 8, 2017
2017 Sept 6 Harvest.jpg
Harvest this week included sorrel, kale, lemons, the last of the zucchini, kohlrabi, one cabbage, and tomatoes.
2017 Sept 6 Tomato harvest.jpg
Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders assisted with the harvest.
2017 Sept 6 Kohlrabi.jpg
Some of the kohlrabi were nice and plump.
2017 Sept 6 Ladybug eggs.jpg
It was difficult to harvest the kale when there were so many lady bug eggs...
2017 Sept 6 Ladybug larvae.jpg
...baby ladybug larva...
2017 Sept 6 Hoverfly larva.jpg
...and hoverfly larva on so many of the leaves!
2017 Sept 8 Pumpkin.jpg
Our biggest pumpkin is turning orange.
2017 Sept 7 Chive seeds.jpg
We've begun to collect seeds from the chives flowers. Each little casing can hold 8 seeds!
2017 Sept 6 Planting marigold.jpg
We planted more marigolds (grown from seed collected from last year's plants) in several produce beds.
2017 Sept 5 Spotless Ladybugs.jpg
We've been seeing so many of these small spotless ladybugs in the garden...
2017 Sept 6 Ladybug.jpg
...that it was a surprise to finally see a spotted one!
2017 Sept 8 Cloudless sulphur.jpg
Now that all the yellow flowers have fallen off the senna, the cloudless sulphur butterflies are starting to turn green from
switching their diet to the green leaves.
2017 Sept 6 Sulphur hatched.jpg
We're also seeing lots of new butterflies. This one emerged from its chrysalis on an old flower stalk of society garlic.
2017 Sept 8 Sulphurs mating.jpg
This one emerged from the native brittlebrush. Both butterflies were visited by other butterflies trying to mate with them.
2017 Sept 8 Armyworm moth.jpg
This armyworm moth was found in the produce beds.
2017 Sept 5 Cutworm.jpg
This cutworm caterpillar were found in the strawberry bed.
2017 Sept 7 Cabbage white.jpg
Another pest, this cabbage white butterfly, drank from the wet wood of one of the garden beds.
2017 Sept 8 Plume moth.jpg
This plume moth was found in the guava tree.
2017 Sept 7 Hornworm pupa.jpg
One of our giant hornworm caterpillars shed its last skin and formed its pupa.
2017 Sept 5 Cucumber beetles.jpg
We're continuing to find both the striped and spotted cucumber beetles on the squash flowers.
2017 Sept 7 Tachinid fly.jpg
This hairy fly, a tachinid fly, landed on our hose sprayer to get a drink.
2017 Sept 7 Tachinid fly thirsty.jpg
It was also happy to slurp from our wet fingers. They are actually beneficial garden bugs. They lay their eggs on pest
2017 Sept 7 Seed bug.jpg
We don't remember seeing this kind of seed bug in the garden before.
2017 Sept 7 Mating assassin bugs.jpg
These two ambush bugs were courting on the chive blossoms.
2017 Sept 7 Ambush bug feeding.jpg
This one (that's her under the bumble bee), caught a much smaller bee.
2017 Sept 5 Crab spider.jpg
This little crab spider made a hiding place in the senna by sticking two leaves together.
2017 Sept 5 Owl pellet.jpg
This owl pellet was found in front of the garden. Lots of little mammal skulls, jaws, and other bones in there. There was
even a grasshopper leg!

Week of August 28 - September 1, 2017
2017 Aug 30 Harvest.jpg
Harvest this week included carrots, sorrel, kale, zucchini, tomatoes, kohlrabi, and lemons.
2017 Aug 30 Harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Coate's third graders assisted with some of the harvest.
2017 Aug 30 Kohlrabi.jpg
The purple kohlrabi was especially plump.
2017 Aug 30 Stevia sorrel.jpg
The sorrel is seeding and the stevia in the center is getting ready to.
2017 Aug 28 Marigolds.jpg
The marigolds that we seeded at the end of last year are ready for planting.
2017 Aug 28 Fig tree.jpg
The raccoons have been coming in to eat our figs. Sadly, they snapped the center branch by trying to climb it.
2017 Aug 28 Jumping spider.jpg
This jumping spider was hanging out where some of the fruits were ravaged.
2017 Sept 2 Praying mantis.jpg
We found a praying mantis! If this is one of the babies from last year, it's grown quite a bit! He/she was hanging out in the
2017 Sept 2 Praying mantis with cater.jpg
This is where all the cloudless sulphur butterfly caterpillars are feeding, although the mantis passed up the two caterpillars
on its left.
2017 Sept 2 Sulphur caterpillars.jpg
Now that the flowers are dropping off, the caterpillars are easy to spot.
2017 Sept 2 Sulphur butterfly and bee.jpg
The butterflies visited to lay more eggs and a carpenter bee came to drink.
2017 Sept 1 Swallowtail.jpg
The flowers on the butterfly bush attracted a swallowtail...
2017 Sept 1 Mourning cloak.jpg
...mourning cloak...
2017 Aug 28 Painted ladies.jpg
...painted ladies...
2017 Aug 30 Skipper.jpg
...and skippers.
2017 Aug 31 Skippers.jpg
These two skippers were courting on the lantana.
2017 Aug 31 Tomato caterpillars.jpg
Lots of tobacco hornworm caterpillars (and a few cabbage loopers) were found on the tomato plants.
2017 Aug 31 Hornworm ready for pupa.jpg
This chubby guy was ready to start burrowing beneath the soil to form its pupa.
2017 Sept 1 Banded cucumber beetle.jpg
A new kind of pest cucumber beetle, the banded cucumber beetle, is being seen now on the pumpkin blossoms.
2017 Sept 1 Kidney spotted beetle.jpg
This is a good guy. This tiny little beetle, called a kidney marked beetle, eats mildew from the underside of our squash
and tomato leaves.
2017 Aug 31 Bordered plant bug.jpg
A largus bug, or bordered plant bug, visited the chive blossoms.
2017 Aug 29 Succulent haircut.jpg
The succulent circle got a clean up.

Week of August 21 - August 25, 2017
2017 Aug 23 Harvest.jpg
The first harvest of the school year included tomatoes, some rainbow chard, kale, zucchini, and kohlrabi.
2017 Aug 24 Bug finders.jpg
Lots of recess garden visitors came to inspect the pest caterpillar catch and find grubs and worms in the compost bins.
2017 Aug 23 Tobacco Hornworm.jpg
This was the chubbiest find - a tobacco hornworm feeding on the tomato plants. In this image you can see the fine little
white hairs on his suction cup rear legs. These "false" legs are called prolegs.
2017 Aug 25 Caterpillars.jpg
There were some other caterpillars too.
2017 Aug 24 Hornworm egg.jpg
This is a tobacco hornworm egg. They always seem to be found on the surface of the leaves.
2017 Aug 22 Compost tomato.jpg
The tomato plant that grew out from the side of one of the compost bin has fruit on it now.
2017 Aug 25 Squash & melon.jpg
Our squash/melon/pumpkin beds have fruit forming too. That's a baby melon in the middle and jack-o-lantern pumpkin
on the right.
2017 Aug 23 Small bee.jpg
The bees have been very active on the blossoms - even on the cloudy days. This is one of the smallest that visits.
2017 Aug 25 Squash bees.jpg
The honeybees are mid-sized and the bumble bees like the one on the right are the largest.
2017 Aug 23 Chives.jpg
The chives in the strawberry bed are in full bloom.
2017 Aug 25 Chive flies and bees.jpg
The flowers attract a wide variety of winged insects like this fly and bees (see the tiny one next to the larger one in the
middle photo?).
2017 Aug 23 Ambush bug male.jpg
The flowers also attract some predator bugs. That's a male ambush bug on the right.
2017 Aug 23 Ambush bug female.jpg
This is a female ambush bug. Notice those club-like forearms that they use to capture and hold onto prey. They can
catch insects 10 times larger than themselves!
2017 Aug 25 Carrot bed.jpg
The driest flowers stalks were pulled up out of the carrot bed.
2017 Aug 25 Flowering carrot root.jpg
We weren't sure if we'd find edible carrots underneath. Nope!
2017 Aug 24 Kale planting.jpg
Some new dinosaur kale replaced some older Russian kale stalks in the kale bed.
2017 Aug 24 Ladybugs.jpg
There are lots of native ladybugs on the milkweed plants. See the ladybug larva in the middle?
2017 Aug 23 Ladybug pupas.jpg
There are also numerous ladybug pupa.
2017 Aug 24 Senna.jpg
The senna is in fullbloom.
2017 Aug 23 Leek seeds.jpg
We began to collect seeds from the large leek flowerheads.
2017 Aug 23 Lions tail blooms.jpg
The lion's tail plants have started to bloom.
2017 Aug 25 Skipper.jpg
Skippers were easy to find in the garden.
2017 Aug 22 Skipper.jpg
This one rested on one of the metal flowers in the garden. The flowers got a paint makeover over the summer.
2017 Aug 22 Tobacco budworm moth.jpg
A tobacco budworm moth was found in one of the produce beds. Their caterpillars are big pests in the garden.
2017 Aug 25 Painted lady.jpg
This painted lady butterfly rested on one of the garden visitors.
2017 Aug 22 Dragonfly.jpg
A red dragonfly rested on the lavender.
2017 Aug 24 Small wasp.jpg
Many of these tiny wasps were visiting the yellow flowers in the garden. This one is on a marigold.
2017 Aug 23 Black soldier fly.jpg
This large black soldier fly landed near the compost bins.
2017 Aug 24 Grasshopper.jpg
Lots of grasshoppers were carried out of the garden.
2017 Aug 24 Chafer beetle grub.jpg
And an underground pest, this baby chafer beetle grub, was found in the cabbage/kohrabi bed.