Week of June 6 - June 10, 2016 --- LAST WEEK OF the 2015-2016 school year---
2016 June 7 Harvest.jpg
We ended the year with a fabulous harvest.
2016 June 9 Garden east.jpg
The garden is bursting with blooms from the east side...
2016 June 9 Garden center.jpg
...from the center...
2016 June 9 Garden beds.jpg
...and towards the produce beds.
2016 June 7 Kohlrabi and carrot harvesting.jpg
We harvested a beautiful green kohlrabi and lots or giant carrots.
2016 June 7 Carrots.jpg
Over 23 pounds carrots!
2016 June 7 Marigolds with kale.jpg
We also had lots of beautiful kale leaves.
2016 June 7 New corn bed 2.jpg
We refurbished this planting bed and the 3 small half circles against the fence.
2016 June 9 Planting corn.jpg
We planted seeds of black popcorn and mini-pumpkins.
2016 June 7 Corn.jpg
The first corn bed and pumpkins are growing strong.
2016 June 9 Grape vine.jpg
The grapes are overtaking the fence.
2016 June 9 Grapes.jpg
The grape clusters look almost ready to pick.
2016 June 7 Herb blooms.jpg
Some small but very different yellow flowers bloomed in the herb garden.
2016 June 7 Birdhouse.jpg
After we rehung the cleaned out birdhouse, it took the Western bluebirds only 2 days to start making a new nest!
2016 June 9 Grasshopper.jpg
We netted several of the seeding kohlrabi to prevent the birds from getting to the seed pods. But it didn't prevent this
grasshopper from getting inside.
2016 June 6 Baby grasshopper.jpg
This baby grasshopper (most likely a grey bird grasshopper like the one above), was nibbling the bean leaves.
2016 June 6 Cucumber beetle.jpg
A couple of these pest cucumber beetles were found this week.
2016 June 9 Seed bugs.jpg
We have a name for these bugs now -- they're called seed bugs! They were having lots of fun on the seeding lettuce --
mating and laying eggs.
2016 June 7 Masked chafers.jpg
We found our first masked chafer beetle pupa, skin (shed from the grub stage), and adult while turning over the new
corn bed.
2016 June 7 Succulent flower bee.jpg
This tiny bee was drinking from a succulent flower.
2016 June 7 Sunflowers.jpg
The honeybees were busy with the sunflowers.
2016 June 6 Picture winged fly.jpg
This is is called a picture winged fly. It was found on the red canna flowers.
2016 June 6 Assassin bug.jpg
This looks like a small assassin bug.
2016 June 9 Mourning cloaks.jpg
The latch clutch of mourning cloak caterpillars are getting chubbier.
2016 June 9 Mourning cloak & chrysalis.jpg
Lots were roaming across the garden for a safe place to attach their chrysalis. One found its was to the fig tree.

Week of May 30 - June 3, 2016
2016 June 2-3 Salad harvesting.jpg
The last 2 salads of the year were made this week by Mrs. Golden's and Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders. There were many giant
leaves of kale to be found...
2016 June 2 Team 2 salad harvest.jpg
2016 June 2 Team 4 salad harvest.jpg
...and heftier carrots and cabbage. This red cabbage weighed in a 4 pounds!
2016 June 2 Salad stevia.jpg
We diced...
2016 June 2 Salad kale.jpg
...and tore...
2016 June 3 Salad making.jpg
...and grated...
2016 June 3 Carrots and cabbage.jpg
...our beautiful harvest...
2016 June 3 Last salads.jpg
...to make a tasty salad for all.
2016 May 31 Strawberry harvest.jpg
This week we were able to pick enough strawberries to add them to our salad garnish.
2016 May 31 Harvesting garlic.jpg
The garlic growing in the strawberry bed was ready to be harvested.
2016 June 1 Garlic harvest.jpg
We put these trays in the shed to finish drying.
2016 June 2 Plant clearance sale.jpg
Our last plant sale of the year took place on Thursday.
2016 June 2 Malabar spinach sprouts.jpg
Our Malabar spinach seeds have sprouted!
2016 June 1 Tomato bed.jpg
Our diseased(?) tomatoes received a haircut and fertilizing. All the black-spotted leaves were stripped from the plant and
granular fertilizer was worked into the soil.
2016 June 3 Apple.jpg
Our first garden apple! This is a Dorset Golden.
2016 June 1 Broccoli bed.jpg
The broccoli bed was cleared out in preparation for another corn/pumpkin bed.
2016 June 1 Western bluebird birdhouse.jpg
The Western bluebird nest was removed from the bird house.
2016 June 1 Western bluebird nest.jpg
It was made up of dry grass and one visible plastic straw wrapper. No carrotwood tree seeds were in the nest this time.
2016 May 31 Anise swallowtail chrysalis.jpg
The anise swallowtail caterpillar started transforming into a chrysalis on the fennel.
2016 June 1 Monarch and chrysalis.jpg
More egg-laying monarchs came out during the sunny weather and we spotted one chrysalis on the back fence.
2016 June 1 Mourning cloak caterpillar.jpg
The mourning cloak caterpillars grew long and chubby.
2016 June 1 Mourning cloak caterpillars.jpg
There is still a large cluster of younger ones. Both young and old still share the tree nicely.
2016 June 1 Carrot bugs mirid & grasshopper.jpg
Lots of bugs seem to be drawn to the carrot foliage. We think the winged ones are some kind of mirid bugs. That's a tiny
baby grasshopper on the right.
2016 June 1 Calendula seeds.jpg
We've started to collect seeds from the calendula flowers. They look like little caterpillars.
2016 June 1 Calendula bee small.jpg
Lots of small bees are attracted to the flower's center.
2016 June 1 Calendula bee tiny.jpg
This bee was even smaller!

Week of May 16 - May 20, 2016
2016 May 26 Salad.jpg
Two classes made salads this week. You can view the recipe on our garden recipes page here.
2016 May 26 Salad harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders were the first class to hunt through the produce beds...
2016 May 26 Salad harvesting 2.jpg
...and collect their bounty.
2016 May 26 Salad making.jpg
We harvest and shred 8 carrots for the salad now.
2016 May 26 Salad making 2.jpg
And destem all the kale.
2016 May 27 Salad harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders also made their salad.
2016 May 27 Salad tasting.jpg
We recommend trying the peppery nasturtium flowers first.
2016 May 25 Harvest.jpg
We were still able to pull out some excess from the garden for food bank donation -- a nice green kohlrabi, lettuce,
cabbage, orach, nectarines, a tiny bit of broccoli and tomatoes, snap peas, and a basket full of strawberries.
2016 May 27 Produce beds.jpg
The sunflowers tower over the garden now.
2016 May 26 Sunflowers.jpg
These are the 3 kinds of blooms that have appeared.
2016 May 25 Bird scare tape.jpg
We hung new bird scare tape to keep the goldfinches away from the sunflower leaves and lettuce seeds.
2016 May 25 Goldfinches.jpg
It didn't work!
2016 May 24 Empty cabbage seed pods.jpg
They discovered the chinese cabbage seedpods too. That made quick work of it.
2016 May 24 Black phoebie.jpg
This is a friend we don't mind in the garden. Black phoebies are insect catchers.
2016 May 24 Plums to thin.jpg
We culled the plums. Before thinning...
2016 May 24 Thinned plums.jpg
...and after.
2016 May 24 Malabar spinach planting.jpg
We planted malabar spinach in a new planting area between the nasturtiums. Malabar spinach is a vine that loves heat
and humidity. It should grow well over the summer.
2016 May 25 Planting cucumber seeds.jpg
We also seeded persian cucumbers on the opposite side of the Japanese cucumbers.
2016 May 25 Small orbweaver.jpg
Lots of spiders were active this week. This tiny orbweaver, no bigger than a pencil top, was hanging out in the geraniums.
2016 May 27 Green lynx spiders.jpg
Lots of juvenile green lynx were waiting for prey.
2016 May 23 Jumping and lynx spider.jpg
A small jumping spider was in the geraniums as well and a striped lynx was in the flowers nearby.
2016 May 23 Brown widow.jpg
This brown widow got so scared when we pulled out the bag of soil she was hiding on, she played dead. That provided a
great view of her orange hourglass.
2016 May 24 Bordered plant bug.jpg
This bordered plant bug was found on the raspberries.
2016 May 26 Beetles.jpg
The beetle on the left was found outside the garden, the one on the right was found burrowing into the garden's soil.
2016 May 26 Lacewing.jpg
This lacewing was found on the geraniums.
2016 May 24 Monarch egg.jpg
Only a few monarch caterpillars in the garden now, but there are several eggs.
2016 May 24 Mourning cloak caterpillars.jpg
The mourning cloak caterpillars are growing and spreading out.
2016 May 26 Mourning cloak caterpillars.jpg
They share their leaves so nicely.
2016 May 24 Anise swallowtail caterpillar.jpg
Our sole anise swallowtail caterpillar is getting nice and chubby on the fennel.
2016 May 24 CA tree mallow.jpg
The native tree mallow is bursting with new flowers.
2016 May 24 Lions Tail and Daylily.jpg
The lion's tail is in bloom again and our first daylilies have opened.

Week of May 16 - May 20, 2016
2016 May 20 Salad harvest team 5.jpg
Salad days continue with Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders. Sorrel and orach leaves, nectarines...
2016 May 20 Salad making 4.jpg
...carrots, red cabbage...
2016 May 20 Salad harvesting kale.jpg
...and lots of varieties of kale...
2016 May 20 Salad harvest team 2.jpg
...were taken back to the classroom...
2016 May 20 Salad making 2.jpg
to massage...
2016 May 20 Salad making.jpg
...shred and chop!
2016 May 18 Harvest.jpg
The donated harvest included some dinosaur and Russian kale, lettuce, sorrel, strawberries, and cabbage.
2016 May 18 second crop cabbage.jpg
The green cabbages were all secondary harvests! These were the heads that grew after we removed the main head.
2016 May 18 Strawberry harvest.jpg
The strawberries were the first collection of the season.
2016 May 16 Corn pumpkin & bean sprouts.jpg
Our corn, pumpkin and bean seeds all came up!
2016 May 20 Thinned corn.jpg
We were able to thin out the bed.
2016 May 16 Raspberries.jpg
The raspberries are growing well.
2016 May 19 Planting cucumbers.jpg
We made another bamboo teepee and planted a couple Japanese cucumbers for them to grow on (thanks to Jessica
from Highland Ranch for the plants).
2016 May 20 Purple kohlrabi.jpg
Our purple kohlrabi is really looking purple!
2016 May 17 Lettuce seeds.jpg
We started to collect romaine lettuce seeds that hide inside the dandelion-like puff-balls.
2016 May 17 Bulb garden clean up.jpg
The bulb garden got a trimming.
2016 May 18 Cabbage white chrysalis.jpg
Lots of critters were hiding in the cabbage. This is a chrysalis of a cabbage white butterfly.
2016 May 18 Cabbage moth & looper.jpg
The is a cabbage looper moth and cabbage looper caterpillar.
2016 May 18 Mourning cloak caterpillars 2.jpg
There were hundreds of mourning cloak butterfly caterpillars in the entry willow tree!
2016 May 18 Mourning cloak caterpillars.jpg
They cluster together for protection and when the weather is cool.
2016 May 18 Young mourning cloak caterpillars.jpg
The younger ones look like mealworms.
2016 May 18 Anise swallowtail caterpillar.jpg
There was only one anise swallowtail caterpillar on the fennel, but it's a cutie. It's started to loose its middle color band.
2016 May 19 Monarchs.jpg
There were a few chubby caterpillars. One of these roamed halfway across the garden to the geraniums to hide and make
its chrysalis.
2016 May 18 T Budworm caterpillars.jpg
The geraniums are being devoured by these tobacco budworm caterpillars. Can you find the 2 in this picture?
2016 May 16 Confederate rose.jpg
The same caterpillars are attacking the rose hibiscus. The little dots on the flower buds in the center are the caterpillar
eggs. The flower darkens in color as it ages, the newest blossom is on the right.
2016 May 20 Succulents.jpg
This succulent in the center...
2016 May 20 Lynx spider.jpg
...made a great home for this lynx spider.
2016 May 19 Tiny bee on purslane.jpg
The rock purslane attracts the smallest of bees...
2016 May 16 Dark honeybee.jpg
...in addition to the bigger ones.
2016 May 19 Hoverfly.jpg
Hoverflies love the yellow blossoms in the garden. The same hoverfly visited the kohlrabi blossoms and the calendula.
2016 May 17 Small wasp.jpg
This tiny wasp was resting on the milkweed.
2016 May 20 Mystery bugs.jpg
We're not sure what these two are. The first was in the lettuce buds, the beatle was in the raspberries.
2016 May 17 Tree cricket nymph.jpg
We believe this is a young tree cricket.
2016 May 16 Squash bug.jpg
This is a squash bug.
2016 May 17 Pear slug.jpg
And what does this look like? Leach, slug, bird dropping? We found several nibbling the plum tree's leaves. We found out
it's called a pear slug, but it's actually not a slug at all. It's a baby sawfly!
2016 May 18 Western bluebird mama.jpg
The western bluebirds continued to bring food to the chick(s) in the birdhouse.
2016 May 20 Butterfly bush.jpg
The butterfly bush is blooming.
2016 May 17 Sunflower.jpg
And our first sunflower opened. It didn't take long for the sunflower moths to find it!

Week of May 9 - May 13, 2016
2016 May 13 Salad directions.jpg
It was time to make our first classroom salad of the year.
2016 May 13 Salad harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders were first up. The five teams hunted for their ingredients for the salad...
2016 May 13 Team 1 ingredients.jpg
...and the dressing.
2016 May 13 Prepping kale.jpg
We washed and prepped everything back in the classroom. This year it's a salad without any lettuce!
2016 May 13 Salad making.jpg
But there are 3 kinds of kale...
2016 May 13 Massaging kale.jpg
to massage with the dressing...
2016 May 13 Team 4 ingredients.jpg
...and mix with red cabbage, carrots, sorrel, orach...
2016 May 12 Nectarines.jpg
...and nectarines!
2016 May 13 Class salad.jpg
We finished with an edible nasturtium blossom on top.
2016 May 11 Carrot harvesting.jpg
We harvested the first carrots with Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders earlier in the week.
2016 May 11 Harvest.jpg
It was a small harvest. We were saving ingredients for the salad!
2016 May 11 Red cabbages.jpg
Even sharing with the gopher, we won't run out of red cabbages anytime soon.
2016 May 12 Produce beds.jpg
The beds looked like this after planting seeds in the former cauliflower bed.
2016 May 9 Planting ornamental corn.jpg
We planted multi-colored ornamental corn and...
2016 May 9 Planting pumpkins.jpg
...sugar pie pumpkins at the ends.
2016 May 12 Bean teepee.jpg
Then we built a teepee and planted more seeds.
2016 May 12 Yard long bean seeds.jpg
These are asparagus beans or yardlong beans. Like their name suggests, these beans are long -- up to 3 feet!
2016 May 12 Sugar cane.jpg
Thank you to Highland Ranch Elem.'s gardener Jesicca for the sugar cane stalk. We'll soon have sugar cane growing
against one of the fences!
2016 May 12 Fig tree.jpg
The fig tree is enjoying not being in the shadow of the former palm tree.
2016 May 12 Grape vine into tree.jpg
And the grape vines are growing like mad...
2016 May 12 Grape vines.jpg
...on both sides of the garden.
2016 May 12 Sunflowers.jpg
The sunflowers are very tall but haven't yet blossomed.
2016 May 12 Strawberry.jpg
We're starting to get bigger strawberries.
2016 May 11 Western bluebird.jpg
Mama and papa bluebird continue to tend to the young in the birdhouse.
2016 May 12 Hooded oriole.jpg
And this hooded oriole continues to visit the tree. We think he's hunting caterpillars!
2016 May 13 Monarch and caterpillar.jpg
We've seen such few monarchs recently, but one female did come in to lay eggs. There are a few caterpillars on the
native milkweed.
2016 May 11 Tobacco budworm caterpillar.jpg
This tobacco budworm caterpillar was munching the geranium blossoms. They change color according the food they eat.
Pink blossoms = pink caterpillars.
2016 May 10 White lined sphynx moth caterpillar.jpg
And check out this guy!!! With the size and horn, it looks a little like the tobacco hornworm caterpillars we find on the
tomato plants. And it should. It's another kind of sphinx moth. This one grows up to be a hummingbird moth.
2016 May 10 Mystery Spider.jpg
The sphinx caterpillar was feeding on the guara flower buds. This spider was nearby.
2016 May 10 Mystery Spider views.jpg
We're still not sure what its name is. It's marking are certainly unusual.
2016 May 10 Cobweb spider.jpg
This cobweb spider was nestled in a pile of burlap.
2016 May 10 Click beetle.jpg
This click beetle was found in the lettuce bed. Click beetle young resemble mealworms, which makes up wonder if all the
mealworms we've found in the soil were actually click beetle young! The young can live in the soil for years, munching on
things like strawberry roots.
2016 May 11 Mirid bug nymph.jpg
This youngster might be a nymph of last years orange mystery bug -- it looks like some kind of mirid/capsid bug.
2016 May 11 Greybird grasshopper.jpg
Several of these big guys were in the garden this week.
2016 May 11 Brochymena quadripustulata.jpg
And so was this. We assumed all brown stink bugs were harmful to the garden, but this one is not so much. It's a rough
stink bug and it doesn't just eat plants, it eats pest caterpillars too!
2016 May 12 Hoverfly and bee on kohlrabi.jpg
Little flyers (hoverfly) and big flyers (honeybees) are visiting the kohlrabi blossoms.
2016 May 13 Grey bee.jpg
This grey bee dove into a cabbage blossom.
2016 May 9 Chinese cabbage seeds.jpg
We've begun to collect the seeds from the Chinese cabbage seed pods.
2016 May 11 CA poppy.jpg
The CA poppies have opened.
2016 May 13 Miniature ice plant.jpg
And so have lots of pink flowers. These are in the succulent bed.
2016 May 12 Confederate Rose.jpg
This Confederate Rose hibiscus is known to darken in color during the day.
2016 May 12 Rockrose.jpg
Rockrose is blooming.

Week of May 2 - May 6, 2016
2016 May 4 Harvest.jpg
Another big harvest this week, on account of all the cauliflower and kale. We also harvested some sorrel, orach, rainbow
chard, lettuce, cabbage, and lemons.
2016 May 4 Harvesting cauliflower.jpg
Mrs. Golden's class helped with the harvest. There were lots of cauliflower to harvest...
2016 May 4 Harvesting kale.jpg
...lots of kale...
2016 May 4 Red cabbage.jpg
...and a beautiful red cabbage.
2016 May 4 Red cabbages.jpg
This was the first cabbage in that bed to be harvested...
2016 May 4 Gopher damage.jpg
...if you don't count the one taken by the gopher!
2016 May 5 Old cauliflower bed.jpg
The cauliflower bed was cleared out.
2016 May 5 Potted flowering cauliflower.jpg
We transplanted one of the flowering orange cauliflowers to a pot so we could continue to watch it flower.
2016 May 5 Clearing caul stalks.jpg
We uprooted all the stalks...
2016 May 5 Turning over.jpg
...and turned over the soil.
2016 May 5 Smoothing out.jpg
After an addition of chicken manure, garden compost, and worm castings, we smoothed everything out. We'll plant corn
here next week.
2016 May 4 Flowering kohlrabi.jpg
One of the flowering kohlrabi is getting tall!
2016 May 3 Carrots.jpg
The carrots are getting ready for harvesting.
2016 May 4 Plums.jpg
Only one of the plum trees is covered with fruit.
2016 May 3 Western bluebird in & out 2.jpg
The western bluebirds are very busy bringing food to the growing chicks. Papa bluebird is often the one to do the
housecleaning, emerging with a ball of waste.
2016 May 3 Western bluebird mama w foods.jpg
And what do they feed the chicks? Spiders, larva (mama bluebird is very good about collecting several in one trip), and
other winged insects (possibly crickets).
2016 May 3 Hooded oriole.jpg
A beautiful male hooded oriole has been coming to the same tree almost every day for the past couple weeks. He likes to
perch high in the thickest foliage, so this is the best pic we could get. He has a loud chatter!
2016 May 5 Lesser Goldfinch.jpg
Lots of lesser goldfinches in the garden. Some were pecking on the sunflower leaves, and others were trying to pull
strands of rope for nest material.
2016 May 4 Hummingbird.jpg
It was easy to see hummingbirds in the garden this week too.
2016 May 5 Crane fly.jpg
This crane fly rested on the lettuce with this bee. Crane fly larva are called leatherjackets. They live in the soil and feed on
clover and grass. And they look just like those grey caterpillars the bluebirds are bringing their young!
2016 May 5 Female roly poly.jpg
Female roly polies look like this. The males are darker and more uniform in color.
2016 May 5 Parasitic wasp.jpg
This tiny parasitic wasp was hunting in the cauliflower leaves. We used to think this was a beneficial bug that searched out
aphids to parasitize, but it looks very much like one that preys on hover fly eggs!
2016 May 2 Mourning Cloak.jpg
More mourning cloak butterflies visited the willow tree.
2016 May 6 Painted Lady.jpg
Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders released their classroom hatched painted lady butterflies.
2016 May 5 Cloudless sulphur caterpillars.jpg
There are now chubby cloudless sulphur caterpillars on the senna.
2016 May 3 Skeletonizing leaf beetle.jpg
This little beetle was found inside the school. It's called a skeletonizing leaf beetle.
2016 May 3 Soldier beetle.jpg
We continue to find interesting bugs in the flowering cilantro. This is a soldier beetle drinking nectar.
2016 May 4 Banded winged grasshopper.jpg
A new grasshopper in the garden! This looks like a banded-winged grasshopper. If so, its wings have pretty colors.
2016 May 5 Yarrow.jpg
The yarrow in the herb garden is showing us their pretty colors.
2016 May 5 Spring cactus.jpg
And the easter, or spring cactus, is now in full bloom.
2016 May 5 Garden decoration.jpg
This flower will always be in bloom. Thank you for the garden gift!

Week of April 25 - April 29, 2016
2016 April 26 Harvest.jpg
We skipped last weeks harvest for the open house, so this week's was a big one. The 4 bags of kale alone weighed an
impressive 7-3/4 pounds. Also harvested for donation was cauliflower, sorrel, rainbow chard, orach, lettuce and cabbage.
2016 April 26 Red cabbage.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders helped with the harvest.
2016 April 25 Dinosaur kale.jpg
The kale leaves were nice and lush -- in both the dino/Russian kale bed...
2016 April 25 Curly & Russian kale.jpg
...and the curly/Russian kale bed.
2016 April 26 Russian kale.jpg
Some of the Russian kale leaves were gigantic.
2016 April 26 Strawberry bed.jpg
The garlic is making a forest in the strawberry bed.
2016 April 29 Cabbage gopher.jpg
We've yet to pick any of the red cabbages in cabbage bed #2, but someone else has! A gopher has pulled several leaves
down a hole for munching.
2016 April 27 Oakleaf lettuce.jpg
We've planted a new lettuce in the garden started by seed. This is oakleaf lettuce.
2016 April 25 Grapes & raspberries.jpg
The raspberries are competing with the grapevines to overtake the fence.
2016 April 25 Grape buds.jpg
The clusters of grape flower buds are so cute.
2016 April 29 Flowering broccoli.jpg
The broccoli bed is filling with flowers.
2016 April 29 Broccoli seed pods.jpg
Some of the flowers have already turned into seedpods.
2016 April 27 Herb garden.jpg
We added several more plants to the herb garden -- chamomile, blue aster, and dill.
2016 April 25 Jupiters Beard.jpg
The pink Jupiter's Beard is really showing off in the bird/butterfly garden.
2016 April 25 Tarantula Hawk Wasp.jpg
This beautiful tarantula hawk wasp flew through the garden and came to land in the grass nearby. This is one large wasp
that you don't want to mess with! They are known to have the 2nd most painful sting of any insect.
2016 April 25 Lacewing & egg.jpg
We don't see lacewing adults very often because they're active at night, but we frightened this one out of hiding while
watering. We found several lacewings eggs on the senna plant. They'll hatch into larva that'll eat lots of garden pests.
2016 April 27 Hungry cabbage white.jpg
This cabbage white butterfly caterpillar was munching through a kale leaf.
2016 April 27 Grasshopper laying.jpg
This is the second time we've caught a grasshopper trying to lay eggs in the garden pathway.
2016 April 25 Mystery hopper.jpg
This little guy in about the size of a pencil top and we don't yet know what it is,
2016 April 25 Cloudless sulphur caterpillar.jpg
We're starting to see cloudless sulphur caterpillars.
2016 April 26 Mourning cloak.jpg
Soon we might see mourning cloak butterfly caterpillars.
2016 April 26 Mourning cloak laying.jpg
Because female mourning cloaks were busy laying lots and lots of eggs!
2016 April 29 W Bluebird with food.jpg
A pair of Western bluebirds was busy bringing food to the nest inside the garden birdhouse. Can this mean that some eggs
have hatched?
2016 April 26 Crows with hawk.jpg
There is a hawk's nest in one of the tallest Eucalyptus trees in the nearby park. On every flight, the parents get divebombed
by a group of neighborhood crows.
2016 April 25 Recycled scarecrow decorated.jpg
Our recycled scarecrow got some "hair" and other goodies on Monday.
2016 April 26 Recycled scarecrow decorated.jpg
The next few days saw many more additions. The 5th graders figured out you can make a flower chain using plumbago
flower blossoms.

Week of April 18 - April 22, 2016
<<<<<<<< GARDEN OPEN HOUSE - APRIL 21st >>>>>>>>
2016 April 21 Welcome sign.jpg
On Thursday night, the Literacy Garden...
2016 April 21 Open house garden 1.jpg
...celebrated its 3rd annual...
2016 April 21 Open house garden 2.jpg
...garden open house!
2016 April 22 Earth Day sign.jpg
And this year we added an Earth Day Celebration!
2016 April 21 Sale items.jpg
2016 April 21 Sale gourds.jpg
We sold seeds, insect trading cards, garden gourds...
2016 April 21 Sale plants.jpg
...and lots of plants made by 4th grade students.
2016 April 21 Poetry Contest.jpg
We showcased our first 5th grade garden poetry contest. (Winning pieces can be viewed here.)
2016 April 21 Food 1.jpg
We offered lots of organic fruits and veggies for snacking.
2016 April 21 Garden songs prep.jpg
2016 April 21 Garden songs.jpg
K-5 students entertained us with a garden and earth day song. They did a fabulous job!
2016 April 21 Garden song boxes.jpg
We had some visuals to go along with the seed from the ground song.
2016 April 21 Banner.jpg
First graders did a wonderful job painting pictures on canvas for the garden banner.
2016 April 21 Pine cone bee.jpg
Kindergarteners made bees for the garden out of pine cones!
2016 April 22 Earth Day arbor.jpg
The bees were hung from the arbor and all the big trees.
2016 April 22 Butterfly&bird signs.jpg
We made new bird & buttefly stakes. Every kind of bird and butterfly that visits our garden has its own sign now.
2016 April 21 Bee craft.jpg
Our crafting table included an informational poster. Did you know that California has 1,600 native bee species?
2016 April 21 Bee craft 1.jpg
We repurposed plastic utensils, jar lids, and bottle caps to make bees!
2016 April 21 Bee craft 2.jpg
2016 April 21 Bee craft 3.jpg
2016 April 21 Bee craft 4.jpg
2016 April 21 Bee craft 6.jpg
2016 April 21 Recycle race.jpg
We learned that not every unwanted item belongs in the trash can.
2016 April 21 Recycling race.jpg
Do you know the proper place to put this wood, plastic toy, and plastic bag?
(Answer: yard waste container, blue recycling bin, and grocery store.)
2016 April 21 Worm poster.jpg
We leaned about vermicomposting - composting with the help of red wiggler worms.
2016 April 21 Worm bin 2.jpg
And 33 lucky children got to make their own starter worm bins.
2016 April 21 Worm bin.jpg
We promise to have more containers next year!
2016 April 21 Pot own plant.jpg
Everyone could make their own succulent plant to take home.
2016 April 21 Chalk.jpg

2016 April 21 Chalk 2.jpg

2016 April 21 Gourd prizes.jpg
We gave away 2 gourds in our contest to guess how many bottle caps in the jar. There were 106 in that skinny bottle!
2016 April 21 Farmer Roy & Grandpa Fred.jpg
Thank you to Farmer Roy and our garden visionary, Grandpa Fred.
2016 April 21 Club presentation.jpg
On behalf of the Poway Valley Garden Club, Farmer Roy presented our school with $200 for the garden.
2016 April 21 Sale plant.jpg
Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our garden with us.
2016 April 21 Welcome sign 2.jpg
We hope you'll come back again next year!

<<<<<<<< Other happenings this week >>>>>>>>
2016 April 22 Preschool treasure hunt.jpg
Preschoolers visited the garden on Friday to help with their Earth Day treasure hunt.
2016 April 20 Flowering lettuce.jpg
The lettuce flowered.
2016 April 22 Lettuce flower hoverfly.jpg
Their blossoms look like small dandelions. They're another flower that delight the hoverflies.
2016 April 22 Sorrel.jpg
All the sorrel that we divided is growing strong.
2016 April 19 Canna & iris.jpg
The first canna and bearded iris of the season opened.
2016 April 18 Nasturtium.jpg
2016 April 18 Nasturtium blossom.jpg
Lots of nasturtiums bloomed.
2016 April 22 Cilantro bugs.jpg
The cilantro flowers continue to bring in the visitors: ladybugs, bees, hoverflies...
2016 April 22 Small beetles.jpg
...tiny little beetles...
2016 April 22 Fly.jpg
...big flies...
2016 April 22 Blue belly.jpg
...and some lizards (probably chasing all those flies).
2016 April 18 Skipper.jpg
We saw lots of skippers this week.
2016 April 19 Guara.jpg
The white and pink guaras began to bloom.
2016 April 22 Sunflowers.jpg
The preschoolers came to check out the size of the sunflowers they planted.
2016 April 22 Cauliflower leaves clipped together.jpg
The cauliflower leaves got clipped together...
2016 April 22 Cauliflower.jpg
...to shield some of the those heads from sunburn.
2016 April 18 Armyworm moth caterpillar.jpg
We noticed armyworm moths in the garden the past couple weeks. Now we're finding armyworm caterpillars!
2016 April 20 Stick caterpillar.jpg
The little caterpillar is pretending to be a stick for protection.
2016 April 18 Crane fly.jpg
We saw several of these crane flies.
2016 April 20 Lynx spider.jpg
This small lynx spider was hanging out in the geraniums.
2016 April 22 Anise swallowtail with sign.jpg
Could our new butterfly signs be attracting butterflies? Our first anise swallowtail butterfly of the season came to the
fennel plant just behind the swallowtail sign.
2016 April 22 Anise swallowtail.jpg
We know it's a girl.
2016 April 22 Swallowtail egg.jpg
Because she laid eggs!

Week of April 11 - April 15, 2016
2016 April 13 Harvest.jpg
School was on break this week, but we still had things to harvest! Some kale, lettuce, kohlrabi, orach, and cabbage came
2016 April 13 Baby cabbages.jpg
The cabbage had lots of little baby cabbage growths at the bottom.
2016 April 13 Chinese cabbage seedpods.jpg
The Chinese cabbage seed pods were getting plump.
2016 April 13 Grasshopper laying.jpg
Grasshoppers were laying eggs in the garden pathways!
2016 April 13 Hoverfly larva.jpg
Beneficial hoverfly larva were crawling around the cauliflower leaves eating up the aphids.
2016 April 13 Common buckeye.jpg
A new butterfly came to the garden! This Common Buckeye sipped from the the cilantro flowers.
2016 April 13 Armyworm moth.jpg
And this Armyworm moth was hanging out on the nearby kale.

Week of April 4 - April 9, 2016
2016 April 9 Flower Show.jpg
Rolling Hills was represented at the Poway Valley Garden Club's Flower Show on Saturday! Alongside of Painted Rock,
Chaparral, and Innovation Academy, we sold plants and bug cards. We also had some entries in the flower show. We
received one 1st, one 2nd and two 3rd awards for some flowers from the garden and a succulent pot.
2016 April 7 Succulent circle.jpg
The succulent circle in the garden is really showing off.
2016 April 8 Sunflower circle.jpg
The sunflower circle is getting taller.
2016 April 8 Raspberry bed.jpg
The raspberry bed is getting fuller...
2016 April 4 Raspberry flowers.jpg
...with lots of raspberry flowers!
2016 April 6 Kohlrabi harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders helped with the harvesting on Wednesday. We took out a couple kohlrabi, cabbage...
2016 April 6 Kale harvesting.jpg
...and lots of kale leaves.
2016 April 6 Dinosaur kale.jpg
The kale is looking so healthy. Not one aphid needed to be brushed away.
2016 April 6 Lettuce.jpg
We also had lots of full heads of lettuce.
2016 April 6 Harvest.jpg
Orach was also harvested.
2016 April 7 Stevia.jpg
Fourth graders sampled stevia leaves from the garden as part of their nutrition lesson on sugar. Stevia is sweet!
2016 April 6 Orange caulilflower.jpg
Yay, our bed of white cauliflower might be turning into a bed of orange cauliflower!
2016 April 5 Nectarine bird mesh.jpg
The nectarine tree got covered with mesh to prevent birds from eating the fruit.
2016 April 6 Propagation pots.jpg
Some of the garlic chives needed repotting. Some had worms in them! And we checked to see if the blue chalkstick
cuttings were rooting. Yep!
2016 April 3 Gourd cleaning.jpg
Cleaning the gourds has begun. This shows the before, the wet after scrubbing, and the dry after sitting in the sun. Lots
of gourds will be for sale at the open house on the 21st.
2016 April 6 Nasturtiums.jpg
Lots of variety in the nasturtium blossoms.
2016 April 4 Cabbage white laying.jpg
Cabbage whites were laying eggs everywhere in the garden. Where they couldn't reach the leaves through a row cover,
they laid their eggs right on top!
2016 April 4 Swarm.jpg
A bee swarm was in one of the mulberry trees not far from the garden. They swarm only while scouts look for a new home,
so they were gone the following day.
2016 April 6 Northern white skipper.jpg
New garden butterfly! This is a northern white skipper.
2016 April 4 Mourning cloak chrysalis.jpg
The mourning cloak butterfly caterpillars are now in chrysalis form. There are many of these hanging from the ceilings in
the school's courtyard.
2016 April 8 Monarch caterpillars.jpg
The monarch caterpillars continue to devour our native milkweed.
2016 April 6 Aphid mummies.jpg
Aphid mummies! These were on a cauliflower leaf. The holes are where parasitic wasps have hatched from an aphid's body.
2016 April 5 Spittle bugs.jpg
These cute spittle bugs hide under all that froth in our rosemary leaves.
2016 April 6 Armyworm moth.jpg
An armyworm moth was sleeping on one of our soil bags.
2016 April 6 Hoverflies.jpg
Lots of busy hoverfly activity this week. All three were laying eggs wherever they sensed aphids: on the orach, the
strawberries, and the cauliflower. One of the white eggs can be seen to the left of the first hoverfly.
2016 April 6 Mating red hoverflies.jpg
The red hoverfly on the strawberries was joined by a male. The female is bigger!
2016 April 5 Convergent lady beetle.jpg
This is a convergent ladybeetle on the snap peas. Their bodies are more elongated then the ones we normally see.
2016 April 6 Grasshopper.jpg
Several grasshoppers were spotted in the garden this week. This one was trying to lay eggs in the garden pathway!
2016 April 6 Bloomers.jpg
The gazania flowers, the jupiter's beard, and one of the aloes are blooming.
2016 April 6 Blooming yerba santa.jpg
Although we haven't yet observed butterflies on the native yerba santa, it's not hard to see why it's known as a butterfly

Week of March 28 - April 1, 2016
2016 March 30 Garden entry.jpg
It's beginning to look...
2016 March 29 Blooming entry tree.jpg
...and to sound like spring. Lots of buzzing noises were coming from the entry tree!
2016 March 28 Pomegranate.jpg
The little pomegranate tree is covered with blossoms.
2016 March 28 Monarch caterpillar.jpg
The monarch caterpillars are getting chubby.
2016 April 1 Apple.jpg
We have apples!
2016 March 29 Fortnight lily and monkeyflower.jpg
Our first fortnight lily and CA monkey flower opened.
2016 March 29 Sunflower circle.jpg
The sunflowers have risen well above their protective surround.
2016 March 29 Carrot bed.jpg
The carrot bed is maturing.
2016 March 30 Cauliflower with lettuce.jpg
The last cauliflower bed is erupting.
2016 April 1 Seeding orach & tomato flowers.jpg
Some of the orach seed cases are drying out and our first flowers opened in the tomato bed.
2016 March 30 Harvesting kohlrabi.jpg
Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders helped with the weekly harvest. Together we took out some kohlrabi...
2016 March 30 Harvesting.jpg
...and a cabbage, and they picked the kale.
2016 March 30 Harvest.jpg
In addition to the kohlrabi and cabbage, we collected enough lettuce to fill 3 bags, some rainbow chard, sorrel and orach.
2016 March 30 Peas.jpg
Also in there was our first mini harvest of peas.
2016 March 31 Sorrel before dividing.jpg
The 2 sorrel plants had grown into a clumps of plants and were ready for division.
2016 March 31 Sorrel divided.jpg
We divided each clump into about a dozen plants.
2016 March 31 Sorrel planted.jpg
The bed was refurbished with garden compost and veggie fertilizer and 5 sorrel were replanted.
2016 April 1 Old borage.jpg
The borage blocking the other geranium planter box needed to be cut away. The base of the plant was broken and hollow...
2016 April 1 Borage stem & roots.jpg
...making easy entry for the slugs! Every main stem had them. The roots were pretty amazing.
2016 April 1 Pink borage flowers.jpg
There were some pink flowers mixed in with the blue!
2016 April 1 Geranium bed open borage gone.jpg
All cleaned up and ready for some sorrel. Five were planted in this bed to match the geranium box on the other side.
2016 April 1 Sow bug.jpg
There were some pretty amazing sowbugs eating the decaying borage stems. These guys can't roll up into a ball like the
roly pollies.
2016 April 1 Ladybugs.jpg
This red ladybug was on the geranium buds, the orange one was on the nearby orach.
2016 March 29 Finished compost.jpg
It was time to clear out one of the compost bins. We filled 6 large soil bags for later garden use.
2016 March 29 Figeater beatle grubs.jpg
We saved the grubs and put them in another bin. The little guy on the right is possibly the smallest figeater grub we've
2016 March 29 Brown widow.jpg
We tried not to disturb mama brown widow and her egg sacs.
2016 March 29 Food to compost.jpg
Yay, we have more room for cafeteria waste!
2016 March 28 Katydid eggs.jpg
We hung new bird scare tape to discourage the sparrows from scattering straw out of the beds. We noticed these katydid
eggs on the string above the kohlrabi bed. They were all open, so they must have hatched long ago.
2016 March 31 Cabbage looper.jpg
Cabbage looper! We haven't seen them in a while.
2016 March 30 Fly.jpg
This big fly was resting near the peas.
2016 March 29 Say's phoebe.jpg
This bird would very much like to make a meal of the fly above. It's a Say's phoebe flycatcher.

Week of March 21 - March 25, 2016
2016 March 23 Harvest.jpg
Another green (and purple!) harvest. Three bags of lettuce, 2 bags of kohlrabi, 2 bags of kale, 2 green cabbage, and
some purple orach leaves (plus a little cilantro).
2016 March 23 Harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders helped with the harvest.
2016 March 23 Orach twin leaf.jpg
It's always cute to find a twin orach leaf.
2016 March 22 Seeding orach and flowering broccoli.jpg
Some of the orach has gone to seed. And some of the broccoli is blooming.

2016 March 23 Orach pests.jpg
The only caterpillars we found this week were on purple leaves! The red orach had some green aphids and this cabbage
white butterfly caterpillar.
2016 March 21 Cabbage worms.jpg
Four more cabbage worms were found in the red cabbage bed.
2016 March 25 Snap peas.jpg
We now have snap peas!
2016 March 24 Planting kohlrabi.jpg
We planted more purple kohlrabi seedlings this week -- some in the kohlrabi bed and others in the assorted cabbage bed.
2016 March 23 Stevia with lettuce.jpg
Two stevia plants went into the lettuce bed. Stevia is not only yummy and sweet -- it's said to help repel aphids.
2016 March 25 Red wiggler eggs.jpg
We used some of our garden compost when we planted. It's always fun to dig into the compost bins. There were lots of red
wiggler worms and egg cases...
2016 March 24 Figeater beetle grubs.jpg
...some figeater beetle grubs...
2016 March 24 Triangulate cobweb spider.jpg
...and this triangulate cobweb spider. She was a wee little thing, guarding 2 egg sacs as big as herself. She's a harmless
spider, most often found in homes.
2016 March 23 Collecting mulch.jpg
We finished adding more mulch to the garden this week. Lots of kids help to fill dozens of buckets.
2016 March 23 Mulch lizard.jpg
The lizards laid claim to some of the new piles we made in the garden.
2016 March 21 Gourd seeds.jpg
One more rotting gourd was broken apart for the seeds. This one was bountiful!
2016 March 25 Ladybug release.jpg
Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders raised ladybugs in the classroom and came to release the adults into the garden. They're 12
spotted pink ladybeetles. Although they're native to the U.S., they're a variety we don't normally see in the garden.
2016 March 25 Ladybug comparison.jpg
They're much bigger than the locals! We added some to the lettuce patch and they immediately started chowing down on
the aphids. The pink 12 spot is unusual in that they also get food (as much as 50% of their diet) from flower pollen.
2016 March 25 Insect eggs.jpg
This is the second time we've encountered these insect egg cases in the garden. And we still don't know what they are!
2016 March 23 Mourning cloak caterpillars.jpg
At least 7 mourning cloak caterpillars were seen roaming the inside of the school. They must feed from the willow-like trees
in the school's courtyard. Most are finding high places under the roof to form their chrysalis.
2016 March 23 Hoverfly on purslane.jpg
A pretty hoverfly visited the rock purslane flowers.
2016 March 21 Moth.jpg
Another small moth was found this week.
2016 March 22 Grape vine.jpg
The grapes are exploding with leaves and flower buds.
2016 March 22 Bloomers.jpg
Lots of flower are opening up for spring.
2016 March 21 Flowering natives.jpg
Native plants are blooming too: Cleveland sage, San Diego sunflower, yerba santa (first time it's bloomed!) and tree mallow.
2016 March 21 Iris.jpg
Our first iris opened!
2016 March 22 Mourning doves.jpg
And a pair of mourning doves rested on top of one of the patio umbrellas.

Week of March 14 - March 18, 2016
2016 March 16 Harvest.jpg
Lots of greens in this week's harvest! Clockwise from top left: 2 bags of kale, 3 bags of kohlrabi, 3 bags of lettuce, 1 bag of
cabbage, and 1 more bag of lettuce.
2016 March 16 Cabbage & kohlrabi harvesting.jpg p
Mrs. Baseshore's 3rd graders helped with the harvest.
2016 March 16 Kohlrabi harvest.jpg
We took out quite a few of kohlrabi that day.
2016 March 16 Kohlrabi blooming.jpg
We have at least one kohlrabi forming a flower and another going crazy and forming additional "bulbs" from the base.
2016 March 17 Kohlrabi planting.jpg
We filled in the bare spots with purple kohlrabi seedlings.
2016 March 18 Planted cabbages.jpg
And a few purple cabbages were planted in the assorted cabbage bed.
2016 March 18 Flowering cabbage.jpg
The blooms on the Chinese cabbage are 5 feet tall now.
2016 March 18 Produce beds.jpg
Here's a view of the produce beds from the back right corner on a foggy morning.
2016 March 18 Cauliflower bed #2.jpg
The newest cabbage bed is looking really nice -- not one caterpillar nibble!
2016 March 14 Culling nectarines.jpg
We culled the number of fruit from the nectarine tree to prevent branches breaking from the weight of the fruit.
2016 March 14 Culling before and after.jpg
The before photo is on bottom. We tried to leave only one fruit every few inches.
2016 March 18 Peas.jpg
The peas are forming pods now.
2016 March 17 Sorrel.jpg
The 4th graders sampled sorrel from the garden.
2016 March 18 Entry tree.jpg
The entry tree is finally green again.
2016 March 16 Strawberries.jpg
Our first strawberries of this year!
2016 March 16 Bees on cilantro.jpg
We've been noticing lots of honey bees in the garden with reddish-purple pollen sacs. The non-honey bee drinking from
the cilantro flowers on the left was much smaller, quicker, and had a fuzzy lavender tummy!
2016 March 15 Watching bees on rock purslane.jpg
We think they might be getting that reddish-purple color from these blooms in the succulent bed.
2016 March 15 Bee on rock purslane.jpg
These are rock purslane.
2016 March 15 Spiderlings.jpg
Hundreds of spiderlings emerged from an egg sac attached to the bottom of one of the garden tables.
2016 March 15 Spiderling.jpg
They were tiny!
2016 March 18 Monarch caterpillars.jpg
There are lots of monarch caterpillars now on both the tropical and native milkweed.
2016 March 14 Moth.jpg
This moth did a super job blending in with our clothespins near the carrot bed.
2016 March 14 Snout moth.jpg
This snout moth was found in the mint bed.
2016 March 16 Hoverfly pupa and ladybug larva.jpg
Garden beneficials! Hoverfly pupa on left and young ladybug on right.
2016 March 14 Iridescent beetle.jpg
Not sure what this little beetle is.
2016 March 15 Beetle and grasshopper.jpg
This giant of a darkling beetle was resting on the fence and this giant of a grasshopper was near the bulb garden.
2016 March 16 Blue belly lizard.jpg
This western fence lizard flashed his pretty blue belly. There have been so many lizards running through the produce beds,
we're starting to suspect them of scattering the straw out of the beds.
2016 March 16 & 17 Goldfinch and song sparrow.jpg
These lesser goldfinches were twittering in the entry tree and the song sparrow was singing his heart out on the top of the
nectarine tree.

Week of March 7 - March 11, 2016
2016 March 10 Honeybee to cabbage flower.jpg
The Chinese cabbage continues to be a big draw for the beneficials. The flowers smell like a cross between honey and
cooked cabbage. But the honeybees like it.
2016 March 10 Hoverfly on cabbage flower.jpg
And so do the hoverflies...
2016 March 9 Bee on cabbage flower.jpg
...and the native bees!
2016 March 10 Green cabbage flower.jpg
The one flowering green cabbage has very different flowers. It hasn't yet been discovered by the pollinators.
2016 March 11 Cabbage bed.jpg
It's not hard to see why the Chinese cabbage draws the most attention.
2016 March 9 Green cabbage.jpg
We harvested one of the green cabbages...
2016 March 9 Kohlrabi.jpg
...a large kohlrabi...
2016 March 9 Sorrel.jpg
...and sorrel leaves.
2016 March 9 Harvest.jpg
We also harvested romaine lettuce, broccoli, rainbow chard, kale, tangerines, our first 2 lemons, and orach.
2016 March 9 Snap pea blossom.jpg
The peas are full of flowers now.
2016 March 8 Planting apricot tree.jpg
We added another fruit tree! We planted a bareroot apricot tree in the back corner where the sitting scarecrow used to be.
2016 March 11 Calendula.jpg
We added some calendula to the chard, tomato, and strawberry beds. Now we have chives, garlic, and flowers in the
strawberry bed. Calendula is another great all-around companion plant, giving plants pest-protection similar to marigolds.
2016 March 9 Tomato seedlings & planting deep.jpg
It was tomato time! On the right is not a tomato, but a kale plant. We had to dig it up from the kale bed because of damage
to the top. But it demonstrated the importance of planting tomato plants deep in the ground. See all those roots that
formed from the stalk that was buried?
2016 March 9 Planting tomatoes 1.jpg
Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders planted a variety of sizes and colors of tomatoes.
2016 March 9 Planting tomatoes 2.jpg
The bed was refurbished before-hand with chicken manure, worm castings, and an amended compost mix.
2016 March 11 Reflections.jpg
We now have some garden magnifying glasses. They're great for adding rainbows to shirt sparkles...
2016 March 11 Rolie polie.jpg
...and getting a close-up view of your favorite bug in the garden -- currently, that's the rolie polies!
2016 March 10 Western bluebird and dark eyed junco.jpg
A male western bluebird was seen flying from the birdhouse! The plump bird on the right is our first pic of a dark eyed
2016 March 10 Western fence lizard saved.jpg
We learned an important lesson this week -- look inside the watering can before you fill it up! We found this little guy
floating belly up in the watering can a minute after filling it. Luckily, he revived.
2016 March 10 Coriander flowers.jpg
And not to be outdone by the cabbage blossoms, the cilantro bed is also courting the bees.

Week of February 29 - March 4, 2016
2016 March 2 Harvest.jpg
A big harvest week! Top row (left to right): lettuce, broccoli leaves, kohlrabi, lettuce ; Middle row: broccoli, kale, green
cabbage and Chinese cabbage; Bottom row: rainbow chard with orach, broccoli leaves
2016 March 2 Cabbages.jpg
The cabbage bed certainly shined this week.
2016 March 2 Harvesting cabbages.jpg
Three have bolted into flower.
2016 March 2 Bee on cabbage flowers.jpg
The flowers are so pretty.
2016 March 2 Harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders helped with the harvest. We took out our first kohlrabi of the season and several cabbages.
2016 March 2 Kohlrabi harvest.jpg
Every part of the kohlrabi is edible.
2016 March 2 Curly kale.jpg
The curly kale is filling out.
2016 March 2 R Kale leaves from leaves.jpg
Many of the Russian kale had little leaves growing out from the main ones.
2016 March 2 Broccoli bed #2.jpg
We also harvested our first broccoli from broccoli bed #2.
2016 March 2 to 4 Broccoli bed #1.jpg
Broccoli bed #1 was cleared out. We harvested the nicest of the leaves, gathered up the straw, and pulled up the stalks.
2016 March 2 Planted orach.jpg
Many of the orach began flowering. We planted new seedlings around them.
2016 Feb 29 Dill seedlings.jpg
Our propagated dill was big enough to start thinning.
2016 March 3 Propagating succulent.jpg
The fourth graders propagated their last plant of the year. They planted cutting of blue chalksticks.
2016 March 4 Lizard close up.jpg
The garden lizards are such cute dinosaurs -- all with such different colors and patterns.
2016 March 3 Lizard.jpg
This little guy had a pretty triangle pattern down his back.
2016 March 2 Rotten gourd.jpg
One of the bigger gourds that began to rot was chopped open. There were lots of mature seeds.
2016 March 2 Gourd decomposers.jpg
And there were lots of interesting bugs eating the innards! The brown cylnder on the right looks like a fly's pupa.
2016 Feb 29 Freezia.jpg
The red freezias started to bloom this week.
2016 Feb 29 to Mar 1 Hoverflies.jpg
Many beautiful hoverflies were in the garden. Several skinny ones like the one on the left circled the compost bins (their
larva must eat decomposing matter), the middle one and one on the right were resting in the succulent bed. The big guy
on the right is the largest hoverfly we've seen in the garden.
2016 Feb 29 to Mar 1 Funereal duskywing.jpg
We saw several funeral duskywing butterflies this week. They were drinking from the native sunflowers and the coast
rosemary flowers.
2016 March 2 Armyworm Moth.jpg
This looks like an armyworm moth. He was resting on the row cover on the kale bed.
2016 Feb 29 Grasshopper.jpg
See the grasshopper? We only noticed him on the native yerba santa because of the nibbled leaves.

Week of February 22 - February 26, 2016
2016 Feb 26 Strawberry bed.jpg
The warm week had its benefits. Lot of things in the garden had a growth spurt.
2016 Feb 25 Pale swallowtail butterfly.jpg
And more butterflies came to visit. This is a pale swallowtail who came in to drink from the purple lantana.
2016 Feb 26 Lizard.jpg
It was easy to watch (and be watched) by the lizards.
2016 Feb 26 Red cabbage.jpg
The red cabbage grew much larger.
2016 Feb 26 Cabbage bed.jpg
And so did all the assorted cabbages. But the heat also made some start to flower!
2016 Feb 26 Bolting chinese cabbage.jpg
Here's the beginning of a beautiful flower stalk on one of the chinese cabbages.
2016 Feb 22 Lettuce between cauliflower.jpg
We interplanted lettuce between all the young cauliflower plants.
2016 Feb 22 Planted grapefruit and planting sunflowers.jpg
We replaced the dead persimmon tree with a cocktail grapefruit tree and planted more sunflower seedlings in the bed
2016 Feb 26 Carrot thinning.jpg
The carrots were thinned out and purple and red carrots seeds were planted in the bare spots.
2016 Feb 24 Harvest.jpg
Mrs. Golden's class helped with this week's harvest.
2016 Feb 24 Harvesting cabbages.jpg
We pulled out a couple of the Chinese cabbages and one of the green.
2016 Feb 23 Mystery maggot and pupa.jpg
The mystery maggots who have been eating holes in the cabbage leaves are turning into pupas in our bug container.
2016 Feb 24 Kale harvest.jpg
The kids harvested an assortment of kale leaves -- Russian, dinosaur, and our first curly purple and green of the season .
2016 Feb 26 Cabbage white eggs.jpg
Lots of cabbage white butterfly eggs were found on the underside of the kale leaves.
2016 Feb 24 Sampling broccoli shoots.jpg
We sampled the yummy broccoli shoots.
2016 Feb 25 Propagating fox tail agave and aster.jpg
The 4th graders propagated foxtail agave and planted divisions of the garden's blue aster. We tried propagating the aster
through cuttings a while back, but they failed.
2016 Feb 24 Trimming mint bed.jpg
The kids helped to trim the mint bed and pull up all the creeping runners out of the mulch.
2016 Feb 23 Borage.jpg
The borage that fell over in the storm has turned itself upward.
2016 Feb 22 K reading.jpg
Another beautiful week for a K class to read in the garden.
2016 Feb 23 Blooming CA currant and CA lilac.jpg
Two CA natives are in bloom -- the currants and lilac.
2016 Feb 25 Blooming daisies, lavender & freezia.jpg
Also flowering in the garden are the Santa Barbara daisies, the lavender, and the orange freezias.
2016 Feb 23 Fruiting nectarines and blooming plums.jpg
The nectarine tree is now covered with tiny fruit and a plum tree has burst into bloom.
2016 Feb 24 Monarch laying.jpg
Monarchs were busy looking for milkweed leaves to attach eggs to. No, not on our plants for sale! To prevent this, we
covered the pots with chicken wire.
2016 Feb 24 CA milkweed.jpg
Now this is better! This one was laid on the garden's native milkweed.
2016 Feb 22 Brown widow.jpg
We noticed more spider activity in the garden. This is a brown widow in one of our compost bins. She was watching over
an egg sac. Her body is darker than ones we've seen before.
2016 Feb 22 Brown widow with egg sac.jpg
This one is the lighter color we see more often. Brown widows are known to be more shy and gentle than black widows.
Their bite also inflicts less damage.
2016 Feb 24 Cob web spiders.jpg
These spiders were hanging out on the Chinese cabbage. They are known as cob wed spiders. They belong to the same
family of spiders as the widows.
2016 Feb 25 Mystery fly.jpg
We've been seeing a lot of activity from these little black flies, but haven't been able to ID them.
2016 Feb 26 Mealworm.jpg
This large mealworm was found in the soil from one of the pots inside the school.

Week of February 15 - February 19, 2016
2016 Feb 17 Harvest.jpg
School was out this week, but we still got some things done during the days ESS was open. The harvested included many
heads of lettuce, Russian and dinosaur kale, cilantro, orach with rainbow chard, and some broccoli shoots.
2016 Feb 17 sprouting CA poppies.jpg
The California poppies are coming up!
2016 Feb 17 Lion's tail sprouting.jpg
And so are the Lion's tail seedlings!
2016 Feb 17 Broccoli.jpg
Nice broccoli heads are forming in broccoli bed #2.
2016 Feb 16 Daffodils.jpg
The yellow daffodils began to open -- both the minis and regular.
2016 Feb 17 Grasshoppers.jpg
And these two grey bird grasshoppers were hanging out together in the lemon tree.

Week of February 8 - February 12, 2016
2016 Feb 10 Harvest.jpg
This week's harvest was a good one. We took out the last of the Romanesco cauliflower and the last of the navel oranges,
a bunch of tangerines, cauliflower leaves, cilantro, kale, our first cabbage of the season, lettuce, and some broccoli side
2016 Feb 8 Romanesco C for H Ranch.jpg
We donated the largest Romanesco to Highland Ranch Elementary.
2016 Feb 10 Harvesting cabbage.jpg
Mr. Kajita's class helped with the harvest. Our first green cabbage weighed in at almost 2 pounds.
2016 Feb 10 Harvesting tangerines.jpg
We twisted off the ripest tangerines.
2016 Feb 10 Dinosaur and Russian kale.jpg
Our kale bed was harvested for the first time -- Russian and dinosaur kale.
2016 Feb 10 Storm damaged cabbage rebound.jpg
It took some time for the plants and the garden to rebound from the storm damage -- but in only a week, things began to
look normal again!
2016 Feb 9 Staked tree.jpg
This week we staked the corner tree back to upright.
2016 Feb 8 Palm removal.jpg
Now you see it, now you don't! Although you can't tell from this angle, the Mexican palm was leaning as well. Growing like a
weed right up against the concrete, we decided it was time to remove it before it became an even bigger problem.
2016 Feb 12 Sunflower seed sprout.jpg
The sunflower seeds planted by the preschool kids started to come up!
2016 Feb 9 Carrot sprout.jpg
And so did the baby carrots!
2016 Feb 12 Garlic growth.jpg
The heat made the garlic sprouts grow before our very eyes.
2016 Feb 11 Cauliflower stalks.jpg
It was time to renew the cauliflower bed and pull out all the old stalks.
2016 Feb 11 Cauliflower saplings.jpg
It was cool to examine the one that grew 2 baby plants from its root.
2016 Feb 12 Planting cauliflower 2.jpg
We turned over the soil and mixed in garden compost, the worm castings we collected last week, and chicken manure.
Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders planted new cauliflower seedlings in the bed.
2016 Feb 12 Covered cauliflower.jpg
We were a little worried about the heat -- even with the row cover to give them a bit of shade, they looked rather shocked
by the end of the day.
2016 Feb 11 Crassula tetragona propagation.jpg
Fourth graders planted generous-sized cuttings of crassula tetragona...
2016 Feb 11 Dill seeds.jpg
...and a butterfly plant -- dill. Dill is a host plant for anise swallowtails. It also smells and tastes good!
2016 Feb 11 Milkweed regrowing.jpg
Our narrow leaf milkweed is regrowing!
2016 Feb 11 Lemon tree.jpg
There are more lemons on the tree than we've ever seen.
2016 Feb 10 Nectarine tree blossoms.jpg
The nectarine tree is still very pretty.
2016 Feb 8 Nectarine blossoms with bee.jpg
The bees think so too.
2016 Feb 10 Apple tree blossoms.jpg
The apple tree is blossoming now...
2016 Feb 9 Feather cassia and aloe blossoms.jpg
...and so is the feather cassia and the aloes.
2016 Feb 11 House finches.jpg
With the entry tree bare, bird watching is easier. A group of house finches made some noise from there.
2016 Feb 12 Mourning Cloak butterfly.jpg
This mourning cloak butterfly landed in the tree as well.
2016 Feb 9 Lizard.jpg
This was a perfect week to see lots of garden lizards -- they enjoyed the heat!
2016 Feb 8 Cutworm moth pupa.jpg
We uncovered this pupa in the soil -- most likely a cutworm moth.
2016 Feb 8 Compost grubs.jpg
We've been donating some of our excess garden compost to some local school gardens. These chunky grubs were in one
of the compost bins. These are baby figeater beetle larva. They love to eat waste!

Week of February 1 - February 5, 2016
2016 Feb 2 Frost on cabbage.jpg
What a wild week. Wind, falling trees, frost, and finally warm days.
2016 Feb 1 Storm damage west side.jpg
The garden really took a beating from the previous Sunday's storm. Every row rover was flung off and the straw mulch was
2016 Feb 1 Storm damage east side.jpg
Some row covers were torn to shreds.
2016 Feb 1 Storm damage rear.jpg
Four trees in the garden were falling over. The Melaleuca in the background was pushing the back fence over. The
red cabbages in the foreground were squashed and had leaves bent every which way.
2016 Feb 1 Leaning tree front.jpg
The corner tree near the entry was also leaning.
2016 Feb 1 Hail.jpg
There was even hail in the cilantro bed from the early morning downpour!
2016 Feb 1 Monarch hatched.jpg
But there was hope. This monarch chrysalis we had been watching chose Monday morning to hatch!
2016 Feb 4 Front Melaleuca trimmed.jpg
And the trees could be pruned, shaped, and pushed back into position. And they look fabulous after a haircut and
thinning. This one behind the patio table opened up more room and sunlight to the aloes and the herb garden.
2016 Feb 4 Rear Melaleuca trimmed.jpg
This was at the back now looks light enough to fly.
2016 Feb 2 Frosted cabbage bed.jpg
We left off some row covers, which meant frost covered everything for a couple days.
2016 Feb 2 Preschool planting sunflowers.jpg
Preschoolers planted a mix of sunflower seeds in the sunflower circle on Tuesday.
2016 Feb 3 Romanesco cauliflower.jpg
Mrs. Coate's class helped with this week's harvest. We took out two of the Romanesco cauliflower.
2016 Feb 3 Harvesting Cilantro.jpg
The class also helped to harvest the cilantro.
2016 Feb 3 Harvest.jpg
The harvest also included lettuce, cauliflower leaves, orach and dinosaur kale.
2016 Feb 5 Harvesting worm castings.jpg
Mrs. Herman-D.'s fifth graders separated worms from their plant-enriching castings (poop) from the worm bin.
2016 Feb 5 Worm bedding newspaper.jpg
We also made a new bedding layer for the worms from dampened newspaper strips...
2016 Feb 5 Worm bedding cardboard & coir.jpg
...cardboard, and coir.
2016 Feb 5 Worms plus castings.jpg
Thank you worms for your wonderful worm poop! We'll use this in the next bed that we refurbish.
2016 Feb 4 Planting curly and Russian kale.jpg
No more critters eating the kale and orach meant that we could replant a bed. We put in two types of curly kale -- green
and purple -- between the orach.
2016 Feb 5 Blooming nectarine tree.jpg
The nectarine tree felt it was warm enough to bloom.
2016 Feb 5 Garlic sprout.jpg
And all the garlic shot up between the strawberries.
2016 Feb 4 Chinese cabbage pests.jpg
We're still not sure what these guys are, but we certainly removed a bunch from eating holes in the Chinese cabbage.
2016 Feb 5 Grasshopper and cabbage white butterfly.jpg
This grasshopper was eating a chunk out of a palm frond. This other pest, the cabbage white butterfly, rested on the
tangerine tree.

Week of January 25 - January 29, 2016
2016 Jan 27 4 Produce beds.jpg
Some beds are filling in, while others are thinning out.
2016 Jan 29 Lettuce with kohlrabi.jpg
Next week we'll be harvesting some of the lettuce planted with the kohlrabi.
2016 Jan 27 Romanesco cauliflower.jpg
And we'll be taking out the last of the cauliflower.
2016 Jan 27 Assorted cabbage bed.jpg
The cabbage bed is filling out nicely. We took out a couple of those Chinese cabbage this week.
2016 Jan 27 Red cabbage bed.jpg
The red cabbage is coming along.
2016 Jan 29 Rainbow chard.jpg
And yea, the rainbow chard is making a comeback.
2016 Jan 29 Gourds.jpg
The gourds were moved from their bed to 3 spots in the back of the garden.
2016 Jan 25 Chopping rotten gourds.jpg
A few began to shrivel up and needed to be composted.
2016 Jan 26 Refurbishing gourd bed and grubs.jpg
The former gourd bed was refurbished with compost, chicken manure, and worm castings. A handful of grubs were found
in the soil.
2016 Jan 27 Planting carrot seeds.jpg
Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders planted the bed with carrot seeds. We then gave the bed a light sprinkling of straw mulch and
a row cover.
2016 Jan 27 Harvest.jpg
This week's harvest: Chinese cabbage, lettuce, a bit of broccoli shoots, orach, green cauliflower (with leaves), and cilantro.
2016 Jan 27 Caterpillars on chinese cabbage.jpg
Here's one cause of the holes in the cabbage leaves. And we don't know what it is!
2016 Jan 27 Cabbage white butterfly.jpg
When we opened up the broccoli bed, this cabbage white butterfly was inside!
2016 Jan 29 Cabbage worm and 2 chrysalis.jpg
The cabbage white butterfly chrysalis that are forming in our bug container are turning a different color! Without a green
leaf background, the fuzzy caterpillars are turning brown for better camouflage.
2016 Jan 28 Propagating rock purslane.jpg
Fourth graders helped to trim back our succulent bed by propagating rock purslane.
2016 Jan 27 Lizard.jpg
The succulent bed is a favorite place for the garden's lizards. The rocks must be nice and warm.
2016 Jan 29 Rock purslane 2.jpg
We made 3 trays of this pretty succulent. We also planted pots with lion's tail seeds.
2016 Jan 29 Collecting orach seeds.jpg
We gathered more orach seeds and replanted the bed that had the critter damage.
2016 Jan 29 Preschool reading.jpg
There were many warm days this week, making it delightful for the preschoolers reading time.
2016 Jan 25 Daffadills.jpg
Daffodils are blooming in the bulb garden.
2016 Jan 27 Nectarine blossoms.jpg
The nectarine tree has begun to bloom.
2016 Jan 29 Ladybugs on borage.jpg
We're beginning to see our warm weather bugs. Many spotless ladybugs were on the borage.
2016 Jan 29 Yellow sulphur butterfly.jpg
It's been a while since we saw a cloudless sulphur butterfly.
2016 Jan 29 Monarch chrysalis.jpg
The monarch chrysalis that we found in the strawberry bed looks ready to reveal a butterfly.

Week of January 18 - January 22, 2016
2016 Jan 20 Harvest.jpg
This Wednesday was the biggest harvest of the season. Clockwise from top left: cauliflower leaves (2 bags), lettuce,
broccoli, cheddar and green cauliflower, cilantro, green and white cauliflower, kale, tangerines (+ 1 orange), and orach.
2016 Jan 20 Romanesco cauliflower.jpg
Last week we were surprised to find green cauliflower in our produce beds, this week were surprised to see a bunch of
these spiky Romanesco cauliflower!
2016 Jan 20 Tangerine harvesting.jpg
There were lots of ripe tangerines for Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders to harvest.
2016 Jan 20 Broccoli bed.jpg
It was disappointing that the broccoli in this bed didn't get bigger..
2016 Jan 20 Cauliflower harvesting.jpg
...but the beautiful cauliflower made up for it.
2016 Jan 20 Kale.jpg
We almost forgot about our lone kale that self sowed in the now broccoli/lettuce bed! Many of these leaves were pulled for
the harvest.
2016 Jan 20 Red orach harvest.jpg
It was also time to do a first mini harvest of our orach (mountain spinach).
2016 Jan 22 Lettuce planting.jpg
There were many bare spots in our lettuce bed to fill in with seedlings.
2016 Jan 21 Garlic planting.jpg
And room in our strawberry bed to plant garlic between each plant.
2016 Jan 20 Weeding kohlrabi.jpg
The straw weeds were pulled out of all the beds this week.
2016 Jan 20 Borage.jpg
Our borage is overtaking the scarecrow and providing food for many bees.
2016 Jan 21 Peas.jpg
The peas are coming along.
2016 Jan 21 Propagated P lantana.jpg
There are little green leaves on our purple lantana cuttings -- yea!
2016 Jan 21 Propagating senna and cassia.jpg
Since the lantana cuttings were successful kept alive under plastic domes, the 4th graders tried the same method on the
senna and cassia plants. Our last try with seeds didn't work -- it was probably just too cold for them to sprout.
2016 Jan 19 Trimmed cannas.jpg
It seems like most of the frost danger is over, so we cleaned up the cannas and cut down the dry flower stalks on the guaras
and fennel.
2016 Jan 19 Gourds.jpg
A few of the gourds began to rot and had to be composted. None of them had mature seeds we could collect.
2016 Jan 19 Succulent bed.jpg
The succulent bed is very colorful.
2016 Jan 21 Blooming succulent.jpg
Such pretty flowers.
2016 Jan 20 Garden reading.jpg
The weather was beautiful this week, making the garden a great place to read. Mrs. Shook's K class enjoyed outdoor
reading time.
2016 Jan 19 Gulf Fritillary molted.jpg
One of the gulf fritillary caterpillars crawled our of their old skin.
2016 Jan 20 Cabbage white butterfly.jpg
This cabbage white butterfly (considered a pest because their young are cabbage worms that eat our produce), posed
so nicely on the San Diego sunflowers.
2016 Jan 21 Lopper moths.jpg
These are adults of pest caterpillars too -- in the case, adult cabbage looper moths. We saved the one on the left from
drowning in a bucket of water. The one on the right hatched from a cocoon in our pest container.

Week of January 11 - January 15, 2016
2016 Jan 13 Green cauliflower.jpg
Green cauliflower! This was a surprise. Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders spotted several of these in the cauliflower bed.
2016 Jan 13 Harvest passing 2.jpg
We thought we had only planted the cheddar and white varieties!
2016 Jan 13 White cauliflower.jpg
We pulled out our biggest white head of the season.
2016 Jan 13 Harvest passing.jpg
Students also passed around the lettuce and broccoli to get a good look and smell.
2016 Jan 13 Harvest.jpg
It was our first small harvest of broccoli for the season. A bag full of yummy cauliflower leaves was also donated.
2016 Jan 13 Planting kale.jpg
Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders planted dinosaur kale in the former eggplant/pepper bed. These are some of the leftover
plants from our fall edibles plant sale.
2016 Jan 13 Kale planted.jpg
We also put in a few Russian kale and cleared away some strawberry volunteers that were growing along the outside of the
2016 Jan 11 Strawberry.jpg
This was another surprise for the week -- a ripe strawberry!
2016 Jan 12 Strawberry bed in frost.jpg
Strange that is chose a week with more frosty mornings to restart fruit production. It reminded us, though, that it was time to
refurbish this very overgrown bed.
2016 Jan 12 Uprooting strawberry bed.jpg
So many plants needed to be dug out.
2016 Jan 12 Uprooting strawberries.jpg
And so many interesting bugs needed to be found!
2016 Jan 13 Grubs.jpg
Along with an assorted of grubs, rollie pollies, spiders, earwigs, weevils, and mealworms...
2016 Jan 12 Baby grubs.jpg
...there were lots of wee baby grubs!
2016 Jan 14 Dividing strawberries.jpg
The 4th graders tackled separating the clumpy strawberry masses...
2016 Jan 14 Planting strawberries.jpg
...and planting the healthiest youngsters back in the bed. It took a lot of compost to fill the bed back up to its proper level.
2016 Jan 14 Mulching strawberries.jpg
We mulched with straw...
2016 Jan 14 Finished strawberry bed.jpg
...and added strawberry rocks for the finishing touch.
2016 Jan 12 Monarch caterpillars.jpg
At the beginning of the week there were a few leaves and even some flowers on the milkweed.
2016 Jan 11 Monarchs on seed pods.jpg
By the middle of the week, the caterpillars were competing for the seedpods.
2016 Jan 14 Roaming monarchs and chrysalis.jpg
By the end of the week, it was time for them to wander away from the naked milkweed and look for a safe place to transform.
This chrysalis was found in the strawberry bed.
2016 Jan 13 Narcissus.jpg
So many paperwhites blooming in the bulb garden are giving off a very powerful smell. Most students, unfortunately, find
the scent to be "icky."

Week of January 4 - January 8, 2016
2016 Jan 7 Flooded garden entry.jpg
Lots of rain came down this week! Flooding closed down the garden for a couple days.
2016 Jan 4 Pea seedlings.jpg
But good things greeted us upon our return from break. Pea shoots!
2016 Jan 4 Brocc and caul.jpg
Broccoli and cauliflower!
2016 Jan 6 Kohlrabi plus lettuce.jpg
Kohlrabi and lettuce!
2016 Jan 4 Assorted cabbages.jpg
And bursting cabbages.
2016 Jan 4 Borage.jpg
The borage not only survived the cold nights, but grew even bigger.
2016 Jan 4 Canna dieback.jpg
Not so for the cannas. These will need to be cut back to the ground like last year.
2016 Jan 4 Eggplant and pepper dieback.jpg
The last spring/fall bed also succumbed to the cold -- goodbye eggplants and peppers.
2016 Jan 6 Cheddar cauliflower.jpg
We harvested our first cauliflower heads of the season. This is one of the cheddar varieties.
2016 Jan 6 Cauliflower stems.jpg
Can you tell which stalk the cheddar one was cut from?
2016 Jan 6 Harvesting caulif and tangerines.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders helped with the harvest. We passed around the cauliflowers to feel and smell. Students picked
the ripe tangerines.
2016 Jan 6 Lettuce and Chinese cabbage harvest.jpg
Lettuce was also passed around. We harvested our first Chinese cabbage. It's pretty enormous, but it really should have
been given more time to grow.
2016 Jan 6 Harvest.jpg
Our first winter harvest.
2016 Jan 4 Six monarch caterpillars.jpg
The monarch caterpillars survived the cold. They're still munching...
2016 Jan 4 Monarch caterpillars.jpg
...and munching.
2016 Jan 4 Queen and Gulf Fritillary caterpillars.jpg
Both Queen butterfly caterpillars were accounted for! And the Gulf Fritillary caterpillars are still eating the passion fruit
vine's tendrils.
2016 Jan 6 Woodlouse spider.jpg
These woodlouse spiders were found underneath a soil bag. You can see the white exoskeletons of 2 of their former
meals. That earwig on the right has nothing to fear, because woodlouse spiders eat only rollie pollies!
2016 Jan 6 Cabbage white butterfly and cotton cushion scale.jpg
Two of the cabbage white butterfly chysalises that were in the pest container hatched this week. We also found another
cotton cushion scale on the fennel. Two youngsters (the brown circles top and bottom) can be seen in the picture well.
2016 Jan 4 Blooming succulents.jpg
Pretty bloomers in the succulent bed are making the bees happy.

Week of December 14 - December 18
2015 Dec 15 Frosted plants and ground.jpg
Brrr! There was frost in the garden many mornings this week!
2015 Dec 17 Cilantro frozen and revived.jpg
On the left is the effect the cold had on the cilantro. But by the time the warm sun came out, the stems had revived.
2015 Dec 16 Frozen nasturtium and eggplant.jpg
Not so for many of the nasturtiums against the fence and the eggplants.
2015 Dec 16 Lettuce bed.jpg
The lettuce, however, is loving the cold.
2015 Dec 16 Lettuce.jpg
We harvested lots of beautiful heads.
2015 Dec 16 Harvest.jpg
We also collected a bag of cilantro and a bag of basil.
2015 Dec 17 Assorted cabbages.jpg
The assorted cabbages are growing nicely.
2015 Dec 17 Weevil.jpg
Only one little pest was found on leaf inspection -- a garden weevil.
2015 Dec 16 Prepping cabbage bed.jpg
We refurbished the opposite end of the cabbage bed. We renewed with worm castings, amended compost and chicken
2015 Dec 16 Mealworm.jpg
In addition to a handful of grubs, one mealworm was found in the soil.
2015 Dec 18 Planting cabbage.jpg
Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders planted red cabbage seedlings.
2015 Dec 15 Planting peas.jpg
We also planted peas in the 3 former gourd circles. Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders planted seeds here. We had to get creative
on covering the round circles. These tents seem to work.
2015 Dec 17 Broccoli bud.jpg
You can finally see baby broccoli on a few of the plants!
2015 Dec 18 Pomegranate.jpg
There are also a few pomegranates.
2015 Dec 14 Tangerines.jpg
And there will be lots of tangerines ready for picking after winter break!
2015 Dec 17 Gourds.jpg
The gourds are developing some pretty patterns to their skin.
2015 Dec 17 Transplanting Jupiter's Beard.jpg
Fourth graders trimmed and repotted some straggly Jupiter's Beard plants saved from last year. Butterflies love their pink
2015 Dec 14 Tasting cilantro.jpg
Mrs. Shook's kindergarten class experienced the 5 Senses in the garden For "taste," they sampled cilantro.
2015 Dec 18 Cards & seeds for sale.jpg
We sold many more cards and some seed packets and plants on Friday. Thank you to everyone who helped support the
2015 Dec 17 Monarchs frozen and revived.jpg
Baby monarchs are still around. In the frozen mornings, they looked frozen themselves. But they began feeding when the
sun warmed them.
2015 Dec 17 Monarch eating flower.jpg
They go for the flower buds first.
2015 Dec 17 Monarchs on native milkweed.jpg
Even the native milkweed is still hanging on to its leaves and is covered with monarch caterpillars.
2015 Dec 16 Queen butterfly caterpillar.jpg
We could only find one of the Queen butterfly caterpillars this week.
2015 Dec 18 Gulf Fritillary.jpg
Still lots of Gulf Fritillary butterfly caterpillars on the passionfruit. They'll even munch the tendrils!
2015 Dec 14 Hummingbird.jpg
There was lots of hummingbird activity in the garden this week. We trimmed a melaleuca tree from covering this
blooming aloe. As soon as it was exposed, this one flew in to feed.
2015 Dec 17 Lizard.jpg
Some days it was nice to hang out in the sun.
2015 Dec 14 Sunflowers.jpg
Here's one surprising plant that's been unaffected by the frost -- the sunflowers!
2015 Dec 16 Succulents to entry.jpg
The succulents are doing well too -- there are lots of flower buds...
2015 Dec 18 New flowers.jpg
...and a few blooms. And the first of the paperwhite nacissus bulbs have flowered!

Week of December 7 - December 11
2015 Dec 10 Fall Plant Sale.jpg
Thank you to everyone who came to our fall plant sale! We're going to give everyone another opportunity to purchase a
plant, seed, or insect card before school gets out on break. Look for the sale tables set up by 11:30 on Friday, the 18th!
2015 Dec 10 Potted Mint.jpg
Please buy me! The plants are begging to be planted! Look at the chocolate mint and peppermint break through their
plantable pots!
2015 Dec 11 Curing gourds.jpg
The gourds are starting to take on their brown skins. Funny to think that they dry out even in the rain!
2015 Dec 8 Kohlrabi with lettuce.jpg
We interplanted lettuce between all the little kohlrabi seedlings.
2015 Dec 10 Propagating African Daisy.jpg
The fourth graders propagated African daisies. Their flowers are favorites of Painted Lady butterflies.
2015 Dec 8 Planting broccoli.jpg
Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders planted broccoli seedlings in the former beet bed.
2015 Dec 8 Planting lettuce with broccoli.jpg
We interplanted this bed with lettuce too.
2015 Dec 8 Broccoli with lettuce.jpg
Here's the bed ready for its row cover. We needed to hurry up and cover this bed to protect it from...
2015 Dec 7 Cabbage white butterfly & eggs.jpg
...the fliers who come to lay eggs! A cabbage white butterfly landed and laid these.
2015 Dec 11 Cabbage looper moth.jpg
The bug container where we put the 2 cabbageworms from last week turned into chrysalises (the younger one is green)
and one of the cabbage loopers hatched into a moth!
2015 Dec 10 Queen butterfly caterpillar.jpg
We have a new caterpillar in the garden!!! We discovered some monarch-looking caterpillars that appeared a little
different. Do you see the third horn set coming out from its middle and the yellow that doesn't make a full stripe? That's
because its a Queen butterfly caterpillar!
2015 Dec 10 Queen and monarch caterpillar.jpg
Queen butterflies look similar to monarchs, but lack the stained glass black markings inside their wings.We found 2 of them
so far. They seem to get along just fine with the other monarchs...
2015 Dec 8 Monarch caterpillars.jpg
...who are much more plentiful! The ones on left were eating a little potted milkweed and the one on the right crawled over
a row cover to disappear into one of the produce beds.
2015 Dec 7 Monarch caterpillars eating seadpods.jpg
The monarchs love to eat seadpods! They don't even mind if they are covered with aphids!
2015 Dec 11 Pupa under grape vines.jpg
We started to refurbish the 3 little plots against the fence. We uncovered this giant of a pupa. It looks like an Achemon
Sphinx moth pupa. We've seen their caterpillars before on the grape vine that sprawls on top of this fence.

Week of November 30 - December 4
2015 Dec 1 Frost on dry gourd leaves.jpg
Frost on the ground!
2015 Nov 30 Ice on cauliflower.jpg
And ice on the cauliflower and broccoli leaves (under the row covers)!
2015 Dec 1 Frozen gourd vines.jpg
The cold finally put an end to the gourd vines.
2015 Dec 3 Pear Gourds.jpg
So we collected all the fruits and admired their different shapes and sizes.
2015 Dec 1 Gourd in fence.jpg
One gourd got stuck in the fence!
2015 Dec 1 Fence gourd broken.jpg
Unfortunately, we damaged him by trying to free it. But that gave us an opportunity to look inside a growing gourd. They're
filled with white spongy material. All that filling has to melt away before the gourds are dry. You can tell that this one was still
young based on the immature white seeds.
2015 Nov 30 Birdhouse gourd seeds.jpg
This one matured, but then started to rot, so we harvested its seeds.
2015 Dec 1 Budworm caterpillar on gourd.jpg
We found a few of these budworm moth caterpillars eating the skin of the gourds.
2015 Dec 2 Produce beds 2.jpg
Without the sprawling vines, we gain the use of 2 more pathways.
2015 Dec 1 Rainbow chard bed.jpg
And now that the rainbow chard bed is uncovered, we'll need to protect it with some cloth.
2015 Dec 3 Kale and orach bed.jpg
The orach (mountain spinach) and kale seeds were big enough to start thinning.
2015 Dec 3 Kale and orach seedlings.jpg
These are the dinosaur kale seedlings on the left and red orach on the right.
2015 Dec 2 Cabbage bed.jpg
The cabbages are growing. The bok choy (lighter green leaves) seems to be the ultimate favorite for nibbling insects.
2015 Dec 2 Cabbage worm.jpg
Speaking of nibblers, we removed several cabbageworm caterpillars from the broccoli and cauliflower. These turn into
cabbage white butterflies.
2015 Dec 2 Navel oranges.jpg
The oranges were ripe.
2015 Dec 2 Navel oranges harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders helped to pick the oranges...
2015 Dec 2 Cilantro harvesting.jpg
...and the cilantro leaves.
2015 Nov 30 Cilantro gopher.jpg
We're sharing the cilantro with a gopher! Most insects leave this spicy plant alone. Who would have thought that gophers
like it!
2015 Dec 2 Lettuce bed.jpg
The lettuce is growing well under the row cover.
2015 Dec 2 Harvest.jpg
The harvest this week also had some rainbow chard and one sweet pepper.
2015 Dec 2 Kohlrabi bed refurbish.jpg
The first gourd bed was refurbished with worm castings, chicken manure, and amended compost mix. The kids helped to
smooth things out.
2015 Dec 2 Grubs.jpg
A few grubs were found in the soil.
2015 Dec 2 Planting kohlrabi.jpg
Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders planted kohlrabi here on Wednesday.
2015 Dec 3 Echinaecae seeds.jpg
Fourth graders planted seeds of white echinacea.
2015 Dec 4 Refurbish for broccoli bed 2.jpg
Gourd bed #2 was also refurbished in preparation for planting the following week. That cutie in the middle is a dinosaur
kale that self-sowed from last year's plants.
2015 Nov 30 Tree hoppers on eggplant.jpg
Lots of tree hopper young can be found on the eggplant leaves.
2015 Nov 30 Predatory mite.jpg
This is the first time we've seen one of these. It looks like a beneficial red mite. We think that's an aphid in its mouth!
2015 Dec 4 Monarch caterpillars.jpg
The monarch caterpillars don't seem to be minding the cold. There are so many of them!
2015 Dec 3 Gulf Fritillary caterpillars.jpg
The gulf fritillary caterpillars are still growing too.
2015 Dec 1 Cloudless sulphur caterpillar.jpg
Only one big chubby cloudless sulphur caterpillar was on the senna.
2015 Dec 3 Rock purslane bee.jpg
The bright rock purslane and blue borage flowers are attracting bees to the garden.
2015 Dec 2 Sunflower heads and goldfinch.jpg
The drying sunflower heads are attracting the lesser goldfinches.
2015 Dec 3 Nasturtium.jpg
A pretty multi-colored nasturtium opened.
2015 Dec 3 Mating ladybugs.jpg
We transferred this pair of mating ladybugs to the rainbow chard bed (now under a row cover) to help with the aphids there.

Week of November 16 - November 20
2015 Nov 18 Swiss Chard.jpg
This week we harvested our first crop of colorful rainbow chard.
2015 Nov 18 Harvesting cilantro rh.jpg
We also took our first cut of this season's cilantro. Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders helped to pull the longest of the stems.
2015 Nov 18 Harvest rh.jpg
Also donated were the watermelons from last week, a bag of sorrel leaves, an eggplant, a head of lettuce, and the last of
the zucchini.
2015 Nov 20 Navel orange tree rh.jpg
The next time we harvest, we'll have a bag of oranges!
2015 Nov 20 Propagated strawberry plants rh.jpg
We separated the 2nd batch of strawberry plants from their mama plants in preparation for the December plant sale.
2015 Nov 19 Propagating aster rh.jpg
The fourth graders worked on another butterfly/bee plant for the springtime plant sale.
2015 Nov 19 Propagating aromatic aster rh.jpg
These are cuttings of aromatic aster. It's an October bloomer with blue flowers.
2015 Nov 19 Aromatic aster in mid October rh.jpg
It's profusion of blooms delighted the bees last month.
2015 Nov 19 Cottony Cushion Scale rh.jpg
We found another adult cottony cushion scale insect on one of the stems!
2015 Nov 16 Planting kale and orach seeds rh.jpg
Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders seeded the former watermelon bed.
2015 Nov 21 Kale Seeds rh.jpg
They planted dinosaur kale from seed collected from the garden.
2015 Nov 21 Orach seeds rh.jpg
They also planted orach, or mountain spinach. These were collected from last year's plants as well.
2015 Nov 16 Sunflower seeding rh.jpg
More sunflower seeds were ready to collect this week.
2015 Nov 19 Birdhouse gourds rh.jpg
The withering birdhouse gourd plants were ripped out and the fruit were left to finish drying. This curing process should
take a few months. Hopefully they won't rot. These haven't done as well as the larger pear shaped gourds.
2015 Nov 19 Gulf Fritillary caterpillar rh.jpg
The gulf fritillary caterpillars are growing so slowly! That's an ant to the left for size comparison. But the caterpillar's spikes
are easier to see now.
2015 Nov 18 Monarch caterpillars rh.jpg
Still lots of baby monarch caterpillars on the milkweed. These two were nibbling from our milkweed growing in pots.
2015 Nov 20 Grasshopper and Brown Widow rh.jpg
A couple grasshoppers were found this week. And the kids found this pretty female brown widow by one of the seating
tables. Both of these were caught and released away from the garden.
2015 Nov 18 Katydid rh.jpg
Another catch was an awesome looking pair of katydids. Look how long their legs and antennae are!
2015 Nov 18 Katydid eyes rh.jpg
And check out their eyes -- half brown and half green!

Week of November 9 - November 13
2015 Nov 10 Stormy weather.jpg
More windy, cool weather this week.
2015 Nov 13 Watermelon bed.jpg
The cold nights put an end to the watermelon bed.
2015 Nov 13 Last watermelon harvest.jpg
We salvaged the ripe fruit...
2015 Nov 13 Lost baby watermelons.jpg
...said goodbye to the babies...
2015 Nov 13 Watermelon caught in wire.jpg
...and laughed at the one that got caught in the fencing.
2015 Nov 13 Pulling watermelon roots.jpg
Then we pulled all the vines and roots.
2015 Nov 12 Gourd bed.jpg
The gourd plants are also suffering from the cold.
2015 Nov 13 Cauliflower bed.jpg
The cauliflower is beginning to form heads deep down inside the base of the plants.
2015 Nov 12 Broccoli bed.jpg
The broccoli is starting to catch up.
2015 Nov 13 Cilantro bed.jpg
The cilantro is big enough to begin harvesting next week.
2015 Nov 12 Propagating passion fruit.jpg
We propagated a couple of the passion fruit stems by nicking the outer layer and pinning it down to some soil.
2015 Nov 12 Propagating senna.jpg
The 4th graders also planted senna seeds collected from the tree in the garden.
2015 Nov 9 Sunflower seed collecting.jpg
Students helped to collect sunflower seeds.
2015 Nov 10 Monarch and ladybug babies on milkweed.jpg
Still lots of activity on the milkweed: monarch caterpillars, ladybug larva (only 1 is in focus, but there are 4 in the picture on
the right)...
2015 Nov 9 Monarch eggs and chrysalis.jpg
...and monarch butterfly eggs. The chrysalis was found hanging from the leg of one of the old scarecrows.
2015 Nov 13 Labyrinth Spider underside.jpg
Our crazy orbweaving spider emerged from her hiding place! Now we can identify her.
2015 Nov 13 Labyrinth Spider back.jpg
And see that she's a girl. Isn't she a beauty? She is very aptly named a Labyrinth Orbweaver.
2015 Nov 13 Blue Dragonfly.jpg
A blue damselfly rested in the garden. We rarely see these!
2015 Nov 12 Cabbage looper and moth.jpg
The eggplant bed is still a hotbed of insect activity. We found a few cabbage loopers on the leaves. This adult cabbage
looper moth might be the mama. She slept underneath one of the arbor's beams.
2015 Nov 12 Treehopper nymphs.jpg
There are also tree hopper babies with attending ants...
2015 Nov 12 Ladybug larva plus leafhopper plus treehopper.jpg
...some good Ladybug larva, damaging leafhoppers, and adult Keeled treehoppers.
2015 Nov 9 Purple Moth.jpg
Also resting on the eggplant leaves was this pretty little moth.
2015 Nov 10 Flatworm.jpg
After every rain, one of these cool flatworms is found inside the school.
2015 Nov 9 Cottony Cushion Scale.jpg
A new pest in the garden! Is this an egg clutch or the insect? Actually, it's both! Cottony cushion scale mothers carry the
egg clutch on their backs! The tiny orange dots are the babies.
2015 Nov 9 Compost grubs.jpg
We found grubs! We found these while transferred finished compost from one bin to an empty trash can. Grubs are baby
beetles. And judging by the size, these are most likely figeater beetles.
2015 Nov 9 Compost grubs returned.jpg
We put them back in a compost bin than still needs to finish decomposing. The grubs will help eat the material that we need
to break down.
2015 Nov 9 Grey Bird Grasshopper.jpg
Only one grasshopper in the garden this week!
2015 Nov 9 Borage.jpg
Several borage that self-sowed by the watermelon bed have started blooming.
2015 Nov 13 Borage with bee.jpg
Bees love borage!
2015 Nov 13 Nasturtium flowers.jpg
Our first nasturtium flowers of the school year opened up.
2015 Nov 13 Nasturtium fertilized and nonfertilized.jpg
These grew around the pot (now hidden) growing gourds. You can see how much bigger their leaves got from the added
nutrients that drained from the container.
2015 Nov 9 Bird of Paradise and strawberry tree.jpg
Other new bloomers this week were the bird of paradise and the strawberry tree.

Week of November 2 - November 6
2015 Nov 3 Tomato bed.jpg
This week we said goodbye to the tomato plants.
2015 Nov 3 Keeled treehopper nymphs.jpg
And goodbye to all the baby treehoppers...
2015 Nov 3 Keeled treehopper adult.jpg
...and adult treehoppers feeding off the stems...
2015 Nov 3 Spider mites on tomato.jpg
...and tiny spider mites feeding under the leaves.
2015 Nov 3 Basil.jpg
We had almost forgotten about the basil that was planted in the center of the tomato plants! We dug out the 3 biggest of
them and put them in pots to let them keep growing.
2015 Nov 4 Cabbage loopers and pupa.jpg
Several cabbage loopers and a cabbage looper moth pupa was found on the basil.
2015 Nov 4 Pulling tomato roots.jpg
The kids helped pull out the strong tomato roots.
2015 Nov 4 Mealworm to Darkling Beetle.jpg
A couple mealworms were found in the soil. Students found the adult version, called a darkling beetle, a couple weeks ago
outside the garden.
2015 Nov 4 Refurb ingredients.jpg
We stirred in our 3 ingredients for refurbishing.
2015 Nov 4 Prepping bed.jpg
And smoothed out the soil.
2015 Nov 6 Planting cabbages.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders planted cabbage seedlings - purple, green, and chinese.
2015 Nov 6 Mulching cabbage.jpg
We gave the bed a good layer of straw as mulch and a row cover for protection.
2015 Nov 3 Cauliflower.jpg
The cauliflower is trying to explode from their row cover, but we're keeping it on.
2015 Nov 4 Watermelon harvest.jpg
So many watermelon vines began to wither, we had to harvest most of these before they reached their full size.
2015 Nov 4 Heartshape eggplant.jpg
This eggplant grew into this funny shape because it ran into a large branch beneath it.
2015 Nov 4 Harvest.jpg
Wednesday's harvest also included a couple navel oranges, some zucchini, and a bag of basil.
2015 Nov 4 Stormy weather.jpg
WOOSH! Wednesday was a windy day in the garden.
2015 Nov 6 Gourd flowers with bees.jpg
Bees are continuing to enjoy the plentiful gourd blossoms...
2015 Nov 6 Young pear gourds.jpg
...that are turning into plentiful fruit!
2015 Nov 7 Stevia seeds plus Hairstreak caterpillar.jpg
The stevia is producing tiny seeds from its little flowers. And we discovered that this is another plant that the Grey
Hairstreak butterfly caterpillar likes to feed from!
2015 Nov 4 Passion fruit and caterpillars.jpg
The passion fruit vine has new fruit and baby Gulf Fritillary caterpillars!
2015 Nov 4 Baby monarch caterpillars.jpg
Lots of baby monarch caterpillars are around too. We had to transfer several from the young milkweed plants in pots.
2015 Nov 6 Butterfly chrysalis.jpg
The Cloudless Sulphur chrysalis on the passion fruit vine is still there, but the monarch chysalis we've been watching on the
eggplant chose the weekend to hatch.
2015 Nov 2 Birdhouse gourd seeds.jpg
Several birdhouse gourds began to rot, so we broke them open to collect the seeds.
2015 Nov 2 Gourd seed collecting.jpg
Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders separated the good brown ones from the underdeveloped white ones. They said it smelled like
canned tuna!
2015 Nov 7 Spotless ladybugs mating.jpg
Lots of beneficials were hard at work on the peppers, eggplant, and milkweed. These two Spotless Ladybugs were mating.
2015 Nov 2 Aphid eater eggs on milkweed.jpg
And these 2 insects chose a milkweed leaf with lots of aphid food for their young to eat when they hatch.
2015 Nov 2 Gopher damage.jpg
Gophers in the garden! They tunneled into the watermelon bed, through the cannas (that they've been eating!) and up
into the strawberry bed.
2015 Nov 4 Hammerhead flatworm.jpg
Another cool hammerhead flatworm was found inside the school after the rains. They leave a slime trail just like slugs, but
they prey on other worms and slugs.
2015 Nov 6 Spider hidden in web.jpg
See the spider? It hides beneath a cluster of previous catches. It's feeding from its latest catch, a treehopper!
2015 Nov 3 Possible leafhopper nymph.jpg
Not sure what this little guy is, but it can hop!
2015 Nov 5 Largus Bug.jpg
We used to think these insects were squash bugs. Turns out, they're really Largus Bugs, or Bordered Plant Bugs. And the
reason we saw them in the strawberry bed is because they like to eat berries!
2015 Nov 6 Bulb shoots and young nasturtium.jpg
Flower bulbs are popping up and the nasturtiums are filling in along the fence. We didn't have to plant any this year. They
planted themselves!
2015 Nov 4 Pomegranate.jpg
The little dwarf pomegranate tree has fruit!
2015 Nov 4 Black Phoebe.jpg
And what a pretty birdie. This is a Black Phoebe, an insect catcher.

Week of October 26 - October 30
2015 Oct 26 Gourd flowers.jpg
Our gourd vines continue to creep out of the produce bed boundaries.
2015 Oct 28 Creeping gourds.jpg
Somewhere in there is the sunflower circle.
2015 Oct 26 Bees on gourd flowers.jpg
The flowers are staying open longer on the cool sunny mornings, allowing the bees to tunnel inside before...
2015 Oct 29 Closed gourd flower.jpg
...the flowers close up tight.
2015 Oct 28 Pear gourds.jpg
The pear gourds are doing well...
2015 Oct 28 Budworm Moth.jpg
...despite the caterpillar damage. And we think we've finally caught a glimpse of one of the mothers of all those
caterpillars! This looks like a Tobacco Budworm moth.
2015 Oct 30 Broccoli bed.jpg
Under their protective covers, the broccoli seedlings are growing up...
2015 Oct 27 Cauliflower bed.jpg
...and so are the cauliflower.
2015 Oct 30 Cabbage white egg plus cabbage loopers.jpg
We routinely check them for moth/butterfly eggs and caterpillars. That's a cabbage white butterfly egg on the broccoli leaf
on the left and cabbage loopers on the cauliflower leaf on the right. There were a total of seven caterpillars on that leaf!
2015 Oct 28 Harvest.jpg
Harvest this week included the last of the beets (the bag on the top left), very little tomatoes, zucchini and peppers, a few
2015 Oct 28 Eggplant.jpg
...and the biggest crop of eggplant to date.
2015 Oct 29 Purple lantana propagating.jpg
Fourth graders propagated trailing lantana by taking cuttings from the garden's plants.
2015 Oct 29 Lantana pots in domes.jpg
Last week's lantana cuttings didn't do so well, so we're increasing the humidity with these mini greenhouse domes.
2015 Oct 29 Watching skipper.jpg
Some insects this week, like this skipper, were not very skittish. That made for great observing...
2015 Oct 29 Skipper.jpg
2015 Oct 29 Skipper front.jpg
...and great photo subjects!
2015 Oct 29 Painted Lady.jpg
We don't see Painted Lady butterflies very often, so this one was a real treat. It drank from the butterfly bush.
2015 Oct 30 Monarch laying.jpg
There was lots of other butterfly activity as well. Monarchs laid many eggs on the milkweed flowers (the 3 white shapes).
2015 Oct 26 to 30 Monarch chrysalis.jpg
Viewed from Monday to Friday, you can see that the monarch chrysalis we've been watching is changing color, which means
it's going to emerge soon!
2015 Oct 30 Gulf Fritillary.jpg
This raggedy Gulf Fritillary butterfly (it looks like a bird took a chunk out of its wing) was still nimble enough to fly all
around the passionfruit vine...
2015 Oct 30 Gulf Fritillary laying.jpg
...to lay eggs! The eggs are orange, and even bigger than monarch butterfly eggs!
2015 Oct 29 Cloudless sulphur chrysalis.jpg
The passionfruit vine became home to another caterpillar as well. This Cloudless Sulphur caterpillar decided to make its
chrysalis there.
2015 Oct 30 Large Milkweed bug drinking.jpg
We've been wondering what the milkweed bugs have been feeding from, since there have not been any seedpods on the
plant in quite a while. Turns out, they drink from flowers too!
2015 Oct 30 Brown stink bugs on lions tail.jpg
Our lion's tail plant underwent a second bloom on top of the older seedpods. Those seedpods have attracted some new
garden bugs. Can you see 4 visible in this photo?
2015 Oct 30 Brown stink bug nymphs.jpg
They're young brown stink bugs! The is the first time we've seen them naturally in the garden.
2015 Oct 29 Blooming stevia.jpg
We've given up on pinching back the stevia plants and are now letting them flower. That's making the bees happy.
2015 Oct 29 Twice stabbed ladybeetle.jpg
There are far less aphids in the eggplant/pepper bed, but we're still seeing interesting ladybugs there. This looks like a
native twice-stabbed ladybeetle, but it's just a color variation of the common asian Harlequin ladybird. The white eye patches
give it away. With those incomplete circle spots, this one looks like a jack-o-lantern bug!
2015 Oct 28 Ladybug eggs.jpg
We discovered a clutch of ladybug eggs on one of the beet's leaves that was infested with grey aphids.
2015 Oct 29 Grasshoppers.jpg
We lost track of how many grasshoppers we found this week -- on the cannas, the native yerba santa, the beets...
2015 Oct 27 Keeled Tree hoppers.jpg
More treehoppers on the tomatoes, both young and adult.
2015 Oct 29 Hentz's Orbweaver.jpg
Ms. Spider continues with her daily hunting from the lemon tree.
2015 Oct 28 Sunflower caterpillars.jpg
The sunflowers have suffered very little from caterpillars this year. This vanilla sunflower bloom is the worst we've seen from
the sunflower moth caterpillars.
2015 Oct 30 Native mallow.jpg
The native mallow is in bloom.

Week of October 19 - October 23
2015 Oct 23 Garden Entry.jpg
This was a great week for butterfly watching. The passion fruit vine on the arbor continues to attract Gulf Fritillary butterflies.
2015 Oct 19 Gulf Fritillary Butterfly.jpg
They are beautiful on top...
2015 Oct 19 Gulf Fritillary Butterfly underside.jpg
...and even more so from underneath!
2015 Oct 22 Ants on passionvine.jpg
The passion fruit vine intentionally attracts ants by providing spots where it exudes its sweet sugar. In return, the ants
protect the vine by dumping caterpillars overboard! So far there are only a few ants, so we hope we'll find fritillary
caterpillars soon.
2015 Oct 22 Cloudless Sulphurs laying.jpg
The nearby senna is getting filled with more Cloudless Sulphur butterfly eggs.
2015 Oct 23 Monarchs.jpg
2015 Oct 19 Monarch caterpillars and chrysalis.jpg
And there were so many monarch butterflies and caterpillars this week! The chrysalis in the eggplant bed is still green.
2015 Oct 22 Monarch caterpillars on eggplant.jpg
More full-grown caterpillars crawled into the eggplant bed.
2015 Oct 22 Monarch butterflies old and new.jpg
We're not sure where they hid their chrysalis, but we could see some newly emerged butterflies. Compare the fresh look of
the one on the right with the older one on the left.
2015 Oct 21 Monarch caterpillars.jpg
Some caterpillars crawled to strange places and some fed from our potted milkweed plants.
2015 Oct 22 Sunflowers with mist.jpg
Thursday was a misty garden morning.
2015 Oct 22 Sunflower bees.jpg
Bees love sunflowers!
2015 Oct 19 Pear gourds on fence.jpg
2015 Oct 21 Pear gourds.jpg
Our pear gourds are going through a crazy growth spurt. Blossoms, baby fruit and new leaves on crawling vines are
sprawling everywhere. Some of our hanging fence gourds are looking like mirror images now.
2015 Oct 21 Eggplant.jpg
The eggplant stems are so overloaded that we've had to brace them with wood and string.
2015 Oct 21 Harvest.jpg
Wednesday's harvest was a little bigger than last week's. That's French sorrel leaves mixed in with the lettuce bag.
2015 Oct 21 Sharing tobacco hornworms.jpg
Pests this week were more Tobacco Hornworm caterpillars. These two were nice about sharing a branch.
2015 Oct 23 Grasshoppers.jpg
Several grasshoppers were found. See the baby wings on the young yellow grasshopper?
2015 Oct 23 Lacewing egg plus green stink bug plus assassin.jpg
A lacewing egg (good guy) and a young Southern Green Stink Bug (not so good) were found in the tomato bed. Assassin
bugs (good) like this youngster on the right continue to be found in the eggplant bed.
2015 Oct 21 Budworm caterpillar.jpg
More budworm caterpillars were feeding from the gourd blossoms.
2015 Oct 19 Pest caterpillars plus.jpg
Monday was a good day for our bug container!
2015 Oct 23 Keeled Treehopper.jpg
We also found several adult Keeled Treehoppers on the tomatoes. They pretend to be little green thorns.
2015 Oct 19 Wasp and ladybug on milkweed.jpg
We hope this striped parasitic wasp on the milkweed was after the yellow aphids and not the monarch caterpillars.
Ladybugs are gorging themselves on the little yellow bugs.
2015 Oct 21 Flatworm.jpg
This flatworm was found underneath some pots where slugs were hiding. Although it looks like one itself, it actually eats
2015 Oct 23 Orb weaver.jpg
2015 Oct 22 Orb weaver.jpg
And our resident orb weaver continues to make her home in the lemon tree. She's been very successful hunting bees by
day. Twice we watched her saran wrap bee meals for later.
2015 Oct 23 Orbweaver spinnerets.jpg
It looks like she has 6 spinnerets, which lets her shoot out a lot of silk at once.

Week of October 12 - October 16
2015 Oct 16 Produce beds.jpg
The warm days seem endless, so we planted more sunflower seeds in our blooming bed.
2015 Oct 13 Pear gourds.jpg
The gourd bed is showing off all its fruit after the leaves were trimmed.
2015 Oct 12 Gourd seeds.jpg
The gourds really ARE hollow inside! A few of the birdhouse gourds started to rot, so we broke them open to collect the
2015 Oct 12 Cauliflower bed.jpg
All the beds were so nice and tidy...
2015 Oct 16 Grub hunting.jpg
...until the raccoon came in to hunt for grubs! He didn't get this chubby one, but he sure made a mess of the soil and straw
searching for others.
2015 Oct 14 Harvest.jpg
It was a small harvest this week. Only a few zucchini, watermelon, sweet peppers, and tomatoes.
2015 Oct 16 Tropical guava.jpg
We also gave away a couple of very fragrant tropical guava.
2015 Oct 13 Cilantro thinning.jpg
The cilantro bed was thinned out this week.
2015 Oct 15 Cannas.jpg
The cannas were also thinned and deadheaded.
2015 Oct 15 Grasshoppers.jpg
Grasshoppers love canna leaves! The baby on the left was hiding in a nearby marigold blossom.
2015 Oct 16 Herb chair.jpg
Our chair planter in the herb bed was repotted with new catmint.
2015 Oct 15 Blue flowers.jpg
Hundreds of flowers have opened up around it!
2015 Oct 15 Propagating cassia.jpg
The fourth graders continued making butterfly plants. This week they planted feathery cassia from seed collected from the
garden. The seeds were first thrown into a bowl of boiling hot water and soaked overnight to weaken their waterproof
coating. The ones in the hand are the pre-soaked. They grew in size! Cassia is food for Cloudless Sulphur butterfly
2015 Oct 13 Strawberry pot.jpg
The strawberry plants the kids propagated 6 weeks ago fully rooted. All of them were cut from their mama plants and
moved to the inner courtyward to join the other little pots.
2015 Oct 12 Garlic chive sprouts.jpg
The garlic chives planted 2 weeks ago came up!
2015 Oct 12 Gray Hairstreak caterpillar.jpg
Our first Gray Hairstreak butterfly caterpillar was found! He was eating a hole into a senna seadpod. The next day we
found him fully inside the pod!
2015 Oct 16 Mint bed.jpg
The mint bed is growing back nicely.
2015 Oct 15 Large milkweed bug nymphs.jpg
The milkweed blossoms in the mint bed have young Large Milkweed Bugs...
2015 Oct 13 Lacewing larva.jpg
...lacewing larva attacking the aphids...
2015 Oct 12 Baby monarch caterpillar.jpg
...and lots of little baby monarch caterpillars!
2015 Oct 12 Monarch caterpillar and chrysalis.jpg
One of the caterpillars was big enough to wander off to the nearby eggplant and make a chrysalis.
2015 Oct 13 Giant swallowtail.jpg
Also visiting the mint bed were giant swallowtail butterflies. They came to feed from the butterfly bush...
2015 Oct 14 Giant swallowtail and chrysalis.jpg
...and lay eggs on the lemon tree. One of the caterpillars crawled over to a strawberry pot to make their chrysalis!
2015 Oct 12 Broccoli bed.jpg
We removed lots of little cabbage white butterfly caterpillars from the baby broccoli plants...
2015 Oct 13 Cabbage looper.jpg
...lots of cabbage loopers from the tomatoes and strawberries...
2015 Oct 15 Tobacco Hornworms.jpg
...and more than a dozen of these tobacco hornworms!
2015 Oct 14 Tobacco Hornworm.jpg
They do look rather graceful when they're eating.
2015 Oct 13 Brown stink bug.jpg
A couple of these little brown stink bugs (shield bugs) were found in the grass outside the garden. We're guessing the little
guy on the left is one of the baby stages of the adult.
2015 Oct 13 Big fly.jpg
Not sure what kind of fly this is, but he sure is a big one!
2015 Oct 16 Henz Orbweaver.jpg
Our resident Hentz's Orbweaver was caught in the act of eating her web.
2015 Oct 16 Young Lynx spider.jpg
Some little striped lynx spiders were found. This one on the cauliflower bed...
2015 Oct 12 Striped lynx.jpg
...and this one on the strawberries.
2015 Oct 13 Small orb weaver.jpg
The strawberry bed has a number of the cute little guys.
2015 Oct 13 Moths.jpg
And we found several moths, most likely cutworm moths.

Week of October 5 - October 9
2015 Oct 8 Digging holes for arbor vines.jpg
Second graders helped dig the holes for the new arbor vines.
2015 Oct 9 Arbor plantings.jpg
Passion fruit was planted on both sides. We've started to add the lattice strips to train them to grow up and over.
2015 Oct 9 Gulf Fritillary.jpg
And already we're seeing Gulf Fritillary butterflies! Their caterpillars eat passion fruit leaves.
2015 Oct 7 Purple flowers 2.jpg
The vines make wicked purple and white flowers and edible fruit. Our purple blossom week continues with thai basil...
2015 Oct 9 Purple flowers.jpg
...butterfly bush, salvia (perhaps more blue, close enough), and African daisies.
2015 Oct 6 Clearing corn bed.jpg
The last corn bed was cleared out this week.
2015 Oct 6 Hoppers 2.jpg
More leafhoppers (in all life stages) were found on the corn stalks...
2015 Oct 6 Grubs.jpg
...and more junebeetle larva (grubs) were found in the soil.
2015 Oct 9 Planting broccoli.jpg
Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders planted broccoli here on Friday. We then mulched with straw and added a row cover to protect
the seedlings from the sun and hungry caterpillars.
2015 Oct 8 Milkweed transplanting.jpg
The fourth grade classes hunted for tropical milkweed seedlings to transplant.
2015 Oct 8 Milkweed seedlings.jpg
Lots of seedlings were in the mint bed.
2015 Oct 9 Cilantro bed.jpg
Our cilantro seeds are sprouting.
2015 Oct 8 Gourd trellis.jpg
The gourd vines have completely overtaken the former cucumber trellis.
2015 Oct 7 Harvest.jpg
Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders helped with harvest this week. A couple eggplant, zucchini, peppers, a spaghetti squash,
2015 Oct 7 Harvest 2.jpg
...a little bit of lettuce and french sorrel leaves.
2015 Oct 7 Beets.jpg
We also pulled out some more beets.
2015 Oct 7 Lost watermelon.jpg
Some critter was chewing on the watermelon vines and severed two of the stems. Sadly, we lost more than 7 yellow
watermelon that were developing past the breaks.
2015 Oct 5 Strawberry caterpillar.jpg
For the first time, our strawberry leaves are riddled with holes. And it's these little green caterpillars doing the damage.
2015 Oct 8 Hornworm.jpg
Many more tobacco hornworm caterpillars were found on the tomato plants this week.
2015 Oct 9 Hornworms.jpg
They kids love to pet them.
2015 Oct 7 Hornworm pooping.jpg
They eat a lot, which means they poop a lot!
2015 Oct 8 Green stink bug nymph.jpg
A baby southern green stink bug was found feeding from a squash blossom.
2015 Oct 6 Ladybug larve and leafhoppers.jpg
The good and the bad can still be seen in abundance in the eggplant bed. Beneficial ladybug larva on left and problem
leafhoppers on right.
2015 Oct 8 Hoverfly larva.jpg
Beneficial hoverfly larva prey on the aphids.
2015 Oct 6 Assassin bug.jpg
Our leafhopper assassin bugs are full grown now! We found two of these this week.
2015 Oct 9 Ichneumon Wasp.jpg
This is the biggest parasitic wasp we've seen so far.
2015 Oct 7 Baby lizard.jpg
We added another lizard to the garden. The kids found this baby near the cafeteria.
2015 Oct 9 Woodlouse spider.jpg
We received some rain early in the week. Roly polies love when it's damp. More roly polies means more roly poly hunters
like these wood louse spiders. They were hiding beneath a bucket.
2015 Oct 6 Orbweaver.jpg
Hot weather is continuing to bring out the spiders. Another Hentz orbweaver spun a web stretching from the tomatoes to
the corn bed. We found her hiding in the old corn tassels we were cutting down (see her in the middle picture?). We
transferred her to the fence. A couple days later, she spun a web from the tomatoes to the gourds.
2015 Oct 6 Strawberry web.jpg
There are lots of tiny orbweaver spiders too. Webs can routinely be found in the strawberry bed.
2015 Oct 7 Cloudless sulphur.jpg
A pretty cloudless sulphur caterpillar was munching the senna leaves.
2015 Oct 6 Hoverfly.jpg
This pretty hoverfly drank from the rock purslane flowers.
2015 Oct 9 Fiery Skipper.jpg
Lots of skippers have been drinking from the Jupiter's Beard blossoms. This is a Fiery Skipper.
2015 Oct 7 Fiery Skipper.jpg
They look more fiery from the top!
2015 Oct 7 Bee in zucchini flower.jpg
This black bee looks like he's been swimming in zucchini pollen.
2015 Oct 8 Sunflowers.jpg
Lots of bees have been visiting the sunflower blossoms. There are 3 colors now -- our first tall yellow sunflower has opened.

Week of September 28 - October 2
2015 Oct 2 Girl Scouts Arbor.jpg
Some of the Rolling Hills Girl Scouts came out to complete the top of the garden arbor.
2015 Oct 2 Arbor Complete.jpg
Thank you,Girl Scouts!
2015 Oct 2 Propagation zone.jpg
The fourth grade propagation plant area is growing. We now have mint, cilantro, kale, and the new one this week --
garlic chives.
2015 Sept 30 Garlic chive seeds.jpg
We collected the chive seeds from the garden. There are 3 little seeds per flower bud.
2015 Sept 30 Harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders helped collect some peppers and tomatoes for this week's harvest.
2015 Sept 30 Eggplant.jpg
We harvested 2 of our first eggplants!
2015 Sept 30 Harvest.jpg
We also collected some zucchini, red watermelon, and spaghetti squash.
2015 Oct 2 Young Watermelon.jpg
We're waiting for the next round of yellow watermelon to get big enough to sample with more classes.
2015 Oct 1 Ladybug eggs and larvae.jpg
Lots of ladybugs are continuing to help keep the aphid population in check. An egg clutch and newly hatched ladybugs
were found in the bell pepper/eggplant bed.
2015 Oct 2 Parasitic wasp and aphid larva.jpg
Another helpful insect is this parasitic wasp on the left. It's resting after laying eggs inside many of the aphids' bodies. We
also watched the ladybug larva on the right eat one of the yellow aphids on the milkweed.
2015 Sept 29 Hornworm on eggplant.jpg
We found a few tobacco hornworms on the eggplant this week. Eggplant leaves are more fuzzy and more grey in color than
tomato leaves. And guess what? So are the hornworms!
2015 Oct 1 Hornworm on tomato vs eggplant.jpg
For comparison, the one on the left is from a tomato leaf, the one on the right is from an eggplant. There are lots more
white speckles on the eggplant feeders.
2015 Oct 1 Monarch and Sulphur laying.jpg
Lots of egg laying butterflies this week -- the yellow cloudless sulphurs on the senna and the monarchs on the milkweed.
2015 Sept 30 Cloudless sulphur chrysalis.jpg
Another cloudless sulphur chrysalis was found hanging from the garden arbor.
2015 Sept 30 Hoverfly.jpg
A cool looking hoverfly drank from the rock purslane flowers.
2015 Sept 29 Cactus Fly.jpg
This Mexican cactus fly sipped from the San Diego sunflowers.
2015 Oct 2 Hummingbird.jpg
This hummingbird went round and round the willow tree. Searching for spiders, maybe?
2015 Sept 29 Crab spider meal.jpg
This is the last meal we saw the white banded crab spider catch from the butterfly bush. The day after, she disappeared.
2015 Oct 2 Hentz Orbweaver.jpg
Not far above in the lemon tree, we spotted the new daytime hiding spot for our large orbweaver. Now that we could see her
full body, we could identify her as a Hertz Orbweaver, sometimes called a Barn Spider.
2015 Oct 2 Lettuce.jpg
We renewed one of the lettuce beds with some new seedlings.
2015 Oct 2 Grub.jpg
In the soil were a couple grubs we haven't seen in a whille. They're junebeetle larva.
2015 Oct 2 Squash bed.jpg
It's hard to rip out veggies that are still producing, but this bed's days are numbered.
2015 Oct 2 Raspberry bed.jpg
Just behind the squash bed is the raspberry bed, which we trimmed and thinned this week.
2015 Oct 2 Gourds against fence.jpg
There are more large gourds hanging from the fence now.
2015 Oct 2 Persimmons.jpg
The persimmons are ripe enough for the birds!
2015 Sept 30 Purple Blossoms.jpg
2015 Oct 2 Purple blossoms.jpg
It's purple blossom time in the garden.
2015 Sept 30 Sunflowers.jpg
And our first Tiger's Eye sunflower opened up to join the delicate lemon blossoms.

Week of September 21 - September 25
2015 Sept 25 Planting cauliflower.jpg
Our first winter bed was planted by Mrs. Herman's 2nd grade class. They planted an assortment of cauliflower - white,
green, and orange!
2015 Sept 25 Mulching bed.jpg
Since the weather is still so hot, we gave the bed a row cover for some shade and a good layer of straw for mulch.
2015 Sept 21 Birdhouse gourds.jpg
The birdhouse gourds seem to be slowing down their growth.
2015 Sept 21 Pear gourds.jpg
Not so for the pear gourds. They've even climbed the persimmon tree on the right.
2015 Sept 23 Pepper harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders helped harvest the bell peppers.
2015 Sept 23 Pepper harvest.jpg

2015 Sept 25 Lacewing larva.jpg
That area is a hot-bed of insect activity. The good guys are feeding on the aphids. Here's a lacewing larva...
2015 Sept 23 Mating ladybugs.jpg
...mating ladybugs (notice that the spots on the black ladybug look more like cat heads than circles)...
2015 Sept 22 Assassin bug.jpg
...and assassin bugs!
2015 Sept 23 Glassy Winged Sharpshooter.jpg
And here's the not-so-good guys. They feed on the plants and pass along bacterial diseases. This is our first catch of a
glassy-winged sharpshooter.
2015 Sept 22 Blue Green Sharpshooter.jpg
And this smaller one is a blue-green sharpshooter.
2015 Sept 25 Tree hopper.jpg
This is a tree hopper that migrated from the tomato bed. Look how well he blends in!
2015 Sept 23 Harvest.jpg
It was a small harvest this week. This was the last of the cucumbers.
2015 Sept 22 Watermelon bed.jpg
The watermelon leaves were trimmed this week, making the fruit stand out.
2015 Sept 24 Watermelon samples.jpg
We picked three small melons for a fourth grade class to sample.
2015 Sept 21 Collecting coriander 3.jpg
Mrs. Basehore's 3rd grade class helped to collect cilantro seeds.
2015 Sept 25 Cilantro sprouts.jpg
The ones the 4th graders planted a week ago have sprouted!
2015 Sept 24 Kale seeds.jpg
This week the 4th graders planted dinosaur kale seeds that were collected last school year. We hope these grow in time for
our fall edibles plant sale.
2015 Sept 22 Mint bed.jpg
The mint bed was trimmed back and covered with fresh soil. This little bed is another great place for insect watching.
2015 Sept 25 Milkweed bugs and similar.jpg
Since these bugs look so similar, they're often confused by the kids. The bugs on the right are the ones seen in the grass
around the garden. The babies that we currently see on the milkweed in the mint bed belong to the large milkweed bug on
the left. And the small milkweed bug in the center (which is not really smaller!) we see on milkweed and other bloomers like
2015 Sept 22 Monarch.jpg
Most of the monarchs that have been visiting the garden have been going to the tall milkweed in the mint bed. This
haggard looking male fed from the flowers. You can tell its a male by those 2 black scent glands (1 on either side of its
2015 Sept 22 Monarch 2.jpg
These more youthfu-looking monarchs also fed. The male is the one on the right. Males also have thinner black veins than
2015 Sept 23 Katydid.jpg
This excellent leaf camouflage didn't prevent Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders from spotting this katydid on the lemon tree in the
center of the mint bed.
2015 Sept 23 Crab Spider.jpg
Our resident crab spider on the butterfly bush has taken on a little purple shading.
2015 Sept 24 Crab spider meals.jpg
This week we caught her feasting on one honeybee and two skippers.
2015 Sept 22 Black and yellow garden spider.jpg
This awesome looking garden spider was hanging out (and vibrating) near one of the 4th grade classrooms. It's a female
yellow argiope. She vibrates for defense and to help ensnare prey in her web.
2015 Sept 25 Tomato Mirid Bugs.jpg
We have positive ID on the little flyers often seen in the white gourd blossoms! They're tomato mirid bugs, and they're not
beneficial! Here you can see the damage they're doing to the tomato stems as they pierce the tissue to feed. Eventually
that stem will break.
2015 Sept 23 Soybean Looper Moth.jpg
Another pest on the tomatoes, looking very much like a shrivelled leaf, in this soybean looper moth.
2015 Sept 21 Soybean Looper caterpillar.jpg
And here is one of its offspring. We found several on the bell peppers and tomatoes.
2015 Sept 22 Cricket.jpg
Crickets may be common, but this is the first time we've spotted one in the garden during the day!
2015 Sept 24 Cloudless sulphur caterpillars.jpg
There are lots of cloudless sulphur butterfly caterpillars on the senna! And there were enough yellow flowers to turn some
of them yellow.
2015 Sept 21 Lemon sunflowers.jpg
And speaking of yellow, the first blossoms of the new lemon sunflowers have opened!

Week of September 14 - September 18
2015 Sept 17 Watermelon harvest.jpg
It was time for another watermelon harvest!
2015 Sept 18 Watermelon cutting.jpg
And that meant time for another sampling. Since these watermelon were even bigger than last time, we invited 6 classes to
2015 Sept 18 Watermelon tasting.jpg
A slice of red and a slice of yellow for everyone.
2015 Sept 19 Watermelon seeds.jpg
We collected the seeds again. Can you guess which watermelon made which seed? Hint: the yellow watermelons were a
lot bigger!
2015 Sept 16 Watermelon patch.jpg
The watermelon patch continues its creep.
2015 Sept 17 Gourd and watermelon at fence.jpg
Some of the watermelon we harvested needed to be lifted up and out between the fence and chicken wire.
2015 Sept 17 Eggplant.jpg
The eggplant is bursting with growth in the pepper bed.
2015 Sept 16 Harvesting peppers.jpg
Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders assisted with the tomato and pepper harvest. There were more than enough ripe peppers for
everyone to be able to pick one.
2015 Sept 17 Hoverfly egg.jpg
There are so many aphids in that bed! The lady bugs are helping to reduce that number. So are the hoverflies, like the
one that laid this white egg...
2015 Sept 17 Parasitic wasp.jpg
...the parasitic wasps that lay their eggs inside the aphids' bodies...
2015 Sept 14 Long legged fly.jpg
...and even these little metalic flies called Long-legged flies that like to eat the aphids.
2015 Sept 14 Blue Green Sharpshooter.jpg
Here's one we don't want to see, a Blue-green Sharpshooter. They carry disease, so we don't want them nibbling on that
fuzzy eggplant leaf!
2015 Sept 14 Mystery bug.jpg
This one was spotted in the same bed. We're not sure what it is yet!
2015 Sept 14 Tobacco Hornworm.jpg
Not many caterpillars to be found on the tomatoes this week. The Tobacco Hornworm were instead found on the peppers
and eggplant...
2015 Sept 16 Baby hornworm.jpg
...even this wee baby.
2015 Sept 16 Pepper Harvest.jpg
Is was a very colorful and varied pepper harvest.
2015 Sept 16 Beet Harvest.jpg
Also colorful were the beets.
2015 Sept 16 Harvest.jpg
This was the last corn harvest of the season and the first harvest of the cantaloupes.
2015 Sept 14 Seeded cilantro.jpg
The cilantro bed has finished drying, so it was time to start collecting all the seeds, now called coriander.
2015 Sept 17 Planting cilantro.jpg
Some were planted by the 4th graders to make plants for our fall plant sale.
2015 Sept 18 Corn bed #2.jpg
Three Sisters bed #2 was thinned out. Only those stalks that had ears needing drying out for seeds remain.
2015 Sept 16 Leafhoppers on corn.jpg
We found these immature and mature leafhoppers, hanging out with the ants and aphids on one of the leaves of corn.
2015 Sept 14 Seeded corn and beans.jpg
Here are some of the seeds collected from the first 3 Sisters bed that was completely pulled out.
2015 Sept 14 Milkweed sprouts.jpg
There are so many milkweed seedlings popping up in our produce beds and mulch. It's easier to transplant them into pots
than starting them by seed!
2015 Sept 17 Green Shield Bug nymphs.jpg
Since there are no more bean plants to feed the newly hatched green shield bug babies, they migrated to the nearby
2015 Sept 15&16 Gourd caterpillars.jpg
The caterpillars are all over the new gourd blossoms. If those little eggs on that growth tip are all caterpillar eggs, it's no
2015 Sept 18 Crab Spider feeding.jpg
All week we watched this White-Banded Crab Spider catch prey from her butterfly bush perch. Two skippers and two
bees were unlucky enough to land on the flowers she was hiding behind.
2015 Sept 18 Crab Spider resting.jpg
After her meals, she would drop the empty prey, poop (yes, we saw her poop!), and emerge to enjoy the sun.
2015 Sept 14 Male crab spider.jpg
Believe it or not, but this little guy is her mate! Male crab spiders are the fraction the size of the females!
2015 Sept 14 Mourning Cloak and Skipper.jpg
2015 Sept 18 Gray Hairstreak Butterfly.jpg
Above are some butterflies that landed near, but not too near, the crab spider. From top left - a Mourning Cloak, a
Fiery Skipper, and a Gray Hairstreak.
2015 Sept 14 Sulphur chrysalis.jpg
We're still spotting new Cloudless Sulphur butterfly chrysalis. This one attached itself close to the branch where one already
2015 Sept 19 Orb Weaver.jpg
There were other impressive spiders this week. This orb weaver strung a web from the cannas. We found her daytime
hiding place. That hairy round body tucked inside the flower blossom is it!
2015 Sept 14 Brown widow.jpg
This is a female brown widow spider.
2015 Sept 14 Leafhopper assassin bug.jpg
This awesome looking alien bug is a young assassin bug. We consider it good because it feeds on other bugs.
2015 Sept 15 Milkweed bug young.jpg
Another generation of large milkweed bugs has begun on the mint bed milkweed.
2015 Sept 16 Squash bug.jpg
Some other garden pests found were this squash bug inside a lettuce plant...Correction: this is a Bordered Plant Bug
2015 Sept 14 Grasshopper pooping.jpg
and several grasshoppers (lots on the eggplant and some on the gourds). We were so lucky to catch this one in the act of
2015 Sept 14 Orange mystery bug.jpg
Hopefully soon we'll be able to find out for certain what this guy is!

Week of September 7 - September 11
2015 Sept 9 Harvest.jpg
It was a very hot and muggy week! We harvested as many of the ears as we could from the quickly maturing corn stalks.
We also harvested a variety of sweet peppers...
2015 Sept 9 Elephant ear pepper.jpg
...our first big Elephant Ear...
2015 Sept 9 Chocolate pepper.jpg
...and little chocolate peppers.
2015 Sept 9 Hoverfly larva.jpg
There are lots of aphids attacking the bell pepper plants. The ladybugs and other beneficials, like this hoverfly larva, are
doing their best to munch them away.
2015 Sept 11 Fence gourd.jpg
The plump gourd against the fence is still doing well. There are several others in the garden now that are trying to rival its
2015 Sept 10 Baby lizard.jpg
The fence is a prime spot for finding lizards. This blue belly is just a youngster.
2015 Sept 10 Mint propagating.jpg
The 4th graders propagated mint from the garden.
2015 Sept 10 Mint starters.jpg
We filled three trays.
2015 Sept 10 Giant swallowtail laying.jpg
There is a lemon tree in the middle of the mint bed. One of the classes was treated to watching a giant swallowtail fly in
and lay eggs all around the tree!
2015 Sept 11 Clearing 3 Sister bed.jpg
Some of the spring/summer crops are dying down. The first of them, 3 Sisters bed #1, is beginning to be cleared out.
2015 Sept 11 Cabbage loopers on beans.jpg
Pulling out plants is a great time to find bugs. On the beans were cabbage loopers...
2015 Sept 8 Sheild bug nymph.jpg
...Southern Green Shield bug nymphs...
2015 Sept 8 Twice stabbed ladybeetle.jpg
...a twice-stabbed ladybug (correction: this is a color variation of the asian harlequin ladybird)...
2015 Sept 9 Orange mystery & spider mites.jpg
...and our orange mystery bug. We hope this guy is feeding on those black specs. Those specs have 8 little legs. They
are called spider mites and they are loving this hot weather. They've devastated the bean plants, cucumbers vines, and
some of the tomatoes.
2015 Sept 11 20 spot ladybeetle.jpg
This tiny beetle (shown crawling on an arm) is a 20-Spot Ladybeetle. It's helping our garden by feasting on some of the
powdery mildew affecting the gourd and zucchini leaves.
2015 Sept 10 Hornworm admirer.jpg
Tobacco hornworms are still plentiful for the kids to hunt for in the tomato bed.
2015 Sept 8 Hornworm catch of the day.jpg
This is Tuesday's catch.
2015 Sept 10 Hornworm catch of the day.jpg
And this is Thursday's.
2015 Sept 10 Hornworm pooping.jpg
Here's one hint to finding them - look for the poo!
2015 Sept 11 Tobacco Hornworm eggs.jpg
Still lots of their eggs to be found.
2015 Sept 10 Pregnant green lynx.jpg
And hello! A pregnant green lynx spider is preparing to lay an egg sac in the tomato bed!
2015 Sept 11 Crab spider.jpg
The other awesome spider found this week was this white crab spider on a butterfly bush in the mint bed.
2015 Sept 10 Cloudless Sulphurs mating.jpg
Two cloudless sulphur butterflies were found mating beneath a zucchini leaf.
2015 Sept 11 Sulphur eggs.jpg
There are not many caterpillars on the cloudless sulphur's host plant, senna, but there are lots of eggs!
2015 Sept 11 Parasitic wasp on chrysalis.jpg
Sadly, the mourning cloak chrysalis never made it. When we zoomed in on the image of the freshly formed chrysalis, we
spotted a parasitic wasp! On Friday, you could see the exit hole that the grown larva had emerged from.
2015 Sept 9 Hatched cloudless sulphur.jpg
Happily, many chrysalis from the cloudless sulphurs did fine and are now empty. This is the one on the arbor that formed
just a week ago.
2015 Sept 8 Anise swallowtail caterpillar growth.jpg
Our sole Anise Swallowtail caterpillar is quickly developing its full-grown caterpillar colors. In 2 days, he lost his middle

Week of August 31 - September 4
2015 Sept 4 Watermelon slices red and yellow.jpg
We tasted garden watermelon this week!
2015 Sept 3 Class watermelon harvest.jpg
We harvested 50 pounds of watermelon for the 3 third grade classes - 3 red minis and 2 yellows.
2015 Sept 4 Watermelon slices to sample.jpg
Everyone got to try a yellow and a red slice. The favorite, by a large margin, was the yellow. So, soooo sweet!
2015 Sept 4 Watermelon seed saving.jpg
Nothing went to waste. The rinds and napkins were composted, and we asked the kids to separate out the seeds...
2015 Sept 4 Watermelon seeds.jpg
...for planting and for seed packets.
2015 Aug 31 Garden Arbor.jpg
The garden arbor is almost complete! The girl scouts will soon nail in the last of the 2x2's and passion fruit vines will be
planted to crawl on top.
2015 Sept 1 Garden Entry.jpg
The arbor changes the feel of the entry.
2015 Sept 2 Harvesting beets.jpg
This week we harvested more beets...
2015 Sept 2 Beet harvest.jpg

2015 August 31 Corn with beans.jpg
...beans from 3 Sisters bed #2 (that weighed down the tallest of the corn plants)...
2015 Sept 2 Corn.jpg
...and the first corn from that bed!
2015 Sept 2 Harvest.jpg
The total harvest also had lettuce, watermelon, sweet peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, and cucumber.
2015 August 31 Pole bean seeds.jpg
We collected from some beans that went to seed in 3 Sisters Bed #1...
2015 Aug 31 Seeding corn.jpg
...and some of the dried-out corn ears.
2015 Sept 1 Produce beds.jpg
The pear-shaped gourds are trying to take over half of the produce beds! A couple vines have even managed to crawl
over the beet bed at bottom right and reach the side fence.
2015 Sept 2 Pear gourds.jpg
But they are so cute, we can't complain!
2015 August 31 Pear gourd growth.jpg
Their growth is astounding. Here's one of the plants that was grown against the fence. And this is a view from outside the
2015 Sept 4 Caterpillar eating gourd.jpg
We've seen a few of these caterpillars nibbling from the flowers and fruit. This is one of the birdhouse-shaped gourds
grown in a pot on the other side of the garden.
2015 Sept 3 Potted birdhouse gourds on fence.jpg
Even confined to a container, they're thriving!
2015 Sept 2 Bell pepper sunburned.jpg
This is what happens when peppers get too much sun. Some of the plants that were run through a couple weeks ago are
getting sunburned without all the protection from the leaves. The one on the right has good coverage and is doing well.
2015 Sept 4 First eggplant.jpg
Our first eggplant can be seen now in that bed...
2015 Sept 4 Grasshopper on eggplant.jpg
...and so can grasshopper damage! These little guys LOVE eggplant leaves.
2015 Sept 3 Strawberry propagating.jpg
The 4th grade classes have begun propagating from the garden. We began with the garden's strawberry runners.
2015 Sept 3 Strawberry cutworm.jpg
This cutworm was found in the strawberry bed...
2015 Sept 2 Strawberry grasshopper.jpg
...and so was this grasshopper and his molted skin.
2015 Sept 4 Black leaf hopper.jpg
There has been spittle bug froth on some of the mint flowers. But until now, we haven't seen a spittle bug adult. They're
called froghoppers, and they look nothing like the yellow baby spittlebugs.
2015 Aug 31 Southern Green Shield Bug.jpg
Another new insect was found on the bean leaves. This is a Southern Green Shield Bug.
2015 August 31 Shield bug young.jpg
That same day, we found these little guys on one of the beans. Hard to believe, but they're green shield bug babies!
2015 August 31 Mexican Cactus Fly and Bee fly.jpg
Two new bee mimics were also spotted. On the left is a Mexican Cactus fly. On the right is a bee fly. Both of these are
much larger than houseflies!
2015 Sept 3 Mud nests.jpg
Yikes, the kids found these mud balls on a geranium leaf. I'm not sure we want to know what's growing inside them!
2015 Aug 31 Ironclad beetle.jpg
Another new find, and in the boys bathroom! This black beetle, doing a very convincing job of playing dead, is called a
Diabolical Ironclad Beetle. They are well-known for walking away after being stepped on (once they stop playing dead,
that is.) We released this one into the garden.
2015 Sept 4 Jumping spider.jpg
This little cutie is a Iridescent Gold Jumping Spider.
2015 Sept 4 Grape caterpillar.jpg
This is only the second time we've spotted one of these large Achemon Sphinx caterpillars on the grape vines.
2015 Sept 3 Anise swallowtail caterpillar.jpg
One of the anise swallowtail caterpillars made it on the fennel! Last we saw of him on Friday, he was transforming into a
2015 Sept 3 Cloudless Sulphur chrysalis.jpg
Chrysalis from the cloudless sulphur butterflies are popping up all over the place - on the fennel, oregano, and even from
the new garden arbor!
2015 Sept 6 Mourning cloak chrysalis.jpg
We keep checking on the mourning cloak butterfly chrysalis hanging form the preschool gate. Still looking good..
2015 Sept 3 Hunting tree hoppers.jpg
We have a team now that dedicates every recess time to catching bugs on the tomato plants.
2015 Sept 3 Tree hopper young with adult.jpg
There are Keeled Treehoppers to be found. The kids managed to even catch one of the elusive green adults!
2015 Sept 1 Tobacco hornworm.jpg
And they are so many tobacco hornworms!
2015 Sept 1 Hornworms.jpg
We must have found more than a dozen of these big guys...
2015 Sept 1 Baby hornworm.jpg
...a couple wee babies...
2015 Sept 1 Hornworm egg.jpg
...and many eggs.
2015 Sept 1 Bee and hoverfly on chives.jpg
And we end with a pic of a honeybee and hoverfly sharing the garlic chive flowers.

Week of August 24 - August 28
2015 August 26 Beet harvesting.jpg
Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders helped pull some beets for this week's harvest.
2015 August 26 Beet harvest.jpg
Many different kinds makes for many different shades of red.
2015 August 26 Kale volunteer.jpg
The beet bed was a former kale bed. One of those dinosaur kale seeds made it all the way into a plant.
2015 August 26 Colored bell peppers.jpg
A few sweet peppers changed color.
2015 August 26 Crinkly lettuce.jpg
Our first crinkly lettuce of the season were ready.
2015 August 26 Harvest.jpg
The total harvest also included mini watermelons, beans, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes.
2015 August 24 Watermelon growth.jpg
The produce enjoyed the blazing hot weather. Here's 4 days growth on a watermelon...
2015 August 28 Birdhouse gourd growth.jpg
...and 4 days on the bird house gourds.
2015 August 24 Ladybug larva and CA Glowworm.jpg
The cilantro bed was a hothouse of little bug activity. Lots of ladybug larva, some California glowworm (bug at top)...
2015 August 24 Ladybug black.jpg
...and lots and lots...
2015 August 27 Mating ladybugs.jpg
of ladybugs! This was our first sighting of mating ladybugs.
2015 August 28 Ladybugs.jpg
If you stand close enough to the bed, some ladybugs will even land on you!
2015 August 27 Ladybug eggs.jpg
Ladybug eggs were found in the nearby zucchini bed.
2015 August 24 Treehopper nymphs.jpg
Some more treehopper nymphs (young) were again found in the tomato bed. These are a bit bigger and even more
2015 August 24 Tobacco hornworm moth.jpg
Mwahahaha! Here's the little devil that lays eggs that turn into giant tobacco hornworm caterpillars that eat tomato plants.
2015 August 24 Tobacco hornworm moth 2.jpg
They're pretty and big! When their wings are fully expanded, they look like they have another smaller moth on their backs.
2015 August 26 Cloudless sulphur caterpillars.jpg
There's more than a dozen cloudless sulphur caterpillars on the senna. There are 3 in this picture (hint: the smallest one
looks like a flower petal next to the larger one at top)...
2015 August 26 Cloudless sulphur caterpillars 2.jpg
...and 5 in this picture.
2015 August 27 Cloudless sulphur chrysalis.jpg
A couple chrysalis were found on the dried sage flower stalks. We were lucky enough to catch this one soon after it
attached itself and were able to document its transformation. There are very hard to see unless you know they're there!
2015 August 26 Monarch caterpillar.jpg
The couple monarch caterpillars in the mint bed seem to coexist with...
2015 August 26 Milkweed bugs.jpg
...the milkweed bugs. They all look grown up now.
2015 August 27 Mating milkweed bugs.jpg
Some are even mating.
2015 August 25 Grasshopper after molting.jpg
This grasshopper was drying out its wings after recently molting.
2015 August 25 Grasshopper skin.jpg
This is the skin they crawled out of.
2015 August 25 Grasshopper.jpg
They seem rather lethargic at this stage, so this one received lots of gentle caresses before being freed at the park.
2015 August 27 Red backed jumping spider.jpg
The last bug of the week is this little red-backed jumping spider. It's a girl!

Week of August 17 - August 21__
2015 August 18 Garden entry.jpg
Welcome back to school and the Literacy Garden!
2015 August 19 Squash harvest.jpg
It was quite a week for spaghetti squash. These all ripened at the same time!
2015 August 19 Cucumber harvest.jpg
Lots of cucumbers were ready too.
2015 August 19 Harvested tomatoes.jpg
And there were plenty of cherry tomatoes for the kids to hunt for.
2015 August 19 Harvest.jpg
Add to that, 5 watermelons and a large bag of beans, and you get a heavy week's harvest - a total of 117 pounds!
2015 August 19 Veggie face.jpg
The curved cucumbers always look like smiles.
2015 August 21 Watermelon yellow.jpg
The yellow watermelons are getting easier for everyone to see now.
2015 August 21 Gourd.jpg
The first pear gourd is much bigger than a pear now.
2015 August 21 Spaghetti squash and cucumbers.jpg
The spaghetti squash has climbed up to mingle with the cucumbers.
2015 August 20 Damaged pepper and eggplant.jpg
Sadly, the bell pepper/ eggplant bed got trampled on before school on Thursday. We lost 2 eggplants and a bunch of bell
pepper plants.
2015 August 20 Salvaged peppers.jpg
We salvaged the biggest of the peppers.
2015 August 21 Golden treasure.jpg
Luckily the golden treasures were untouched.
2015 August 21 Milkweed bugs.jpg
The milkweed bugs have matured. Some are sporting their adult patterning now.
2015 August 18 Flesh flies.jpg
It was a great week for bug watching. These are mating flesh flies, named for their rather icky behavior of laying eggs on
an animal's wound.
2015 August 18 Green bee.jpg
Lots of little bees in the garden (see the one on the right flower?)...
2015 August 18 Green sweat bee plus small bee.jpg
...and metallic green sweat bees on the rock purslane flowers.
2015 August 17 Big fly.jpg
We still don't know the name of this big fly, but we keep seeing him.
2015 August 18 Saddlebag dragonfly 2.jpg
Two of these large saddlebag dragonflies rested on the oak tree.
2015 August 18 Saddlebag dragonfly.jpg
They are so cool!
2015 August 17 Monarch caterpillar young.jpg
Itty bitty monarch caterpillars were found in the mint bed with the milkweed...
2015 August 17 Monarch caterpillar.jpg
...along with a very hungry big one...
2015 August 17 Mating Monarchs.jpg
...and a pair of mating monarch butterflies.
2015 August 17 Hornworm caterpillar.jpg
A couple of these big tobacco hornworm caterpillars were munching the eggplant and bell pepper leaves.
2015 August 17 Orange true bug.jpg
An unknown bug (some kind of true bug) was found on the bean leaves.
2015 August 18 Keeled treehopper nymph.jpg
And a cluster of these spiky little things were found on a branch of the tomatoes. They're baby tree hoppers. Like aphids,
they drink sap from the plant and exude a honeydew that attracts ants. The adult form looks nothing like this stage. They're
green and look a bit like small, plump katydids.
2015 August 21 Mourning Cloak caterpillar to chrysalis.jpg
We've been watching the progress of this mourning cloak caterpillar on one of the preschool gates. So cute how the
chrysalis kept some of those spikes!
2015 August 17 Western Tiger Swallowtail.jpg
This Western Tiger Swallowtail butterfly had no trouble getting around the garden even with the chunk missing from its wing.
2015 August 21 Chives and tea tree white blossoms.jpg
White blossoms! The garlic chives are flowering for the first time (on the left) and the New Zealand tea tree is in full bloom.
2015 August 21 Pomegranate flowers.jpg
The pomegranate tree is fruiting.
2015 August 21 Lion Tail.jpg
And the lion's tail plant has become a giant! It's recently begun to open its fuzzy orange flowers. Hard to believe that this
plant is in the same family as mint.
2016 June 1 Monarch and chrysalis.jpg
2016 May 12 Strawberry.jpg
2016 Jan 29 Collecting orach seeds.jpg