Week of May 15 - May 19, 2017
2017 May 15 Salad.jpg
It's garden salad time!
2017 May 15 Salad harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders were the first to harvest for their classroom garden salads.
2017 May 15 Mint leaves.jpg
2017 May 15 Strawberry harvesting.jpg
Five teams found ingredients for everything from the dressing...
2017 May 15 Broccoli leaves.jpg
...the salad...
2017 May 15 Cabbage flowers.jpg
...and the garnish.
2017 May 15 Salad harvest carrots.jpg
Then it was back to the classroom to grate, chop, and tear.
2017 May 19 Salad dressing.jpg
We mashed strawberries into the lemon herb dressing.
2017 May 19 Salad harvest.jpg
Mrs. Basehore's class went next. The white cilantro flowers were added to the salad. The yellow flowers are the cabbage
flowers we used for edible garnish. The garlic chives on the right went into the dressing.
2017 May 17 Produce beds.jpg
2017 May 17 Produce beds rear.jpg
A couple shots of the produce beds.
2017 May 17 Grapevines.jpg
The star is the grapevines along the back fence.
2017 May 17 Succulents.jpg
Although the rockrose in the garden center is still very showy.
2017 May 16 Planting sorrel.jpg
We planted some of our divided sorrel in the bed between the zucchini and cabbage.
2017 May 16 Hibiscus cuttings.jpg
Several weeks ago we took home cuttings of the rose hibiscus and placed them in water. We brought them back to the
garden to plant into pots.
2017 May 17 Garlics.jpg
It was time to uproot the garlic growing in the strawberry bed. We got some good-sized bulbs. These will go into the shed
to finish drying out.
2017 May 16 Compost.jpg
We transformed worm-filled finished compost from the round compost bin to the storage bin.
2017 May 17 Pest caterpillars.jpg
Our collection of pest caterpillars is rather pretty.
2017 May 16 Cucumber beetle.jpg
Cucumber beetles seem attracted to the yellow calendula flowers.
2017 May 17 Leafminer trap.jpg
We added a couple natural pest control catchers on the citrus. These attract male leafminer moths.
2017 May 15 Newborn praying mantises.jpg
More praying mantises hatched!
2017 May 19 praying mantis nymph.jpg
2017 May 15 New praying mantis.jpg
This is the third time we've seen them emerge from this eggcase. Welcome, little ones!
2017 May 18 Bees.jpg
Swarms of bees crossed over the garden twice this week.
2017 May 18 Birds.jpg
2017 May 18 Bluebird.jpg
House finches and western bluebirds were active as well.

Week of May 8 - May 12, 2017
2017 May 10 Harvest.jpg
Harvest this week included kohlrabi, cauliflower, lettuce, carrots, artichokes, rainbow chard, and kale.
2017 May 12 Carrots.jpg
The carrots were just begging to be picked.
2017 May 10 Harvesting carrots.jpg
2017 May 10 Carrot harvesting2.jpg
Mrs. Watson's 1st graders came to assist with some of the harvesting. The carrot picking was the most joyful.
2017 May 10 Carrots harvestedjpg.jpg
They pulled out some chunky ones, plus I crooked one.
2017 May 10 Picking strawberries.jpg
On Friday, Mrs. Lawless' 1st graders picked strawberries for a classroom snack.
2017 May 12 Pest caterpillars.jpg
They also handled the pest caterpillars.
2017 May 12 Cabbage kohlrabi bed.jpg
The kohlrabi/lettuce/cabbage bed is doing well.
2017 May 11 Gopher digging.jpg
But just to the left, two gopher mounds appeared.
2017 May 11 Excavating prop bed.jpg
We excavated their tunnel. It went completely through the former propagation bed, under the pathway...
2017 May 12 Lettuce gopher.jpg
...and ended at the kale/lettuce bed. That's where we had to stop digging. The following day, a lettuce plant was found
sucked into a hole.
2017 May 12 Lettuce kale bed.jpg
These are the lettuce plants we've been saving for our salad making starting next week!
2017 May 11 Refurb propag bed.jpg
We refurbished the propagation bed with chicken manure and worm castings.
2017 May 12 Planting zucchini.jpg
Mrs. Lawless' class planted a mix of yellow and green zucchini seedlings here.
2017 May 12 Mulching zucchini.jpg
We later mulched with straw.
2017 May 12 Planting tomatoes.jpg
We also refurbished a section of the leek/cauliflower bed and planted tomatoes.
2017 May 12 Nectarines.jpg
Although the nectarines look ripe, they're still too hard for the birds to peck. But we'll need to net it soon.
2017 May 10 Seeding orach.jpg
All the orach is seeding in their pretty pink colors.
2017 May 8 Fig tree air layering.jpg
We peeked under the foil on the air layered fig tree and found roots!
2017 May 8 Fig tree planting.jpg
We cut the branch off the tree and planted it into a pot.
2017 May 9 Bluebird male feeding.jpg
Mama and papa western bluebird were very busy this week bringing food to their young.

The little ones make such a nice sound when they see their parents with food.
2017 May 9 Bluebird parents w food.jpg
Grubs, things with wings, and spiders were on the menu.
2017 May 12 Grasshopper.jpg
We caught a few grasshoppers snacking on the veggies.
2017 May 12 Katydid nymph.jpg
This pretty little guy was found licking the fortnight lily's flower petals.
2017 May 12 Katydid nymph feeding.jpg
It's a baby katydid. He'll look completely different when he's full grown -- all green and looking like a grasshopper
disguised as a leaf.
2017 May 11 Lightning bug.jpg
This small lightning bug was found near the stevia.
2017 May 8 Bee on calendula.jpg
Yellow flowers bring in the beneficials. Bees...
2017 May 11 Hoverfly & bee.jpg
and hoverflies on the calendula. And the same on the the cabbage blossoms.
2017 May 11 Praying mantis nymph.jpg
2017 May 9 Hatching praying mantis.jpg
More praying mantis babies!
2017 May 9 Praying mantis nymphs.jpg
Another batch came out of the egg case in the dinosaur kale bed.
2017 May 10 Parasitic wasp.jpg
This small parasitic wasp was on the calendula.
2017 May 10 Hatching mourning cloaks.jpg
The clutch of mourning cloak butterfly eggs hatched.
2017 May 10 New mourning cloaks.jpg
They started spreading out on the nearby leaves. Just like all babies, their heads are huge.
2017 May 9 Monarch caterpillar small.jpg
Not as many monarch caterpillars in the garden now, but there were a few small ones...
2017 May 8 Monarch caterpillar.jpg
...and this chubby one.

Week of May 1 - May 5, 2017 + last Saturday April 29
We'll start off with the exciting bug news this week. We got to see little baby mantises coming out of their egg case!

This is the egg case that was laid on the basil in the strawberry bed.
2017 May 3 Praying mantis young2.jpg
2017 May 3 Hatching mantises.jpg
They have dark eyes and yellow abdomens when they are just born.
2017 May 3 Watching mantises.jpg
Lots of kids got to view the babies.
2017 May 3 Harvest.jpg
Harvest this week was assisted by Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders. Not pictured is the bowl of strawberries they took for
2017 May 5 Tomatoes.jpg
The tomatoes plants are growing quickly -- they're almost to the top of their cages
2017 May 4 Blooming leeks.jpg
The leeks are sending up some tall flower stalks.
2017 May 4 Cilantro flowers.jpg
And every cilantro plant is now bolting.
2017 May 4 Helping Ms Ella.jpg
It was "help Ms. Ella in the garden" for 2 lucky 1st grade friends. We planted tomatoes, kohlrabi and some succulents.
2017 May 5 Tomatoes new.jpg
The new tomatoes were planted against the fence on the east side
2017 May 4 Planting kohlrabi.jpg
The recess kids also helped plant more kohlrabi in the cabbage bed.
2017 May 5 Grapes forming.jpg
The grape vines are forming clusters of baby grapes.
2017 May 5 Monarch release.jpg
The kindergartners released classroom-raised monarchs.
2017 May 5 Hatched monarch.jpg
Since it was an overcast and cool day, they were not keen on flying very far.
2017 May 4 Swallowtail.jpg
On a sunnier day, this anise swallowtail (at bottom) visited the garden's fennel.
2017 May 4 Mourning cloak eggs.jpg
Mourning cloak butterfly eggs were found on a leaf of the entry tree.
2017 May 4 Mourning cloak.jpg
Here's a mama mourning cloak laying more.
2017 May 5 Blacked eyed susan.jpg
We added a couple flowering plants to the garden. This black-eyed susan...
2017 May 4 Yarrow new.jpg
...and this yellow yarrow.
2017 May 4 Jupiter's beard.jpg
The jupiter's beard at the front of the garden is blooming.
2017 May 5 Native ladybug.jpg
This native ladybug has been hanging out in the carrot bed.
2017 May 4 Hoverfly.jpg
Lots of hoverflies are attracted to the blooming winter crops, including this small one (that's a tiny cabbage flower!).
2017 May 4 Green lynx.jpg
This young green lynx (a teenager from last year's egg sacs?) was hanging out in the strawberry bed.
2017 May 4 Grasshopper young.jpg
So was this baby grasshopper.
2017 May 4 Praying mantis plus more.jpg
The milkweed against the strawberry bed attracts lots of bugs. One of the praying mantis hatchlings found something small
to eat here (ant/aphid?),and the tiny bees and honeybees are attracted to the flowers.
2017 May 5 Praying mantis young.jpg
This day-old praying mantis hung out under a strawberry leaf.
2017 May 5 Praying mantis new.jpg
This one popped out of the second egg case that we still had in the specimen jar. We returned the baby and the egg case
to the garden's kale bed.
2017 April 29 Bug.jpg
This mystery bug was found in the kale bed during Saturday's school auction.
2017 April 29 Leatherwing beetle.jpg
That same morning, this leatherwing beetle made our acquaintance at the Poway Valley Garden Club's flower show.
2017 April 29 Bug exhibit.jpg
Ms. Ella had a predator bug exhibit there.
2017 April 29 Flower show sale.jpg
And the Literacy garden was represented by a plant sale booth.
2017 April 29 Flower show plants.jpg
This time the geraniums were in full bloom.

Week of April 24 - April 28, 2017
2017 April 26 Harvest.jpg
Harvest this week (clockwise from top left) included 4 bags of lettuce (many starting to bolt), rainbow chard, kale, cilantro,
artichokes (our first harvest!), broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower.
2017 April 26 Artichokes.jpg
Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders assisted with harvesting.
2017 April 26 Mummy aphids.jpg
We got a close look at the aphid mummies on the artichokes we sniped off. Those holes are where little wasps hatched out
of the aphids' body.
2017 April 26 Lettuce harvest.jpg
There were lots of lettuce...
2017 April 26 Cabbage harvesting.jpg
...and a few cabbage to take out.
2017 April 26 Harvesting strawberries.jpg
There were also plenty of strawberries for them to collect to eat.
2017 April 27 Praying mantis young.jpg
We had given up on the praying mantis egg cases in the garden. They were suppose to hatch come warmer weather in
spring. Warm weather came to the garden weeks and weeks ago. We snipped 2 of the egg cases and placed them in a
specimen jar. A few days later, it was filled with babies!
2017 April 27 Praying mantises.jpg
What darling itty bitty babies.
2017 April 27 Young praying mantis.jpg
They are graceful miniatures of their mamas. We placed them back in the kale bed where their mama had intended them to
be born. We hope they'll find lots of little bugs to eat!
2017 April 24 Orach.jpg
It's certainly a pretty place to grow up.
2017 April 26 Garden leak.jpg
Uh oh. Why is there a wet patch when it didn't rain? We had a feeling it was just a matter of time before the entry tree'sroots
busted through another irrigation line. Until we find it, water in the garden is shut off. Thank you to Mr. Louie for hooking up
several hoses to the school's hose bib to get water to the garden.
2017 April 24 Hoverflies.jpg
Mating hoverflies were spotted drinking from the calendula flowers.
2017 April 26 Mourning cloaks tree.jpg
The mourning cloak caterpillars are spreading throughout the willow tree.
2017 April 26 Mourning cloaks.jpg
2017 April 28 Mounrning cloaks.jpg
Some are now plump...
2017 April 26 Mourning cloak young.jpg
...while other are just hatched.
2017 April 26 Mourning cloak.jpg
Mourning cloak mamas are still visiting the tree.
2017 April 26 Monarchs.jpg
There are still many plump monarch caterpillars on the milkweed behind the kale beds.
2017 April 24 Ground beetle.jpg
This ground beetle was found near the Russian kale. They are said to be beneficial in a garden, eating pest bugs.
2017 April 26 Chard caterpillar.jpg
If only they'd munch on the caterpillars eating though our rainbow chard...
2017 April 26 Cabbage looper.jpg
...and the cabbage loopers on our broccoli.
2017 April 24 Pineapple guava.jpg
For the first time, one of the pineapple guava trees has blossomed. These pink petals are one of the sweetest flower petals
that you can eat.
2017 April 26 Yerba santa.jpg
The yerba santa blooming on the outside of the fence is quite the bouquet now.
2017 April 24 Aloe.jpg
This aloe was growing beside the mama plant that the flowering yerba santa came from. We think now that the irrigation leak
had something to do with its dying.
2017 April 24 Geraniums.jpg
The pink zonal geranium under the rose hibiscus is in bloom.
2017 April 26 Scented geranium.jpg
We replaced the catmint growing in this pot with chocolate mint scented geranium.
2017 April 26 Goldfinch.jpg
Lots of goldfinches have been visiting the garden.
2017 April 27 Dove.jpg
Mourning doves too.
2017 April 26 Birdhouse.jpg
And the bluebirds are still active in the birdhouse.

Week of April 17 - April 21, 2017
2017 April 19 Harvest.jpg
A very green harvest this week. Clockwise from top left is kohlrabi, rainbow chard, 3 bags of lettuce, sorrel, cauliflower
leaves, more lettuce, cauliflower (plus 1 hidden cabbage), and kale.
2017 April 19 Cabbage.jpg
2017 April 19 Cabbage harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Harvey's 1st graders helped with the harvest.
2017 April 19 Strawberry bed.jpg
There were lots of strawberries to find.
2017 April 19 Strawberry harvest.jpg
They got to take their finds back to the classroom to snack on.
2017 April 19 Replanting cabbage.jpg
We've been planting kohlrabi and purple cabbage as we pull out the cabbages. This spot gets shade from a tree, so it
should do okay even with the warmer weather.
2017 April 19 Kale bed.jpg
The kale/lettuce bed has started filling out.
2017 April 21 Orach.jpg
The orach is seeding in the other kale bed.
2017 April 21 Nectarines.jpg
The nectarines are getting big enough that we'll need to net them soon.
2017 April 21 Lemon tree.jpg
We'll need to harvest a bunch of these lemons next week.
2017 April 20 Grapes.jpg
The grapevines are growing quickly now.
2017 April 20 Grapes forming.jpg
Little clusters of grape buds are everywhere.
2017 April 20 Artichokes.jpg
The artichokes are looking ready for harvest.
2017 April 21 Tomatoes.jpg
Our first true summer crop, tomatoes, was planted in the 3 former pea patches. We also added a couple to pots inbetween.
2017 April 18 Dividing sorrel.jpg
We pulled out and divided the sorrel that was growing with the 2 ivy geraniums beds.
2017 April 21 Geranium bed.jpg
The area was refurbished and planted with a couple calendulas. The sorrel is temporarily in pots
2017 April 18 Scented geraniums.jpg
The lemon scented geraniums and the rose scented geraniums are still blooming.
2017 April 21 Shade succulents.jpg
We transplanted our shade succulents to bigger pots.
2017 April 20 Snapdragons.jpg
The flowerless snapdragons that were left over from the open house sale are blooming in time for the flower show sale at
Old Poway park at the end of the month.
2017 April 20 Sunflowers.jpg
The sunflower leaves may look sickly and ugly with rust, but they're still putting out some pretty flowers...
2017 April 21 Sunflower seeds2.jpg
...and making plenty of seeds for the K/1st grade kids to help collect.
2017 April 17 Calendula.jpg
The calendula in the cauliflower bed is especially pretty.
2017 April 17 Rock primrose.jpg
The rock primrose is still putting on quite a show.
2017 April 17 Hoverflies.jpg
And still attracting hoverflies.
2017 April 19 Mating hoverflies.jpg
These 2 are mating.
2017 April 17 Small bee.jpg
And the itty bitty bees.
2017 April 20 Monarch dozen.jpg
The milkweed that popped up in the succulent bed was a favorite of the monarchs. More than a dozen caterpillars
munched on this plant.
2017 April 20 Monarchs.jpg
They shared well.
2017 April 20 Mourning cloaks small.jpg
The entry willow tree has mourning cloak caterpillars!
2017 April 24 Mourning cloak caterpillars.jpg
Lots of them!
2017 April 20 Mourning cloak.jpg
And they'll soon be more. Mourning cloak butterflies kept visiting the tree.
2017 April 20 Cabbage looper moth.jpg
This cabbage looper moth was found in the cauliflower bed.
2017 April 20 Cabbage loopers.jpg
Mama to these cabbage looper caterpillars, maybe?
2017 April 18 Crane fly.jpg
There have been so many crane flies about recently. No doubt due to the heavy rains a while back and increased mosquito
2017 April 19 Ladybugs.jpg
This is a ladybug delivery from the recess helpers. They find them in the grass field outside the garden.
2017 April 19 Eucalyptus beetle.jpg
Mrs. Golden found this little cutie. It looks like a eucalyptus leaf beetle. If so, it's not a destructive little bug. Although
those little padded feet are quite adorable.
2017 April 20 Weevil.jpg
This weevil was found in the cabbage bed.
2017 April 19 Slugs on cabbage.jpg
So were these slugs! On one cabbage plant, eww.
2017 April 19 Dove nest.jpg
And this mourning dove built a nest on a tree inside the school's courtyard.

Week of April 10 - April 14, 2017
2017 April 10 Harvest.jpg
School was out this week, but we still had a harvest to take out. Clockwise from top left is orach, lemons, cilantro, kohlrabi,
cauliflower leaves, cabbage with broccoli, kale, cauliflower, rainbow chard, and 2 bags of lettuce.
2017 April 10 Cauliflower harvest.jpg
Many of the cauliflower were a bit overgrown, but it's ugliness doesn't effect its taste.
2017 April 10 Strawberries.jpg
The strawberry harvest was given to the ESS students.
2017 April 10 Birdhouse.jpg
The birdhouse is occupied! Western bluebirds have made a nest.

Week of April 3 - April 7, 2017
2017 April 7 Garden.jpg
2017 April 6 Open House.jpg
We welcomed parents, grandparents, students, and other garden friends to our 4th annual garden open house on
Thursday night.
2017 April 6 Plant sales.jpg
We sold hanging plants, flowering plants, succulents, seeds, and bug cards.
2017 April 6 Sale plants.jpg
One of these succulent pots was won by a 3rd grader who guessed the number of colored glass pebbles in a jar.
2017 April 6 Plant sale.jpg
2017 April 6 Pot a succulent.jpg
2017 April 6 Succulent planting 1.jpg
We let kids pot their own succulent cutting...
2017 April 6 Crafts.jpg
...and make two garden-themed crafts.
2017 April 6 Make a butterfly.jpg
2017 April 6 Craft butterfly.jpg
2017 April 6 Make a flower.jpg
2017 April 6 Craft flowers.jpg

2017 April 6 Composting demp.jpg
There was also an informational display on traditional composting.
2017 April 6 Compost helpers.jpg
We included several garden compost samples. One was full of grubs, millipedes, and worms.
2017 April 6 Food table.jpg
Trader Joe's donated the yummy fruits and veggies for the event. Thank you, TJ's!
2017 April 7 Produce beds.jpg
2017 April 7 Lemon tree.jpg
Lots of pretty yellow things happening in the garden.
2017 April 6 Scarecrow.jpg
Fifth grade Girl Scouts refurbished our garden scarecrow...
2017 April 7 Bead decorations.jpg
...and made new bead decorations.
2017 April 7 Bottlecap flowers.jpg
Kindergartners painted recycled lid/bottlecap flowers.
2017 April 7 Garden banner.jpg
First graders painted a new garden banner.
2017 April 7 Entry tree.jpg
The garden is buzzing now with the entry tree in bloom.
2017 April 5 Bee Hoverfly.jpg
2017 April 5 Hoverfly.jpg
Honeybees and hoverflies came to drink.
2017 April 5 Red admiral.jpg
Even a new butterfly visitor! This is a Red Admiral.
2017 April 3 Picking peas.jpg
This was the last pea harvest. The vines were withering from too much sun and powdery milldew. We let Mrs. Herman's
2nd graders snack on the good peas.
2017 April 7 Borage seedlings.jpg
All the seeds that the K and 1 grades planted last week are coming up -- borage (shown), nasturtium, and sunflowers.
2017 April 7 Cabbage refurb.jpg
We started refurbishing the empty spots in the cabbage bed. We mixed in chicken manure and worm castings.
2017 April 7 Woodland ground beetle.jpg
We found one of these, along with what looked like a mealworm. We think we've identified it as a woodland groundbeetle.
These are similar to darkling beetles.
2017 April 7 Cabbage looper.jpg
This cabbage looper was munching on the carrot tops.
2017 April 7 Skipper.jpg
Still lots of skipper butterflies in the garden. This one enjoyed the rose scented geranium.

Week of March 27 - March 31, 2017
2017 March 29 Harvest.jpg
Harvest included a little of everything: lettuce, kale, cabbage, broccoli, orach, cilantro, peas, sorrel, and lemons.
2017 March 29 Broccoli.jpg
There was only one big broccoli crown.
2017 March 29 P broccoli.jpg
Most are small pieces from the purple broccoli that we started by seed. Besides being real lanky and small, they're not
turning purple!
2017 March 31 Planting kale.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders planted dinosaur kale seedlings that we started from garden seed.
2017 March 31 Planting lettuce.jpg
We later planted lettuce seedlings in between them.
2017 March 30 Seeding nasturtiums3.jpg
Six total K and 1st grade classes toured the garden and planted flower seeds this week.
2017 March 31 Seeding nasturtium 2.jpg
We planted nasturtiums against the fence and entry gate...
2017 March 28 K1 Planting seeds.jpg
...more nasturtiums under the arbor, sunflowers in the sunflower circle, and borage near the nectarine tree.
2017 March 31 K4 garden reading.jpg
A Kindergarten class read in the garden with their 4th grade buddies.
2017 March 28 Skipper.jpg
2017 March 28 Skipper2.jpg
The skippers are back!
2017 March 31 Funereal duskywing.jpg
This funereal duskywing drank from the coast rosemary.
2017 March 30 Mourning cloak caterpillar.jpg
There are mourning cloak caterpillars inside the school! This one was found roaming across the playground.
2017 March 30 Monarch.jpg
The rock purslane is attracting lots of flyers, like this monarch...
2017 March 27 Hoverfly.jpg
...and this hoverfly.
2017 March 27 Flower spider.jpg
It also attracted this hunting spider.
2017 March 31 Monkeyflower.jpg
The native monkeyflower is blooming.
2017 March 31 Yerba santa.jpg
And so is the yerba santa that popped up outside the garden fence.
2017 March 29 Worm hatching.jpg
We found a worm hatching from its egg!
2017 March 29 Grasshopper.jpg
This grasshopper was in the carrot bed.
2017 March 27 Slugs.jpg
2017 March 27 Slugs2.jpg
These slugs and mystery maggots were on their favorite Chinese cabbage.

Week of March 20 - March 24, 2017
2017 March 23 Garden.jpg
It's Spring!
2017 March 23 Garden entry.jpg
The trees are leafing and flowering.
2017 March 23 Harvest.jpg
The harvests are getting bigger!
2017 March 23 Lettuce.jpg
2017 March 23 Cabbages mature.jpg
And the size of the lettuce and cabbage are getting grand.
2017 March 23 Harvesting peas.jpg
Mrs. Coate's class helped with the harvest.
2017 March 23 Cauliflower.jpg
There are some pretty cauliflower heads.
2017 March 23 Chard with lettuce.jpg
The lettuce is overtaking the rainbow chard and cilantro in this bed.
2017 March 23 Broccoli lettuce.jpg
More lettuce in this broccoli bed.
2017 March 23 Artichokes.jpg
The artichokes are tall, but there's no sign of the artichoke shoot yet.
2017 March 23 Nasturtium.jpg
This pretty pink nasturtium opened up near the pink geraniums.
2017 March 24 Hawks.jpg
Three red tail hawks glided together over the garden.
2017 March 24 Grasshopper.jpg
Still lots of grasshoppers!

Week of March 13 - March 17, 2017
2017 March 15 Harvest.jpg
Harvested this week (from top to bottom, left to right): orach, kale, sorrel with cilantro, peas, lettuce, cauliflower, rainbow
chard, and cabbage.
2017 March 15 Cauliflower.jpg
2017 March 15 Cabbages.jpg
Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders helped with the harvest. It was a mighty cauliflower and cabbages that we passed around.
2017 March 15 Harvesting peas.jpg
2017 March 15 Peas.jpg
The kids helped to pick the kale and then picked peas for themselves.
2017 March 13 Fig tree air layering.jpg
2017 March 13 Air layering citrus.jpg
We ended the weekly 4th grade class visits with a demonstration on air layering. We're trying to get a branch of fig,
orange, and nectarine to produce roots in a bag of damp moss from a section of removed bark.
2017 March 14 Repotting natives.jpg
The lupines and CA poppies got repotted into larger plastic containers.
2017 March 13 Hanging pots from tree.jpg
2017 March 13 Hanging pots.jpg
The hanging plants received string and were hung from wood with the support of the rose hibiscus.
2017 March 13 Gazanias.jpg
The potted gazanias are still producing amazing varieties of color.
2017 March 15 Garden photography.jpg
Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders came into the garden with cameras to take pictures for an art project.
2017 March 17 Painting rocks.jpg
2017 March 17 Planting seeds.jpg
Girl Scouts (a daisy troop and 4th graders) came into the garden to help with some new garden decoration, start some new
plants (tiny Japanese shiso seeds)...
2017 March 17 Girl Scouts.jpg
...and plant some of the extra potted gazanias. They all got to sampled the peas.
2017 March 15 Oak blooming.jpg
You don't think of oak trees as flowering, but they've got to in order for their acorn seeds to form. The center oak tree is
blooming now.
2017 March 15 Plum blossoms.jpg
So are the plum trees.
2017 March 17 Fruit.jpg
The apple tree and nectarine tree have little fruits.
2017 March 17 Tiny bee.jpg
The rock purslane flowers are attracting the tiny green metallic bees. See her hanging onto one of the orange stamens at
the top?
2017 March 17 Bees.jpg
Bigger bees are interesting in the blooming succulents. The one on the left looks like a honeybee. We're not sure what
the one on the right is.
2017 March 15 Cloudless sulfur.jpg
The cloudless sulphurs are laying eggs on the senna.
2017 March 17 Monarch.jpg
And so many monarch butterflies are visiting the garden! This male was sipping from the plum blossoms.
2017 March 17 Monarch holding.jpg
This one landed on a reading 4th grader. It must have recently hatched, as it was very docile.
2017 March 17 Grasshoppers.jpg
2017 March 13 Grasshopper.jpg
Lots of grasshopper activity again. Their favorites seem to be the cannas, the peas, and the rainbow chard.
2017 March 17 Web.jpg
The orbweavers are spinning more garden webs.

Week of March 6 - March 10, 2017
2017 March 8 Harvest.jpg
Harvested this week (clockwise, from top left): lettuce, chard with sorrel, orach leaves, tangerines, mixed kale, and peas.
2017 March 8 Pea harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's class helped with some of the harvest...
2017 March 8 Peas.jpg
...including picking some peas for themselves.
2017 March 8 Class peas.jpg
These were taken back to classroom for snacking.
2017 March 8 Peas from fence.jpg
At recess, we finished getting all the hard to find ones, including some that were growing on the outside of the fence.
2017 March 8 Rainbow chard.jpg
This was our first harvest of the rainbow chard.
2017 March 8 Lettuce.jpg
We took out several of these romaine lettuce.
2017 March 9 Cauliflower.jpg
You can see some cauliflower now.
2017 March 9 Lettuce flowers.jpg
There is one purple lettuce plant in bloom nearby.
2017 March 7 Cilantro.jpg
We worked at thinning out the cilantro that self-seeded in the chard bed.
2017 March 6 Dividing canna bed.jpg
The cannas were thinned back. Several stalks had even popped up in the strawberry bed.
2017 March 6 Canna rhizome.jpg
2017 March 6 Canna potting.jpg
Fourth graders planted the separated rhizomes.
2017 March 6 Cannas potted.jpg
We placed all the pots toward the back of the fence.
2017 March 9 Kokedamas.jpg
The kokedamas (moss balls) that we made earlier were re-wrapped with weather proof rope.
2017 March 8 Succulents.jpg
And the succulent arrangements were repotted into metal containers.
2017 March 8 Succulent pot.jpg
We filled another colorful ceramic planter with cuttings from the garden.
2017 March 10 Kale refurbish.jpg
The dino kale bed was refurbished. We pulled out the old dinosaur kale (less one that is blooming), and kept the few
Russian kale. We added chicken manure and worm castings to the soil.
2017 March 10 Slug eggs.jpg
We uncovered a large clutch of slug/snail eggs and several chafer beetle grubs.
2017 March 8 Cutworm moth.jpg
This cutworm moth was next door in the chard.
2017 March 10 New monarch.jpg
This monarch hatched in the mint bed.
2017 March 8 Funereal duskywing.jpg
This funereal duskywing drank from the coast rosemary flowers.
2017 March 10 Hoverfly.jpg
We're seeing lots of hoverflies again.
2017 March 9 Lizard.jpg
And the heat has also brought out all the sun-loving lizards.
2017 March 8 Freesias.jpg
Freesias are blooming.
2017 March 8 Daffodils.jpg
And so are some yellow daffodils.

Week of February 27 - March 3, 2017
2017 March 1 Harvest.jpg
Harvest this week included (clockwise from top, left) a bag of orach, kale. tangerines and lemon, cabbage, peas, sorrel,
and lettuce.
2017 March 1 Cabbage.jpg
In the center is the one cabbage that was mature enough to pull.
2017 March 1 Cabbage harvest.jpg
Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders helped pick, pass around the harvest, and take a big sniff of that fresh harvest smell.
2017 March 1 Lettuce snails.jpg
With all the rain and dampness, snails invaded our lettuce. Too little babies were snacking on this head.
2017 March 1 Kale harvest.jpg
2017 March 1 Kale harvesting.jpg
Only one of the dinosaur kale plants is bolting, but we'll be adding to/replacing most of these soon.
2017 March 1 Harvesting peas.jpg
Peas were hunted for at recess.
2017 March 1 Orach double leaf.jpg
It's always fun to find an orach leaf that's a twin.
2017 March 1 Orach birds.jpg
Some black aphids invaded some of the orach plants, so we took off the row cover. Not long after, these little bushtits
were seen flittering around in there. They eat aphids! There are 2 bushtits in this picture. The harder one to spot is at
bottom left.
2017 Feb 28 Flooding damage.jpg
Monday it rained nonstop in the garden. These photos were taken the following day after several hours of sweeping the
water out of the garden. Almost 4 inches of rain came down!
2017 March 1 Wagon rainwater.jpg
That makes for one full water wagon!
2017 March 3 Canna cleanup.jpg
The cannas were cleaned up. We'll be dividing some of the root clumps next week. This is the first time in a while that
they survived the winter without dying back to the ground.
2017 March 1 Repotted cornflowers.jpg
The bachelor's buttons (cornflowers) were repotted again into larger yogurt containers.
2017 March 1 Cornflower.jpg
And we have our first flower! What a striking blue.
2017 March 3 Repotted calendulas.jpg
We repotted all the calendula too.
2017 March 3 Calendula.jpg
A couple of the calendula were transplanted into the strawberry bed. Some of the plants have flowers that are more fancy
than others. (This is one of the fancy ones.)
2017 March 3 Repotting geraniums.jpg
We used the plastic cups they came out of to repot the geraniums.
2017 March 1 Monarch.jpg
It started out cold and stormy, but quickly turned into spring. And the colorful flyers came to visit. The butterflies...
2017 March 1 Hoverfly.jpg
....the hoverflies...
2017 March 3 Lavender bee.jpg
...and the bees (so many on the lavender and rosemary!).
2017 March 3 Apple blossoms.jpg
The apple tree is producing even more blooms.
2017 March 1 Native blossoms.jpg
And the native currant, island snapdragon, and CA lilac is flowering.
2017 March 3 Blue belly.jpg
The lizards are soaking up the sun and feasting on all the little flies in the air.
2017 March 3 Blue bellies courting.jpg
They're courting too. These two danced around each other for a long time. Their blue speckled bodies were very striking.

Week of February 13 - February 17, 2017
2017 Feb 15 Harvest.jpg
Wednesday's harvest included (clockwise from top left) 2 bags of young romaine lettuce, kale, sorrel, orach, kohlrabi, and
2017 Feb 15 Peas.jpg
2017 Feb 15 Pea harvesting.jpg
The 2nd-3rd graders at recess helped to find all the snap and snow peas.
2017 Feb 13 Cabbages.jpg
2017 Feb 15 Cabbage.jpg
A little bit longer and we'll be able to pick our first cabbage.
2017 Feb 15 Kolrabi bed.jpg
The kohlrabi bed is filling up.
2017 Feb 16 Leeks.jpg
And the leeks are looking less like grass now.
2017 Feb 16 Planting broccoli and cauliflower.jpg
Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders planted broccoli in between the artichokes and cauliflower in the small middle bed nearby.
2017 Feb 16 Carrot seeding.jpg
They also mixed some carrot seeds in the bare spots of the pea/carrot bed.
2017 Feb 14 Racoon prints.jpg
Earlier in the night, raccoons had walked all over the produce beds searching for grubs.
2017 Feb 14 Grub hunting.jpg
Good thing the raccoons can't open up our compost bins! We've had crowds of kids at recess catch and release the
compost back-crawlers.
2017 Feb 17 Clearing curly kale bed.jpg
The kids also helped to clear the bed with the curly kale.
2017 Feb 17 Curly kale.jpg
We kept the tree collard and the Russian kale, but pulled our the poorly performing curly kale.
2017 Feb 17 Russian kale bed.jpg
We amended with our usual chicken manure and worm castings and planted seedlings of Russian kale (and a few lettuce).
2017 Feb 16 Calendula.jpg
Calendula and marigold seedlings are popping up in a few of the beds. This calendula self-sowed among the kohlrabi.
2017 Feb 15 Propagation pots.jpg
The 4th grade plants are exploding from their zone. Many of these will need repotting for the 2nd time.
2017 Feb 15 Lupine.jpg
Some of the Texas lupine blooms are real pretty now.
2017 Feb 16 Pruned tree.jpg
We finally thinned out the stone fruit trees in the garden. Our biggest plum tree needed it the most.
2017 Feb 16 Sunflower shield bug.jpg
This shield bug was nestled in the petals of our first sunflower blossom of the year.
2017 Feb 16 Daylily.jpg
2017 Feb 16 Leaf beetle.jpg
A dozen of these small leaf beetles were nibbling our first daylily flowers.
2017 Feb 14 Mourning cloak.jpg
This mourning cloak butterfly suffered some major nibbling to its wings -- bird attack?
2017 Feb 16 Chrysalis.jpg
This monarch chrysalis was found while cleaning up the dried branches of the guara plants.
2017 Feb 13 Mourning doves.jpg
Mourning doves have been visiting the garden every day.
2017 Feb 16 Blue belly.jpg
And these little guys have been enjoying the warm weather. We saw one of these Western fence lizards shaking a large
grasshopper in its mouth!
2017 Feb 17 Succulent blooms.jpg
Our succulent aeonium, aloes and bulbines are blooming.
2017 Feb 17 Flowers.jpg
And the Santa Barbara daisies, yellow daffodils, and tea tree are in bloom.

Week of February 6 - February 10, 2017
2017 Feb 9 Harvest.jpg
More color in this week's harvest. Broccoli leaves, kale, kohlrabi, tangerines, lemons, orach, sorrel, and lettuce.
2017 Feb 9 Harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders assisted with the harvest.
2017 Feb 6 Repotting.jpg
Fourth graders combined 2 plants into a planter that will be a future hanging plant.
2017 Feb 6 Hanging arrangements.jpg
Some included Swedish ivy with watch chain crassula, others were vinca major with Swedish ivy.
2017 Feb 10 Chard.jpg
At recess time, the former bell pepper/cilantro bed got planted with rainbow chard and lettuce.
2017 Feb 10 Cabbage seeding.jpg
We started seeds of purple cabbage.
2017 Feb 10 Chayote squash.jpg
A chayote squash plant was added to the middle of the kohlrabi bed. This is a vigorous vine, so it should take advantage
of the trellis there.
2017 Feb 9 Entry tree bare 1.jpg
2017 Feb 9 Entry tree bare 2.jpg
The entry tree has finally lost all of its leaves.
2017 Feb 6 Nectarine tree.jpg
The nectarine tree is producing new ones.
2017 Feb 10 Aster trimming.jpg
The front half of the garden is starting to get a cleanup. The old aster and yerba buena flower stalks, and old growth from
the Jupiter's beards were cut away.
2017 Feb 10 Grasshopper.jpg
This guy was hiding out in the aster. It's been a while since we've seen a grasshopper!
2017 Feb 10 Society garlic bloom.jpg
The society garlic is blooming.

Week of January 30 - February 3, 2017
2017 Feb 1 Harvest.jpg
Harvest this week included two bags of broccoli leaves, lettuce, a few snap/snow peas, orach, broccoli crowns, and sorrel.
2017 Feb 1 Orach harvest.jpg
The purple/green colors on the orach leaves (a.k.a. mountain spinach) are very pretty.
2017 Feb 1 Harvesting leaves.jpg
Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders assisted with the harvest.
2017 Feb 1 Peas.jpg
There were some peas to hunt for during recess.
2017 Feb 1 Lemons.jpg
Next week there might be a few ripe lemons.
2017 Feb 1 Strawberry.jpg
There was one ripe strawberry!
2017 Feb 3 Broccoli bed.jpg
Several broccoli plants that were stripped of their leaves for the harvest were pulled out. We turned over the soil in those
2017 Feb 3 Gopher tunnels.jpg
We excavated an extensive gopher burrow there -- there were several larders with pieces of leaves and stalks, nesting
material was in a dead-end section.
2017 Feb 2 Cauliflower leek bed.jpg
We added straw to the cauliflower/leek bed.
2017 Jan 31 Seedlings.jpg
Little sprouts of dinosaur kale and orach are coming up.
2017 Jan 30 Repotting.jpg
Fourth graders repotted 3 of our flowering plants that overgrew their peat pot containers.
2017 Jan 30 Repotting plants.jpg
Bachelor's buttons, gazanias, and calendula were potted in bigger plastic containers.
2017 Feb 3 Gazania pots.jpg
The gazania pots are making lots of different colored flowers.
2017 Jan 30 Gazania blooms.jpg
Some that are blooming in the garden now are candy-striped.
2017 Feb 3 Lupine.jpg
Some of the potted lupines are beginning to flower!
2017 Feb 2 Daffodil bed.jpg
2017 Feb 2 Daffodils.jpg
The daffodils in the flower bulb garden are all open.
2017 Jan 31 Nectarine blossoms.jpg
Some bees came to visit the nectarine blossoms.
2017 Jan 31 Rosemary.jpg
The rosemary is in bloom.
2017 Feb 3 Bottle tree seeds.jpg
There were two trees in the garden that we weren't able to identify. One of them produced these distinctive seed pods.
Now we know we have 2 bottle trees!
2017 Feb 3 Monarch caterpillar.jpg
Still have monarch caterpillars...
2017 Feb 2 Monarch chrysalis.jpg
...and some chrysalis. This one fell from its branch.
2017 Jan 30 Triangulate cobweb spider.jpg
This triangulate cobweb spider was found in the compost bin.
2017 Feb 1 Milkweed bg molted.jpg
A milkweed bug is a much lighter color after shedding its old skin.

Week of January 23 - January 27, 2017
2017 Jan 24 Flooding 3.jpg
Five days of rain left the garden with standing water,...
2017 Jan 24 Flooding 1.jpg
...an improvised creek bed...
2017 Jan 24 Flooding 2.jpg
...that flowed mulch debris unto the concrete circle,...
2017 Jan 26 Water wagon.jpg
...and a wagon full of water.
2017 Jan 26 Strawberry frost.jpg
2017 Jan 26 Strawberries with garlic.jpg
When the rain and clouds left, the nightly frost came in (that's garlic shooting up out of the strawberry bed).
2017 Jan 26 Kohlrabi.jpg
Peeking into the kohlrabi bed, there was no frost under the row cover.
2017 Jan 27 Kohlrabi transplanting.jpg
2017 Jan 27 Kohlrabi seedlings.jpg
Too many kohlrabi seedlings were popping up in the bed. Instead of composting them, we transferred them to six packs.
2017 Jan 27 Kohlrabi bed.jpg
Now there's a little more breathing room.
2017 Jan 27 Propagation pots.jpg
Some of the 4th grade propagation plants are outgrowing their pots.
2017 Jan 27 Blooming pots.jpg
And we have some blossoms! The gazania and calendula plants are beginning to flower.
2017 Jan 27 Gopher damage.jpg
Sadly, there was a lot more gopher damage in the broccoli bed.
2017 Jan 27 Cabbage.jpg
Some of the cabbages have heads now!
2017 Jan 26 Monarch caterpillar.jpg
The monarch caterpillars weathered the storms.
2017 Jan 27 Hoverfly.jpg
And a hoverfly visited the milkweed.

Week of January 16 - January 20, 2017
2017 Jan 18 Harvest.jpg
Wednesday's harvest included lettuce, sorrel, orach, broccoli, and kale.
2017 Jan 18 Broccoli to harvest.jpg
We removed all the biggest heads of broccoli.
2017 Jan 18 Broccoli side shoot.jpg
And the biggest side shoots.
2017 Jan 18 Gopher damage.jpg
Gophers removed a couple broccoli and, sadly, many of the nearby young cauliflower plants.
2017 Jan 18 Broccoli.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders helped with the harvesting. We passed around some broccoli heads...
2017 Jan 18 Lettuce.jpg
...some of the romaine lettuce...
2017 Jan 18 Kale harvesting.jpg
...and picked kale.
2017 Jan 18 Orach.jpg
The orach was big enough for some of the leaves to be picked.
2017 Jan 18 Cabbage bed.jpg
The cabbage bed is still growing nicely.
2017 Jan 18 Planting broccoli.jpg
Fifth graders from Mrs. Sturhann and Mrs. Herman D's classes did some garden planting! One group planted broccoli
(including all the purple broccoli seedlings we started ourselves) in the former tomato bed.
2017 Jan 18 Planting cauliflower .jpg
The other group planted cauliflower in the former quinoa bed...
2017 Jan 18 Planting lettuce.jpg
...and lettuce between the broccoli plants.
2017 Jan 18 Planting more lettuce.jpg
Lettuce also went in between all the cauliflower.
2017 Jan 18 Figeater beetle grub.jpg
We talked about the different grubs we find in the soil and how figeater beetle grubs like this one are the only ones we find
that crawl on their backs.
2017 Jan 17 Compost transfer.jpg
The contents from one of the compost bins was transferred to the now empty storage bin. The soil was full of red wigglers
and figeater beetle grubs! The grubs were transferred to other compost bins.
2017 Jan 17 Compost additions.jpg
Now we have more room to add colorful garden and cafeteria waste.
2017 Jan 18 Praying mantis egg case.jpg
We found a third praying mantis egg case! That brings the number in the garden to 3.
2017 Jan 18 Hawks.jpg
The red tailed hawks were circling together over the garden.
2017 Jan 18 Daffodils.jpg
More daffodils are blooming now than paper whites.
2017 Jan 18 Gazania.jpg
2017 Jan 18 Gazania 2.jpg
Gazanias are also still blooming.
2017 Jan 17 Bee on borage.jpg
Our one little borage plant is attracting the few garden bees.
2017 Jan 18 Monarch caterpillar.jpg
Monarch caterpilars are still around.
2017 Jan 17 Garden.jpg
The entry willow is still holding onto some of its leaves, but all the stone fruit trees are bare.
2017 Jan 20 Flooded garden.jpg
By Friday, the garden was a flooded mess. There's lots of rain in the forecast for the next several days.

Week of January 9 - January 13, 2017
2017 Jan 11 Harvest.jpg
Not many photos this week on account of all the rain and Friday off.
Harvested this week was kohlrabi, broccoli, lettuce, kale, and Chinese cabbage.
2017 Jan 11 Broccoli crown.jpg
2017 Jan 11 Broccoli bed.jpg
The broccoli heads are filling up nicely.
2017 Jan 11 Broccoli side shoots.jpg
And underneath them are a bunch of little side shoots.
2017 Jan 10 Cauliflower bed.jpg
We planted lettuce seedlings around all the cauliflower plants.
2017 Jan 10 Quinoa top.jpg
The tops to all the quinoa plants were cut off for seed collecting.
2017 Jan 12 Quinoa clearing.jpg
And the plant stalks were cut down.
2017 Jan 12 Quinoa stumps.jpg
We still have leeks growing on the outer edges of the planter.
2017 Jan 12 Leeks.jpg
A few got nibbled by critters, but the rest are growing, albeit very very slowly.
2017 Jan 12 Quinoa stalk.jpg
The quinoa stalks are very pretty -- most had a green and pink striping.
2017 Jan 12 Turning over bed.jpg
We turned over the middle section, removing the roots, the roly polies...
2017 Jan 12 Grub.jpg
...and the grubs.
2017 Jan 12 Quinoa cleared.jpg
We refurbished with chicken manure and worm castings and gave the bed a row cover.
2017 Jan 12 Strawberry blooms.jpg
The strawberry bed has quite a few flowers and baby fruits.

Week of January 2 - January 6, 2017
2017 Jan 4 Harvest.jpg
Harvest this week included kohlrabi, kale, our first broccoli of the season, sorrel, the last of the tomatoes, and a mix of
navel oranges and tangerines.
2017 Jan 6 Broccoli artichoke bed.jpg
The broccoli/artichoke bed is really bursting.
2017 Jan 6 Broccoli crown.jpg
And every broccoli plant has a nice crown.
2017 Jan 4 Harvesting kale.jpg
Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders helped with the harvest.
2017 Jan 4 Kohlrabi.jpg
One of the kohlrabi failed to produce a swollen bulb, that energy seemed to go to the leaves.
2017 Jan 4 Seeding kohlrabi.jpg
The kohlrabi's row cover lifted up from the winds over the break and allowed the sparrows to come in for lunch.
The students planted more kohlrabi seeds to make up for the nibbled seedlings.
2017 Jan 4 Kohlrabi seedling.jpg
We also planted some that were started in trays a couple weeks ago.
2017 Jan 3 Veggie starts.jpg
Of all the veggies seeded, only lettuce failed. We think roly polies did those in. The first 3 trays on the left are the purple
2017 Jan 3 Flower prop.jpg
Some of the 4th grade propagation plants went through a growth spurt. That's bachelor's button on the right and calendula
on the left.
2017 Jan 3 Flower prop 2.jpg
The snapdragons and CA poppies are taking it more slowly.
2017 Jan 6 Cabbage and lettuce.jpg
The cabbage and lettuce bed is filling out.
2017 Jan 6 Peas.jpg
Almost all the pea plants got pecked by the birds. This little patch managed to survive to flower.
2017 Jan 3 Quinoa.jpg
The quinoa is ready to be pulled out.
2017 Jan 3 Quinoa seeds.jpg
There are seeds in there.
2017 Jan 3 S milkweed bug.jpg
And for some reason, Small Milkweed Bugs.
2017 Jan 5 Clearing tomato bed.jpg
The tomato bed was cleared out.
2017 Jan 6 Worm grubs and beetle.jpg
Some long earthworms, chafer beetle grubs, and a darkling beetle were found in the bed.
2017 Jan 6 Bed ready.jpg
We mixed in chicken manure and worm castings.
2017 Jan 3 Aster second bloom.jpg
The aster is having a second bloom. And the blooms are much larger than the first time.
2017 Jan 3 Apple buds.jpg
Oddly, the apple tree is covered with buds.
2017 Jan 3 Paper whites.jpg
The paper whites are loaded with flowers.
2017 Jan 4 Daffadil.jpg
In there too are some daffodils.
2017 Jan 4 Hibiscus.jpg
The rose hibuscus still has lots of blossoms.
2017 Jan 6 Succulents.jpg
The succulents are very pretty in winter.
2017 JAn 6 Succulent blossoms.jpg
2017 Jan 3 Succulent blooms.jpg
Many are in bloom.
2017 Jan 3 Praying mantis egg case.jpg
We couldn't find the second praying mantis in the garden, but we did find the egg sac she laid before she died.
2017 Jan 3 Katydid.jpg
2017 Jan 3 Katydid legs.jpg
This friendly katydid was found while scooping up the the fallen leaves around the fig tree.
2017 Jan 3 Milkweed bugs and monarch.jpg
The Large Milkweed Bugs and the monarch caterpillars are still around.

Week of December 12 - December 16, 2016
2016 Dec 14 Harvest.jpg
Kale, purple romaine, kohlrabi, a few tomatoes/peppers, a carrot, and sorrel was harvested this week.
2016 Dec 14 Kohlrabi.jpg
2016 Dec 14 Kohlrabi small.jpg
The kohlrabi was a little on the small side, but we wanted to remove them before winter break. The whole plant is edible,
and the leaves on these were nice.
2016 Dec 14 Kale harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders helped harvest the kale.
2016 Dec 14 Carrot harvesting.jpg
There was one carrot that self-sowed from last season.
2016 Dec 14 Carrot.jpg
We were expecting a big one based on the size of the top, but we were tricked.
2016 Dec 14 Broccoli bud.jpg
The broccoli is finally making their crowns.
2016 Dec 12 Sunflowers.jpg
The sunflowers are making it through the cold nights under the row cover.
2016 Dec 15 Cabbage lettuce bed.jpg
The lettuce and cabbage are doing well.
2016 Dec 13 Red orach seedlings.jpg
The orach seedlings came up.
2016 Dec 13 Tree collard.jpg
We planted a tree collard (thank you to Jessica from Highland Ranch Elem.). It's a perennial! And a tall one -- it'll need
support as it grows.
2016 Dec 15 Sorrel covered.jpg
We covered the 2 sorrel beds under the geraniums.
2016 Dec 12 Geranium prop.jpg
Fourth graders took cuttings of these ivy geraniums.
2016 Dec 12 Propagation pots.jpg
The pots with the flower seedlings are doing well.
2016 Dec 15 Seeds sprouting.jpg
The 6-packs of vegetables that we added in there have sprouted -- that's kohlrabi on the left and purple broccoli on the
2016 Dec 15 Borage.jpg
A borage plant popped up in the garden.
2016 Dec 15 Grubs.jpg
Finding all the grubbies in one of the compost bins is still a fun recess hobby.
2016 Dec 14 Chafer beetle grubs.jpg
Students found one in the compost they named Whitie. Turns out he was not a figeaater beetle like the others at all, but a
chafer beetle like the ones we found this week underneath a dead shrub. Chafer beetle grubs crawl on their tummies, not
their backs.
2016 Dec 15 Praying mantis.jpg
Mrs. Praying Mantis #2 is still hanging out in the basil...
2016 Dec 13 Praying mantis.jpg
...munching on bees.
2016 Dec 15 Grasshopper molted.jpg
A small grasshopper molted nearby.
2016 Dec 12 Monarch laying.jpg
Monarchs, despite the cold, are still interested in laying eggs...
2016 Dec 13 Monarch caterpillars.jpg
,,,and some of the caterpillars are roaming.
2016 Dec 12 Young green lynx.jpg
One of the green lynx spiderlings was found on one of the row covers.
2016 Dec 12 Jumping spider.jpg
This large grey jumping spider was found on one of the benches.
2016 Dec 13 Cilantro blooms.jpg
Bees drank from the cilantro flowers.
2016 Dec 15 Rosemary flowers.jpg
And the rosemary is in bloom.

Week of December 5 - December 9, 2016
2016 Dec 7 Harvest.jpg
A few tomatoes, purple romaine, sorrel, and kale leaves were in this week's harvest.
2016 Dec 8 Broccoli & artichokes.jpg
More veggies are one the way. The broccoli and slow-growing artichokes are doing great.
2016 Dec 9 Peas.jpg
The peas are growing well against the fence.
2016 Dec 7 Kohlrabi.jpg
The kohlrabi volunteers are getting their swollen bases.
2016 Dec 7 Marigold roots.jpg
We cleared out all the marigolds from their bed. They were vigorous plants!
2016 Dec 7 Marigold branch rooting.jpg
One of the heavy branches that fell to the ground sent out roots!
2016 Dec 7 Kohlrabi bed.jpg
2016 Dec 8 Kohlrabi seedlings.jpg
We amended the marigold holes and moved some of the thinned out seeded kohlrabi to the middle and seeded more in the
bare spots.
2016 Dec 5 Quinoa.jpg
The rainbow quinoa are beginning to show their colors. This one will be orange.
2016 Dec 7 Planting cauliflower.jpg
2016 Dec 7 Planting cauliflower 2.jpg
Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders planted cauliflower seedlings in the 2 small garden beds (the former stevia and rainbow chard).
2016 Dec 7 Cauliflower bed 1.jpg

2016 Dec 8 Seeding lettuce.jpg
Lettuce seeds went in between the cauliflower seedlings.
2016 Dec 9 Seeding.jpg
We seeded a bunch of veggies in 6-packs -- rainbow chard, kohlrabi, purple broccoli, and lettuce.
2016 Dec 9 Chard seeds.jpg
It surprised us that the seeds for chard were identical to beet seeds. It shouldn't have -- they're belong to the same plant
2016 Dec 5 Succulent propagating.jpg
It was time to do something with all those pretty garden succulents.
2016 Dec 5 Propagating succulents.jpg
Fourth graders cut pieces of 4 different plants to make...
2016 Dec 5 Succulent arrangements.jpg
...succulent arrangements.
2016 Dec 8 Morning steam 2.jpg
The mornings are cold...so when the sun hits, the garden looks like its steaming.
2016 Dec 9 Raspberry bed.jpg
The raspberry bed was cleaned up.
2016 Dec 9 Katydid eggs.jpg
We found another katydid egg mass on one of the branches. We've often found the young on raspberry leaves.
2016 Dec 9 Praying mantis egg case.jpg
There is a new egg case in the garden. It's from a praying mantis!
2016 Dec 9 Praying mantis.jpg
Unfortunately, after they lay their eggs, the mama's life has come to an end.
2016 Dec 9 Praying mantis caterpillar meal.jpg
Fortunately, there is still another female in the garden. She's so cool, we forgive her that she's been dining on bees and
other garden beauties, like this monarch caterpillar.
2016 Dec 5 Praying mantis.jpg
Unfortunately, her tummy is huge, which means she'll not live much longer. Fortunately, we have spring to look forward to
when hundreds of tiny praying mantises will push out of their egg cases.
2016 Dec 5 Milkweed bugs.jpg
2016 Dec 6 Milkweed bugs.jpg
The milkweed bugs have begun to gather in odd places.
2016 Dec 5 Marine blue.jpg
Another pretty little Marine blue butterfly visited the garden.
2016 Dec 9 Back eyed phoebe.jpg
Black eyed phoebes have come back to hunt for flying bugs.
2016 Dec 9 Nasturtiums.jpg
The nasturtiums are climbing up the fence.
2016 Dec 6 Jade.jpg
The jade is blooming.
2016 Dec 6 Bird of paradise.jpg
And so is the bird of paradise.
2016 Dec 6 Tropical guavas.jpg
2016 Dec 9 Guavas attached.jpg
The nearby tropical guava tree is still loaded with aromatic fruit. We've found twins before, but this is our first triplet.

Week of November 28 - December 2, 2016
2016 Nov 30 Harvest.jpg
A very small harvest this week -- just kale, tomatoes, a bell pepper, and sorrel.
2016 Nov 28 Amaranth.jpg
It was time for the amaranth to be pulled out. We removed all the leaves for the compost pile and lopped off the flowering
2016 Nov 29 Amaranth stalks 2.jpg
2016 Nov 29 Amaranth stalks.jpg
Naked, they looked like rhubarb more than ever.
2016 Nov 29 Amaranth roots.jpg
Check out the size of the rootstock.
2016 Nov 29 Monarch emerged.jpg
The monarch chrysalis that was hanging onto one of the amaranth branches looked ready to open. We placed the branch
in the sun and out came a male butterfly!
2016 Nov 29 Monarch caterpillar.jpg
Still lots of monarch caterpillars on the milkweed.
2016 Nov 28 Cabbage loopers.jpg
We found several more cabbage loopers on the quinoa leaves.
2016 Dec 1 Quinoa.jpg
The quinoa is now taller than most of the kids on campus.
2016 Dec 2 Broccoli Artichoke bed.jpg
The broccoli plants are real big, but still show no sign of making a broccoli crown.
2016 Nov 28 Carrot seedlings.jpg
The carrots were ready for thinning. We also planted more seeds in the few bare spots.
2016 Nov 28 Lettuce seedlings.jpg
The lettuce came up in the new cabbage bed.
2016 Dec 2 Chard refurb.jpg
We prepped 2 more beds -- the rainbow chard, basil, marigolds, & calendula were cleared from this one.
2016 Dec 2 Stevia bed refurb.jpg
And the tall flowering stevia was cut down from this one. Both beds were amended with chicken manure and worm
2016 Nov 28 Green Lynx.jpg
Still no babies emerging from this green lynx egg sac.
2016 Dec 1 Praying mantis.jpg
The garden has a second praying mantis! This one's also a girl.
2016 Dec 2 Praying mantis.jpg
And judging by the size of that tummy, she's a pregnant girl. She likes to hang out upside down in the basil in the
strawberry bed.
2016 Dec 1 Paperwhite.jpg
The flower bulb garden has some blooms. Paperwhites are starting to flower.

Week of November 14 - November 18, 2016
2016 Nov 16 Harvest.jpg
Bell peppers, sorrel, tomatoes, kale, and lettuce were harvested this week.
2016 Nov 16 Lettuce.jpg
The purple romaine is very pretty.
2016 Nov 17 Strawberry bed.jpg
The overgrown strawberry bed was tackled this week. The marigolds were pulled out.
2016 Nov 16 Freed strawberry plant.jpg
And all the baby strawberry plants that 4th graders propagated were cut free from their mama plants.
2016 Nov 18 Strawberry pots.jpg
Fourth graders took home a plant for Thanksgiving break.
2016 Nov 17 Broccoli artichoke bed.jpg
The broccoli/artichoke bed is growing nicely.
2016 Nov 14 Cabbage loopers on quinoa.jpg
The quinoa is getting its flower buds -- and some nibbling critters. See the 2 caterpillars munching in there?
2016 Nov 14 Cabbage loopers.jpg
Here's one of the catches of the day -- all four are cabbage loopers (baby moths).
2016 Nov 17 Sparrow.jpg
These song sparrows have been making a mess of the straw and mulch in and around the amaranth stalks. They kick
their feet to find the seeds that have fallen.
2016 Nov 17 CA poppy.jpg
The CA poppies planted by the 4th graders last week have already emerged.
2016 Nov 17 Lupine seedlings.jpg
The Texas lupines that we had to replant have come up too.
2016 Nov 14 Kokedama balls.jpg
This week 4th graders made kokedama -- moss balls -- out of the vinca major cuttings.
2016 Nov 14 Kokedama soil ball.jpg
Our soil ball included peat moss, clay and sand. We carefully tucked our rooted cutting inside the compacted ball.
2016 Nov 14 Kokedama moss and string.jpg
Then we covered the balls with sheet moss and tied it up with twine. Eventually the moss will grow around the string and
hide it completely.
2016 Nov 16 Hibiscus seeds.jpg
This was the first time we found a seedpod on the rose hibiscus. They have very fuzzy seeds.
2016 Nov 14 Milkweed seeds.jpg
They still can't compete with the cottony milkweed.
2016 Nov 18 Spiderlings 2.jpg
These little guys were developing inside one of our composts containers.
2016 Nov 18 Spiderlings.jpg
Each of their front 4 legs looks like it's been dipped in chocolate.
2016 Nov 17 Green lynx.jpg
Mama green lynx spider #2 is noticably thinner. It's been over a week since she's laid her egg sac.
2016 Nov 16 Marine Blue.jpg
This small marine blue butterfly rested on a spent mint bloom.
2016 Nov 17 Grasshoppers.jpg
These two grasshopper buddies were on the butterfly bush.
2016 Nov 18 Keeled treehopper.jpg
We have keeled treehoppers on our tomatoes again this year! This one's an adult.
2016 Nov 17 Treehopper nymphs.jpg
And hiding in that tangle of protector ants are the baby treehoppers.
2016 Nov 17 Treehopper nymph.jpg
Here's one. Treehoppers, like aphids, poop out honeydew that ants like to eat.

Week of November 7 - November 11, 2016
2016 Nov 10 Arbor.jpg
Although the warm weather doesn't feel like fall, the trees leaves are looking more like it.
2016 Nov 8 Turning over bed.jpg
We finished turning over watermelon bed #2. Worm castings and chicken manure was added to the bed.
2016 Nov 8 White worm.jpg
We found several of these white thread-like worms among the watermelon roots. We're guessing they're not good.
2016 Nov 9 Planting cabbages.jpg
Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders planted cabbage seedlings in the bed.
2016 Nov 9 Lettuce seeds.jpg

2016 Nov 9 Lettuce planting.jpg
Inbetween all the seedlings, we planted lettuce seeds collected from last year's romaine lettuce.
2016 Nov 9 Clearing watermelon bed.jpg
The watermelon vines were cleared out of watermelon bed #1.
2016 Nov 10 Watermelon bed guest plants.jpg
What remained were a bunch of guest plants that sprouted from wind-blown seeds. Most of these were milkweed.
We transplanted the healthiest of them to pots.
2016 Nov 7 Repotting milkweed.jpg
We also repotted some of last year's milkweed plants to bigger containers.
2016 Nov 10 Propagation bed.jpg
The bed was turned into a mini-greenhouse for all of 4th grade's flower seeds pots.
2016 Nov 7 Propagating poppies.jpg
California poppy seeds were planted this week.
2016 Nov 10 Sunflower seedlings.jpg
The sunflower circle is ready for thinning.
2016 Nov 10 Kohlrabi seedlings.jpg
The kohlrabi seeds that were planted last week came up quickly.
2016 Nov 7 Planting more peas.jpg
Some more peas needed to be planted in the 3 circles against the fence. They were given protective row covers before
the weekend.
2016 Nov 8 Cabbage loopers.jpg
A moth snuck into the broccoli bed and laid eggs on the leaves. Two little cabbage loopers can do a lot of damage.
2016 Nov 10 Amaranth seed collecting.jpg
The garden helpers discovered that collecting amaranth seeds can turn your hands red.
2016 Nov 10 Monarch chrysalis.jpg
A monarch chrysalis was found hanging from one of the amaranth branches.
2016 Nov 10 Milkweed seeding.jpg
There were bursting seed pods all over the milkweed...
2016 Nov 7 Ladybugs on milkweed.jpg
...and lots of ladybugs.
2016 Nov 8 Katydid.jpg
This adult katydid was found tangled in some spider webbing below the garden's irrigation controller. It was untangled and
allowed to fly away.
2016 Nov 9 Katydid.jpg
This younger one was found in the lemon tree. Maybe it's the same one we found last week on the cannas.
2016 Nov 9 Grasshopper.jpg
This grasshopper was found on the compost fork.
2016 Nov 9 Green lynx egg sac.jpg
The second green lynx spider finally made her egg sac!
2016 Nov 7 Blooms.jpg
Our Mexican marigold is covered in yellow flowers and the garden's aloes are beginning to bloom.

Week of October 31 - November 4, 2016
2016 Nov 2 Harvest.jpg
A small harvest this week. There was some kale...
2016 Nov 2 Sorrel.jpg
...lots of leaves of french sorrel...
2016 Nov 2 Harvesting tomatoes.jpg
...some tomatoes...
2016 Nov 2 Ripe baby watermelon.jpg
...and the last of the garden's watermelons. Some of these were itty-bitty, but still fully ripe inside!
2016 Nov 2 Kohlrabi bed.jpg
The empty patches in the former cucumber bed were amended with worm castings and chicken manure.
2016 Nov 2 Planting kohlrabi.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders planted kohlrabi seeds.
2016 Nov 1 Sunflower seedlings.jpg
Last week's sunflower seeds came up.
2016 Nov 4 Quinoa.jpg
The peas and quinoa are growing nicely.
2016 Nov 3 Planting peas.jpg
The remaining zucchini was pulled out of the carrot bed and the patches filled in with pea seeds along the bamboo trellis
and carrot seeds elsewhere.
2016 Nov 4 Clearing watermelon bed 2.jpg
Watermelon bed #2 was cleared out.
2016 Nov 3 Gazania.jpg
Some gazanias are blooming in the garden.
2016 Oct 31 Gazania propagation.jpg
Mrs. Mallory's 4th graders propagated gazania by dividing these uprooted overgrown clumps.
2016 Nov 3 Snapdragon seedlings.jpg
The tiny snapdragon seeds planted last week have sprouted into tiny seedlings.
2016 Oct 31 Milkweed.jpg
It's still monarch caterpillar season in the garden. On this milkweed plant we counted 5.
2016 Oct 31 Monarch caterpillars.jpg
Here are some easier to see. The seedpods are sometimes their favorite things to munch.
2016 Oct 31 Monarch caterpillar & milkweed bugs.jpg
Sometimes they have to share them with the milkweed bugs.
2016 Oct 31 Milkweed bugs.jpg
Many ages of the large milkweed bug will gather together.
2016 Nov 4 Gulf fritillary.jpg
The gulf fritillary butterflies have returned.
2016 Nov 4 Gulf fritillary laying.jpg
This one layed eggs on the passionfruit leaves.
2016 Nov 4 Passionfruit flowers.jpg
The vine is looking greener and producing more flowers now.
2016 Nov 3 Green lynx pregnant.jpg
The second green lynx spider has still not laid her egg sac.
2016 Nov 3 Hentz orbweaver.jpg
And the hentz orbweavers are still hanging out in the lemon tree.
2016 Nov 2 Praying mantis 2.jpg
Our garden's praying mantis was found at the bottom of an empty pot. She was released back into the basil. We know for
certain that she's a girl because her belly is segmented only a few times. Males have many more segments.
2016 Oct 31 Katydid.jpg
Other long legged insects seen this week was this juvenile katydid...
2016 Nov 1 Grasshopper.jpg
...and this grasshopper in the tomato bed.
2016 Nov 2 Nasturtium.jpg
Some nasturtiums are blooming.
2016 Nov 1 Hibiscus.jpg
And some confederate rose hibiscus.

Week of October 24 - October 28, 2016
2016 Oct 26 Harvest.jpg
This week was our last cucumber harvest. Also harvested was kale, some heads of lettuce, a few lemons, zucchini,
tomatoes, 1 small watermelon, bell peppers, and sorrel.
2016 Oct 27 Cucumber vines old.jpg
2016 Oct 27 Cucumbers last harvest.jpg
Our withered up cucumber vines were hiding a few more cucumbers.
2016 Oct 27 Cucumber trellis bare.jpg
The vines were cleared away to get the bed ready for something new.
2016 Oct 27 Quinoa.jpg
2016 Oct 27 Pea seedlings.jpg
The peas in our quinoa/leek bed were popping up under the trellis tepee portion.
2016 Oct 28 Carrot seedlings.jpg
And lots of carrot seedlings are emerging in the carrot bed.
2016 Oct 27 Marigolds old.jpg
2016 Oct 27 Kale bed.jpg
A couple marigold plants were pulled from the kale bed.
2016 Oct 27 Marigold trunk.jpg
These grew into monster plants -- check out the size of one of the trunks.
2016 Oct 25 Refurbishing against fence.jpg
We turned over the soil in the 3 circles on the west side of the garden fence and amended with worm casting and chicken
2016 Oct 25 Sunflower bed.jpg
2016 Oct 25 Refurbish sunflower bed.jpg
We finally pulled our the old sunflower stalks and amended here as well.
2016 Oct 26 Planting sunflowers.jpg
Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders planted sunflower seeds in the circle with the sugar cane.
2016 Oct 26 Planting peas.jpg
And they planted peas in the circles against the fence.
2016 Oct 24 Seed planting.jpg
2016 Oct 24 Snapdragon seeds.jpg
Fourth graders planted tiny snapdragon seeds.
2016 Oct 25 Stevia seeds.jpg
We're collecting mounds of stevia seeds.
2016 Oct 24 S green stink bug.jpg
This southern green stinkbug was found there.
2016 Oct 24 Amaranth.jpg
The amaranth's heavy flower clusters are bending every which-way.
2016 Oct 24 Hornworms.jpg
A few hornworms were found on the tomato plants.
2016 OCt 24 Wasp feeding.jpg
This was was eaten by a wasp!
2016 Oct 27 Grasshopper.jpg
This pretty grasshopper was nibbling the kale.
2016 Oct 26 Katydid juvenile.jpg
And this very long-legged baby katydid was hanging out in the canna blossoms.
2016 Oct 26 Hummer.jpg
This hummingbird visited as well. See the katydid?
2016 Oct 28 Katydid eggs.jpg
And look what we found in the tomato bed -- katydid eggs!
2016 Oct 26 Hoverfly.jpg
This hoverfly ----
2016 Oct 27 Ladybug larva & hoverfly .jpg
We moved the ladybug and other beneficial larva from the cucumber vines to this native milkwwed. They started munching
on the aphids right away. This hovefly came and laid eggs on the leaves.
2016 Oct 27 Monarch caterpillar.jpg
There are lots of monarch caterpillars! Nibbling leaves and seedpods...
2016 Oct 27 Monarch caterpillars.jpg
...and hanging out underneath the leaves.
2016 Oct 24 Aster.jpg
The aster is still in bloom.
2016 Oct 28 Painted lady.jpg
This painted lady butterfly visited...
2016 Oct 27 Aster bees .jpg
...and joined the ever-present bees.
2016 Oct 27 Crab spider.jpg
There were many insects on the pulled cucumber vines -- ladybug and hoverfly larvae, and this small crab spider.
2016 Oct 24 Hentz orbweaver.jpg
Our orbweaver is still hanging out in the lemon tree, catching milkweed bugs and bees.
2016 Oct 27 Geraniums.jpg
The geraniums above the sorrel are blooming nicely.
2016 Oct 24 Rose hibiscus.jpg
And the confederate rose hibiscus has many new (and old) blooms.
2016 Oct 25 Lizard.jpg
This western fence lizard sunbathed in the the succulent circle.

Week of October 17 - October 22, 2016
2016 Oct 22 Fall plant sale 3.jpg
Saturday was our fall plant sale at the school's Pumpkin Palooza carnival.
2016 Oct 22 Fall plant sale composite.jpg
2016 Oct 22 Fall plant sale 2.jpg
2016 Oct 22 Fall plant sale.jpg
2016 Oct 22 Fall plant sale aster.jpg
We sold garden grown ornamental corn, black popcorn, pumpkins, gourds, and blooming aster. We also had gourd seeds
and gave away corn seeds.
2016 Oct 19 Harvest.jpg
Harvest had a bit more greens this week, thanks to the kale bed below starting to revive, the few heads of lettuce, and the
Malabar spinach. Also harvested were a couple watermelons, one zucchini, tomatoes, and cucumbers.
2016 Oct 18 Kale.jpg

2016 Oct 21 Quinoa.jpg
The quinoa grows up...
2016 Oct 17 Leek seedling.jpg
2016 Oct 17 Leek seedlings 2.jpg
...and shames the slow-growing leeks alongside. The ones we started in peat pots to transplant for fill-in have started
coming up.
2016 Oct 17 Artichoke seedlings.jpg
The artichoke seeds planted a couple weeks ago in the new broccoli bed have sprouted.
2016 Oct 17 Easter cactus.jpg
2016 Oct 17 Easter cactus cuttings.jpg
Two of the 4th grade classes took pieces from this Easter cactus to start in little peat pots.
2016 Oct 18 Zucchini bed refurbish.jpg
The zucchini bed was cleared out from all but the strongest zucchini plants.
2016 Oct 18 Carrot.jpg
One carrot popped up in that bed all on its own.
2016 Oct 19 Planting carrots.jpg
We refurbished the soil around the zucchini plants and Mrs. Baseshore's 3rd graders planted carrot seeds.
2016 Oct 19 Planting peas.jpg
They also planted pea seeds underneath the trellis in the zucchini bed and the opposite quinoa bed.
2016 Oct 18 Planting guava.jpg
We planted a new pineapple guava tree near the fence at the bulb garden. This one will be close to the other pineapple
guava there and help to increase its fruit production.
2016 Oct 20 Guava tree.jpg
The tropical guava doesn't need any help. It's loaded with fruit.
2016 Oct 17 Praying mantis.jpg
2016 Oct 21 Praying mantis meals.jpg
Our praying mantis moved from the cannas to the basil in the kale bed. There she gorged herself on bees that were
visiting the basil flowers.
2016 Oct 17 Crab spider.jpg
A crab spider lied in wait on a marigold in the strawberry bed.
2016 Oct 21 Cricket.jpg
This beautiful cricket was brought to the garden from the boy's bathroom.
2016 Oct 20 Small milkweed bug.jpg
We've seen lots of large milkweed bugs lately, but not many of this kind. This is a small milkweed bug.
2016 Oct 18 Ladybug larvae.jpg
Ladybug larvae are so numerous in the garden now that its getting difficult to find a cluster of aphids.
2016 Oct 18 Hoverfly.jpg
Hoverflies are helping too
2016 Oct 18 Monarch.jpg
Monarch butterflies have been visiting daily.
2016 Oct 19 Hornworm.jpg
A couple hornworns were found on the tomatoes.
2016 Oct 20 Bees on yerba santa.jpg
2016 Oct 20 Bee on yerba santa.jpg
We're not sure why, but many bees were busy collecting something from the fuzzy new growths on the native yerba santa.
2016 Oct 18 Green lynx mama.jpg
Mama green lynx spider has a new egg sac! The spiderlings from the last egg sac are still staying close.
2016 Oct 18 Hummingbird.jpg
A hummingbird drank from the butterfly bush.
2016 Oct 21 Cilantro flowering.jpg
A fly drank from the blooming cilantro.
2016 Oct 20 Yellow flowers.jpg
And some little yellow flowers appeared near the front of the garden.

Week of October 10 - October 14, 2016
2016 Oct 12 Harvest.jpg
Harvest this week included kale, cucumbers, sorrel, bell pepper with mini tomatoes, a bag of lettuce, and some mini
2016 Oct 12 Lettuce.jpg
The lettuce was growing underneath the cucumbers vines.
2016 Oct 14 Quinoa seedlings.jpg
The amaranth is shooting up.
2016 Oct 13 Planting broccoli.jpg
Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders planted broccoli seedlings.
2016 Oct 13 Broccoli seedlings.jpg
The areas of straw had artichoke seeds planted last week.
2016 Oct 14 Broccoli bed.jpg
The bed was then filled in with straw and given a row cover to keep out any birds hunting for seeds.
2016 Oct 10 Swedish ivy propagating.jpg
Fourth graders rooted cuttings of Swedish ivy, a second plant for our future hanging baskets.
2016 Oct 14 Aster.jpg
Since the aster was blooming so nice...
2016 Oct 11 Aster runners.jpg
...we decided to take our overgrown plants from last year (exploding through their peat pots) and repot them. Those bright
purple roots are the runners.
2016 OCt 11 Potted aster.jpg
These would be added to our Pumpkin Palooza sale on the 22nd.
2016 Oct 14 Praying mantis 2.jpg
We have an exiting new garden friend -- a praying mantis! She (we're pretty sure its a girl) blended in so well in the cannas...
2016 Oct 14 Praying mantis.jpg
...that she accidentally got a bath during our weekly garden watering. She slowly crawled back up and licked up the water
from her legs.
2016 Oct 10 Green lynx spiderlings.jpg
Baby green lynx spiderlings are still hanging out near mama.
2016 Oct 13 Green lynx meals.jpg
Neighbor lynx is still catching bees.
2016 Oct 14 S green stink bug.jpg
Haven't seen one of these southern green stink bugs in a while.
2016 Oct 14 Wigglers.jpg
2016 Oct 14 Bugs.jpg
Bug handling is real big in the garden now...
2016 Oct 13 Grubs.jpg
...especially since we transferred the contents of one compost bin into another and uncovered dozens of figeater beetle
2016 Oct 14 Milkeed bugs.jpg
Milkweed bugs (of all stages) have been easy to spot on the milkweed for a while now.
2016 Oct 12 Monarch caterpillars.jpg
And now the monarch caterpillars are too!
2016 Oct 11 Seed bugs.jpg
Seed bugs are plentiful on the amaranth blooms.
2016 Oct 11 Grasshopper.jpg
And our one legged grasshopper showed up again this week. We've caught and released this one a couple of times now.

Week of October 3 - October 7, 2016
2016 Oct 5 Harvest.JPG
Harvest this week included many cucumbers, several watermelon, a small amount of kale/chard, bell peppers, and
2016 Oct 5 Cucumber bed.jpg
The cucumber leaves may be suffering, but there were quite a few cucumbers hanging in there.
2016 Oct 5 Harvesting cucumbers.jpg
Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders twisted them off the vine.
2016 Oct 5 Stink bug eggs.jpg
They also found this cluster of stink bug eggs under one of the leaves.
2016 Oct 5 Tomato bed.jpg
The tomato bed seems to be reviving.
2016 Oct 5 Watermelon flowers.jpg
Watermelon bed #2 is still blooming.
2016 Oct 5 Planting artichoke seeds.jpg

2016 Oct 5 Artichoke seeds.jpg
Mrs. Golden's class planted artichoke seeds in the former black popcorn bed.
2016 Oct 5 Artichoke seeds planted.jpg
We covered the planted spots with straw. We'll fill in with broccoli seedlings next week.
2016 Oct 3 Propagating vinca major.jpg
Fourth graders propagated rooting pieces of vinca major. This will be one of the plants we use for hanging planters we sell
later in the year.
2016 Oct 3 Vinca major potted.jpg
Since the pots needed only to be temporary, we used these reusable fabric ones.
2016 Oct 7 Quinoa seedlings.jpg
The rainbow chard we seeded a couple weeks ago is growing quickly.
2016 Oct 5 Amaranth staked.jpg
Quinoa is another fast grower like the red amaranth. We finally staked up all the top-heavy plants.
2016 Oct 4 Collecting amaranth seeds.jpg
The tops were already releasing their seeds, so we began to collect them by holding a bag beneath and massaging the
flower stalks.
2016 Oct 4 Amaranth seeds.jpg
The seeds are tiny and will later need to be separated from the red flowers.
2016 Oct 6 Malabar Spinach seeds.jpg
We also began to collect Malabar spinach seeds from one of the patches against the fence that dried up.
2016 Oct 7 Green lynx spiderlings hatching.jpg
The green lynx spider's babies began hatching! The babies are not green like mama, but tan colored. They will need to
molt one more time before they leave her.
2016 Oct 7 Green lynx feeding.jpg
The neighbor lynx spider fed on bees.
2016 Oct 5 Webs in lemon tree.jpg
This was a great week for spider watching. Many Hentz orbweavers took up residence around the lemon tree.
2016 Oct 5 Spider wrapping.jpg
Unlike the green lynx spiders, they take the time to wrap up their prey.
2016 Oct 5 Hentz orbweavers.jpg
They also gobble up their webs later in the day.
2016 Oct 4 Brown widows.jpg
This mama and papa brown widow spider (the little one is the male) were hiding under the lid of a yard waste bin.
2016 Oct 5 Yellow garden spider.jpg
This yellow garden spider hung out above one of the girls' restrooms.
2016 Oct 4 Ladybugs on milkweed.jpg
It's easy to find a ladybug in the garden. Just look at the milkweed.
2016 Oct 4 Hoverfly.jpg
You'll probably see milkweed bugs and some cool hoverflies, like this one, too.
2016 Oct 6 Grasshopper.jpg
Can you spot the grasshopper? How about the grasshopper poo?
2016 Oct 5 Aster blooms.jpg
And what about the honeybee in this picture of blooming aster?
2016 Oct 4 Grasshopper.jpg
Sometimes the bugs are easy to spot.
2016 Oct 5 Current blooms.jpg
Other profuse bloomers this week were the coast rosemary, the lion's tail, and the blue plumbago.

Week of September 26 - September 30, 2016
2016 Sept 29 Watermelon for tasting.jpg
It was time for 2nd grade to sample some of the garden watermelon. These were grown from seeds saved from last year
-- a cross pollination of giant yellow watermelon and mini reds.
2016 Sept 29 Watermelon tasting.jpg
Last year the yellow beat out the red for sweetness. This year, the red was better.
2016 Sept 29 Watermelon 1.jpg
2016 Sept 29 Watermelon 2.jpg
The cross between the yellow and red didn't produce orange watermelon, but the parents' size was reversed-- we got
small yellows and larger reds.
2016 Sept 28 Harvest.jpg
A full bag of cucumbers were harvested, but still only a small amount of kale. Also harvested this week were tomatoes,
bell peppers, one lonely zucchini, and a bag of sorrel leaves.
2016 Sept 28 Quinoa seedlings.jpg
The quinoa seeded last week in the former corn bed came up.
2016 Sept 26 Seeding Texas lupine.jpg
Fourth graders propagated 2 blue flowering plants -- Texas lupines like this one, and smaller seeds of cornflowers.
2016 Sept 26 Calendula seedlings.jpg
Last week's planting of calendula are coming up nicely.
2016 Sept 29 Falling amaranth.jpg
2016 Sept 29 Falling amaranth 2.jpg
The amaranth was getting top-heavy and falling over.
2016 Sept 29 Stevia blooming.jpg
The blooming stevia is another plant that surprised us with its height.
2016 Sept 29 Stevia flowers.jpg
The bees love its flowers.
2016 Sept 29 Aster.jpg
2016 Sept 29 Aster 2.jpg
The fall-blooming aster began to flower.
2016 Sept 27 Rose hibiscus.jpg
One bloom opened on the rose hibiscus.
2016 Sept 26 Green lynx.jpg
Nearbye, Mama green lynx spider waited for her little ones to hatch.
2016 Sept 29 Hentz orbweavers.jpg
Lots of Hentz orbweavers are making their webs above the milkweed plants to feast on the unsuspecting honeybees.
2016 Sept 27 Crab spider.jpg
This crab spider waited for prey to land on a marigold in the cucumber bed.
2016 Sept 28 T Hornworm.jpg
One chubby tobacco hornworm caterpillar was found in the tomato bed.
2016 Sept 27 Cabbage looper.jpg
And one chubby cabbage looper was pulled off the kale.
2016 Sept 27 Seeding milkweed 2.jpg
Near the kale, the tropical milkweed plants are bursting with seeds.

Week of September 19 - September 23, 2016
2016 Sept 21 Harvest.jpg
Another small harvest this week, but we did get a decent amount of cucumbers, and one watermelon...
2016 Sept 21 Watermelon splitting.jpg
...albeit a cracked one! This happened to a few melons after a day of rains. This was the only mature one we could save.
2016 Sept 21 Cucumber bed.jpg
2016 Sept 21 Cucumbers on vine.jpg
2016 Sept 21 Cucumbers.jpg
Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders came into the garden to get a close-up view of the cucumbers.
2016 Sept 21 Quinoa and leek seeds.jpg
2016 Sept 21 Planting seeds.jpg
The students also seeded our first fall bed. In the center, we planted rainbow quinoa, and along the edges, leeks.
2016 Sept 21 Quinoa bed planted.jpg
A light covering of straw finished the bed off.
2016 Sept 22 Kellogg donation.jpg
Thank you, Kellogg Garden Organics, for the awesome donation!
2016 Sept 22 Hauling donation bags.jpg
And just in time to help refurbish our second corn bed.
2016 Sept 20 Corn bed #2.jpg
Goodbye, corn stalks.
2016 Sept 20 Black popcorn.jpg
This was the last collection of black popcorn ears. Look for these to sale on October 22 at the Pumpkin Palooza!
2016 Sept 23 Turning over corn bed#2.jpg
Time to pull out all those roots, turn over the soil...
2016 Sept 23 Worms.jpg
...admire some of the crawlies (lots of earth worms and red wigglers in this bed)...
2016 Sept 23 Figeater grub.jpg
...and remove some of the others. Backward-crawling figeater beetle grubs are transferred to the compost bins.
2016 Sept 23 Corn bed#2 refurb.jpg
Thank you, Kelloggs, for the worm castings, chicken manure, and compost that went into this bed.
2016 Sept 21 Amaranth.jpg
The row covers protecting the kale were removed this week.
2016 Sept 19 Planting seeds.jpg
Fourth graders propagated calendula, a yellow/orange daisy-like flowering plant, from seed.
2016 Sept 19 Calendula seeds.jpg
The caterpillar-like seeds were collected from the garden.
2016 Sept 19 Seeded pots.jpg
These are the first of our fundraising plants for the year, to be grown in a protected spot in the school's quad.
2016 Sept 19 Succulent pots.jpg
They join last year's thriving succulent leftovers.
2016 Sept 19 Chive seeds.jpg
The chive blossoms are revealing their flat black seeds.
2016 Sept 19 Chive seed collecting.jpg
We began collecting from all the open casings.
2016 Sept 21 Lizard.jpg
This young western fence lizard visited the cucumber bed.
2016 Sept 19 Largus bug.jpg
This bordered plant bug was licking a ripe fig.
2016 Sept 19 Releasing grasshoppers.jpg
"Bad" bugs like him and others (normally grasshoppers) get exiled over the school's fence .
2016 Sept 23 Senna seed pods.jpg
The senna's seed pods are so long.
2016 Sept 19 Senna pod insects.jpg
A cloudless sulphur caterpillar and grasshopper were found munching on them.
2016 Sept 23 Cloudless sulphur chrysalis.jpg
The cloudless sulphur caterpillars don't normally make their chrysalis on their host plant, but this one did.
2016 Sept 23 Monarch.jpg
Most of the monarchs we've seen in the garden, including this ragged-looing one, happen to be males. Does that mean
2016 Sept 21 Web.jpg
Tuesday was a rain day. Rain makes all the garden webs stand out.
2016 Sept 22 Hentz orbweaver.jpg
This Hentz orbeaver was a stand out above the bell peppers.
2016 Sept 22 Crab spider.jpg
Our crab spider revealed her whole body on her trek to a fresher cluster of flowers. She may be pregnant or perhaps she
just ate too much.
2016 Sept 21 Male crab spider.jpg
This might be Mr. Crab Spider. This little guy is a male crab spider and he was found not far from the big mama above.
2016 Sept 22 Figeater beetle.jpg
While adding new material to one of the compost bins, this mama figeater beetle flew in. She landed and promptly starting
digging beneath the material to lay her eggs.
2016 Sept 21 Compost sprout.jpg
And look what popped up out of the compost bin nearby. Looks like a sunflower sprout.
2016 Sept 19 Daylily.jpg
A lone daylily stalk is blooming.
2016 Sept 19 Hoverfly.jpg
This is an unusual looking hoverfly in the garden.
2016 Sept 21 Tiny wasp.jpg
And this tiny wasp visited the milkweed flowers.
2016 Sept 19 Air show practice.jpg
Other fliers included jets like these, practicing for the Miramar Air Show.

Week of September 12 - September 16, 2016
2016 Sept 14 Harvest.jpg
This was Wednesday's donation. The kale and tomato harvest seems to be shrinking each week.
2016 Sept 14 Kale harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders helped with the harvesting.
2016 Sept 16 Amaranth.jpg
2016 Sept 14 Kale between amaranth.jpg
It's a jungle between the amaranth.
2016 Sept 14 B peppers.jpg
We picked our first bell peppers of the season.
2016 Sept 14 Sorrel.jpg
And in spite of many of the sorrel plants blooming, there was a resurgence of leaves to pick.
2016 Sept 12 Zucchini bed.jpg
The zucchini leaves were in bad shape. All the infected older leaves were removed. Possibly downy mildew.
2016 Sept 12 Strawberry prop.jpg
The fourth grade classes began their weekly plant propagation. We began with strawberries.
2016 Sept 12 Strawberry prop2.jpg
We now have over 75 cups of soil in the strawberry bed. The baby plants are pinned down to the pots with paperclip
anchors. The runner that attaches baby to mama plant won't be cut for several weeks.
2016 Sept 13 Corn bed removal.jpg
The first corn bed was cut down this week.
2016 Sept 15 Hoverfly larvae.jpg
We tried to save as many of the beneficial bugs that we could find. These were a couple hoverfly larva that were feasting on
the aphids.
2016 Sept 13 Removing corn bed.jpg
There were lots of roots to pull out of the soil.
2016 Sept 13 Corn roots.jpg
Tall corn have long roots!
2016 Sept 14 Turning over bed.jpg
There were lots of interesting crawlies to finds as the soil was turned over.
2016 Sept 13 Grubs.jpg
The baby figeater beetle grubs were transferred to the compost bins.
2016 Sept 14 Pupa.jpg
This little transforming pupa was a mystery.
2016 Sept 14 Refurbish corn bed.jpg
The bed was amended with garden compost and organic vegetable fertilizer.
2016 Sept 15 Black popcorn.jpg
A few more ears of black popcorn were collected. This one was a beauty.
2016 Sept 13 Stevia.jpg
The stevia in the lettuce patch is in full boom.
2016 Sept 13 Stevia blossom bee2.jpg
The flowers are tiny and white and must taste as sweet as the leaves to the bees.
2016 Sept 13 Cucumber bee.jpg
Lots of insects were helping in the cucumber bed. The bees fertilizing the blossoms...
2016 Sept 13 Hoverfly laying.jpg
2016 Sept 13 Lacewing egg.jpg
...the hoverflies laying eggs, and the lacewing eggs (bottom) waiting to hatch. The newborns will eat aphids.
2016 Sept 16 Watermelon.jpg
The watermelons are plumping out.
2016 Sept 16 Grasshopper.jpg
Grasshoppers were seen munching from a variety of plants. This one made a hole in a hibiscus leaf.
2016 Sept 16 Grasshoppers.jpg
Others were seen on the marigolds, tomatoes, and corn.
2016 Sept 16 Hornworm.jpg
And we found a few tobacco hornworm caterpillars! One munched half-way through a tomato.
2016 Sept 12 T hornworm.jpg
Others were content with the leaves.
2016 Sept 13 Hatched Ladybug.jpg
More newly emerged ladybugs were seen.
2016 Sept 12 Ladybug larva.jpg
There are lots of ladybug larvae on the milkweed. This one was real pretty.
2016 Sept 12 Assassin bug.jpg
This assassin bug was still on the milkweed.
2016 Sept 15 Monarch caterpillar.jpg
Not many monarch caterpillars. But we did find this one.
2016 Sept 16 Monarch.jpg
Lots of butterflies. This male monarch drank from the butterfly bush above the milkweed.
2016 Sept 16 Gulf Fritillary.jpg
And this gulf fritillary butterfly joined him!
2016 Sept 16 Gulf Fritillary 2.jpg
They have a beautiful stained glass pattern on the underside of their leaves. Eventually the monarch chased the fritillary
2016 Sept 13 Crab spider.jpg
Hiding all week long in the flowers was this crab spider. When she first came to the plant she was yellow. She changed
her color to white to blend in better.
2016 Sept 16 Crab spider catches.jpg
Her camouflage seems to be working! Her diet so far has been honeybees and skippers.
2016 Sept 14 Cloudless sulphurs.jpg
Several cloudless sulphur caterpillars were munching the senna.
2016 Sept 15 Plant bug.jpg
This plant bug was in the marigolds in the kale bed.
2016 Sept 14 Redbugs.jpg
Near the garden in the base of one of the mulberry trees was are a large cluster of redbugs. Normally we find them in the

Week of September 5 - September 9, 2016
2016 Sept 7 Harvest.jpg
Our first zucchini harvest made it into this week's harvest, along with cucumbers, kale, tomatoes, and Malabar spinach.
2016 Sept 7 Cucumber harvest.jpg
The cucumber harvest (from 2 vines) was impressive.
2016 Sept 7 Produce beds.jpg
Mrs.Golden's 3rd graders helped with this week's harvesting.
2016 Sept 7 Kale with marigolds.jpg
It's not easy finding the kale in all those marigolds!
2016 Sept 6 Ornamental corn.jpg
We removed more dried out ornamental corn. This is the most yellow one we've picked so far.
2016 Sept 6 Black popcorn.jpg
We also removed some black popcorn ears. One of them started popping while still on the plant!
2016 Sept 8 Pumpkins.jpg
Out of a dozen plants, this is our measly harvest of pumpkins. :( Their roots were attacked in the soil, so the vines died
2016 Sept 9 Cucumber bed.jpg
The newest cucumber vines have begun to reach the top of the trellis.
2016 Sept 9 Amaranth.jpg
The amaranth, butterfly bush, and hibiscus have created a mini jungle in this part of the garden.
2016 Sept 7 Rose hibiscus.jpg
One pretty blossom opened on the confederate rose hibiscus.
2016 Sept 8 Flowering lettuce.jpg
Some of the overgrown lettuce is flowering
2016 Sept 9 House wren.jpg
This little birdie, a house wren, was found after a collision with a classroom window.
2016 Sept 9 House wren 2.jpg
After a bit of a daze, the birdie flew up and away from a box in the garden.
2016 Sept 7 Green lynx pregnant.jpg
This very pregnant green lynx spider was hanging out on a leaf on the confederate rose hibiscus.
2016 Sept 9 Green lynx egg sac.jpg
The following day, a much slimmer green lynx was clutching her egg sac.
2016 Sept 9 Ladybug pupa to adult.jpg
Still lots of ladybug activity in the garden. These were on the dried up fennel flowers -- ladybug pupa, ladybugs emerging
from pupas, and adults.
2016 Sept 8 Ladybugs mating.jpg
This mating pair was on the nearby popcorn bed.
2016 Sept 8 Butterfly bush with crab spider.jpg
This crab spider found a hiding place in the butterfly bush flowers.
2016 Sept 7 Hummingbird.jpg
We didn't realize hummingbirds liked the flowers too.
2016 Sept 9 Gray hairstreak.jpg
Underneath the butterfly bush, this grey hairstreak butterfly drank from the mint flowers.
2016 Sept 7 Monarch caterpillar.jpg
Only a few monarch caterpillars were found in the garden this week...
2016 Sept 7 Hatched monarch.jpg
...but we did find this healthy newly emerged adult.
2016 Sept 6 Hornworm.jpg
A couple tobacco hornworm caterpillars were found on the tomatoes.
2016 Sept 6 Assassin bug.jpg
This assassin bug jumped between the chive blossoms and the milkweed.
2016 Sept 7 Southern green shield bug.jpg
And this adult southern green shield bug was found on the dinosaur kale.

Week of August 29 - September 2, 2016
2016 Aug 31 Harvest2.jpg
Not a big harvest this week.
2016 Aug 31 Cucumbers.jpg
But we did get some chubby cucumbers.
2016 Aug 31 Harvesting kale.jpg
2016 Aug 31 Kale harvesting.jpg
And it was still fun to find all the kale leaves hidden in the marigolds and basil flowers. Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders
helped with the harvest.
2016 Sept 1 Cabbageworms.jpg
Some of the curly kale had quite a few cabbage white caterpillars munching away.
2016 Sept 2 Cucumber trellis.jpg
The plants in the new cucumber bed have reached the middle support.
2016 Aug 31 Lettuce seedlings.jpg
Lettuce seedlings were planted in the middle section.
2016 Sept 1 Zucchini.jpg
Next week there should be zucchinis ready for picking.
2016 Aug 31 Bell peppers.jpg
The bell peppers are growing ever so slowly, but there are fruits now!
2016 Sept 1 Black popcorn.jpg
And there are black popcorn kernels in corn patch #2!
2016 Aug 31 Bees on Malabar spinach.jpg
The Malabar spinach is covered with itty bitty purple and white flowers. They hardly open at all, yet the bees still drink
from them.
2016 Aug 31 Amaranth.jpg
2016 Sept 1 Amaranth blooms.jpg
The amaranth is starting to bloom.
2016 Sept 2 Senna pods.jpg
The senna has seed pods now.
2016 Aug 31 Passionfruit flower.jpg
The first passionfruit flower of the season opened.
2016 Aug 29 Milkweed bug nymphs.jpg
The milkweed bug babies are continuing to enjoy the milkweed seeds.
2016 Sept 1 Largus and bee.jpg
We've been seeing lots of these largus bugs in the garden, mostly in the corn and strawberry bed, but this one was
sharing a milkweed flower with a minuscule bee.
2016 Aug 31 Lacewing larva.jpg
This good guy, a lacewing larva, was helping to gobble up all those little orange aphids on the milkweed.
2016 Sept 1 Katydid nymph.jpg
This brightly colored and long-antennaed baby is a juvenile katydid.
2016 Sept 1 Orbweaver.jpg
More pretty spiders this week. This orbweaver made a web from the lemon tree to the cannas. One of its catches
was a fellow spider!
2016 Aug 30 Crab spider.jpg
This seven-legged crab spider was lying in wait on one of the marigolds in the cucumber bed.

Week of August 22 - August 26, 2016
2016 Aug 24 Harvest.jpg
Our weekly harvest included Malabar spinach, 3 kinds of kale, cucumbers, tomatoes, and our first bag of garden figs.
2016 Aug 24 Cucumbers.jpg
Eight pounds of cucumbers this time.
2016 Aug 24 Harvesting kale.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders assisted with the harvest -- collecting kale...
2016 Aug 24 Tomato harvesting.jpg
...and tomatoes.
2016 Aug 26 Amaranth.jpg
The amaranth will be truly outstanding when it starts to flower.
2016 Aug 24 Earth tones ornamental.jpg
We collected our first dried out earth tones dent corn. We plan to sell these at the school's Pumpkin Palooza in October.
2016 Aug 26 A frame trellis.jpg
We added strings to the cucumber trellis. Several of the cucumbers plants were tall enough to attach to the bottom rail.
2016 Aug 26 Pumpkin seed planting.jpg
A couple of our sugar pie pumpkins began to rot, so we planted the seeds. By the end of the week, the seedlings were up.
2016 Aug 26 Zucchini.jpg
Our first baby zucchinis were visible.
2016 Aug 25 Watermelon.jpg
And the baby watermelons were much easier to spot.
2016 Aug 25 Watermelon blossom.jpg
Thank you, bees!
2016 Aug 23 Finished compost.jpg
Another compost bin's contents were moved to the finished storage bin.
2016 Aug 23 Compost trash.jpg
The only things that failed to degrade were a few bits of plastic trash, fruit labels, and fruit stone pits.
2016 Aug 24 Watering.jpg
Lost of plants needed supplemental water this week.
2016 Aug 25 Cabbage looper.jpg
This munching cabbage looper was easy to spot on the amaranth.
2016 Aug 23 Cabbage white butterfly.jpg
This cabbage white butterfly rested on the Jupiter's Beard.
2016 Aug 24 Skipper.jpg
This little skipper butterfly drank from the butterfly bush.
2016 Aug 24 Ladybug larva & pupa.jpg
So many ladybugs were transforming from their larva stage to their pupa.
2016 Aug 26 Sulphur caterpillars.jpg
Several cloudless sulphur caterpillars could be seen among the senna flowers. They blend in so well when they're young
and sans-stripes.
2016 Aug 26 Baby grubs.jpg
One of our compost bins is full of baby figeater beetle babies! The 2 adult bodies we found inside must have laid lots of
2016 Aug 24 Figeater beetle.jpg
This one allowed the second graders to get a up-close look.
2016 Aug 24 Milkweed bugs mating.jpg
The adult milkweed bugs were busy mating.
2016 Aug 26 Milkweed bug nymphs.jpg
And the baby milkweed bugs were clustering on the seedpods.
2016 Aug 25 Pea and bean weevil.jpg
We've seen so many new bugs on the chive flowers. The new one this week is a little guy called a pea and bean weevil.
2016 Aug 25 Mating bagradas.jpg
The kale is still growing well, but we did find a few more bagrada bugs this week, including a couple mating pairs.
2016 Aug 23 Orange orbweaver.jpg
This orbweaver made a large web behind the tangerine tree. One of its later honeybee catches was...
2016 Aug 25 Wasp eating bee.jpg
...feasted upon by a wasp!
2016 Aug 26 Assassin bug.jpg
This assassin bug caught a small parasitic wasp in the black popcorn bed.
2016 Aug 24 Hoverfly larva and pupa.jpg
Other beneficial garden bugs spotted were several hoverfly larva and some hoverfly pupa.
2016 Aug 24 Parasitoid wasp.jpg
Several of these small parasitic wasps were circling nearby on a pumpkin leaf.
2016 Aug 23 Native globemallow.jpg
The native globemallow is blooming.

Week of August 15 - August 19, 2016
2016 Aug 17 Harvest.jpg
Lots of kale harvested during our first week back to school. Also harvested for donation was a bag of lettuce, Malabar
spinach, tomatoes, sorrel, the last of the grapes, and one Japanese cucumber.
2016 Aug 19 Watermelon & zucchini bed.jpg
The first watermelon bed and the zucchini bed are starting to fill out.
2016 Aug 16 Watermelon growth.jpg
The baby watermelons are growing quickly. Here's 4 days growth on one of the little babies.
2016 Aug 19 Cucumbers.jpg
One of the cucumber plants has climbed all the way to the top of its bamboo support.
2016 Aug 18 Cucumbers.jpg
And there are so many cucumbers!
2016 Aug 18 Constructing trellis.jpg
2016 Aug 19 Cucumber trellis.jpg
We began the construction of an A-frame trellis for an entire bed devoted to this kind of cucumber.
2016 Aug 17 Ladybugs.jpg
Lots of ladybug adults and larva were eating aphids on the corn, including this twice stabbed ladybeetle.
2016 Aug 18 Featherlegged fly.jpg
The garlic chive flowers continue to be a big draw for all kinds of bees and flies. This is the first time we've seen this
pretty fly. It's called a featherlegged fly.
2016 Aug 18 Tiny bee on chives.jpg
And here's a close-up of one of the tiniest bee visitors.
2016 Aug 18 Bees on chives.jpg
Compare the size of the little one on the top right with the honeybee below.
2016 Aug 17 Ambush bug.jpg
This visitor is not there for the nectar, but for the other insects who are. This is an ambush bug lying in wait.
2016 Aug 17 Monarchs.jpg
Even the monarch butterflies will visit the chive blossoms! One monarch caterpillar was found on the milkweed in the
mint bed.
2016 Aug 18 Cloudless sulphur laying.jpg
The cloudless sulphur butterflies were very busy laying eggs on the senna.
2016 Aug 16 Sulphur caterpillars and carpenter bee.jpg
In taking this picture of a carpenter bee, we didn't even notice the 2 cloudless sulphur caterpillars! Can you find both?
2016 Aug 16 Caterpillar.jpg
And this caterpillar was found in the girls bathroom!
2017 May 10 Hatching mourning cloaks.jpg
2017 April 20 Monarch dozen.jpg

2017 Jan 3 Apple buds.jpg
2016 Oct 20 Grasshopper catch.jpg