Week of August 8 - August 12, 2016
2016 Aug 10 Garden entry.jpg
Goodbye, Summer 2016.
2016 Aug 10 Harvest.jpg
A mostly green harvest for the week...
2016 Aug 10 Cucumber.jpg
...with one ripe cucumber.
2016 Aug 10 Baby cucumbers.jpg
There were lots of baby ones plumping up.
2016 Aug 10 Grape clusters.jpg
This was the last grape harvest of the season. These were the prettiest of the clusters.
2016 Aug 12 Zucchini & Watermelon bed.jpg
The zucchini bed on left and watermelon bed #1 on right are starting to fill out.
2016 Aug 12 Black popcorn bed.jpg
The black popcorn bed is mature. It's much shorter growing than the earth tones ornamental below.
2016 Aug 10 Ornamental corn bed.jpg
2016 Aug 12 Pastel corn.jpg
You can see the different colors now on the mature kernels.
2016 Aug 12 Squash bee.jpg
Squash bees were busy pollinating some of the pumpkins below.
2016 Aug 10 Bees on corn tassels.jpg
2016 Aug 8 Bee pollen sac.jpg
And honeybees were busy up top collecting pollen from the tassels.
2016 Aug 10 Corn fallen.jpg
A few more corn needed staking in the popcorn bed.
2016 Aug 10 Malabar spinach.jpg
2016 Aug 12 Amaranth.jpg
The purple stems on the Malabar spinach (above) match the nearby amaranth.
2016 Aug 10 Grasshopper.jpg
Still a favorite of the grasshoppers.
2016 Aug 10 Kale pests.jpg
Nearby pests on the kale were moth cabbage loopers (on left) and butterfly cabbage worms (on right).
2016 Aug 12 Chives blooming.jpg
2016 Aug 8 Bee in chives.jpg
The flowering chives were attracting lots of the bees.
2016 Aug 12 Monarch on butterfly bush.jpg
The butterfly bush had lots of new blossoms.
2016 Aug 10 Senna blooms.jpg
And the senna bush started to open its bright yellow flowers. This carpenter bee enjoyed them.
2016 Aug 10 Milkweed.jpg
We left several milkweed that self-seeded last season. Some of these are quite bushy now.
2016 Aug 8 Ladybug larva.jpg
2016 Aug 12 Ladybugs.jpg
The ladybugs are everywhere, especially on the milkweed, corn, and fennel.
2016 Aug 10 Fig tree.jpg
The fig tree's fruit started to ripen.
2016 Aug 10 Figeater beetles mating.jpg
We've become accustomed to hearing the figeater beetles fly around the garden, but finding a mating pair was a surprise.
2016 Aug 10 Cucumber beetle.jpg
This is the first cucumber beetle we've seen in a while.
2016 Aug 10 Bee on Arabian lilac.jpg
This fuzzy bumble bee was drinking from the Arabian lilac flowers.
2016 Aug 10 Wasp.jpg
There were many of these western yellowjackets hovering in a spot in the grass near the garden. They like to build their
hives below-ground. Hopefully that wasn't the reason for them there!
2016 Aug 8 Compost.jpg
We transferred a trash can full of finished compost to replenish the store in the newest compost bin.

Week of August 1 - August 5, 2016
2016 Aug 4 Harvest.jpg
A bit smaller harvest this week. There are less grapes to be found.
2016 Aug 4 Grapes in tree.jpg
But there are still clusters high up in the tree that are still ripening.
2016 Aug 4 Grape drinking bee.jpg
And there are plenty of bird-pecked ones for the bees to sip from.
2016 Aug 5 Cucumber vines.jpg
The cucumbers on the other side from the Japanese cucumbers are finally taking off.
2016 Aug 4 Amaranth.jpg
Amaranth has turned into the quickest growing thing in the garden. Can you believe these thick, tall stalks belong to
plant seeded just a few weeks ago?
2016 Aug 4 Grasshopper amaranth.jpg
The grasshoppers really love them.
2016 Aug 4 Grasshoppers mating.jpg
This mating pair was found on the dinosaur kale plant nearest the amaranth patch.
2016 Aug 1 Cucumber & zucchini seedlings.jpg
The cucumber seeds and zucchini have come up.
2016 Aug 5 Fallen corn.jpg
Some of the black popcorn stalks fell over and needed staking. We suspect some underground critters are nibbling their
2016 Aug 5 Black popcorn ears.jpg
You can see the black popcorn ears clearly now.
2016 Aug 1 Sunflowers.jpg
We left many of the seeded sunflower stalks to shade the sugar cane. And surprise, surprise, it's blooming again!
2016 Aug 5 Tropical guava.jpg
The tropical guava tree is full of developing fruit.
2016 Aug 5 Seed beetle.jpg
Lots of bugs have been attracted to the corn. This little beetle is called a seed bug.
2016 Aug 5 Ladybug.jpg
We've seen hardly any ladybugs in the garden over the summer. Now, they're commonplace on the corn. There are
plenty of black aphids for them to feed on.
2016 Aug 3 Figeater beetle.jpg
Figeater beetles are enjoying the pollen on the corn tassels.
2016 Aug 1 Mealybug destroyer.jpg
This is a mealybug destroyer.
2016 Aug 4 Long legged sac spider.jpg
This spider was found in the kale bed.
2016 Aug 3 Wasp and honeybee.jpg
2016 Aug 3 Small bees.jpg
Still lots of bee and wasp activity on the blooming fennel.
2016 Aug 2 Skipper.jpg
The marigolds continue to attract a variety of bugs. This is a skipper butterfly.
2016 Aug 1 Birdhouse.jpg
Our first sad news on the bird house. The western bluebirds stopped feeding the babies earlier than we expected. We
took down the house and found a baby inside that didn't make it. The picture shows the nest and the carrot wood seeds
the parents had collected.
2016 Aug 1 Caterpillar.jpg
This large caterpillar was crawling on the birdhouse.
2016 Aug 5 Chives and milkweed flowers.jpg
The garlic chives are blooming and one of the tropical milkweeds that sprouted from seed along the strawberry bed has
only orange flowers.

Week of July 25 - July 29, 2016
2016 July 28 Harvest.jpg
A big kale harvest -- four bags -- and a big grape harvest this week.
2016 July 28 Green grape cluster.jpg
This time is was the green grape's turn to shine.
2016 July 28 Green grape cluster 2.jpg
Lots of plump ones...
2016 July 28 Green grapes.jpg
...and beautiful clusters.
2016 July 28 Dino kale.jpg
And some of the widest dinosaur kale leaves we've seen.
2016 July 29 Produce beds.jpg
Things are growing well in the produce beds...
2016 July 29 M spinach.jpg
,,,and along the fence.
2016 July 28 Sugar pie pumpkin.jpg
The sugar pie pumpkins are ripening...
2016 July 29 Mini pumpkins.jpg
...and so are the mini ones.
2016 July 28 Japanese cucumbers.jpg
There are more Japanese cucumbers now.
2016 July 28 Raspberries.jpg
The raspberry plants aren't looking that great (spider mites/sunburn?), but there are still some pretty clusters of berries.
2016 July 29 B Pepper w cilantro.jpg
The cilantro growing in the bell pepper bed was thinned out.
2016 July 27 Amaranth patch.jpg
It was also time to thin out the amaranth.
2016 July 27 Amaranth.jpg
The leaves are such a pretty purple color.
2016 July 27 Amaranth thinned.jpg
Ahhh, room to grow.
2016 July 27 Watermelon seedlings.jpg
The first watermelon bed was also weeded and thinned out.
2016 July 27 Cucumber planting.jpg
Our last summer bed was planted -- cucumbers went into the former kohlrabi bed,
2016 July 29 Red silk.jpg
We see silk in the black popcorn bed -- and it's red!
2016 July 28 Spider.jpg
Pretty spider in the Russian kale.
2016 July 29 Marigolds.jpg
The marigolds are growing so well in the produce beds.
2016 July 29 Marigold pests.jpg
And they are continuing to attract so many bugs! A flower caterpillar, baby grasshopper, and beetle.
2016 July 29 Small milkweed bug nymph.jpg
Our first milkweed bug of the summer.
2016 July 27 Wasps on fennel.jpg
The flowering fennel is attracting a variety of bees and wasps.

Week of July 18 - July 22, 2016
2016 July 20 Harvest.jpg
A two day harvest this week. This was Wednesday's donation.
2016 July 21 Harvest.jpg
And this was Thursday's. Hiding in those leafy bags are the remaining garden kohlrabi.
2016 July 21 Kohlrabi fractal.jpg
Each overgrown stalk multiplied into dozens or more kohlrabi swollen stems.
2016 July 21 Kohlrabi shapes.jpg
Many of these secondary growths got pretty big. And contrary to what you hear about veggies that have shot into flower,
these guys are still just as sweet and tender inside.
2016 July 20 Harvesting carrots.jpg
We also pulled out all the remaining carrots.
2016 July 20 Tomato harvesting.jpg
Found the colorful tomatoes.
2016 July 20 Harvesting kale.jpg
And picked lots of kale leaves.
2016 July 20 Bagrada kale damage.jpg
The bagrada bug damage was more visible on a few of the leaves.
2016 July 20 Grapes.jpg
Lots of pretty clusters of grapes were found.
2016 July 21 Bee eating grapes.jpg
The bees sipped from the damaged ones.
2016 July 18 Watermelon & amaranth.jpg
The watermelon seeds and amaranth that we planted last week popped up.
2016 July 22 Amaranth seedlings.jpg
Amaranth grows fast! Just a few days later and it looked like this.
2016 July 22 Cilantro seedlings.jpg
Cilantro seedlings are popping up all around the bell pepper plants. We'll thin them out when they get a little bigger.
2016 July 18 Cabbage kohlrabi bed.jpg
Goodbye cabbage/kohlrabi bed.
2016 July 20 Planting watermelon.jpg
This will become another watermelon bed.
2016 July 18 Earthworm.jpg
A long earthworm was found while turning over that bed.
2016 July 18 Planting lettuce.jpg
We spot-amended the lettuce patch next to it and planted new seedlings around the stevia.
2016 July 19 Kohlrabi bed.jpg
Goodbye overgrown kohlrabi bed.
2016 July 21 Kohlrabi bed.jpg
2016 July 21 Kohlrabi stalk base.jpg
Check out the size of the stalks.
2016 July 21 Kohlrabi bed refurbish.jpg
2016 July 20 Refurbish carrot bed.jpg
The 3 beds that we refurbished this week were amended with garden compost and chicken manure.
2016 July 22 Zucchini seeds.jpg
We seeded zucchini in the former carrot bed.
2016 July 18 Malabar spinach.jpg
The Malabar spinach is continuing to climb and reach.
2016 July 22 Corn bed.jpg
2016 July 21 Corn ears.jpg
The corn is tall and the ears are plump. We would have guessed the corn to be 16 feet or more, but a measuring tape
says its only 11.5 feet from the ground to the tip of the tassel.
2016 July 21 Black popcorn tassel.jpg
Oh no, corn bed #2 is beginning to tassel! It's too short to need to do so -- there aren't any ears for it to pollinate -- and
wedon't want it to cross-pollinate with the variety growing in bed #1.
2016 July 22 Strawberry runners.jpg
The strawberry plants are starting to make baby plants on runners.
2016 July 22 Common purslane.jpg
The large purslane that we moved out of the cilantro bed is blooming.
2016 July 18 Flowering fennel.jpg
The blooming fennel is attracting the bees.
2016 July 18 Lettuce flowers.jpg
The last blooming lettuce was attracting the smallest of the bees and the seedbugs.
2016 July 19 Melaleuca flowers.jpg
There are puff-ball flowers all over the melaleuca trees.
2016 July 18 Cabbage pests.jpg
Lots of pests were snacking in the cabbage bed. These are cabbageworms and slugs.
2016 July 20 Cabbageworm.jpg
The cabbage white butterfly caterpillars are easy to spot when they eat something purple.
2016 July 18 Plant bug nymph Creontiades rubrinervis.jpg
We believe this is a baby (or nymph) of last year's mystery bug, simply named a plant bug.
2016 July 19 Grasshoppers.jpg
2016 July 19 Grasshoppers 2.jpg
2016 July 21 Baby grasshopper.jpg
So many grasshoppers this week! This flower looks like it has caterpillar damage.
2016 July 22 Sunflower moth.jpg
That would be from sunflower moths like this one.
2016 July 22 Fruit Fly.jpg
Lots of interesting bugs have been visiting the marigold flowers. This is a fruit fly.
2016 July 21 Figeater beetle.jpg
If you heard a loud buzzing sound in the garden this week, that would be from these figeater beetles, who are trying to
find soil with a lot of decaying matter in it (like our compost bins) to lay their eggs in.
2016 July 19 Leaf beetle.jpg
This little guy (that's skin he's sitting on) is aptly named a big-eyed bug.
2016 July 19 Western yellowjacket.jpg
This colorful Western yelllowjacket was crawling over the kohlrabi leaves.
2016 July 21 Monarch caterpillar.jpg
There are only a few monarch caterpillars in the garden.
2016 July 20 Milkweed seeds.jpg
But there are lots of milkweed seeds!

Week of July 11 - July 15, 2016
2016 July 13 Harvest.jpg
Our big weekly harvest included a new item this week.
2016 July 12 Grape vine.jpg
2016 July 13 Grapes.jpg
Our green grapes are still not ripe, but lots of purple ones were ready for picking.
2016 July 12 Purple grapes.jpg
2016 July 13 Purple grapes.jpg
ESS helped find the most purple clusters.
2016 July 13 Harvesting carrots.jpg
We also searched for the tallest carrots.
2016 July 13 Red carrot.jpg
Our first red carrot was pulled out.
2016 July 13 Funky carrot.jpg
Every week we find at least one funny one.
2016 July 13 Harvesting strawberries.jpg
The search was difficult in the strawberry bed...
2016 July 13 Harvesting tomatoes.jpg
2016 July 11 Tomatoes.jpg
...but easy in the tomato bed.
2016 July 13 Funky tomato.jpg
We found our first funky tomato.
2016 July 13 Cabbage.jpg
Our last big head of cabbage was pulled out. Can you tell that insects prefer green cabbage to purple?
2016 July 13 Kohlrabi.jpg
Lots of kohlrabi was harvested.
2016 July 13 Marigold seeds.jpg
We deadheaded the marigolds in the kale bed and planted some of the seeds in the new watermelon bed.
2016 July 12 Refurbish cilantro bed.jpg
Three beds were changed over this week. The cilantro bed was refurbished with our usual mix.
2016 July 12 Planting peppers.jpg
We planted bell peppers and gave them a shade cover with a piece of weedblock.
2016 July 12 Watermelon planting.jpg
Watermelon seeds collected from last year's plants were planted into the former red cabbage bed. It will be interesting
to see if the red and yellow watermelon cross-pollinated and made a whole new variety. Could we get orange
2016 July 11 Orach seeds.jpg
The seeded orach stalks were collected for seed saving.
2016 July 13 Refurbish orach bed.jpg
2016 July 13 Amaranth.jpg
We refurbished the 2 spots of orach and planted amaranth seeds. The grains can be cooked and eaten and the leaves
can be eaten fresh.
2016 July 15 Corn ear.jpg
We have big ears of corn now!
2016 July 11 Sunflower seeds.jpg
We collected more sunflower heads.
2016 July 11 Milkweed seeds.jpg
The tropical milkweed is seeding.
2016 July 15 Rose hibiscus.jpg
We trimmed back the vigorous confederate rose hibiscus.
2016 July 15 Bagrada bugs.jpg
Oh no, bagrada bugs in the kale beds! If these guys get too numerous, we might have to rip out the kale. Kale seems
to be their favorite thing to eat and hand-picking is the only way to get rid of them. When they multiply so quickly, that's
hard to do.
2016 July 13 Insect eggs.jpg
We found these eggs underneath some of the dinosaur kale leaves. They might be bagrada bug eggs.
2016 July 13 W fence lizard.jpg
This guy usually stands gourd at that kale bed. Maybe he'll catch any adult bagradas trying to fly in under the row cover.
2016 July 15 Grasshoppers.jpg
Lots of grasshopper activity in the garden again this week.
2016 July 13 Brown widow sacs.jpg
These brown widow egg sacs were found under the shed's lid.
2016 July 12 Pupa.jpg
This spiky pupa was found in the bell pepper bed.
2016 July 12 Black soldier fly.jpg
Several black soldier flies were resting near the compost bins. We gladly welcome them. Their larvae are awesome to
have in compost piles. They eat waste like crazy.

Week of July 4 - July 8, 2016
2016 July 6 Harvest.jpg
Our first Japanese cucumber was included with this week's harvest.
2016 July 6 Harvesting carrots.jpg
Again, lots of pretty carrots to be found.
2016 July 6 Funky carrot.jpg
And one funny one.
2016 July 6 Kohlrabi & carrot harvest.jpg
The kohlrabi makes such a pretty color contrast with the carrots.
2016 July 6 Harvesting tomatoes.jpg
More tomatoes this time.
2016 July 8 Produce beds.jpg
Every corn stalk is tasseled now.
2016 July 6 Tall corn.jpg
And they're tall!
2016 July 7 Pumpkin.jpg
The pumpkins are striped!
2016 July 7 Pumpkin vine trimming.jpg
The vines received their first major leaf trimming and fertilizing.
2016 July 7 Curly kale.jpg
The purple curly kale is also tall now.
2016 July 8 Corn bed 2.jpg
The black popcorn is corn bed #2 is trying to catch up.
2016 July 8 Cabbage bed.jpg
We said goodbye to the red cabbage bed.
2016 July 8 Cabbage bed refurbish.jpg
We turned it over with garden compost, worm castings, and chicken manure.
2016 July 8 Compost roots.jpg
We moved the finished compost out from this bin. Lots of roots from the grape vines were in there toward the bottom.
2016 July 8 Compost grapes.jpg
That's the reason why our grapes are growing so well!
2016 July 6 W Bluebird house.jpg
The Western bluebird parents are busy bringing food to their new chicks.
2016 July 6 Western bluebird male.jpg
Papa has been bringing carrot wood seeds.
2016 July 6 Western bluebird female.jpg
Mama brings more juicy morsels. Crane fly larva?
2016 July 7 Grasshopper.jpg
Lots of grasshopper activity. This one snuck into the kale bed.
2016 July 6 Grasshopper.jpg
And this big guy was sampling the kohlrabi.
2016 July 7 Ambush bug.jpg
A new garden bug! This is an ambush bug. He was near the marigolds and kale. They lie in wait on flowers and grab
anything that happens by with those big buffed forearms.
2016 July 7 Bumble bee.jpg
This fuzzy bumble bee was drinking from the lemon blossoms.
2016 July 6 Black bee.jpg
And this black bee was feeding on the calendula.

Week of June 27 - July 1, 2016
2016 June 29 Harvest.jpg
Another beautiful harvest this week.
2016 June 29 Garlic.jpg
We donated the garlic that finished curing in the shed.
2016 June 29 Kohlrabi and carrot harvest.jpg
We pulled some large purple kohlrabi and more giant carrots.
2016 June 29 Harvesting carrots.jpg
ESS helped with the harvest.
2016 June 29 Funky carrots.jpg
Along with all the perfect carrots, there were a couple funny ones to be found, a crown and a twin!
2016 June 29 Harvesting strawberries.jpg
There was a basket to fill with strawberries...
2016 June 29 Tomato harvesting.jpg
...and lots of ripe tomatoes to find.
2016 June 29 Kale one plant.jpg
It's no wonder we harvest close to 8 pounds of kale when you get this many leaves off just one plant!
2016 June 29 Kale caterpillars.jpg
The row cover over the kale is doing a good job keeping out most of the pests, but occasionally the moths/butterflies/
grasshoppers will sneak in. Only a few of the leaves had any caterpillars on them.
2016 July 1 Moths.jpg
Here are a couple moths we found playing in the beds.
2016 July 1 Corn bed #2.jpg
Our popcorn/mini pumpkin bed is growing.
2016 July 1 Corn bed #1.jpg
But it's the ornamental corn that's the garden stand-out.
2016 July 1 Baby corn.jpg
It's finally begun to tassel and show it's baby ears.
2016 June 30 Pumpkin vines.jpg
Underneath, the pumpkins are blooming like crazy.
2016 June 30 Pumpkin flower.jpg
Thanks to the bees...
2016 July 1 Baby pumpkin.jpg
...we've got a few of these forming.
2016 June 28 Grasshopper stretch.jpg
A grasshopper was doing yoga on the corn.
2016 June 29 Baby grasshopper.jpg
The nearby marigolds seem to be a magnet for baby grasshoppers.
2016 July 1 Chard bed.jpg
But the marigold and calendula flowers sure do make the beds pretty.
2016 July 1 Malabar spinach.jpg
The malibar spinach is wrapping its way up the fence.
2016 June 30 Apple.jpg
Another big apple was picked.
2016 June 30 Kohlrabi seeds.jpg
Even surrounded by bird netting, the birds got to most (but not all) of the kohlrabi seeds.
2016 June 30 Coriander.jpg
We started to cut down the stalks of cilantro to collect the seeds.
2016 July 1 Purslane.jpg
A purslane weed popped up in that bed. Since it's an edible (and a very nutritious one!), we're letting it grow.
2016 June 28 Jupiters beard seeds.jpg
Other seeds we collected were from the Jupiter's Beard flowers...
2016 June 30 Sunflower seeds.jpg
...and the sunflowers.
2016 June 30 Sunflowers.jpg
Most if the sunflower heads are seeding, but there are a few still blooming.
2016 June 30 Sugar cane planting.jpg
We cleared away a section to plant our sprouting sugar cane.
2016 July 1 Sugar cane planted.jpg
Eventually it will straighten itself out.
2016 July 1 Compost bin.jpg
Another compost bin brings the number of garden bins to 5. This tall one will store finished compost.
2016 June 28 Anise swallowtail laying.jpg
Lots of butterflies came to lay eggs. The anise swallowtail on the fennel...
2016 June 30 Cloudless sulphur laying.jpg
...the cloudless sulphurs on the senna.
2016 June 29 Monarch.jpg
...and the monarchs on the milkweed.
2016 July 1 Skipper.jpg
Lot of skippers were around too.
2016 June 30 Harlequin beetle.jpg
A pretty harlequin beetle was found in the cabbage/kohlrabi bed.
2016 June 30 Cabbage white.jpg
The flowers on the coast rosemary have been attracting lots of visitors. A cabbage white butterfly...
2016 June 30 Bumble bee.jpg
...and fuzzy bumble bees.
2016 July 1 Rose hibiscus.jpg
The confederate rose hibiscus attracted the honeybees.
2016 June 28 CA buckwheat.jpg
The other garden plant in showy bloom is the native buckwheat.

Week of June 20 - June 24, 2016
2016 June 22 Harvest.jpg
A full harvest this week.
2016 June 22 Kohlrabi harvest.jpg
Some of the hidden items are these kohlrabi.
2016 June 22 Carrot harvest.jpg

And these carrots.
2016 June 22 Tomato bed.jpg
The tomato plants are making a comeback.
2016 June 23 Baby pumpkin.jpg
The sugar pie pumpkins are beginning to fruit.
2016 June 23 Grapes.jpg
The green and purple grapes are ripening.
2016 June 23 Basil with kale.jpg
The basil is blooming.
2016 June 23 Tall marigold with kale.jpg
The marigolds are swallowing up some of the kale.
2016 June 22 Strawberry bed.jpg
The strawberry bed, where we have garlic chives, marigolds, calendula. basil, and lettuce, is especially pretty.
2016 June 22 Corn bed 2.jpg
Corn bed #2, our black popcorn with mini pumpkins, is coming along.
2016 June 23 Corn.jpg
Corn bed #1 is healthy and tall.
2016 June 23 Bulbless kohlrabi.jpg
A few of the kohlrabi failed to swell out into a ball.
2016 June 23 Tree blossoms.jpg
The corner trees are blooming.
2016 June 22 Coyote mint flowers.jpg
So is the native coyote mint.
2016 June 22 Hibiscus plus lynx.jpg
The rose hibiscus was hiding this green lynx spider.
2016 June 22 Cabbage white chrysalis.jpg
The cabbage white butterfly chrysalis was found in the red cabbage bed. Correction: this is a mourning cloak chrysalis
2016 June 20 Western poplar sphinx moth.jpg
This beautiful polar sphinx moth was lying on the entry path. No longer living, but still beautiful.

Week of June 13 - June 17, 2016

Sorry, photos are currently unavailable. Stay tuned....