Week of June 8 - June 12, 2015
2015 June 10 Planting corn seeds.jpg
The last week of school had us planting more corn seeds...
2015 June 10 Planting bell peppers.jpg
...and new bell pepper plants. Thank you, Mrs.Herman's 2nd grade.
2015 June 11 Bell pepper shade cover.jpg
The bell pepper and the neighboring cilantro needed a bit of shade cover. We'll see how well this burlap does the job.
2015 June 11 Cucumber trellis.jpg
The other plant in need of some summer sun relief is lettuce. The first of 2 shade teepees went in.
2015 June 11 Cucumbers.jpg
These will support cucumber vines.
2015 June 10 Strawberry picking.jpg
Lots of strawberry picking again this week.
2015 June 8 Strawberries.jpg

2015 June 11 Garlic harvest.jpg
The remaining garlic from last year's planting came out - these from the strawberry bed (on left) and the kale bed (on right).
2015 June 11 Garlic.jpg
We timed the pulling when the beds were drier this time, so no garlic needed to be rinsed. Some really nice heads.
2015 June 10 Garlic planting.jpg
The ones pulled a few weeks ago were dried out enough to plant. These went into the strawberry bed.
2015 June 10 Harvest.jpg
This week's harvest was the last for the kale and the kohlrabi.
2015 June 10 Corn tassles.jpg
Hello, corn tassels!
2015 June 10 Sunflowers.jpg
And hello yellow sunflowers. Our big guy now has some company up there.
2015 June 8 Sunflower spider.jpg
Sunflowers draw a variety of insects. Jumping spiders...
2015 June 8 Sunflower bees.jpg
2015 June 8 Sunflower with bee and catepillar.jpg
...and caterpillars.
2015 June 11 Green lynx.jpg
Most of the borage was pulled out and reseeded, except for this section with the green lynx spider.
2015 June 8 Hornworm egg.jpg
No hornworm caterpillars on the tomato plants yet, but there are hornworm eggs!
2015 June 10 Harlequin beetle eggs.jpg
Found on the kale were the prettiest eggs of all insects, the harlequin beetle!
2015 June 10 Mini pink iceplant.jpg
Bloomers this week are the mini pink iceplant...
2015 June 9 Flowering dill.jpg
...and dill.
2015 June 10 Cannas.jpg
The cannas have grown back to the height they were last summer.
2015 June 8 Figs.jpg
We harvested all the plums from one of the fruit trees. Next to harvest should be figs.

Week of June 1 - June 5, 2015
2015 June 3 Carrot harvesting.jpg
All the carrots came out this week.
2015 June 3 Carrot harvest.jpg
There were more than we expected hiding underground! We cleared this bed so we could plant another 3 sisters bed...
2015 June 1 3 Sisters bed.jpg
...like this one.
2015 June 3 Zucchini.jpg
We harvested lots more zucchini from this bed this week.
2015 June 3 Yellow zucchini.jpg
Including some of our first yellow ones.
2015 June 4 Broccoli stalks.jpg
The last of the garden broccoli came out.
2015 June 3 Plum tree protection.jpg
And a few plums were ripe. The bird scare tape doesn't seem to deter the fruit eating birds, so we netted the tree.
2015 June 3 Harvest.jpg
Eighty pounds in this harvest, including 36 pounds of carrots!
2015 June 1 Tomatoes.jpg
No ripe tomatoes yet, but the bed is growing well.
2015 June 1 Flowering lettuce.jpg
We said goodbye to the last of the flowering lettuce blossoms.
2015 June 1 Lettuce flowers.jpg
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye...
2015 June 1 Bed refurbish.jpg
We refurbished the bed with worm castings, chicken manure and Kellogg potting mix.
2015 June 2 Planting squash.jpg
Mrs. Harvey's second graders planted squash in this bed on Tuesday...
2015 June 2 Planted squash.jpg
...both spaghetti squash and green zucchini.
2015 June 3 Persimmons.jpg
The persimmons are growing bigger...
2015 June 3 Poppy seeds.jpg
...and we've started collecting CA poppy seeds.
2015 June 1 Sunflower.jpg
The sunflower seeds are visible now, but they're still not ready for picking.
2015 June 5 Lesser goldfinch.jpg
The lesser goldfinches are happily continuing to skeletonize the leaves.
2015 June 5 Old nest.jpg
The bluebirds were not seen in the garden all week, so we took down the birdhouse on Friday to clean it out. Look at all
the carrotwood seeds!
2015 June 5 Old nest 2.jpg
Underneath all the seeds was their nest. Lots of dry grass, but more plastic bits in there then we could see earlier.
2015 June 5 Birdhouse moths.jpg
Seven of these caterpillars/ cocoons shared the space. It's a wonder that they weren't eaten!
2015 June 5 Bluebird with nest material.jpg
While we had the birdhouse drying out from its interior cleaning, mama and papa bluebird came back! Confused Papa
hovered in front of the missing house. After a mad scramble to reinstall their home, papa and mama bird entered to
inspect. They approved and immediately began bringing materials for their new nest! Western Bluebirds can have up
to 4 broods a year, and they like to make a new nest each time.
2015 June 4 Green Lynx.jpg
Two young green lynx spiders were spotted on the yerba santa, the same bush where their mama had her egg clutch.
2015 June 3 Harlequin and bagradas.jpg
Bagrada bugs are often mistaken for harlequin beetles. Other than the monstrous size difference, it's easy to see why.
Three bagradas surround this harlequin on the Russian kale. This is the first time we're seen one of these big guys.
2015 June 4 Lantana with skippers.jpg
The lantana is blooming, attracting the skipper butterflies.
2015 June 4 CA Buckwheat.jpg
The CA buckwheat is in full bloom.
2015 June 5 Flowers.jpg
Our new orange alstromeria opened its first flowers. So did the lily of the nile. And the guaras on the right are putting on
quite a show.
2015 June 5 Fortnight Lily.jpg
The fortnight lilies are uncurling their first blooms.
2015 June 5 Flowers 2.jpg
Some smaller garden flowers have opened. Oregano on the left, yellow cassia, and lemon verbena.

Week of May 25 - May 29, 2015
2015 May 27 Harvest.jpg
Lots of variety in Wednesday's harvest.
2015 May 27 Zucchini harvest.jpg
Two kinds of zucchinis this time.
2015 May 27 Harvesting carrots.jpg
The kids at recess helped to hunt throuh the fluffy green carrot bed...
2015 May 27 Carrot harvest.jpg
...to find all these hiding below.
2015 May 26 Strawberry harvest.jpg
Lots of strawberries this week...
2015 May 27 Flowering broccoli shoots.jpg
...and flowering broccoli shoots.
2015 May 29 Flowering lettuce 2.jpg
The broccoli in this bed was pulled out on Friday, making it easier to see the giant flowering lettuce and the branched
broccoli stalks.
2015 May 27 Flowering purple lettuce.jpg
The purple romaine has purple flower buds, but all the lettuce has the same yellow flowers. These will be pulled out on
Monday to make way for more squash plantings.
2015 May 26 Cilantro seedlings.jpg
The little cilantro bed is coming along. These got a layer of straw mulch late Friday, in time for the warmer weather.
2015 May 27 Seeding orach.jpg
We're starting to collect some orach seeds.
2015 May 26 Raspberries.jpg
And more raspberries are ripening.
2015 May 29 Brick for Foundation pres.jpg
Our school volunteer of the year was honored with a brick in the garden.
2015 May 28 May bloomers.jpg
Plants to flower this week were daylilies and the Martha Washington geraniums.
2015 May 26 Daylily.jpg
The daylily blooms really dwarf the little bees.
2015 May 29 Blossom layers.jpg
That's pink geranium in the foreground, rock purslane in the middle and red cannas in the back.
2015 May 26 Succulent bed.jpg
Still quite a show the succulent bed is putting out.
2015 May 26 Succulent pot.jpg
We added a new succulent pot to the garden.
2015 May 28 Grasshopper.jpg
A couple insects were feeding on the borage this week. This grasshopper was loving a flower bud.
2015 May 26 Caterpillar on borage.jpg
.This unidentified purple caterpillar was doing the same.
2015 May 28 Goldfinch.jpg
The lesser goldfinches are getting mighty bold. They've started to ravage the sunflower leaves before our very eyes!
2015 May 27 Bluebird parents.jpg
Mama and papa bluebirds were still feeding their young up to Thursday. By Friday, the family was gone from the garden.
We assume babies have fledged. It's time now to clean out the bird house and see if they come back to start another

Week of May 18 - May 22, 2015
2015 May 20 Giant kohlrabi.jpg
It was a week for giant produce. We pulled our biggest (and lumpiest) 5-1/4 pound kohlrabi out of the ground...
2015 May 20 Giant carrot.jpg
...along with some potato-sized carrots.
2015 May 18 Plump strawberries.jpg
And we plucked lots of beautiful, plump strawberries.
2015 May 19 Salad harvest.jpg
Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders were the last class to harvest for their garden salad. Here they're grabbing a curly leaf cabbage
and broccoli leaves.
2015 May 19 Carrots for salad.jpg
They found some nice carrots.
2015 May 19 Lettuce for salad.jpg
...and a purple lettuce too.
2015 May 19 Garden salad.jpg
A bit from each bed makes for a colorful, yummy salad!
2015 May 22 Produce beds.jpg
You can see the 3 Sisters bed (corn, beans & zucchini) in the middle is already exploding with growth.
2015 May 22 Cabbage.jpg
And that red cabbage bed refuses to quit. All the harvested plants are forming secondary cabbage heads.
2015 May 19 Mini cabbage.jpg
Our other bed with the mini cabbages is slowly pettering out. Soon, the only things left will be the seeding orach.
2015 May 20 Zucchini flowers.jpg
It's so nice to see all the giant yellow squash blossoms again.
2015 May 20 Zucchini.jpg
We harvested our first zucchini this week!...
2015 May 20 Carrots.jpg
...lots or gorgeous carrots...
2015 May 22 Plump strawberries.jpg
...lots of perfect strawberries...
2015 May 20 Radicchio redworms.jpg
...and several radicchio. This one's outer leaves had started to decay, which invited some guests. These aren't just any
worms, these are red wigglers! We must have introduced their eggs into the soil when we added worm castings from the
worm bin.
2015 May 20 Harvest.jpg
The total harvest this week was 43 pounds! In there in the middle is the entire nectarine harvest - what little we could
save from the kids and the birds (it was a Black-headed Grosbeak who was pecking at the fruit!).
2015 May 20 Carrot harvest.jpg
Let's look at those carrots again. So pretty!
2015 May 22 Strawberry samples.jpg
Mrs. Watson's 1st graders got to sample these after a rainy day visit to the garden on Friday.
2015 May 21 Plant clearance sale.jpg
We held our last plant sale of the year on Thursday. Everything was 50 cents each...
2015 May 21 Seeds and rocks.jpg
...including seed packets and strawberry rocks. Thank you to everyone who came by!
2015 May 20 Kale seed pods.jpg
We're collecting lots of dried seed pods from the dinosaur kale now...
2015 May 20 Kale seeds.jpg
...which means lots of little kale seeds!
2015 May 22 Western bluebird with seed.jpg
Speaking of seeds, lots of carrotwood tree seeds have been found in the garden. Turns out it's not kids bringing them in,
it's the western bluebirds! Along with worms and other insects, they're feeding these orange-coated seeds to their chicks!
2015 May 18 Yerba santa.jpg
The native yerba santa is popping up all over the place.
2015 May 22 CA Natives.jpg
Our native bladderpod and mallow have begun to bloom.
2015 May 20 Burgandy sunflowers.jpg
And there are lots of these small, dark sunflowers underneath the giant in bloom.
2015 May 22 Blue belly.jpg
What a pretty place for a blue belly lizard to take a sunbath.
2015 May 20 Monarch caterpillars.jpg
Can you spot the 3 monarch caterpillars in this picture?
2015 May 19 Mating monarchs.jpg
Two monarch butterflies were mating in the tree at the back of the garden.
2015 May 19 Carpenter bee.jpg
A carpenter bee rested on a garden ornament.
2015 May 18 Sunflower caterpillar.jpg
We found a second one of the these caterpillars on the entry sunflower.
2015 May 18 Sunflower caterpillar closeup.jpg
Our best guess now is blackberry looper moth. They like to eat flower petals.
2015 May 22 Cutworm.jpg
A couple different cutworms were found while harvesting. A light...
2015 May 20 Cutworm 2.jpg
...and a dark.
2015 May 20 Katydid nymph.jpg
And two katydids babies, or nymphs, were seen. One on the orach...
2015 May 21 Katydid nymph.jpg
...and one on the raspberries.
2015 May 18 Classroom butterfly.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's classroom caterpillars have transformed into one cabbage white butterfly...
2015 May 18 Classroom moth.jpg
...and about a dozen of these little moths.
2015 May 18 Classroom caterpillar.jpg
Only one chubby caterpillar left.
2015 May 20 Compost.jpg
A compost bin was emptied this week to make room for more veggie waste. The only recognizable things in that bin were
wood chips!

Week of May 11 - May 15, 2015

We have chicks in the bird house! Papa and mama have been very busy catching insects to feed their young. You'll see
Papa on top of the bird house at the start of the video. Once he's assured that the cameraperson is not moving any closer,
he hops into clearer view. Watch till the end and you'll see how quickly the parents fly from the nest!
2015 May 14 Bluebird papa with worm.jpg
Here's papa with a worm for the young.
2015 May 11 Carrots.jpg
Monday was garden salad time with Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders. They found some plump carrots. And a conical green
2015 May 11 Salad prep.jpg
Each time we make this salad, it gets bigger! There was so much lettuce, we couldn't fit all of it into the bowl.
2015 May 13 Carrot.jpg
Mrs. Mallory's 4th graders helped with the harvest this week. We pulled some more carrots...
2015 May 13 Carrot harvest.jpg
...both red and orange...
2015 May 13 Kohlrabi.jpg
...and another 4 pound kohlrabi.
2015 May 13 Spider on raddicchio.jpg
Lots of critters were making a home in our radicchio and cabbage. Spiders on the radicchio...
2015 May 13 Worm on raddicchio.jpg
...along with worms!
2015 May 13 Cabbage worms.jpg
Cabbage white caterpillars in the cabbage...
2015 May 13 Cabbage moths and slugs.jpg
...along with army worms and slugs.
2015 May 13 Harvest.jpg
Also harvested on Wednesday were broccoli, 3 types of kale, and orach.
2015 May 13 Orach seeds.jpg
There won't be many more orach leaves to harvest. All the plant's energy is going to seed production. There are lots!
2015 May 14 Persimmon.jpg
The persimmon tree is making fruit!
2015 May 14 Garlic harvested.jpg
The kale beds are getting a clean up. We're pulling out all the mature garlic.
2015 May 14 Garlic.jpg
There were lots of big heads in the dinosaur kale bed! We're letting these dry out in the garden shed.
2015 May 13 Bagrada bugs.jpg
The bagrada bugs are hiding out in the straw during the cool days.
2015 May 11 Epiphyllum.jpg
The first epiphyllum blossom opened up.
2015 May 11 Cabbage white chrysalis.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's baby caterpillars are transforming into chrysalis (like this cabbage white)...
2015 May 11 Moth caterpillars.jpg
...chubby moth caterpillars...
2015 May 11 Moth pupa.jpg
...and little moth pupa.
2015 May 14 Scarecrow in rain.jpg
Drizzle on Thursday turned into another rained out Friday.

Week of May 4 - May 8, 2015
2015 May 5 Western Bluebird mama.jpg
We have eggs in the bird house! Or else mama Western Bluebird would have left the nest when we took it down for
repairs! The nest is made up of dry grass, straw from the garden, and some school trash - that's a plastic straw wrapper
at top.
2015 May 8 Birdhouse.jpg
The house is now higher in the tree, safe from little hands trying to pull themselves up on the bottom shelf to see through
the entry hole.
2015 May 8 Entry sunflower.jpg
Our mystery sunflower opened up by the entry.
2015 May 7 Sunflower.jpg
And so did our tall Mammoth in the sunflower circle.
2015 May 8 3 Sister bed.jpg
The 3 Sisters bed is growing up (and out).
2015 May 6 Corn.jpg
All of the corn has multiple stalks.
2015 May 8 Lettuce bed.jpg
The purple lettuce is growing real pretty.
2015 May 4 Broccoli bed 3.jpg
And the broccoli beds continue to produce.
2015 May 4 Broccoli shoots.jpg
Lots of plump side shoots!
2015 May 6 Broccoli sampling.jpg
And lots of little side shoots that we can sample with the students. Mrs. Sturhann's 4th graders were the lucky ones this
2015 May 6 Cabbage harvest.jpg
We passed around the cabbage.
2015 May 6 Kohlrabi.jpg
...a 4 pound kohlrabi...
2015 May 6 Raddicchio.jpg
...and our first red radicchio.
2015 May 6 Harvesting kalettes.jpg
Also harvested for the first time were a bagful of kalettes, the kale-Brussels sprouts cross.
2015 May 6 Kalettes.jpg
The arrows point to the kalettes on the plant. They're not easy to get to with all the other stems and leaves in the way!
2015 May 6 Bolting lettuce.jpg
There was also a bunch of lettuce that went a bit crazy in last week's heatwave.
2015 May 6 Harvest.jpg
Also harvested was orach and kale.
2015 May 4 Split cabbage.jpg
Not sure why this cabbage split. Maybe being in the corner by itself allowed it to get too dry between watering.
2015 May 6 Bolting kale.jpg
There are lots of seed pods on the dinosaur kale.
2015 May 4 Kale seeds.jpg
And some of them were ready to collect!
2015 May 6 Flowering R Kale.jpg
Lots of Russian kale is also in flower.
2015 May 6 Nasturtium seeds.jpg
We're starting to collect nasturtium seeds too.
2015 May 4 Basil.jpg
A couple columnar basil (the ones that grew into trees last season) were planted in the tomato bed.
2015 May 5 Garlic.jpg
And so was garlic.
2015 May 6 Garlic.jpg
We've begun to harvest some of the mature garlic plants from the kale beds. They smell soooo nice!
2015 May 6 Eucalyptus.jpg
This little guy grew from a seed in the mulch. It''s a Eucalyptus tree! We gave him his own little pot to grow in.
2015 May 8 Butterfly bush.jpg
The butterfly bush has begun to flower.
2015 May 4 Raspberries.jpg
And the first raspberries of the year have begun to ripen.
2015 May 7 Cabbage white.jpg
Nasturtiums are known to help keep cabbage white butterflies from your produce beds. They do that by attracting the
butterflies to lay eggs on the nasturtium leaves instead!
2015 May 6 Cabbage white.jpg
Of course some butterflies are smart enough to seek out the real thing.
2015 May 4 Armyworm.jpg
We're still finding lots of cabbage loopers and these yellow striped armyworm moths on the broccoli and kohlrabi.
2015 May 4 Moth.jpg
Not sure what this little moth is. He was hanging out in the native yerba santa.
2015 May 4 Ladybugs.jpg
Two unusual ladybugs found this week: a little bitty thing on the left, with just pin-prick markings and this very light
colored one on the right. The light one is called an ash grey ladybug. It has a couple spots that are heart-shaped!
2015 May 4 Green lynx.jpg
Very exciting to see a few of these in the garden this week. We missed the birth of the green lynx spider's egg clutch
over the winter break. These appear to be some of her young! This one is on the borage. Another was in the geraniums.
2015 May 4 Predatory wasp.jpg
This parasitoid wasp preened itself near its aphid prey.
2015 May 4 Hummer.jpg
Almost every morning this hummingbird sits on the garden's oak tree.

Week of April 27 - May 1, 2015
2015 April 29 Harvest.jpg
Another big harvest week - kale, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, orach and...
2015 April 29 Sorrel harvest.jpg
2015 April 29 Kohlrabi plant.jpg
The kohlrabi were pretty huge.
2015 April 29 Cabbage harvesting.jpg
Harvest was a fun pass-me-down.
2015 April 29 Underside of cabbage.jpg
We tried not to cut through the baby cabbages growing under the main heads...
2015 April 29 Baby cabbage.jpg
...but didn't succeed with all. Sorry, little cabbage.
2015 May 1 Baby cabbages.jpg
Check out the size of the little heads growing from our first harvested head!
2015 April 29 Hoverfly eggs on orach.jpg
It's always a little sad to harvest leaves with beneficial bug eggs. Sorry, little hoverflies, but we need that orach too.
2015 April 29 Cauliflower.jpg
Goodbye to the last of the cauliflower from the cauliflower bed.
2015 April 30 Tomato bed refurbish.jpg
It was time to refurbish with worm castings and chicken manure. There was no room for additional potting soil mix in this
2015 April 30 Planting tomatoes 2.jpg
Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders planted tomatoes.
2015 April 30 Planting tomatoes.jpg
Some plants already have a few fruit on them!
2015 April 27 Corn caterpillars.jpg
The corn plants are small, but they're already being ravaged by these little caterpillars.
2015 April 27 Corn caterpillars 2.jpg
They're little, but have big appetites!
2015 April 28 New bean.jpg
All the bean seeds we planted came up, so it was time to thin them out and fill the bed in with straw.
2015 May 1 3 Sisters pattern.jpg
You can see the finished pattern now: C=Corn, B=Bean, S=Squash. There are three corn/bean groupings in this bed.
2015 May 1 Produce beds.jpg
The garden looks a little different now.
2015 May 1 Carrot and lettuce group.jpg
Two classes harvested for their class salads this week - Mrs. Kajita's grade 2 and Mrs. Golden's grade 3. They found
some plump carrots this time...
2015 May 1 Carrots.jpg
...both red and orange.
2015 May 1 Kohlrabi.jpg
One giant kohrabi "bulb" makes for lots of sweet kohlrabi.
2015 April 29 Checkered White.jpg
The heat drew lots of butterflies to the garden this week, including one never seen here before! This dainty one is a
Checkered White.
2015 April 28 Monarch.jpg
Lots of monarchs visited.
2015 April 28 Monarch baby.jpg
We're starting to see more monarch babies on the milkweed.
2015 April 29 Bagrada bugs.jpg
This is one bug we were hoping not to see! Bagrada bugs love warm weather. These guys are pretty but very destructive.
2015 May 1 Bagrada damage.jpg
This is bagrada bug damage on a Russian kale leaf. It doesn't look too bad now, but you get enough of these bugs and
they start killing the whole leaf.
2015 May 1 Hoverfly on kale.jpg
Both the Russian kale and Tuscan (dinosaur) kale have sent up many flower stalks. The pretty flowers continue to attract
the hoverflies.
2015 May 1 Blue belly.jpg
Isn't this guy happy in the cabbage patch?
2015 April 29 Broccoli holes.jpg
Humm, wonder what caused these holes. Let's flip the leaf over.
2015 April 29 Broccoli holes 2.jpg
Why, hello there, cabbage looper!
2015 April 28 Geranium caterpillar.jpg
Tobacco budworm caterpillars on geraniums blend in so well.
2015 May 1 Black soldier fly.jpg
Best guess on this one is black soldier fly, although those antennae seem awfully short.
2015 April 28 Milkweed bug.jpg
Finally, we see a milkweed bug on the milkweed.
2015 April 30 Grape flowers.jpg
You don't think of grape vines blooming, but every fruit needs a flower to form. Grapes just have teeny tiny flowers.
2015 April 30 Persimmon blossom.jpg
The persimmon tree has a bunch of flowers on it too.
2015 April 28 Spring Cactus.jpg
The Spring Cactus (a garden gift from former principal Kathleen Marshack) is in full bloom now.
2015 May 1 Flowering lettuce.jpg
We're allowing some of the straggly lettuce in the broccoli beds to continue into flower. The students were surprised to see
prickly leaves toward the top. Protection for its seeds, maybe?
2015 April 29 Flowering orach.jpg
The orach is also sending up lot of pretty flower stocks.
2015 April 29 Orach seeds.jpg

2015 April 30 Breaking nectarine.jpg
Poor nectarine tree. It was too productive for its own good. The weight of the fruit snapped two branches off the tree,
2015 April 30 Culled nectarines.jpg
We helped it out by sending a bucket of its fruit away to the compost bin.
2015 April 29 Pruning curly kale.jpg
None of the curly kale has tried to flower, but it sure has gone crazy with the leaves. This is the second time we've pruned
it to encourage larger leaf growth.
2015 April 30 Hummer in cafeteria.jpg
This hummingbird mama has decided to make her nest in the safest, but noisiest area of our school. She's right below the
roof sheltering the cafeteria tables!

Week of April 20 - April 24, 2015
2015 April 20 Harvest 2.jpg
It was a big harvest week. Almost 70 pounds of produce was harvested!
2015 April 20 Kohlrabi growing.jpg
We harvested our first set of kohlrabi (round 2).
2015 April 20 Kohlrabi.jpg
Four of these big beauties came out.
2015 April 20 Red Cabbage bed.jpg
We also harvested our first red cabbage.
2015 April 20 Red cabbage.jpg
Four big bowling balls.
2015 April 21 Cabbage shoot.jpg
Did you know that a cabbage plant can produce more than one cabbage? Hiding underneath those big heads were a
bunch of baby cabbage. We left one of these to grow out.
2015 April 20 Lettuce.jpg
We also harvested some big heads of lettuce...
2015 April 20 Orach leaves.jpg
...and more neon colored orach leaves. So cool how the red orach infected the green with their coloring
2015 April 20 Broccoli crowns.jpg
There were a few overgrown broccoli crowns and lots of side shoots...
2015 April 20 Flowering broccoli shoots.jpg
...that started to flower. These are yummy! Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders sampled these stalks. The flowers are the
sweetest part!
2015 April 20 Sulphur new.jpg
The kids found a brand new cloudless sulphur butterfly resting after emerging from its chrysalis. This guy went
unnoticed for so long, hanging in plain view from one of the strings of the sunflower circle.
2015 April 24 Rainy harvest.jpg
We got rain this week!
2015 April 24 Garden salad harvesting 2.jpg
Luckily, there was a break in the storm on Friday morning that allowed us to come out for our first garden salad harvest of
the year.
2015 April 24 Garden salad harvest kohlrabi.jpg
Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders collected a piece of almost everything in the garden: kohlrabi, orach, and broccoli leaves...
2015 April 24 Salad harvest strawberries & kale.jpg
...strawberries and kale...
2015 April 24 Garden salad harvest cabbage & carrots.jpg
...carrots and 2 kinds of cabbage...
2015 April 24 Garden salad harvesting.jpg
...sorrel and stevia...
2015 April 24 Garden salad harvest.jpg
and garlic greens, mint, and nasturtium flowers.
2015 April 24 Garden salad shredding.jpg
Each group tore or shredded their collection...
2015 April 24 Garden salad 2.jpg
...to make a salad for everyone.
2015 April 24 Bug game 2.jpg
This game has started to make the rounds of the 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms.
2015 April 21 Planting bean seeds.jpg
Planting bean seeds makes our first 3 Sisters bed complete.
2015 April 21 Bean seeds.jpg
We planted bean seeds saved from last year's prolific growers.
2015 April 20 Monarch laying.jpg
The monarchs have been very busy laying eggs on the milkweed in the mint bed.
2015 April 21 Monarch eggs.jpg
The flowers are covered with little eggs.
2015 April 21 Monarch eggs 2.jpg

2015 April 24 Hoverfly pupa.jpg
Our hoverfly pupas have changed color from green to brown.
2015 April 23 Large yellow underwing.jpg
This large moth has bright orange wings hiding under the brown. It's called a Large Yellow Underwing. They're not a
garden friend -- their babies are cutworm caterpillars!
2015 April 20 Squash bug.jpg
Here's another colorful pest, two of these squash bugs were found in the strawberry bed this week. Correction: these are
Bordered Plant Bugs
2015 April 21 Grasshopper.jpg
Doesn't this grasshopper look cozy in the kalette?
2015 April 23 Cabbage looper and cabbage worm.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's class took some garden caterpillars into their classroom to raise. The one on the left is a cabbage worm
that will turn into a cabbage white butterfly, the one on the right is a cabbage looper, that will turn into a moth.
2015 April 23 Cluster of caterpillars.jpg
It will be interesting to see what these caterpillars laid in a cluster turn into.
2015 April 23 Caterpillar close up.jpg
Our guess is moth, but not sure which kind.
2015 April 23 Gopher in raspberries.jpg
A gopher made a mess in the raspberry patch.
2015 April 23 Kale seeds.jpg
The kale seeds are so plump!
2015 April 21 Nectarine tree.jpg
The nectarine tree is dripping with fruit.
2015 April 24 Mini cabbage, radicchio and orach.jpg
Our mini cabbages are getting ready for harvest.
2015 April 23 Jupiter's Beard w natives.jpg
The Jupiter's Beard is blooming so pretty with the native Cleveland sage.
2015 April 24 White bloomers.jpg
Lots of white flowers opened in the garden, the guaras and the martha washington geraniums.
2015 April 21Borage.jpg
The borage is no longer in its prime, but it's still putting on quite a show.
2015 April 21 TK rocks.jpg
Thank you, TK, for your ladybug and bumble rocks. They add so much cheer to our garden beds.

Week of April 13 - April 17, 2015
2015 April 16 Welcome sign.jpg
Welcome to the 2nd annual garden open house/plant sale!
2015 April 16 Open house 1.jpg

2015 April 16 Open house 3.jpg

2015 April 16 Plant sale 3.jpg

2015 April 16 Plant sale 2.jpg

2015 April 16 Strawberry rocks.jpg

2015 April 16 Plant Sale.jpg

2015 April 16 Seeds for sale.jpg

2015 April 15 Succulents to raffle.jpg
We raffled off several succulent creations. Thank you, Sharon, for the whimsical animal pots!
2015 April 16 Recorder performance.jpg
Thank you to music teacher Mrs. Quackenbush and to all the 4th graders who performed on recorder.
2015 April 16 Strawberries & blueberries.jpg
Thank you to Jimbo's Naturally for the wonderful food!
2015 April 16 Prepping + plate.jpg
Rolling Hills loves organic!
2015 April 16 Tomato plants.jpg
Thank you to all the girl scouts who helped with all the stations...
2015 April 16 Tomato plants 2.jpg
...including handing out all the beautiful tomato plants from Sunshine Care. Thank you, Farmer Roy!
2015 April 16 Guess the number.jpg
There were 783 nasturtium and sunflower seeds in this little jar. Did your guess come close?
2015 April 16 Chalk drawing.jpg

2015 April 16 Chalk drawing 2.jpg

2015 April 16 Chalk drawing 3.jpg

2015 April 16 Garden composite.jpg

2015 April 16 Fence with nasturtiums.jpg

2015 April 16 Painted lady.jpg

2015 April 16 Garden poetry.jpg
Thank you, second graders, for your garden haikus...
2015 April 16 Garden rock butterflies.jpg
...and thank you to all the classes that contributed garden decorations...
2015 April 16 Garden ornaments stars.jpg

2015 April 16 Garden ornaments bead bobbles 2.jpg

2015 April 16 Garden ornaments bead bobbles 1.jpg

2015 April 16 Garden ornaments dragonflies.jpg

2015 April 16 Garden banner.jpg

2015 April 16 Owls 1.jpg
We offered up some 5th grade recycled owls for sale.
2015 April 16 Owls 2.jpg

2015 April 16 Owl for sale.jpg

2015 April 13 Garden bricks.jpg
Thank you to all who purchased a garden brick.
2015 April 16 Open house 2.jpg
And a big thank you to everyone who came to visit our garden!
2015 April 16 Open house bed.jpg

2015 April 16 Garden composite 2.jpg

2015 April 16 Strawberries.jpg

2015 April 13 Canna & Native Penstemon.jpg
Our first canna of the year opened this week. And the native penstemon is in full bloom.
2015 April 15 Zucchini.jpg
Our 3 sisters bed now has zucchini.
2015 April 13 Ladybugs.jpg
The ladybugs are still numerous.
2015 April 14 Squash bug.jpg
The first squash bug seen this year was found near the borage...
2015 April 14 Milkweed Bug.jpg
...and this milkweed bug was seen in the sunflower bed.

Week of April 6 - April 10, 2015
2015 April 7 Produce beds.jpg
School was out this week, so the garden got to to be tidied up for the open house.
2015 April 9 Blooming pots.jpg
Some of the plants for sale started to bloom. This little cutie is rockrose.
2015 April 9 Layered fig tree.jpg
The fig tree's pot completely filled out with roots.
2015 April 8 Seeding kale.jpg
The blooming kale is making lots of seeds.
2015 April 7 Persimmon.jpg
We have a new fruit tree addition to the garden - a persimmon tree!
2015 April 8 Strawberry hunt.jpg
The ESS kids helped with the harvest. It took a while to hunt for all the strawberries.
2015 April 8 Caulilfower.jpg
We also found some nice heads of cauliflower...
2015 April 8 Harvest.jpg
...some broccoli shoots, and lots of kale.
2015 April 9 Bolting lettuce.jpg
We returned the following day to harvest the lettuce. One of these was threatening to bolt into flower.
2015 April 9 Giant lettuce.jpg
And another just got huge.
2015 April 9 Twin Orach.jpg
We found a twin orach leaf.
2015 April 9 Orach stem.jpg
The stems of these plants are gorgeous with their green and red striping.
2015 April 9 Harvest.jpg
Over 12 pounds of just lettuce and orach!
2015 April 9 Multi spot ladybug.jpg
We found a very-spotted ladybug.
2015 April 7 Ladybug & fly.jpg
A a not-so spotted one, with a friend.
2015 April 9 Ladybug pupa.jpg
We don't know what the spots on this one will look like till it emerges form its pupa.
2015 April 8 Hoverfly pupa.jpg
We keep finding the hoverfly pupas in the oddest of places. Here's one on a strawberry leaf.
2015 April 8 Parasitoid Wasp.jpg
Another good guy, a parasitoid wasp that lays eggs inside of aphids, was found on the kale.
2015 April 7 Monarch.jpg
This male monarch enjoyed feeding from the garden's jupiter's beard.
2015 April 9 Mourning Cloak.jpg
Our first sighting of a mourning cloak! The host plant for their young are willows, the very tree this one is resting on.
2015 April 7 Hummer.jpg
This hummingbird enjoyed the geraniums.
2015 April 9 Cabbage looper.jpg
We haven't seen one of these guys in a while. He's a cabbage looper.

Week of March 30 - April 3, 2015
2015 April 2 Garden Inspiration.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders visited the garden to be inspired for their garden poetry.
2015 April 3 Week of strawberries.jpg
We treated them to a strawberry sampling. This was our biggest weekly crop. The bag on the left went with the weekly
produce donation.
2015 April 2 Armyworm moth.jpg
We've seen lots of these armyworm moths fly off from the strawberries plants while watering.
2015 April 2 Caterpillar.jpg
Also there was this chubby guy.
2015 April 1 Cheddar Cauliflower.jpg
Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders assisted with the harvest this week. It was a big week for cauliflower - over 14 pounds!
2015 April 1 Cheddar comparison.jpg
We got some big heads of the cheddar variety. The smaller on the right are two that grew on the same plant. Twins don't
ever seem to get as big as singles.
2015 April 1 P Cauliflower.jpg
We probably should have picked this purple one last week.
2015 April 1 Broccoli harvest.jpg
There were still a bunch a big heads of broccoli to collect.
2015 March 31 Broccoli.jpg
Broccoli bed #3 (the last to be planted) has grown the most lush.
2015 April 1 Harvest.jpg
We also harvested lettuce, orach, dinosaur kale and broccoli leaves from a bed that needed to be pulled.
2015 April 1 Broccoli stalks.jpg
Broccoli bed number 1 needed to be cleared out. When we revealed their fine bushy roots we thought they resembled...
2015 April 2 Scarecrow hair.jpg
...hair! Some of these made a fine addition to our scarecrow.
2015 April 1 Transplanting kale.jpg
There were a few kale plants in that bed too. We transplanted the unflowering ones...
2015 April 3 Kale in pots.jpg
...and placed the flowering ones in pots.
2015 April 3 Seeding kale.jpg
The tallest of all the kale are producing long seed pods now.
2015 April 3 Planting corn seeds.jpg
The bed was turned over and amended with Kelloggs soil, worm casting and chicken manure. Mrs. Kajita's class planted
corn seeds.
2015 April 3 Corn planted.jpg
This will be our first "3 Sisters bed." Bean seeds and squash plants will go in next.
2015 April 3 Making mulch.jpg
The first graders may not be allowed into the garden during recess, but that doesn't stop them from wanting to help. A
large group broke up the dry branches falling from the tree to make mulch for the garden. Thank you!
2015 March 31 Society garlic.jpg
The society garlic is in full bloom.
2015 April 3 Flowering plants.jpg
So is the salvia, gold coins, the Santa Barbara daisies...
2015 April 3 Pomegranate flower.jpg
...the pomegranate...
2015 March 31 CA poppy.jpg
...and our first CA poppy.
2015 March 30 Jumping spider.jpg
A cute little jumping spider was hanging out on the garden shed.
2015 March 31 Ladybug eggs.jpg
Lots of ladybugs in the garden means lots of ladybug eggs. The one on the left was found on the strawberry tree and two
clutches were found on the row cover above the lettuce.
2015 March 31 Ladybug larva.jpg
This ladybug larva was on the milkweed in the mint bed.
2015 April 3 Ladybug on borage.jpg
You've got to be dainty to navigate the prickles of the borage.
2015 April 3 Skipper on borage.jpg
The orange skipper doesn't seem to mind.
2015 April 1 Monarch caterpillars.jpg
Lots of young monarch caterpillars on the native milkweed.
2015 April 3 Armyworm caterpillar.jpg
A clutch of armyworm moth caterpillars hatched on the senna.
2015 March 31 Plume moth.jpg
Here's a new visitor resting on the watering can. A plume moth. They roll up their skinny wings to look even skinnier.
Their young like to feed on geraniums.
2015 April 2 Painted lady on geranium.jpg
The K and TK class released classroom hatched painted ladies into the garden. Several flew off, but a couple were
reluctant to go.
2015 April 2 Painted lady on daisy.jpg
We gently transferred one to their favorite flower, an African daisy.
2015 April 1 Cutworm moth.jpg
Lots of cutworm moths were seen in the garden this week. This one on the lettuce...
2015 April 2 Cutworm moth.jpg
...and this one on the curly kale.
2015 April 1 Roach.jpg
Ech. This garden roach, the first ever seen, was on the lettuce.
2015 April 1 Lacewing egg.jpg
Hello little lacewing egg.
2015 April 3 Lacewing.jpg
And hello lacewing! You almost never see these by day. He was sleeping in the tangerine tree.
2015 April 1 Hoverfly pupa.jpg
Our first hoverfly pupa was found on the lettuce row cover.
2015 April 3 Mourning dove.jpg
Birds to visit this week were the mourning doves...
2015 April 2 Hummer on nasturtium.jpg
the hummingbirds (who love the nasturtium blossoms!)...
2015 April 2 W Bluebirds.jpg
...and our resident couple, the Western Bluebirds.

Week of March 23 - March 27, 2015
2015 March 25 Broccoli from 1 bed.jpg
It's broccoli harvest time. Here's the catch from broccoli bed #3.
2015 March 25 Broccoli.jpg
Lots of these turned out pretty plump.
2015 March 25 Broccoli side shoot.jpg
Don't scoff at the little side-shoots. Some of these from bed #1 came out pretty nice!
2015 March 25 Gopher damaged broccoli.jpg
We even got a crown from the gopher damaged trunk that we staked upright! Interesting to see how the damage affected
the size of the head.
2015 March 25 Harvest.jpg
All together, over 32 pounds of broccoli crowns. There are also 3 purple cauliflower heads hiding in there...
2015 March 23 P Cauliflower.jpg
...similar to this one...
2015 March 25 Purple Cauliflower stem.jpg
...whose purple coloring flows from the outer part of the stem (contrast this with the orange cauliflower whose color flows
through the middle).
2015 March 25 Green orach leaf.jpg
We also got another bag of these beautiful orach leaves...
2015 March 25 Lettuce normal and low light.jpg
...and over 8 pounds of romaine lettuce. The 2 on the left are normal heads from the dedicated lettuce beds. The 2 on the
right are lettuce that grew in the broccoli beds under (now) heavy shade. See how straggly their fight to the sun made
2015 March 27 Bee tree.jpg
The entry willow is in full bloom. You notice the sound of the bees before you see the blossoms.
2015 March 23 Bee.jpg
They are so happy! Look at the size of those pollen sacs!
2015 March 23 Sweat bee.jpg
All sorts of insects are happy with the rock purslane flowers. Honey bee and little sweat bee shared this blossom...
2015 March 25 Hoverfly on purslane.jpg
...and hoverfly sipped from this one.
2015 March 24 Purselane polish.jpg
The 4th grade girls have figured out that the flowers make a pretty natural dye. Lucky for them that this is an edible plant!
2015 March 25 Hoverflies on kale.jpg
Hoverflies are also loving the kale blossoms. The one on the right is much smaller than the other. Notice the different
patterns on their bodies as well?
2015 March 26 Hoverfly Baby.jpg
We've seen so many hoverflies, it's about time we notice their young. He's a little guy inching along a row cover. We hope
he fills his belly full of aphids.
2015 March 25 Moth.jpg
This moth with the hairs looking like horns was resting on the kalette.
2015 March 23 Moth pupa.jpg
This might be a pupa from the hummingbird moth. It was found in the soil of the snap pea bed.
2015 March 23 Dying peas.jpg
It was time to say goodbye to the short-lived peas...
2015 March 23 Sunflower planting.jpg
...and say hello to sunflowers.
2015 March 23 Strawberries.jpg
We've been collecting strawberries! These weren't included in the weekly produce donation. The one on the right went to
the teachers' lounge.
2015 March 27 Garlic.jpg
The yellow tipped leaves on the garlic plants are telling us to check the bulbs for readiness. We'll soon harvest this one!
2015 March 23 Jerusalem Sage.jpg
The Jerusalem sage has blossomed.
2015 March 23 Jupiters Beard.jpg
And so has the butterfly favorite, Jupiter's Beard.
2015 March 27 Nasturtiums.jpg
The nasturtiums are having a colorful party all along the fence.
2015 March 25 Lizard on fence.jpg
The blue belly lizards are commonly found around the fence, rocks, and mulch.
2015 March 25 Lizard in produce.jpg
Not so common is to see them in the produce beds themselves. Rumor has it that these guys like the taste of bagrada
bugs. We've yet to see these nasty heat-loving destroyers, so maybe the story is true!
2015 March 27 Butterfly rocks.jpg
Lots of classes are working on crafts to display in the garden for the open house. Keep you eyes out for lots of colorful
additions coming soon!

Week of March 16 - March 20, 2015
2015 March 18 Rock Purslane to entry.jpg
Welcome to the official start of Spring!
2015 March 20 Nasturtiums.jpg
The flowers are happy: the rock purslane above, the nasturtiums along the fence,
2015 March 18 Yarrow.jpg
...the yarrow in the herb garden,
2015 March 17 Freesia.jpg
...the fragrant red freesias...
2015 March 17 Orange blossoms.jpg
...and the orange blossoms.
2015 March 20 Bluebird couple.jpg
It's time for many birds to be nesting. And a pair of western bluebirds have decided to call our birdhouse home! Both
mama (on left) and papa (on right) had to check it out many times before they decided it was worthy. They've been busy
taking turns guarding and adding nesting materials.
2015 March 20 W Bluebirds nesting.jpg
We hope they won't be too disturbed by all the daily commotion!
2015 March 20 Sulphur egg.jpg
The butterflies are busy laying eggs. That's a yellow cloudless sulphur egg on the senna...
2015 March 20 Sulphurs.jpg
...and sulphur caterpillars...
2015 March 20 Sulphur.jpg
...munching the leaves. Remember the last ones we saw were yellow because they ate only the yellow flowers on the
cassia? These are all green because this plant hasn't flowered yet!
2015 March 19 Monarch eggs.jpg
There are also monarch eggs on the milkweed...
2015 March 18 Monarch cat.jpg
...and a couple monarch caterpillars.
2015 March 20 Funereal Duskywing.jpg
We have a name for our new visitor! This is a funereal duskywing.
2015 March 18 Succulent bed.jpg
The rock purslane has really overtaken our succulent bed. But it's hard to complain when it's so pretty!
2015 March 18 to 20 Ladybug larvas.jpg
Lady bug larva is everywhere in our produce beds. That one on the right looks about ready to pupate...
2015 March 20 Ladybug.jpg
...to turn into one of these guys. We had several land on us while we worked in the garden this week.
2015 March 18 Hoverfly on mint.jpg
This kind of hoverfly we often see in the garden. They've been doing an excellent job laying eggs just about anywhere they
find aphids, like on the mint...
2015 March 16 Hoverfly.jpg
...and the cauliflower. The little oblong white speck above its right wing is the egg.
2015 March 18 Hoverfly.jpg
Here's a new hoverfly. You can tell it's a hoverfly and not a mini wasp by those stubby little antennae.
2015 March 18 Sphynx moth.jpg
While hosing off the kalette, we watered this big girl. So sorry!
2015 March 18 Sphynx moth 2.jpg
She's a white lined sphynx moth, also known as a hummingbird moth. She's been unlucky around water. Last
week we fished her out of one the watering cans!
2015 March 19 Carrots.jpg
Some carrots are popping up.
2015 March 18 Orach.jpg
And the orach leaves are big enough for harvesting!
2015 March 18 Orach harvest.jpg
Both the green and purple leaves are gorgeous.
2015 March 16 Gopher damage.jpg
Despite the gopher trouble...
2015 March 18 Broccoli harvest 2.jpg
...we were able to harvest over 9 pounds of broccoli from one of the beds.
2015 March 18 Broccoli harvest.jpg
Some heads had a little sunburn damage, but we got a few real nice ones.
2015 March 16 Cheddar cauliflower.jpg
The cheddar cauliflower looked good.
2015 March 18 Harvest.jpg
Still lots of slug bites on the lettuce, but the aphids weren't as much trouble on it or the kale.
2015 March 18 P Cauliflower.jpg
There'll be several purple cauliflower coming out next week.
2015 March 18 Eggs on tape.jpg
Not sure who these eggs belong to. They were laid on the bird scare tape.
2015 March 17 Planting irises.jpg
Thank you, Ms. Vickie, for the irises. We added many of these to the flower bulb garden.
2015 March 17 Aloe flowers.jpg
And we end with something new...
2015 March 17 Blue belly.jpg
...and something blue.

Week of March 9 - March 13, 2015
2015 March 11 Various ladybugs.jpg
So many beautiful bugs in the garden this week! No spot, seven spot, and lots o' spot ladybugs.
2015 March 12 Catching ladybugs.jpg
The kids helped deliver more of them to the garden. This one was found on a 2nd grader's shoe!
2015 March 12 Ladybug larva.jpg
More ladybug young hatched on the kale.
2015 March 11 Hoverfly.jpg
Lots of hoverflies, another beneficial bug, visited the garden to sip nectar and lay eggs..
2015 March 12 Hoverfly and wasp.jpg
That's a hoverfly on the kale blossom at top. That's a parasitoid wasp on the bottom right.
2015 March 11 Aphid mummies.jpg
The wasps are what emerge from those "mummy aphids" with holes in them.
2015 March 12 Mosquito hawk.jpg
Our first crane fly to pass through the garden rested on the palm tree.
2015 March 12 Lacewing larva.jpg
We haven't seen one of these in awhile. This is a lacewing larva. They love to eat aphids too.
2015 March 10 Stink bug.jpg
A new visitor -- a darkling beetle, or stink bug.
2015 March 12 Black soldier fly.jpg
Best guess on this one is a black soldier fly. If so, we hope it was a girl and visited our compost pile. Their larva make
great decomposers!
2015 March 10 Garden in fog.jpg
Super foggy in the garden on Tuesday morning.
2015 March 10 Produce beds.jpg
That fog gave way to sun and weather that just continued to get hotter and hotter.
2015 March 9 Cabbage White.jpg
The heat seemed to draw the butterflies to the garden: the not-so-welcomed cabbage white (top left)...
2015 March 11 Cabbage looper.jpg
...whose babies love to eat holes in our produce leaves...
2015 March 10 Painted Lady.jpg
...the painted ladies (who we discovered enjoy sipping from plum blossoms)...
2015 March 11 Skipper.jpg
...the orange skippers (here drinking from the strawberry flowers)...
2015 March 10 Brown butterfly on freezia.jpg
...and these very active brown ones. Here he's momentarily resting on one of the recently opened freesias.
2015 March 9 Red Freezia.jpg
The red is a pretty shade.
2015 March 11 Painted lady webs.jpg
Did you know that caterpillars will spin webs to protect themselves? The 2 painted lady caterpillars on the borage closed
the leaves around them with sticky webbing, making a little house -- a house they could eat!
2015 March 11 Snap peas.jpg
Mrs. Coates' 3rd graders came in for harvesting on Wednesday. We picked some snap peas...
2015 March 11 purple cauliflower.jpg
...and a purple cauliflower.
2015 March 11 Purple cauliflower head.jpg
It was a beauty.
2015 March 11 Harvest.jpg
Also harvested were lots of green romaine, kale, and sorrel.
2015 March 12 Carrot sprout.jpg
Some more carrots sprouted. See the little seed that hasn't shaken free?
2015 March 9 Gopher damage 1.jpg
This broccoli plant went "timmmberr!" from the gophers. We put repellent in the hole and staked the plant upright. It's doing
2015 March 11 Kallettes.jpg
The kalette (the kale/Brussels sprouts cross) is forming its little kale heads. Shy little things, aren't they?
2015 March 9 Strawberry Prop.jpg
There were enough runners in the strawberry bed to make another round of pots to sell.
2015 March 11 Strawberry pot.jpg
Some of these will have fruit on them!
2015 March 10 Raspberries.jpg
We'll also have raspberry plants for sale! Lots of these popped up outside the garden fence.
2015 March 10 Raspberry runners.jpg
They spread by underground runners.
2015 March 12 Stevia.jpg
Last year's stevia plants have made a comeback! Can't wait to taste those sugar leaves again.
2015 March 12 Blooming entry tree.jpg
The entry willow tree started growing some leaves. And some blossoms too!
2015 March 11 Nasturtiums.jpg
Lots of pretty colors of nasturtium are blooming now.
2015 March 9 Fig tree layered roots.jpg
It was time to remove our air layering experiments. The fig tree appeared to be the most successful. You could see roots
through the bag!
2015 March 9 Fig tree layered.jpg
What a cute little tree it makes.
2015 March 10 Air layered guavas.jpg
Our three varieties of guava weren't so good at growing roots. Just a little nub of a root on one.
2015 March 10 Air layered potted.jpg
Still, we potted all of them and made a mini greenhouse around each one with a plastic bag.
2015 March 10 Goldfinch on nectarine.jpg
This goldfinch came to check out our ripening nectarines. Not ripe yet!
2015 March 11 Boccoli and cabbage.jpg
All the broccoli and cabbage plants have little heads now.
2015 March 11 Broccoli.jpg
Next week we'll be harvesting broccoli!

Week of March 2 - March 6, 2015
2015 March 5 Borage flowers.jpg
The garden borage is growing lush.
2015 March 5 Borage seeds.jpg
They're producing seeds already. Each flower bud will make 4 black seeds.
2015 March 5 Borage bee.jpg
Bees loooove borage!...
2015 March 5 Borage with caterpillar.jpg
And so do painted lady butterfly caterpillars. Their spiky bodies blend in so well.
2015 March 6 Painted lady caterpillar.jpg
The biggest one has developed some pretty coloring.
2015 March 5 Sulphurs.jpg
The cloudless sulphurs are also getting more color. The kids counted eight of them on this little cassia bush.
2015 March 3 Canna division.jpg
The cannas have been loving the soggy soil from the recent rains. They're popping up outside their boundaries like crazy.
That means we get more plants to divide and sell!
2015 March 3 Big canna.jpg
Some of them are big.
2015 March 3 Canna tubers.jpg
Their fat rhizomes contain the largest starch particles of any plant life. Some varieties of cannas are grown for food!
2015 March 6 Pots.jpg
Our propagated plant zone is filled to the brim.
2015 March 5 Posters.jpg
The fourth graders worked on signs for the sale.
2015 March 2 Calandrinia.jpg
In the garden, the rock purslane is trying to overtake the succulent garden.
2015 March 2 Reviving Ranger.jpg
At least one of the Texas Rangers is making a come-back!
2015 March 6 Nasturtium.jpg
Our first nasturtiums have blossomed. A red...
2015 March 5 Nasturtium yellow.jpg
...and a yellow.
2015 March 6 Plum blossom.jpg
Our first plum blossom opened up too.
2015 March 4 Mint labels 2.jpg
The new plant labels made the mint bed popular this week. Chocolate and grapefruit seem to be the favorites.
2015 March 5 Carrots.jpg
The carrots are doing well under their row cover. All row covers but this one and the one over the "funky bed" were
2015 March 6 Beds with tape.jpg
That meant we needed to string up more bird scare tape. The goldfinches were trying to peck the broccoli and cauliflower
2015 March 4 Snap Peas.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders came in for harvesting on Wednesday. Some got to pick our first snap peas.
2015 March 4 Snap Pea Harvest.jpg
It was a small harvest.
2015 March 4 Harvest.jpg
We also picked many heads of lettuce and 3 types of kale.
2015 March 6 Overdone cauliflower.jpg
Oops, forgot about the cauliflower bed! This one is a little far-gone.
2015 March 6 P Caulilfower.jpg
But this one should still be okay next week.
2015 March 4 Broccoli gopher damage.jpg
Gophers again! They ate half of one broccoli and destroyed another completely.
2015 March 6 Winged aphids.jpg
And yikes, winged aphids! These were trapped under the row cover above the green lettuce. When aphids get crowded,
they can produce winged offspring to fly to other areas.
2015 March 6 Ladybug eggs.jpg
Come on, ladybug eggs. Hatch already, we need you!

Week of February 23 - February 27, 2015
2015 Feb 27 Storage.jpg
We've got storage! This bin replaced the pallets stacked with soil bags and covered by a blue tarp. We discovered that
the pallets made an ideal home...
2015 Feb 27 Nest.jpg
...for rats! Here's their nest at the bottom, along with some of their spoils from the garden.
2015 Feb 27 Larder.jpg
They borrowed straw and some bits of row cover for the nest. Look at the number of leaves they had stored away! And
where did all that food come from?...
2015 Feb 23 Nibbled broccoli.jpg
...From our raised beds! Look at all those chopped off stems. The broccoli and red cabbage appeared to be their favorites.
2015 Feb 27 Sulphur on yerba.jpg
We finally spotted a yellow sulphur caterpillar. They're easy to see when they move onto a neighboring plant. This guy
looks like he's looking for a place to make a chrysalis.

2015 Feb 27 Sulphur on cassia.jpg
They're also easier to spot when they develop their stripes.
2015 Feb 27 Sulphur on cassia striped.jpg
But even so, they blend in well with the cassia blossoms.
2015 Feb 27 Sulphur on cassia 3.jpg
When they're young, they're almost invisible. You can tell that all of these caterpillars have been dining exclusively on
flower blossoms. They would be green if they were eating the leaves!
2015 Feb 25 Borage caterpillar.jpg
Our first painted lady caterpillar was found on one of the borage leaves! This week we also collected some or our first
borage seeds.
2015 Feb 26 Snap peas.jpg
The peas are getting taller...
2015 Feb 27 Snap peas.jpg
We'll be harvesting our first crop next week!
2015 Feb 24 Thinned carrots.jpg
The carrots were thinned out and given a row cover.
2015 Feb 25 Covered broccoli.jpg
Some of the other row covers look ready to burst.
2015 Feb 25 Uncovered broccoli.jpg
We'll harvest the last of that green lettuce next week so that we can remove this row cover for good.
2015 Feb 25 Slug.jpg
Many of the lettuce in that bed had holes from baby slugs.
2015 Feb 25 Harvest.jpg
Still, it was another good week for a lettuce harvest.
2015 Feb 25 Cauliflower.jpg
We also got one pretty head of cauliflower.
2015 Feb 27 Ladybug on lemon.jpg
The ladybugs are back! Here's one munching an aphid on the new lemon tree leaves.
2015 Feb 24 Dino Kale.jpg
So proud of the dino kale...
2015 Feb 26 Ladybug eggs.jpg
We have some more insects helping us with the grey aphid battle on the kale. Here are ladybug eggs.
2015 Feb 25 Aphid mummies.jpg
And here are some more predatory wasps, along with some empty aphid cases. The mummies are the bloated aphids
where the wasp young had grown.
2015 Feb 25 Spraying aphids.jpg
The green aphids on the lettuce needed some additional help. Here we're spraying a natural cinnamon/clove mixture.
2015 Feb 26 Fortnight Lily.jpg
The 4th graders propagated for the last time from the garden. This week they divided fortnight lily.
2015 Feb 24 Cilantro.jpg
The cilantro seedlings have emerged.
2015 Feb 27 Freesias at entry.jpg
The freesias planted by the entry have bloomed.
2015 Feb 27 Freesia bee.jpg
Bees seem to enjoy their fragrant blossoms.
2015 Feb 26 Daffodil.jpg
Our first large daffodil opened.

2015 Feb 24 Blue belly lizard.jpg
Ah, what a life.

Week of February 16 - February 20, 2015
2015 Feb 18 Lettuce heads.jpg
School was off this week, but there was still lots of lettuce ready to come out.
The red romaine...
2015 Feb 18 Green lettuce.jpg
...and the green romaine...
2015 Feb 18 Kale harvest.jpg
...and the kale got picked with the help of the ESS kids this week.
2015 Feb 18 Harvest.jpg
Three kinds of kale and two colors of romaine were harvested.
2015 Feb 17 Kale view.jpg
The dinosaur kale is growing so lush.
2015 Feb 18 Kale ornaments 1.jpg
In the morning the dew drops hang like little ornaments...
2015 Feb 18 Kale ornaments 2.jpg
...from every leaf.
2015 Feb 19 Parasitic wasp 1.jpg
We continue to spray off the aphids with water twice a week. This little wasp may be able to help.
2015 Feb 19 Parasitic wasp 2.jpg
She was very interested in one of the kale plants with the most aphids. She looks like a parasitic wasp that lays eggs
inside of aphid bodies. The aphid dies and a new wasp climbs out. We'll now be on the look out for these
"aphid mummies."
2015 Feb 18 Slug evidence.jpg
Some lettuce had some slug problems (that's slug poop in the center).
2015 Feb 17 Cabbage looper.jpg
And some of the cauliflower leaves got nibbled by this cabbage looper.
2015 Feb 17 Cabbage moth.jpg
Possible mama of that looper was trapped beneath the row cover.
2015 Feb 17 Broccoli with lettuce.jpg
Lots more green lettuce will be ready to harvest next week in broccoli bed #2.
2015 Feb 18 Lettuce planting.jpg
The lettuce in the dedicated lettuce-only beds continues to get replanted after harvest, making it easy to see the different
stages of growth.
2015 Feb 17 New bed.jpg
The most recent bed continues to be gopher-free. The caster oil repellent appears to be working.
2015 Feb 19 Broccoli.jpg
The broccoli is growing up.
2015 Feb 19 Cabbage.jpg
And so is the cabbage.
2015 Feb 19 Nasturtium.jpg
The nasturtium flowers planted 2 weeks ago by the fourth graders are popping up.
2015 Feb 19 Sunflower pea.jpg
A surprise sunflower grew up in the snap pea bed.
2015 Feb 19 Sunflower pot.jpg
Several sunflowers were planted on either side of the entry gate, in addition to this pot.
2015 Feb 17 Mini daffodil.jpg
Our first mini-daffodil opened up in the bulb garden.
2015 Feb 17 Nectarines.jpg
And it's easy to spot all the fruit growing on the nectarine tree.

Week of February 9 - February 13, 2015
2015 Feb 11 Red romaine closeup.jpg
It was lettuce week.
2015 Feb 11 Harvest.jpg
Lots of greens were harvested with the help of Mrs. Herman's 2nd grade class...
2015 Feb 11 Red romaine.jpg
...including over 12 pounds of red romaine that were being crowded out by their neighbors...
2015 Feb 11 Cabbage and broccoli beds 2.jpg
...the broccoli and the cabbage.
2015 Feb 9 Kohlrabi nibbled.jpg
It was also time to harvest the rest of the kohlrabi before the gopher got to any more of them!
2015 Feb 11 Kohlrabi harvesting.jpg
This cleared out the bed for new plantings.
2015 Feb 11 Kohlrabi tasting.jpg
It also gave us the chance to sample a couple of the kohlrabi with the kids.
2015 Feb 12 Cilantro seeds.jpg
The fourth graders started cilantro. Cilantro seeds are also known as coriander and are used as a spice.
2015 Feb 13 Sprouted cilantro.jpg
The seeds were split open and soaked overnight before planting. Several days later, the seeds in the the bag with the
leftovers began to sprout!
2015 Feb 12 Deltoides 2.jpg
The students also took cuttings of a sprawling succulent called oscularia deltoides, or pink iceplant. Deltoid means three,
and these leaves are triangular.
2015 Feb 13 Grubs.jpg
Next is was time to turn over the former kohlrabi bed and uncover some grubs.
2015 Feb 13 Planting cabbage & radicchio.jpg
We mixed in the worm castings that we collected last week, some chicken manure, and some Kelloggs raised bed soil
mix. Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders planted mini cabbages, some red radicchio...
2015 Feb 13 Planting orach.jpg
...and some red orach.
2015 Feb 13 Red orach.jpg
Orach is also known as mountain spinach. These little guys will grow up to 6 feet tall!
2015 Feb 13 Planting kohlrabi.jpg
We also had room to put in more kohlrabi in the middle.
2015 Feb 13 Watering.jpg
Some water, straw, and a row cover later and it was done.
2015 Feb 13 Thirsty bee.jpg
The water attracted this thirsty bee.
2015 Feb 10 Nectarine.jpg
The nectarine tree now has baby fruit.
2015 Feb 12 Apple tree.jpg
The apple tree has even more blossoms.
2015 Feb 13 Sweet pea flower.jpg
And the sweet peas have begun to flower!
2015 Feb 13 Marigolds.jpg
We added marigolds to almost every garden bed.
2015 Feb 11 Kalette.jpg
The kallette, the kale/brussel sprout cross, is really getting pretty. But it still has a long way to go before it starts to
produce the baby kale plants.
2015 Feb 11 Kale bolting.jpg
Our tallest dinosaur kale (the one that shot into flower over the summer) is starting to do it again! Look out for a surge in
growth and a tall flower sprout to shoot out from every one of those clusters of leaves.
2015 Feb 12 Monarch.jpg
The warm weather has also brought a lot of flyers into the garden. The monarchs...
2015 Feb 12 Butterfly and bee.jpg
...and some painted ladies. This one is good about sharing the lavender with the bees.
2015 Feb 11 Moth on mint.jpg
This little moth was found on the mint.
2015 Feb 10 Bluebird.jpg
This western bluebird (who like to fly among the mulberry trees in the grass) came to rest on the garden fence.
2015 Feb 13 Lacewing egg.jpg
And a baby flyer was seen on the cassia tree. This is a hoverfly egg.

Week of February 2 - February 6, 2015
2015 Feb 6 Worm Bin.jpg
A lucky fifth grade class got to harvest worm castings from the worm bin this week.
2015 Feb 6 Worms.jpg
That black stuff is not soil, it's worm poop!
2015 Feb 6 Harvesting worm castings.jpg
We separated the red wigglers from their rich black castings.
2015 Feb 6 Prepping worm bedding.jpg
We also prepared new bedding material - a mixture of coir (coconut husk), a spoonful of dirt (for grit), and dampened
newspaper/cardboard strips.
2015 Feb 6 Castings.jpg
We collected a whole bucketful of castings to use on the next produce bed we turn over.
2015 Feb 4 Harvesting lettuce.jpg
Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders helped to harvest 13 heads of green lettuce this week...
2015 Feb 4 Harvest.jpg
...plus some kohlrabi and kale.
2015 Feb 6 Lettuce.jpg
The remaining lettuce really has room to stretch out now.
2015 Feb 3 Nibbled kohlrabi.jpg
Nibbled kohlrabi? Say it isn't so! The gopher, lacking radicchio to munch, has taken a liking to the other vegetable in
that bed, the kohlrabi.
2015 Feb 4 Sliced kohlrabi.jpg
Here's what that nibbled stem looks like on the inside. Both pretty and sweet.
2015 Feb 6 Carrot sprouts.jpg
The carrots that were reseeded a couple weeks ago are popping up.
2015 Feb 6 Peas.jpg
The warm weather is making everything grow quicker. The peas have really taken off.
2015 Feb 4 Broccoli bed.jpg
The last broccoli bed we planted is quickly catching up with the others.
2015 Feb 4 Garlic.jpg
And the garlic is taller than some of the kale plants!
2015 Feb 5 Succulent Propagating.jpg
The fourth graders seeded nasturtium flowers and took cuttings of the succulent crassula tetragona.
2015 Feb 5 Crassula Tetragona.jpg
The succulent gets is name from the four sided shape its leaves make. Tetragon means quadrilateral.
2015 Feb 3 Apple blossoms.jpg
The apple tree is the next fruit tree in the garden to start blooming.
2015 Feb 6 Armyworm.jpg
Our first armyworm caterpillar of the year was found munching one of the red cabbage leaves.
2015 Feb 2 Grasshopper.jpg
And two grasshoppers were caught this week. One big one...
2015 Feb 4 Green grasshopper.jpg
...and one small one.

Week of January 26 - January 30, 2015
2015 Jan 29 Harvesting radicchio.jpg
This week we said goodbye to all the radicchio plants.
2015 Jan 26 Damaged radicchio.jpg
And that's because every morning they were being harvested by someone else!
2015 Jan 26 Gopher hole.jpg
Lift them up and you'd see no roots, just a hole leading to a gopher tunnel.
2015 Jan 30 Radicchio root.jpg
On the ones the gopher hadn't managed to get to, you could see the radicchio's amazingly long root.
2015 Jan 30 Radicchio harvest.jpg
We harvested these on Friday.
2015 Jan 28 Harvest.jpg
More radicchio was harvested on Wednesday with the help of Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders.
2015 Jan 28 Purple Cauliflower.jpg
We picked our first purple cauliflower...
2015 Jan 28 Green Lettuce.jpg
...and some of the picture perfect green romaine.
2015 Jan 28 Lettuce with broccoli.jpg
The purple romaine is coming along nicely with the broccoli...
2015 Jan 28 Lettuce with cabbage.jpg
...and with the cabbage.
2015 Jan 29 Borage sprouts.jpg
We need not have feared that the borage seeds would sprout! The seeds that were planted 2 to a cell two weeks ago are
all popping up.
2015 Jan 29 Borage seedlings.jpg
What long roots they have! We'll need to move them to deeper pots real soon.
2015 Jan 29 Dill sprouts.jpg
The dill also came up nicely. We see now that we went overkill by planting them 4 to a cell.
2015 Jan 29 Garden dill.jpg
The dill in the garden is coming up nicely as well.
2015 Jan 29 Cassia.jpg
The cassia shrub is blooming so pretty right now.
2015 Jan 30 Aloe bloom.jpg
And so is one of the aloes.
2015 Jan 29 Nectarine blossoms.jpg
The nectarine is delighting the bees.
2015 Jan 30 CA Currant.jpg
And the CA native currant is also in bloom.
2015 Jan 27 Strawberry.jpg
Our first strawberry of the year ripened beautifully.
2015 Jan 28 Lacewing egg.jpg
We've found evidence of another beneficial bug to start visiting the garden. There's a yummy grey aphid waiting to be
breakfast for this little green lacewing egg.
2015 Jan 29 Katydid eggs.jpg
These insect eggs resembling seeds were found on a spent blossom of oregano. They're katydid eggs. Katydids are
insects that look like grasshoppers pretending to be leaves.
2015 Jan 29 Kale with hole.jpg
Our kale is beginning to show its age.
2015 Jan 29 Hole in kale.jpg
There's a gaping hole in the trunk of one of the dinosaur kale. It doesn't seem to be affecting nutrients reaching the
leaves though.
2015 Jan 28 Twin kale leaf.jpg
On the curly kale, we spotted another twin leaf!

Week of January 19 - January 23, 2015
2015 Jan 23 Produce beds.jpg
This week brought one more covered bed to the garden. And the beginning of the warm season bugs.
2015 Jan 20 Monarch caterpillar.jpg
We don't know how this Monarch made it through the cold nights, but somehow he was still thriving on the bare milkweed
branches in the mint bed.
2015 Jan 20 Monarch caterpillar 2.jpg
We moved him to the newer butterfly garden where there was a bit more nutrition.
2015 Jan 23 Milkweed munched.jpg
He liked it. Three days later and there was nothing left of that plant.
2015 Jan 20 Milkweed seeds 1.jpg
Milkweed seed puffs on a dewy morning are so pretty...
2015 Jan 20 Milkweed seeds 2.jpg
2015 Jan 20 Milkweed seeds 3.jpg
...or cascading.
2015 Jan 20 Grasshopper.jpg
The trunk of the lemon tree was very exposed after the mint bed trimming...
2015 Jan 21 Mint bed.jpg
...so it got a sunblock of white paint and a good fertilizing to thicken and green up its leaves.
2015 Jan 22 Yellow sulphur.jpg
Our first yellow sulphur butterfly of the year was seen laying eggs on the senna tree. Look at the poor girl's ragged wings.
2015 Jan 22 Sulphur on cassia.jpg
Nice to see that she also spotted the flowering cassia shrub, another food source for sulphur caterpillars.
2015 Jan 23 Hoverfly.jpg
Welcome too to the first hoverfly...
2015 Jan 23 Ladybug.jpg
...and ladybug of 2015!
2015 Jan 23 Aphids.jpg
There is plenty of food for you on the kale leaves! Yummy grey and green aphids.
2015 Jan 23 Looper.jpg
The good bugs have returned, but so have the not so good. We haven't seen these cabbage loopers in a while.
2015 Jan 20 Purple rolie polie.jpg
Have you ever seen a purple rolie polie? Unfortunately, a colorful rolie polie is a sick rolie polie. A virus is causes this
color change.
2015 Jan 23 Strawberry blooms.jpg
The rolie polie was found crawling around the strawberry bed. We gave this bed a drastic thinning and clean-up. Soon
we'll have strawberries again!
2015 Jan 22 Harvesting leaves.jpg
The first broccoli bed planted on Sept 29th was pulled out this week. We harvested all those yummy leaves...
2015 Jan 22 Plucked broccoli.jpg
...which gave us an impressive view of their hefty trunks.
2015 Jan 22 Broccoli leaves.jpg
We donated just under 9 pounds of leaves.
2015 Jan 23 Planting broccoli.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders planted new broccoli seedlings. The bed was turned over with chicken fertilizer, worm castings,
and Kellogg's vegetable fertilizer before planting.
2015 Jan 23 Cover supports.jpg
In a pinch, some short bamboo pieces and duct tape can work for row cover supports. The square shape doesn't do as
well in the wind, but this just had to last through the weekend.
2015 Jan 22 Jupiters Beard.jpg
The 4th graders propagated from a butterfly plant this week. We pulled out Jupiter's Beard seedlings that self-sowed from
all the pink blossoms last year.
2015 Jan 22 Jupiters Beard seedling.jpg
We tried to get all those delicate hair-like roots.
2015 Jan 22 Watch chain.jpg
They also took cuttings of a succulent, watch chain crassula.
2015 Jan 23 Covered beds.jpg
The row covers are doing their job.
2015 Jan 23 Lettuce.jpg
The lettuce looks fantastic under these.
2015 Jan 20 Carrot sprout.jpg
Our carrot bed is being supplemented by additional seeding. Not enough carrots came up. Can you tell which one is the
weed and which one is the carrot? (Answer is below the next photo.)
2015 Jan 23 Harvest.jpg
It was a small harvest this week. Some dinosaur kale and kohlrabi, one cauliflower and lettuce, and french sorrel leaves.
(The answer to the question above: the carrot sprout is on the right).

Week of January 12 - January 16, 2015
2015 Jan 15 Garden.jpg
It was clean up time in the garden this week.
2015 Jan 12 Cannas.jpg
Lots of trimming took place around the mint bed and canna beds...
2015 Jan 13 Grasshopper.jpg
...which exposed some surprises, like this iris growing in the center of the smaller cannas. The grasshopper, too!
2015 Jan 14 Grasshopper.jpg
Lots of grasshoppers were hiding out in there!
2015 Jan 12 Woodlouse Spider.jpg
There were an amazing number of these spiders as well. These are woodlouse spiders. They only eat rollie pollies!
2015 Jan 14 Woodlouse Spider.jpg
You don't want to touch them, because they can bite, but the pain is said to hurt less than a bee sting.
2015 Jan 12 Nectarine blossoms.jpg
The desert nectarine tree is on round three for blossoming. Hopefully this time there are no more cold spells to make the
flowers fall off.
2015 Jan 14 CA Lilac.jpg
Also blooming is the native CA Lilac...
2015 Jan 15 Succulent flowers.jpg
...a few succulents...
2015 Jan 14 Borage.jpg
...and some of the borage that self-sowed. This is a summer blooming herb, so this was a surprise.
2015 Jan 15 Planting seeds.jpg
The 4th graders seeded dill and borage seeds that were collected from the garden over the summer.
2015 Jan 15 Propagation zone.jpg
We're filling out our propagation zone.
2015 Jan 15 Lizard.jpg
Why, hello little blue-belly. These guys could be seen enjoying the sunshine every day this week.
2015 Jan 15 Graffiti cauliflower.jpg
And hello purple cauliflower! The damage you see to the head was caused by a very happy snail. We'll see what the head
looks like when it's older. This is the first purple cauliflower to have started to form a visible head.
2015 Jan 15 Harvest.jpg
Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders helped with this week's small harvest. You can't even see the few broccoli stems that were
snipped. Lots of veggies in the garden (including lots of lettuce) just need to get bigger before we can harvest.
2015 Jan 15 Sorrel.jpg
The class sampled the lemony-tasting french sorrel in the garden. It was a big hit!

Week of January 5 - January 9, 2015
2015 Jan 5 Broccoli shoots.jpg
We were greeted with some happy new growth when we returned to the garden from Winter break. The cheerful little side-
shoots on the broccoli...
2015 Jan 5 Blooming broccoli.jpg
...some blooms on a couple broccoli heads...
2015 Jan 6 Covered lettuce.jpg
...and everything beneath a row cover doing fine.
2015 Jan 5 Cannas.jpg
But there were also many sad parts to the garden. Lots of evidence of frost-damage was visible outside the produce beds.
All the cannas will need to be cut back to the ground now.
2015 Jan 5 Frost damage.jpg
The young nasturtiums (pictured on the left), many of the lantanas (on the right), several herbs, geraniumns, succulents,
and bushes were also damaged.
2015 Jan 5 Tomato bed.jpg
Not so sad to see were the tomato and basil plants finally succumbing to the cold. We need that bed for winter crops!
2015 JAn 5 Tomatoes.jpg
There were lots of tomatoes to collect.
2015 Jan 5 Green Tomatoes.jpg
There were many large green ones. Fried green tomatoes, anyone?
2015 Jan 7 Basil.jpg
Once the tomato plants were removed, we could get a good look at those monstrous basil plants that grew taller than even
the tomatoes.
2015 Jan 7 Basil tree.jpg
These weren't your ordinary basil -- these guys grew into trees!
2015 Jan 7 Grasshopper.jpg
While cleaning up the leaf debris from the bed, we were surprised to find three of these large brown grasshoppers...
2015 Jan 7 Slug egg clutch.jpg
...and even more surprised to unearth a clutch of slug eggs.
2015 Jan 7 Slug eggs.jpg
These were so cute!
2015 Jan 7 Grubs.jpg
We weren't surprised to find lots of little grubs in the soil.
2015 Jan 9 Broccoli planting.jpg
After mixing in some chicken manure, veggie fertilizer, and worm castings, Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders planted broccoli in
this bed.
2015 Jan 9 Mulching.jpg
Lettuce was then interplanted. Lastly, everything got a layer of straw and a protective row cover.
2015 Jan 6 Pea bed.jpg
The pea bed finally got a protective surround of its own. Poor nibbled peas.
2015 Jan 8 SD Sunflower.jpg
The fourth graders came in to propagate from the San Diego Sunflower bushes...
2015 Jan 8 Gasterias.jpg
...and to divide gasterias and howarthias (shade-loving succulents).
2015 Jan 9 Kohlrabi.jpg
We harvested some of our first kohlrabi plants. The leaves were looking very undernourished, but the "bulbs" looked great
on these.
2015 Jan 9 Beet.jpg
A few beets popped up in the broccoli bed. One of these was ready to come out.
2015 Jan 9 Tangerines.jpg
And there were lots of tangerines ready for harvest.
2015 Jan 9 Harvest.jpg
Our total harvest of the week also included 4 lettuce heads, a couple cauliflower, and lots of kale and french sorrel.