The Rolling Hills Literacy Garden is tended primarily by:
* 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students
* ESS students during summer break
* Parents and grandparents from the school
* Community members

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Funding is provided by the Rolling Hills Foundation, fundraisers, grants, and by donations from families and community members. Please see our
Fundraising Page for more information on current fundraisers, specific needs, and future garden projects.

Classes from Pre-K to 5th grade visit the garden and participate at the discretion of the teachers and the garden coordinator. The 2nd and 3rd grade classes assist with planting and weekly harvesting. The 4th grade classes visit weekly to propagate plants from the garden.

Sunshine Care Assisted Living provides the expertise of its Director of Horticulture and the space in its greenhouse to raise seedlings for all the produce beds.

Produce from the garden is donated to Friends and Family Community Connection for distribution to local families in need.

The Backyard Produce Garden Project recruits community volunteers for the garden and offers advice from its gardens.


Ella German -- Garden Coordinator
Simone Tews -- Girl Scout garden projects leader, brick fundraiser coordinator, and garden bulletin board
Sharon Tooley -- weekly to drop-off produce
Fred Simons, Garden Founder, since 2009
Mark Devlin -- as needed for irrigation issues

2nd through 5th grade students -- open daily during morning and afternoon recess for students who wish to assist the garden coordinator
2nd and 3rd grade classes -- for planting & harvesting, classes rotate weekly
4th grade classes -- Thursday mornings for plant propagation