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Week of November 14 to November 18, 2016 - posted by Ella

Fourth grade made kokedama moss balls using the vinca major cuttings they rooted several weeks ago. They also took home a well-rooted strawberry plant -- their first experiment in propagation.

The strawberry bed was cleaned up -- the dying marigolds, propagation pots, remaining runners, and dried leaves were removed. Compost and fresh straw was added to the bed. Marigolds were also removed from the kale bed and many amaranth branches were cut away.

Plants fertilized with fish emulsion: strawberry, quinoa, broccoli, sorrel, chives.

Week of November 7 to November 11, 2016 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders planted cabbage seedlings in former watermelon bed #2. The bed was refurbished with worm castings and chicken manure. Lettuce seeds were planted inbetween.

Watermelon bed #1 was cleared away to make a safe space for the propagation pots with seeded flowers. Many milkweed plants that sprouted in the bed were uprooted and potted.

Harvest skipped this week.

Plants fertilized with fish emulsion: kale, amaranth, bell peppers, strawberry, quinoa, broccoli, sorrel, chives.

Week of October 31 to November 4, 2016 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders planted kohlrabi seeds in the former cucumber bed and harvested tomatoes.

Watermelon bed #2 was cleared out.

Only one fourth grade class came out to propagate. Mrs. Mallory's class divided overgrown gazania clumps into individual plants.

First gulf fritillary butterfly sightings of the season.

No fertilizer this week.

Week of October 24 to October 28, 2016 - posted by Ella

Cucumber vines and old sunflower stalks were cleared away. A couple marigold bushes were pulled out of the kale bed.

The 3 planting circles against the fence and the sunflower circle were turned over with worm castings and chicken manure.

Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders planted peas in the 3 circles against the fence and sunflower seeds in the sunflower circle.

Fourth graders planted snapdragon seeds in peat pots.

Fruit trees fertilized with organic granular: pineapple guava and tropical guava

Week of October 17 to October 21, 2016 - posted by Ella

Saturday, October 22 was our fall garden sale at the Pumpkin Palooza school carnival. We sold ornamental corn, black popcorn, pumpkins, gourds, gourd seeds, and some blooming aster plants. We also gave away free bantam corn seeds.

The weakest zucchini plants were bed were cleared out of the zucchini bed. The soil was amended around the remaining plants with worm castings and chicken manure. Mrs. Baseshore's 3rd graders planted carrot seeds here. Pea seeds went in at the line under the bamboo teepee in this bed and the opposite quinoa bed.

A pineappe guava was planted against the fence behind the tangerine (not far from another pineapple guava) in hopes of increasing its fruit production. So far we haven't gotten any fruits from it.

Two of the 4th grade classes (McAtee and Iverson) propagated cuttings of Easter cactus.

Fruit trees fertilized with organic granular: tangerine and orange
Fruit tree fertilized with liquid organic: lemon
Kale fertilized with fish emulsion.

Week of October 10 to October 14, 2016 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders planted broccoli seedlings in the former black popcorn bed.

Last year's aster was repotted.
Fourth graders propagated cuttings of creeping charlie, or Swedish ivy, in plastic cups.

Our first praying mantis was brought to the garden.

Week of October 3 to October 7, 2016 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders assisted with the cucumber harvest and planted artichoke seeds in the former popcorn bed.

Fourth graders planted rooting pieces of vinca major in reusable fabric pots. This will be one of the plants we use in hanging planters we'll create later in the year.

The kale, amaranth, strawberries, bell peppers, sorrel, and chives were fertilized with fish emulsion.

Leek seeds were planted in peat pot trays, since the ones direct sowed in the quinoa bed didn't do well.

Week of September 26 to September 30, 2016 - posted by Ella

The cucumber bed and watermelon bed #1 were fertilized with organic granular fertilizer. All infected leaves were removed from both beds (mildew, spider mites, etc.).

Fourth graders planted two blue flowering plants by seed -- bachelor's buttons and Texas lupines.

Week of September 19 to September 23, 2016 - posted by Ella

Kellogg delivered a pallet full of goodies for our garden. Our garden shed and nearby containers are full of chicken compost, fertlizer, worm castings, compost, and soil. Thank you, Kelloggs!

Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders planted rainbow quinoa and leek seeds in the former ornamental corn bed.

The black popcorn bed was pulled out and refurbished with Kellogg compost, worm castings, and chicken manure.

Fourth graders planted pots of calendula from seeds collected from the garden.

The row covers were removed from the kale beds. Fertilizing was skipped this week.

Week of September 12 to September 16, 2016 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders assisted with the harvesting.

Fourth graders propagated strawberries by attaching the baby plants in the strawberry bed to pots of soil underneath them.

The ornamental corn bed was pulled out and refurbished with garden compost and granular fertilizer.

Week of September 5 to September 9, 2016 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders helped with harvesting.

Week of August 29 to September 2, 2016 - posted by Ella

Week of August 22 to August 26, 2016 - posted by Ella

Week of August 15 to August 19, 2016 - posted by Ella

The rose hibiscus was pruned back and the nearby cannas were deadheaded and thinned. The succulent flowers were deadheaded.

The bones of an a-frame trellis was installed in the cucumber bed.

The kale, amaranth, M. spinach, lettuce, corn, bell peppers, sorrel, and chives received fish emulsion.

Week of August 8 to August 12, 2016 - posted by Ella

The strawberries, kale, M. spinach, corn, sorrel, and chives received fish emulsion.

More fallen corn in the popcorn bed was staked.

The 2 trash cans holding finished compost were emptied into the newest compost bin for tidier storage.

Week of August 1 to August 5, 2016 - posted by Ella

Some corn needed staking in the popcorn bed.

The oldest beds (minus tomatoes and strawberries) received fish emulsion.

The baby western bluebirds didn't make it. The parents stopped feeding too early, so we opened up the birdhouse. One dead baby bird was inside.

Week of July 25 to July 29, 2016 - posted by Ella

Our largest green grape harvest this week.

The cilantro in the bell pepper bed, the amaranth, and the watermelon were thinned. Cucumber seeds were planted.

The oldest beds (minus tomatoes and strawberries) received fish emulsion.

Week of July 18 to July 22, 2016 - posted by Ella

A big harvest week and a big garden bed turnover week. Ninety three pounds were harvested for donation over Wednesday and Thursday. ESS assisted on Wednesday. The carrot bed, the kohlrabi bed, and mixed cabbage bed were cleared out and refurbished with chicken manure and garden compost. Zucchini seeds were planted in the former carrot bed and more watermelon seeds went into the former cabbage bed.

Most beds received fish emulsion (none on the strawberries, watermelon, b. pepper, lettuce, and recently refurbished).

The Western bluebirds were gone this week. Hope their little ones made it.

Thank you, Breanne, for assisting with the hard work in the hot weather.

Week of July 11 to July 15, 2016 - posted by Ella

ESS helped with the harvest. Our first grape clusters were collected.

The cilantro bed was refurbished with compost, chicken manure, and worm castings. It was planted with bell pepper plants and covered with some black weedblock for shade.
The former red cabbage bed was planted with red and yellow watermelon seeds saved from last year's fruit. We also planted marigold seeds from some of the deadheaded flowers.
The 2 orach patches in the mixed kale bed were pulled out, refurbished, and planted with amaranth seeds.

The bagrada bugs are back! About a dozen were killed in the kale bed.

The rock purslane in the succulent circle and the nearby cannas were deadheaded. The confederate rose hibiscus and was trimmed back.

The sorrel, chives, and all other beds (except the cabbage, tomatoes, sunflowers, and kohlrabi) received fish emulsion.

Thanks again to Breanne for volunteering!

Week of July 4 to July 8, 2016 - posted by Ella

ESS helped with the harvest.

Finished compost was moved into the newest compost bin.

The red cabbage bed was pulled out. The bed was refurbished with garden compost, chicken manure, and worm castings.

The pumpkins in corn bed #1 got a leaf trimming and were fertilized with the organic granular. The tomato bed also received the organic granular. All other beds (except the strawberries & cabbage) received fish emulsion.

The Western bluebirds are busy feeding another clutch of chicks.

Thanks to Breanne for her volunteer hours.

Week of June 27 to July 1, 2016 - posted by Ella

ESS helped with the harvest.

We received a donated compost bin, bringing up our composter units to 5. Thank you, Farmer Roy!

A section was refurbished in the sunflower circle and our sugarcane stalk (that had been growing roots in water) was finally planted.

All beds fertilized with fish emulsion (except the strawberries and tomatoes).

Sorry, not much of June was recorded, but here are the highlights:

June 9th -- black popcorn and mini pumpkins were planted by seed in the former broccoli bed.
June 3rd -- Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders harvested and made their classroom garden salad
June 2nd -- Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders harvested and made their classroom garden salad.
Our final plant sale of the year was held afterschool.
June 1st -- the old Western bluebird nest was cleaned out from the birdhouse (almost immediately after rehanging it, they started making a new nest)

Week of May 23 to May 27, 2016 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders and Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders made their classroom salads.

Two small beds for Malabar spinach were started by the eastern fence inbetween the nasturtium. Seeds and 2 seedlings were planted. Thank you, Highland Ranch Elementary Garden Coordinator Jessica, for the seedlings and seeds.

Cucumber seeds were planted on the opposite side of the Japanese cucumbers.

No more Western bluebirds. They must have fledged over the prior weekend. We'll need to clean out the birdhouse soon.

Every bed except broccoli, sorrel, tomatoes, and strawberries were fertilized with fish emulsion.

Week of May 16 to May 20, 2016 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders made their classroom salad.

The corn, pumpkin, and beans seedlings were thinned. Another bamboo teepee was built for cucumbers over the lettuce bed. Two Japanese cucumbers from Jessica (Highland Ranch Garden Coordinator) were planted.

The bulb garden was trimmed.

The entire front half of the garden was fertilized with fish emulsion. The fruit trees were fertilized with the organic liquid fertilizer.
Most of the produce beds were fertilized as well.

Week of May 9 to May 13, 2016 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders made their classroom garden salad.

Ornamental corn, yard-long/asparagus beans, and sugar pie pumpkin seeds were planted in the former cauliflower bed. A teepee was built joining the corn bed to the carrot bed, where more bean seeds were planted.

All beds except the new corn bed, tomatoes, and sorrel were fertilized with fish emulsion.

Week of May 2 to May 6, 2016 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders helped with Wednesday's harvest.

Cauliflower bed #2 (our last one) was cleared out and prepped with new garden compost, chicken manure, and worm castings.

All beds except the sorrel, cauliflower, and tomatoes fertilized with fish emulsion on Monday.
Romaine lettuce seedlings were added to the kohlrabi and strawberry bed.

The western bluebird chicks are getting louder in the bird house. The parents return with food every few minutes!

We transferred the old straw from the cauliflower bed to the kohlrabi bed. Birds seem to be attracted to new straw, and especially to sluggo pellets! We're going to have to use a row cover on any new seedlings if we want to add sluggo from now on.

We located the leak in the underground irrigation by digging a big hole in the back of the garden. We cut away an unnecessary section (where a large root from the tree had severed a connection piece) and glued on a new end cap. We now can turn on the drip again!

Mrs. Harvey's class released classroom hatched painted lady butterflies into the garden.

Week of April 25 to April 29, 2016 - posted by Ella

We harvested on Tuesday this week with the help of Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders.

The bluebirds started bringing food to the birdhouse on Friday. The chicks must have hatched!

We added chamomile, aster, dill, and more basil to the herb garden.

Mourning cloak butterflies laid eggs in the entry tree.

Weeks of March 28 to April 22, 2016 - posted by Ella
These weeks went by in a blur of garden open house preparations.
During that time, a pooling of water was noticed in the back corner of the garden when we tested the drip irrigation system (which has been turned off for months).
Anise swallowtail butterflies laid eggs on the fennel plant.
We found time on Saturday, April 9th, to represent the Literacy Garden at the Poway Valley Garden Club's Flower Show. We had a booth along with 3 other schools and sold bug cards and last year's plants. We also had 5 entries from the garden in the flower show. We got a first, a second and two thirds place awards in the show!
Fourth graders sampled stevia as part of their volunteer nutrition speaker's lesson on sugar.
Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders helped with the 2 school harvests. A 3rd harvest was over spring break.
We divided the sorrel in the small raised bed and planted some in the one on the opposite side of the garden. The beds were amended with garden compost and some organic granular veggie fertilizer.
Oakleaf lettuce seedlings were added to the lettuce and kohlrabi beds. Basil seedlings were added to the kale and strawberry bed. Marigolds were added to several beds.
We emptied a compost bin and bagged them for future garden use.
Most beds got fertilized 3 times during this time.

Week of March 21 to March 25, 2016 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Kajita's class helped with Wednesday's harvest.

Mrs. Harvey's class released their classroom raised ladybugs into the garden.

We planted additional kohlrabi seedlings in the kohlrabi bed and the assorted cabbage bed. We also put in 2 stevia plants in the lettuce bed. We refurbished the planting holes with compost and organic granular veggie fertilizer.

We finished adding new mulch to the garden and between the beds.

A CA narrowleaf milkweed was added to the butterfly garden.

All beds except the rainbow chard, sorrel, and broccoli were fertilized with fish emulsion.

New bird scare tape was hung over several beds to discourage the birds from kicking out the straw.

Week of March 14 to March 18, 2016 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders assisted with the harvest.

Thai basil and oregano was planted in the herb garden. A CA lupine was planted near the arbor.

Purple kolhrabi seedlings were planted in the kohlrabi bed and a few purple cabbages went into the assorted cababge bed.

We culled the number of fruit on the nectarine tree.

Fourth graders tasted sorrel as part of a 3-part nutrition lesson. Thank you to volunteer Ellen for teaching this!

The kale, orach, broccoli, caulifower, sorrel, carrots, and cabbage beds were fertilized with fish emulsion.

Week of March 7 to March 11, 2016 - posted by Ella

On Wednesday, Mrs. Coate's class planted tomatoes in former broccoli bed #1. The bed was refurbished with amended compost, chicken manure, and worm castings.

Some calendula flowers were planted in the produce beds.
A bareroot apricot tree (thank you to the San Diego Community Garden Network!) was planted in the back corner where the scarecrow was sitting.

Fourth graders had a final review of all the plants they propagated and the butterflies they'd be helping (and a discussion of the successes and the failures).

To help prevent rust from reappearing on the new leaves just opening on the big entry tree, we started removing all the old leaves from the ground.

Week of February 29 to March 4, 2016 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders helped with the harvest. They were able to harvest their own kale leaves.

Orach seedlings were added to the orach/ kale bed.

The fourth graders propagated their last plant -- blue chalksticks.

The remaining fruit trees were fertilized with the organic granular: 2 pinapple guava, strawberry guava, tropical guava, 2 plum trees, apple, and nectarine. Only a few beds were fertilized with fish emulsion: the strawberries, broccoli bed #2, and both cabbage beds.

Week of February 22 to February 26, 2016 - posted by Ella

Another warm week!

A cocktail grapefruit replaced the dead persimmon tree. Sunflower seedlings were added to the sunflower circle.
The carrot bed was thinned and more seeds were added to the bare spots. More straw was throw in to help keep things damp. Lettuce was interplanted in the newest cauliflower bed. A few chives were added to the strawberry bed.

Mrs. Golden's class helped with the harvest.

Fourth graders propagated foxtail agave and divisions of blue aster.

The kohlrabi bed and lemon tree/mint bed was fertilized with an organic liquid fertilizer. Cabbage, broccoli bed #2, kale, strawberries, sorrel, and chives were fertilized with fish emulsion. The 2 other citrus and the fig tree were fertilized with the organic granular.

Week of February 15 to February 19, 2016 - posted by Ella

School was off for President's Week. Harvest took place. And two new large plastic pots were filled with donated soil (thank you Miss Susan!) and succulents. One of these was placed where the palm tree was pulled out.

Week of February 8 to February 12, 2016 - posted by Ella

What a warm week! We were almost afraid to plant another round of cauliflower -- it felt so much like summer! The cannas already began to grow back. The garlic grew about 6 inches.

The Mexican palm tree was uprooted. The corner tree was staked upright.

Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders helped with the harvest. They picked the cilantro and tangerines.

We gave our largest Romanesco cauliflower to Jessica of the Highland Ranch garden, along with a trash-can size amount of compost (her 2nd haul!) and compost grubs to show their students. Joelle of Chaparral Elementary also picked up compost for their garden.

Mrs. Barney's TK class toured the garden.

Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders planted cauliflower on Friday. The bed was refurbished with garden compost, our very own worm castings, and chicken manure. Only a couple grubs were found in the soil when turning it over.

Fourth graders propagated the succulent crassula tetragona and planted dill seeds for another butterfly plant.

Every bed except the new kale, orach, mint, cauliflower, and strawberries was fertilized with fish emulsion on Thursday.

Week of February 1 to February 5, 2016 - posted by Ella

The weekend before school started, the garden was thrashed by wind, rain, and hail. So many trees came down in the neighborhood, included a very tall Eucalyptus at the nearby park. Luckily, no trees were broken in the garden, but 4 were leaning. We also lost 2 plastic dome covers for our propagation pots and a row cover.

We spent all Monday in repair mode, picking up the scattered straw, collecting the blown row covers, and thinning and straightening the trees. The melaleucas now look better than ever!

Two nights of frost followed. With some missing row covers! The veggies survived. All the new canna growth was killed.

Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders helped with the harvest on Wednesday.

We planted green and purple curly kale in the orach bed. Preschoolers planted sunflower seeds in the sunflower circle.

Mrs. Herman D.'s 5th graders harvested worm castings from the worm bin. We made a new bedding layer for the worms to enjoy.

Every bed except the new kale and orach received fish emulsion.

Week of January 25 to January 29, 2016 - posted by Ella

The last empty bed where the gourds were being stored (gourds were moved to the back of the garden) was refurbished with the normal mix and planted with carrot seeds by Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders on Wed.

Fourth graders planted lion's tail plant seeds. They also propagated from the garden's rock purslane with cuttings. The 3 trays were left in the garden so they could get more sunlight.

Orach was reseeded in the bed with the vole damage. Preschoolers scattered CA poppy seeds near the east patio table.

The broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, cabbages, orach, strawberries, sorrel, borage, and the largest canna bed were fertilized with fish emulsion.

The melaleuca branches hanging over the rear of the garden were trimmed. The weeds were pulled around the perimeter bordering the grass.

Week of January 18 to January 22, 2016 - posted by Ella

The kohlrabi, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, and rainbow chard were fertiilized with fish emulsion. The rainbow chard, after frequent finger rubbings and spritzes from the hose, seems to be making a comeback from the aphid damage.

Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders assisted with the large harvest on Wednesday. Part of the harvest were our first orach and kale leaves of the season.

Fourth graders propagated cassia and senna from cuttings. The seed method failed. I guess we learned that they don't like to germanate in the winter! The cuttings were misted and placed under plastic domes for humidity control.

The cannas, guaras, fennel, and lemon verbena were trimmed and cleaned up. The old sunflowers were pulled out.

It wasn't a gopher or a rat eating the kale, it was a vole! Cute little guy -- like a chubby baby rat with a short tail.

Seven nearby elementary schools picked up strawberry plants from our excess stash after thinning out the bed.

Week of January 11 to January 15, 2016 - posted by Ella

It was year 3 for the strawberry bed, which meant a seriously low soil level and an overgrown tangle of plants. And lots of grubs and baby grubs in the soil! The plants were dug up and set aside. The bed was refurbished with worm castings, chicken manure, a bag of amended compost and many buckets of compost from the decomposing mulch pile. Fourth graders divided the clumps and planted some back into the bed. Hundreds and hundreds of leftovers will be picked up and planted in other school gardens!

Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders planted kale in the former eggplant bed on Wednesday. The strawberries growing along the side of the bed were removed.

Worm castings were piled onto the rainbow chard's new leaves to help get rid of the remaining black aphids.

Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders assisted with the harvest.

No fertilizer was applied this week and the irrigation is still off.

Week of January 4 to January 8, 2016 - posted by Ella

The eggplant/bell pepper bed that shriveled from the cold was removed.

Some critter (possibly gopher) ate almost all the kale and half of the orach in one of the beds over the break. Luckily, the other beds with seedlings (broccoli/kohlrabi/lettuce) were untouched.

The cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, and broccoli were fertilized with fish emulsion on Wednesday.

The rainbow chard's leaves were removed to help fix an out of control black aphid infestation.

Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders helped with the harvest.

Too much rain and flooding to get much garden work done this week!
The garden's flooded pathways and wheel barrow were bailed out on Friday.

Week of December 14 to December 18, 2015 - posted by Ella

Many days of frost this week.

Mrs. Shook's K class came to the garden to explore their 5 senses. They sampled some of the cilantro for "taste."

On a cold and windy Monday, all three 3rd grade classes came to the garden to discuss and look at the native plants the local Kumeyaay used. Music teacher Mrs. Q. was on hand to emphasize the plants that are in the song they're learning.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders planted peas from seed in the three planting areas against the fence.
On Friday, Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders planted red cabbage in the former squash bed. Both areas were refurbished with chicken manure, amended compost, and worm castings.

The broccoli, assorted cabbages, lettuce, cauliflower, and rainbow chard were fertilized with fish emulsion.

Fourth graders renewed Jupiter's Beard plants that were left over from last year.

We held part 2 of our fall edibles plant sale on Friday. Lots of insect trading cards were sold!

Week of December 7 to December 11 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Walsh brought in both 5th grade classes together to the garden so we could read about trees to help prepare for their environmental essays. And all the students fit!
Mrs. Golden and Mrs. Baseshore came during other times to read, talk and tour.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders planted broccoli. Lettuce was interplanted with the broccoli and the kohlrabi bed from last week.

Fourth graders propagated African daisies, a favorite of Painted Lady butterflies.

We found our first Queen butterfly caterpillars on the milkweed in the mint bed!!!

Four more native plants joined our butterfly garden -- coast sunflower, black sage, pink monkeyflower, and Palmer's Indian mallow.

We held the Fall Edibles Plant Sale on Thursday. Thank you to everyone who purchased a plant, seed packet or insect trading card pack. We will hold another sale on Friday, December 18th!

Rain on Friday!

Week of November 30 to December 4 - posted by Ella

Cold nights made frost and ice form overnight in the garden for several days in a row. Even under the row covers!

All the dying gourd vines were ripped out and the fruit collected into one of the beds. There are lots of pear gourds!

The orach and dinosaur kale seedlings that were planted by seed were thinned out and mulched with straw.

Mrs. Lawless' 1st graders came to the garden on Monday to talk about trees and read books to prepare for an environmental tree essay.

On Wednesday, Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders harvested and Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders planted kohlrabi.

Fourth graders planted white echinacea plant seeds.

Week of November 16 to November 20 - posted by Ella

The watermelon bed was refurbished with worm castings, chicken manure, and Harvest soil mix.
Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders planted orach (mountain spinach) and dinosaur kale seeds here on Monday. The seeds came from last year's plants.

Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders helped with Wednesday's harvest. We took our first cut of cilantro and rainbow chard leaves.

Fourth graders propagated aromatic aster from garden cuttings on Thursday.

Our birdhouse gourd bed was cleared out.

The broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, sorrel, chard, and pots for the edible plant sale were fertilized with fish emulsion on Friday.

Week of November 9 to November 13 - posted by Ella

The cauliflower and potted plants (edibles for the plant sale) were fertilized with fish emulsion on Tuesday. The broccoli, lettuce, and sorrel was fertilized with fish emulsion on Thursday.

The caterpillars and eggs were removed from the cauliflower and broccoli leaves. The cauliflower row cover was cinched down and the broccoli cover was replaced with a longer one so the ends could be closed up (to prevent the flying insects from entering).

The fourth graders propagated senna from seed collected from the garden and watched a demonstration of propagating passion fruit vine from growing stems (stems nicked and anchored down to a pot of soil). The senna seeds were prepared ahead of time by throwing them into boiling hot water and letting them sit in the cooling water for 2 days. One seed sprouted in the water!

The watermelon bed was cleared out. Milkweed growing in and around the watermelon bed was transplanted into pots.
The weeds outside the garden's fence were pulled.

Thank you again to Virginia and Isabelle for volunteering.

Week of November 2 to November 6 - posted by Ella

Fourth graders took a break from propagating plants. In preparation for an essay writing, we read books about trees and talked about their environmental benefits.

The cauliflower, broccoli, sorrel, and edible potted plants were fertilized with fish emulsion.

The tomato bed was transformed into winter bed #3. Garden & Bloom worm castings, chicken fertilizer, and Harvest compost were added to the bed. Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders planted cabbage on Friday.

Thank you to Virginia and Isabelle for volunteering.

Week of October 26 to October 30 - posted by Ella

The beet bed was cleared out, although it can't be refurbished until the gourds growing across it are done growing!

Propagated pots of garlic chives from inside the school were added to the squash bed's covered pots.

Fourth graders propagated cuttings of purple trailing lantana from the garden. Since last week's cuttings didn't do so well, we took the added measure of covering these with the plastic domes.

Gourds bed #1 and the three gourds plants against the fence got a leaf trimming and its soil was fertilized with Dr. Earth organic granular. The orange tree and tangerine in the the raised block planters were fertilized with the Kelloggs organic granular and compost was added to raise the soil level.
The eggplant/pepper bed and cauliflower bed was fertilized with fish emulsion.

Several purple coneflowers (echinacea) and a white vinca were planted in the garden.

Thank you to volunteers Virginia and Isabelle for helping out this week!

Week of October 19 to October 23 - posted by Ella

The propagated pots of mint and cilantro from the interior of school were moved to the squash bed to give them more sunshine. A row cover was added for protection.

Fourth graders propagated lantana through cuttings.

The cannas, chives, sorrel, cauliflower, broccoli, strawberries, bell peppers, bird of paradise, rose hibiscus, and succulent pots were fertilized with fish emulsion.
The watermelon bed was fertlized with Dr. Earth organic granular on Monday.

The herb garden was cleaned up. Old big wood chips were replaced with the finer stuff.

Thank you to volunteers Virginia and Mike who helped out this week!

Week of October 12 to October 16 - posted by Ella

Fourth grade propagated feathery cassia from garden seed. Seed was prepped beforehand with the boiling water method. Strawberry pots were snipped away from their runner lines.

The tomato bed was hosed off to help against spider mites. The strawberries, sorrel, chives, borage, cannas and mint were fertilized with fish emulsion.

The cannas were deadheaded. The watermelon and pear gourd leaves were trimmed against powdery mildew. The cilantro bed was thinned. Rainbow chard was planted in the bed under the gourd trellis.

Week of October 5 to October 9 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders assisted with a portion of Wednesday's harvest.

Two CA natives were added near the herb garden - hummingbird sage and coast sunflower.
Two passion fruit were planted to grow up the arbor.

Fourth grade pulled and transplanted tropical milkweed from the garden into peat pots.

Mrs. Golden's 3rd grade planted broccoli seedlings on Friday in the former 3 Sisters bed #2. The bed was refurbished with G&B Harvest Supreme, worm castings, and chicken fertilizer. A handful of grubs were found in the soil.

Our fall plant sale is scheduled for afterschool on Thursday, December 10th. We should have strawberry, mint, dinosaur kale, cilantro, and garlic chives plants plus insect trading cards for sale.

Thank you to volunteer Dawn for helping out this week.

Week of September 28 to October 2 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders assisted with some of Wednesday's harvest.

The cilantro bed was renewed with G&B Harvest Supreme, worm castings, and chicken fertilizer and seeded again on Wednesday.

On Thursday, 4th graders planted garlic chive seeds collected from the garden.

The raspberry bed was trimmed and thinned. An old gopher dirt mound was removed and new mulch was applied.
Mulch was also added to the pathways around the produce beds.

The arbor construction was completed on top with the help of several Girl Scouts.

The sorrel, borage, strawberries, peppers/eggplant, and beets were fertilized with fish emulsion on Friday.

Week of September 21 to September 25 - posted by Ella

Lots of watermelon leaves were trimmed. The bed was fertilized with the Garden and Bloom organic fertilizer. Mrs. Mallory's grade 4 sampled yellow and red watermelon on Thursday.

The bell pepper/eggplant bed was fertilized with the organic granular.

The former 3 Sisters bed #1 was refurbished with a bag of Kelloggs potting soil, worm castings, chicken manure, and organic fertilizer. There was evidence of root nematodes on the roots of the zucchini pulled out of that bed, so we wanted it well-amended. Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders planted cauliflower seedlings.

The 4th graders planted dinosaur kale seeds in peat pots. Mrs. Basehore's 3rd graders helped separate and collect cilantro seeds from their stems. Last week's cilantro planted by the 4th graders has sprouted.

The palm tree's lower fronds were trimmed.

Week of September 14 to September 18 - posted by Ella

More gourd leaves were trimmed. Three sisters bed #2 was thinned out to a few remaining corn plants (with ears maturing to seed). Thank you, Eleanora!

Thursday, the 4th graders planted cilantro seeds collected from the garden.

Six classes sampled yellow and red watermelon on Friday - Herman D grade 5, Sturhann grade 4, all three 2nd grade classes, and Mrs. Jones' K class.

Week of September 7 to September 11 - posted by Ella

What a terribly hot and humid week! The sunflowers we seeded the week before last never came up.
The spider mites have all but done in the cucumber vines and the pole beans.

The gourds against the fence, and gourd bed #2 were fertilized with the organic granular on Monday. On Friday, the strawberries, sorrel, cannas, potted succulents, bell pepper/eggplant, sunflowers, and borage were fertilized with an organic liquid fertilizer (kelp/fish).

Lots of gourd leaves were removed for powdery mildew control.

The 4th graders propagated mint in the garden on Thursday.

We started to clear out 3 Sisters bed #1 for winter veggie planting.

Week of August 31 to September 4 - posted by Ella

The arbor is awaiting the finishing touches by the girl scouts. The main beams are up.

The tomatoes were fertilized with the organic granular. The lemon tree in the mint bed was fertilized with the organic granular. Three Sisters bed #2, beets, sorrel, chives, fennel, bell pepper, and eggplant was fertilized with fish emulsion.

Both 4th grade classes propagated strawberries in the garden on Thursday.

On Friday, all three 3rd grade classes came to the garden to sample the red and yellow watermelon.
The yellow was a big hit!

Lots of tobacco hornworms on the tomatoes are delighting the kids and lots of new bug sightings this week.

Week of August 24 to August 28 - posted by Ella

A very hot week!

Three sisters bed #2 started to produce its first beans for harvest this week.

More sunflower seeds were planted in the sunflower circle.

Gourd bed #1 and 3 Sisters bed #1 was fertilized with the organic granular on Wednesday. Watermelons were fertilized with the organic granular on Thursday.

The watermelon bed got its first leaf trimming. So far so good on not catching powdery mildew. Squash, zucchini, gourd, and bean leaves were trimmed as well.

Several small leaks on the drip-lines were patched up with tape.

Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders helped to harvest beets.

Week of August 17 to August 21 - posted by Ella

The tomatoes were fertilized with the organic granular on Thursday. The lettuce, bell peppers/eggplant, corn, beets, and cannas were fertilized with fish emulsion. The 3 sisters beds were hosed off. Spider mites were attacking the bean leaves and aphids were feasting on the corn.

Lots of powdery mildew leaves needed trimming from the gourds and squash. And dry/yellow leaves were removed from the tomato bed.

The interior school propagating plant zone was cleaned up from all the sprouting carrot wood tree seeds.

The entry tree was trimmed and lots of plants were deadheaded.

For the first time, one of the veggie beds got trampled on. Two eggplant and lots of bell pepper plants were killed in the process. :(

More mulch was added to the garden pathways.

Week of August 10 to August 14 - posted by Ella

The footings for the arbor posts were dug, the posts were braced, and concrete was poured with help from Mr. Tews.

Bird scare tape was hung above the tomato bed. Many tomatoes were getting pecked.

The first big tomato hornworm caterpillar was found eating an eggplant's leaves.

The beets, lettuce, corn bed #2, raspberries, and bell peppers were fertilized with fish emulsion on Thursday.

Lots of gourd leaves were trimmed.

New butterfly spotted - the Common Checkered Skipper.

Week of August 3 to August 7 - posted by Ella

Compost bin #1 was emptied of its finished compost and the contents of #2 was transferred into it.

The corn, lettuce, beets, bell peppers, strawberries,sorrel, and mint were fertilized with fish emulsion on Thursday. Three Sisters bed #1 and the tomatoes were fertilized with the organic granular. All of the fruit trees except for the lemon tree in the mint bed (the 2 citrus in raised planters, the fig, apple, 2 plums, and 4 guava trees) were fertilized with the organic granular on Friday. The citrus planters were topped with additional compost and mulch.

Sadly, we couldn't find any of the Anise Swallowtail caterpillars this week. But 2 new butterflies were spotted -- a Gulf Fritillary and a Grey Hairstreak -- and a giant of a fly, the Tiger Bee Fly!

The cannas were deadheaded and the squash and zucchini leaves received their weekly trimming.

The gopher mound by the aloes in the butterfly garden was removed and new mulch was applied. No repellent was applied, so the gopher has not excavated to remove it.

Week of July 27 to July 31 - posted by Ella

The rock purslane in the succulent circle was deadheaded. Some trimmings were taken to fill a pot formally holding sunflowers. All the sunflowers were removed for seed collecting.

The sunflower circle was refurbished and new seeds were planted on Friday.

The 2nd half of the squash bed and the tomatoes were fertilized with the organic granular on Thursday. The corn, lettuce, bell peppers, sorrel, and mint received fish emulsion.

The 2 plum trees and the nectarine tree were pruned.

Lots and lots of powdery mildew on the spaghetti squash leaves. If we trimmed off all the affected leaves, there would be nothing left! Even some of the tomato leaves had white spots and needed trimming. Note to plant only squash with excellent mildew resistance next year! The green zucchini has shown the most resistance.

First garden sightings of the Anise Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars on the flowering fennel.

A freak wind storm snapped the post on the yellow patio umbrella and blew the red one clear across the garden to land in the melaleuca tree. The yellow was replaced by a blue one from storage.

Week of July 20 to July 24 - posted by Ella

Two extra birdhouse squash seedlings were transplanted to a large pot against the west side fence.

ESS kids helped with the harvest on Wednesday.

The birdhouse was cleaned out, washed, and rehung.

All the canna was deadheaded. All the weeds were pulled from outside the fence bordering the grass.

The weekly trimming of zucchini leaves included many, many, squash leaves.

The strawberry plants are beginning to produce runners!

Half the squash bed was fertilized with the organic granular on Thursday. The corn, lettuce, bell peppers, sorrel, cilantro, and mint received fish emulsion.

Week of July 13 to July 17 - posted by Ella

A bamboo trellis was built over lettuce bed #2 to support the cucumber vines.

Three gourds were transplanted from gourd bed #1 to grow along the western fence. More wood mulch was added along this strip. Six eggplants were planted in the bell pepper bed.

The entry tree was trimmed. A drip line in gourd bed #2 was replaced.

Kids from ESS helped with the harvest on Wednesday.

The tomatoes were fertilized with the organic granular on Thursday. The corn, strawberries, lettuce, bell peppers, sorrel, cilantro, and mint received fish emulsion.

Week of July 6 to July 10 - posted by Ella

The last of the summer beds was planted with gourd seeds in the former kale bed on Tuesday.

The seedlings from the seeds planted the week before last were thinned out. The cannas were deadheaded. New sunflower seedlings were planted in the sunflower bed.

Both drip lines were replaced in the strawberry bed on Monday. There was a large gash in one of the lines.

A couple stakes were added to corn bed #1 and for most of the bell pepper plants. Lots of leaves with powdery mildew were cut away from 3 Sisters bed #1.

Twice the gopher excavated more of their tunnel in the butterfly garden. More castor oil pellets were applied.

We've started ripping out nasturtium at both sides of the garden, as bagrada bugs are nesting in them.

The corn, lettuce, bell peppers, cilantro, sorrel, and mint received fish emulsion on Thursday.

Week of June 29 to July 4 - posted by Ella

A big thank you to Eleanora who took over this week while Ella left on vacation.

The gophers returned to the butterfly garden, but stayed away from the watermelon. Castor oil treatment was tried again.

Week of June 22 to June 26 - posted by Ella

The funky bed was refurbished and planted with watermelon seeds on Monday. The curly kale bed was refurbished and planted with beet seeds on Tuesday. Cantaloupe and pole bean seeds were added to 3-Sisters bed #2 on Tuesday as well. Pear-shaped gourd seeds were planted in the refurbished cabbage bed on Thursday.

The corn, bell peppers, mint, sorrel, and lettuce, received fish emulsion on Friday.

Gophers tunneled into the butterfly garden and the newly planted watermelon bed. We placed castor oil repellent down their holes.

Week of June 15 to June 19 - posted by Ella

The kale bed with the curly kale and the funky bed with the orach was ripped out. Sad to pull out all the mini cabbages and radicchio that was trying to grow back.

ESS kids helped with the harvesting on Wednesday.

On Friday, the tomato bed and the 3 Sisters bed were side-dressed with the kellogg granular veggie fertilizer. The bell peppers, sorrel, corn, cabbage, and lettuce received fish emulsion.

The 2nd Three Sisters bed with corn seedlings were thinned to four plants per group.

The canna and Jupiter's Beard were deadheaded.

Week of June 8 to June 12 - posted by Ella

Corn seeds were planted in the former carrot bed to start another 3 Sister bed. Bell peppers were planted in the last broccoli bed. Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders did the planting on Wednesday.

Burlap was hung from bamboo stakes to give some light shade to the cilantro and bell peppers. The cucumbers near the tomatoes was given a trellis to climb to shade the lettuce.

All of last year's garlic was pulled out. It's drying out in the shed. The first batch is dried out now.

The back of the garden (the grass side) was weeded along the fence.

A handful of daffodil bulbs were planted in the bulb garden. The rock surround there was completed, dried leaves were pulled, and additional mulch was added. The gladiolas and daylilies were sprayed with Captain Jack's Deadbug for thrips.

A couple plants added to the herb garden, hummingbird mint (agastache) and curry.

All beds fertilized with fish emulsion this week (except for newly planted beds, squash, and tomatoes).

School closed on Friday.

Week of June 1 to June 5 - posted by Ella

Spaghetti squash and more green zucchini were planted by Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders on Tuesday. Two more beds are ready for planting next week.

The entry tree was pruned, the dying borage was thinned and the jupiter's beard seedlings growing in the mulch were pulled.

Collected borage, nasturtium, kale, and CA poppy seeds.

The 3 Sisters bed was the only bed fertilized this week with fish emulsion.

The bird house was emptied, cleaned, and reinstalled for the waiting bluebirds who began nest-making again.

Week of May 25 to May 29 - posted by Ella

The propagated plant area inside the school was cleaned up. The only plants there now are succulents. The other propogated plants will be nursed over the summer and will be used as part of a more regular plant sale next year (possibly monthly format).

The citrus and one tropical guava were fertilized with the organic granular. All the beds (less 3 Sisters, carrots and tomatoes), canna, and potted plants were fertilized with fish emulsion.

The broccoli was pulled out of one bed.

Week of May 18 to May 22 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Coate's 3rd grade class harvested for their classroom salad on Tuesday.

Harvest for donation was assisted by the 2-4th grade kids during morning recess on Wednesday. There were lots of happy screams from the 4th graders that helped with the carrot harvest. We pulled out some big ones!

The plant clearance sale took place afterschool on Thursday. The canna and strawberry plants were big sellers, followed by the herbs (lavender, rosemary, and mint).

A yerba buena was planted in the herb garden.

We continue to collect nasturtium, borage, and kale seeds.
A compost bin with finished compost was emptied into a yardwaste trash can.

Some more rain on Friday! It made a class visit from Mrs. Watson's 1st graders a little more interesting. They sampled strawberries from the garden.

Week of May 11 to May 15 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Herman's 2nd grade class made their garden salad on Monday.

Mrs. Mallory's 4th grade helped with the harvest on Wednesday. The class sampled broccoli.

A bag of sprouting yellow gladiolas were added to the flower bulb garden and an orange alstromeria was planted nearby to replace the sick pineapple guava tree.

The garden shed was reorganized. More soil and chicken compost bags were added.

Our first garlic bulbs were taken out on Thursday. They were so muddy they had to be rinsed off. Hopefully they'll dry okay in the shed. It wasn't possible to hang them vertically upside down, but they're resting at an angle on plant trays.

Rain again on Friday.

Week of May 4 to May 8 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Sturhann's 4th grade harvested on Wednesday. We sampled broccoli shoots.

New bird scare tape and rope was hung over the curly kale bed.

Lots of lettuce was planted to replace the harvested ones. The 3rd lettuce bed (the one on the east side) was converted into a cilantro patch. Cilantro was seeded there on Wednesday.

Lots of faded flowers (geraniums, mostly) and withered flower bulb stems were removed.

The gopher made another pile of dirt in the raspberry patch on Thursday, in time for the rain to make a mucky mess of it on Friday.

It was a cool week with lots of rain on Friday. The garden was closed on Friday due to water ponding.

Week of April 27 to May 1 - posted by Ella

Two garden salads this week. Mrs. Kajita's 2nd grade on Monday and Mrs. Golden's 3rd grade on Friday.

Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders harvested on Wednesday. Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders planted tomatoes on Thursday in the former cauliflower bed. The bed was refurbished with worm castings and chicken manure. The soil level was too high for adding any compost/soil mix.

Extensive gopher digging again in the raspberry patch. This time we didn't push any soil back into their tunnels, just the castor oil pellets and lots of water.

It was a hot week. So no suprise to see a return of bagrada bugs into the garden.

The garden got fertilized with fish emulsion on Saturday May 2nd (skipped the 3 sisters, new tomatoes and the strawberry bed).

New bird scare tape and rope was hung over the raspberry patch and dinosaur kale bed.

The clearance sale for all the leftover plants is scheduled for afterschool on Thursday May 21st. Grab a plant or seed packet for only 50 cents!

Week of April 20 to April 24 - posted by Ella

As expected, it was a big harvest, with our first giant red cabbages and large kohlrabi coming out on Monday. Mrs. Coate's 3rd grade class assisted and sampled some of the flowering broccoli shoots.

Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders were the first to harvest for a classroom garden salad on Friday. We need to up the classroom-made dressing quantity. Other than that, it was pretty good.

Pole bean seeds were planted in the the 3 sisters bed.

Gopher digging was found in the raspberry bed. Castor oil granules down their hole seems to have discouraged further activity.

All the beds except the strawberries and 3 sisters were fertilized on Tuesday.

The (almost) finished compost was cleared out of one of the bins into a waste container to make room for more fresh compost. We're now adding to the bin closest to the scarecrow.

There are still lots of plants and seed packets left over from the plant sale. Stay tuned for an end of the year clearance sale!

Week of April 13 to April 17 - posted by Ella

The week of the open house. Too many things went on to list. Just go look at the photos!
Harvest was skipped this week. Next week will be a doozy.

Week of April 6 to April 10 - posted by Ella

School was out this week, but we still harvested with some help from ESS.

A persimmon tree was planted near the produce beds. The pineapple guava tree it replaced was moved to another part of the garden. We hope it will grow better there.

All the beds were fertilized with fish emulsion.

Week of March 30 to April 3 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders harvested on Wednesday.

Broccoli bed #1 was pulled out and refurbished with Kelloggs soil, worm castings, and chicken manure.
Mrs. Kajita's class planted corn seeds on Friday to start the first 3 Sisters bed of the year.

All the beds were fertilized with fish emulsion.

Week of March 23 to March 27 - posted by Ella

A few more raspberries and cannas were dug up to put into pots for the plant sale.

Niger (a plant birds love) and a CA native seed mix were planted in a tray and covered with one of the new plastic domes we purchased. We'll see how this improves our luck with getting these to sprout.

A lion's tail plant replaced the texas sage plant that died.

All 4 compost bins were turned over. We have 2 that are completely done, one almost there, and one with fresh material (new trimmings and veggie waste).

All beds were showered off twice this week and fertilized once with fish emulsion.

Mrs. Harvey's 2nd grade class came in for a short time to assist with Wednesday's harvest. Lots of broccoli needed to come out!

A new gopher mound in the cauliflower bed was cleaned up and given the castor oil repellent.

Week of March 16 to March 20 - posted by Ella

More jupiter's beard was dug up from the garden and planted in pots for the plant sale.

The gopher dug in a new broccoli bed. The castor oil granules seem to be moving him around, but not forcing him away for good. The lettuce is showing signs of nibbling by rats again. Two lettuce beds were recovered for protection.

Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders harvested on Wednesday.

Irises were planted in the flower bulb garden.

Five sulphur caterpillars were found on the senna bush. Maybe they're the missing ones from last week!

All the beds were hosed off and fertilized with fish emulsion.

Week of March 9 to March 13 - posted by Ella

Raspberries were dug up from the back of the garden (outside the fence) and put into pots for the plant sale.

All the pretty sulphur caterpillars disappeared overnight. I'm guessing a raccoon is to blame. There was also digging in one of the citrus planters. :( At least the painted ladies are still thriving.

The snap pea bed appears to be suffering from overwatering (yellowing leaves and some are drying out). That spot in the garden got super soggy after the last rains.

Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders harvested Wednesday.

Lettuce was planted in the lettuce-only beds.

Fertilizing was skipped this week. Every bed got fish fertilizer and a hose rinse last week and the week before (forgot to note).

Week of March 2 to March 6 - posted by Ella

Strawberries pots were added to the strawberry bed to get one last round of plants before the open house. Cannas that were spreading outside their zones were dug up, divided and potted for more plants to sell.

The row covers were removed from the lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower beds. The rat(s) seems to have moved elsewhere. No nibbling was observed. The beneficial bugs should now have an easier time getting to all those aphids. The spray helped a little, but not enough.

The 4th graders worked on signs for the open house/plant sale.

Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders harvested on Wednesday. Lots of lettuce and our first peas.

Week of Feb 23 to Feb 27 - posted by Ella

Some additional natives were planted, some milkweed and bladderpod. Niger seeds were planted in several spots in the bird garden. We marked the areas with stakes tied with caution tape.

The carrot bed was thinned and given a row cover.

The lettuce and some of the kale was sprayed with the natural Kelloggs bug spray to battle the aphids.

Yellow cloudless sulphur caterpillars were found all around the cassia bush. Painted lady caterpillars were found on the borage.

The 4th graders divided and potted fortnight lilies.

Mrs. Harvey's 2nd graders harvested on Wednesday. Lots of lettuce came out again.

Week of Feb 16 to Feb 20 - posted by Ella

School was out, so a few ESS kids got to help with the harvest this week.

Sunflowers were planted on both sides of the entry gate. The ones in the pot were thinned.

Every bed but the newest one received fish emulsion. Aphids had to be hosed off the kale and some of the lettuce twice this week.

Week of Feb 9 to Feb 13 - posted by Ella

The gopher is gone (for now). We gave up live trapping him/her. His tunnels were excavated. In one deep one in the kohlrabi bed there were bunches of grass. We sprinkled caster oil repellent in all of these and all along this bed to the end (to the former tomato bed). Watered everything well and refilled the tunnels. Since Tuesday, for the first morning in weeks, there has been no sign of gopher activity!

Six broken fence pickets were replaced. A few African daisies and goldcoins were planted.

Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders harvested on Wednesday.

The 4th graders propagated the succulent oscularia deltoides from cuttings and planted cilantro from seed saved from the garden.

The kohlrabi bed was turned over with Rolling Hills worm castings, chicken manure, and Kelloggs planting mix. Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders planted red radicchio, an assortment of mini-cabbages, and red orach in this bed on Friday. During recess, 2nd graders assisted with adding kohlrabi.

The covers were removed from the cabbage bed and oldest broccoli bed.

Week of Feb 2 to Feb 6 - posted by Ella

The gopher continues to elude the trap, no matter where its positioned or what its filled with. He's moved on the munching the kohlrabi.

Ms. Herman brought a 5th grade class to assist with the worm bin. We harvested the worm castings and made a fresh bedding layer.

Mrs. Coate's class came in to harvest on Wednesday. They sampled french sorrel. It's become a big hit with all the classes.

The 4th graders propagated the succulent crassula tetragona and planted nasturtium from seeds collected from the garden.

The aphids were hosed off the lettuce and kale twice this week, once after fertilizing on Tuesday, and again on Friday.

All compost material was turned over.

The borage seedlings were moved to their own bigger pots and the seeded dill trays were moved to the garden to receive more sunlight.

A new garden pot was planted with sunflower seeds near the entry.

Week of Jan 26 to Jan 30 - posted by Ella

Thank you to Miss. Z. for the epiphyllum and hanging succulent cuttings. We made a nice hanging basket with them to hang from the entry tree.

We got tired of feeding the gopher all the radicchio plants, so we harvested all of them. Maybe that will make him more eager to entry the trap (baited with radicchio and peanut butter).

Mrs. Harvey's class helped with the harvest on Wednesday and got to sample some french sorrel leaves.

All the compost was turned. What were once cold piles are now smokin' hot.

Lots of bushes were cleaned up and trimmed.

All the produce beds, except the newest broccoli bed, got fertilized with fish emulsion on Wednesday. More lettuce seedlings went in. Lots of aphids to be seen on the kale and one of the lettuce beds. They'll need another hose rinsing next week.

Week of Jan 19 to Jan 23 - posted by Ella

Kellogg Supply Co. sent out a truck with a pallet stacked with donated garden goodies: soil, fertilizer and worm castings! Thank you Kellogg!!!

There's another gopher attacking the radicchio. And like his friend, he's not being easy to catch. The radicchio are disappearing at an alarming rate!

The strawberry bed was thinned out and fertilized.

The mint bed got a further clipping and fertilizing. The lemon tree's exposed trunk was painted white.

The 4th graders propogated Jupiter's Beard by pulling out seedlings that self-sowed in the mulch. They look like hundreds of weeds. They also took cuttings of watch chain crassula.

The first broccoli bed was pulled out. The leaves looked good and were donated. The bed was refurbished with Kellogg fertilizer, chicken manure, and worm castings. Only 3 grubs were found in that bed.

Mrs. Kajita's class planted broccoli in the refurbished bed on Friday and helped with the harvest. Lettuce was interplanted with the broccoli.

All the beds got fish emulsion either on Wednesday (the uncovered beds, plus the cabbage & broccoli #2) or Friday (the lettuce, cauliflower, and broccoli #3).

Week of Jan 12 to Jan 16 - posted by Ella

The gopher was caught, but not before he had eaten or snipped off the roots to half a dozen or more radicchio plants. That gopher loved radicchio! Both drip lines in that bed had to be changed out.

The cannas and mint bed were trimmed.

The cauliflower bed was filled out with seedlings again and given a row cover.

All the produce beds were given fish emulsion on Wednesday. All the fruit trees, except for the lemon tree in the mint bed (will need to get to that one next week), were fertilized with the Kellogg granular fertilizer on Thursday.

The 4th graders seeded dill and borage seeds on Thursday.

School was out on Friday.

Week of Jan 5 to Jan 9 - posted by Ella

All produce beds got fish emulsion on Tuesday.

Lots of frost damage from the cold weather last week. Some sage, lantana, texas sage, geraniums, canna, and succulents shriveled and browned. We hope many will grow back.

The tomato bed was ripped out. The soil level was too high to mix in Kellogg's soil, so the bed was refurbished with Kellogg's vegi fertilizer, worm castings and chicken manure. Mrs. Herman's 2nd grade planted broccoli there on Friday. Lettuce was interplanted. The bed got a protective cover. Thank you, Farmer Roy, for donating a couple more row covers.

Lots of gopher tunneling in the kohlrabi bed and near the right-side compost bins. Tried and failed to catch him. :(

The pea bed got a heavy duty cloth surround to stop the animal nibblers.

The 4th graders propagated native San Diego sunflower and divided gasterias/howarthia succulents on Thursday.

Week of Dec 15 to Dec 19 - posted by Ella

Mrs. Harvey's 2nd grade planted broccoli. Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders planted red cabbage. Both these beds were refurbished beforehand with worm castings, Bioflora, and Kellogg's soil. Red romaine was interplanted in both beds. Pea seeds were added to the pea circle, cauliflower seedlings started to replace the harvested ones, more green lettuce went in, and about 2 dozen daffodils and gladiolas were added to the bulb garden.

The 4th graders propagated pink geranium and got to look inside the compost bin and worm bin.

The 5th graders came in for our big harvest on Friday.

A brick for to honor Principal Marshack was installed on Friday.

Every bed except the tomatoes and carrots received fish emulsion on Friday afternoon. So did the raspberries patch. Lots of aphids were again sprayed off the kale. All irrigation lines were tested. One small leak was discovered in the kale bed. The irrigation timer was set to go off 3 times a week over break.

Week of Dec 8 to Dec 12 - posted by Ella

The strawberry sale went great. We just about sold out in plants and made over $400 that will go toward the garden's budget!

Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders planted peas in the former sunflower circle. The bed was refurbished with Bioflora, Kellogg's soil and worm castings.

Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders planted romaine lettuce in 2 small beds. These were refurbished beforehand like the pea bed. The row cover over the radicchio and kohlrabi was removed to use to cover these lettuce beds.

The fourth graders propagated coast rosemary from cuttings and broke up the rosemary that were all planted together in 2 large pots (10 weeks ago). The rooted rosemary cuttings were planted in their own little pots.

Everything got a fish fertilizing on Tuesday - the strawberries, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, sorrel, and lettuce.

The grey aphids were blossoming on the kale. These were sprayed off after fertilizing.

All the big tomatoes on the plants seem to be cracking on top. Can we blame the rain for that?

Week of Dec 1 to Dec 5 - posted by Ella

It was miraculous that all but a few of the propagated pots survived the hot and dry weather while school was closed during break. The strawberry sale will go on as planned! The 4th graders were busy this week making posters for the sale and the 5th graders were finishing up their painted strawberry rocks.

The broccoli and cauliflower seemed to enjoy the warm weather. They did a growth spurt that allowed us to harvest our first heads of cauliflower. They received a fish fertilizing on Monday.

The old 3-sisters beds were fully cleared out (winter squash and melon). Mrs. Herman's 2nd grade planted carrots on Friday in the former melon bed. We remembered not to add additional chicken manure to this bed, and only turned it over with worm castings and Kellogg's soil. We'll see if these grow less forked than last time.

We received another compost bin for the garden. Thank you, Fred! That really came in handy for all the squash leaves!

Week of Nov 24 to Nov 28 - posted by Ella

School off for Thanksgiving Break.

Week of Nov 17 to Nov 21 - posted by Ella

Monday off for teacher conferences.

A new row cover went over the lettuce between the cauliflower and broccoli. The row cover over the kohlrabi and radicchio had some rips sewn up.

Installed the new sprinkler hose in the mint bed.

The nasturtium seedlings popping up along the back fence of the garden (both sides) got cordoned off with caution tape so no one steps on them.

Fourth graders propagated 2 kinds of rockrose with cuttings.

The canna nearest the entry got fertilized with fish emulsion. The greens in the produce beds will need it as soon as school resumes.

The melaleuca growing over the cauliflower bed got trimmed back to make it easier to walk along the back of the bed.

Week of Nov 10 to Nov 14 - posted by Ella

Monday off for Veteran's Day.

The fourth graders propagated the last batch of strawberries and senecio (blue chalksticks).

Another compost bin was added to the garden - a donation from Grandpa Fred.

A few plants were added to the garden - a sage, aster, and succulent.

Cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, and kale were fertilized with fish emulsion.

Week of Nov 3 to Nov 7 - posted by Ella

The strawberry plant sale has been set for Wednesday, December 10th, after school. That'll give us time to get one more set planted.

Mrs. Kajita's class planted Radicchio in the Kohlrabi bed.

The fourth graders propagated jade plant and rock purslane. One branch of the pineapple guava and tropical guava were air layered.

The compost was finished being turned.

Winter squash leaves were trimmed and rinsed.

Cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, and kale were fertilized with fish emulsion.

Week of Oct 27 to Oct 31 - posted by Ella

Notice from Western Growers came that we received a $1,500 garden grant!

Twelve CA native milkweed seedlings were planted in the butterfly garden. These were donated by the Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County.

The kohlrabi bed got a row cover to stop the nightly digging and seedling munching.

Winter squash leaves were trimmed and rinsed.

The 4th graders watched a demonstration of air layering on a branch of the fig tree and the strawberry guava. We also planted tropical milkweed seeds that were collected from the garden.

Half of the garden's compost collection was turned (the many yard waste trash cans that are functioning as temporary compost bins).

Succulent cuttings were donated to the garden. We filled several ceramic garden pots with them.

Cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, and kale were fertilized with fish emulsion.

Week of Oct 20 to Oct 24 - posted by Ella

The summer squash (zucchini) and cucumbers were pulled. More lettuce and a few more purple cauliflower were planted.

The former zucchini bed was refurbished with Kellogg soil, worm castings and bioflora (chicken manure). Lots of grubs were found and collected from this bed. A 2nd grade class planted kohlrabi

The tomato bed seems to be finally flourishing. It's bushy growth was tied back with rope.

The winter squash leaves got their weekly trimming and rinse.

The garden's corner scarecrow received a new Halloween head and hands.
The garden board was nicely updated with new pics and info by Simone.

Fourth graders propagated native plants this week. We planted cuttings of lemonade berry (brought from home) and cleveland sage and brittlebrush from the garden. We planted these in a mix of native soil, compost, and perlite. We also started more strawberries from the runners in the garden. Since these grow so fast and won't last for months in their little pots, we plan to have a strawberry plant sale before the springtime garden open house. Look for a date announcement soon.

The kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and lettuce were fertilized with fish emulsion on Friday

Week of Oct 13 to Oct 17 - posted by Ella

We were grateful for no night digging activity this week.

Garden tours with the TK through 1st and fifth grade classes happened throughout the week. Only one more class to go.

The mulberry tree that popped up in the garden was removed from the stevia bed. Too many concerns about its invasive roots.
The squash and zucchini got their leaves trimmed and rinsed. This should be the last week for the zucchini. They're calling it quits.

Fourth graders propagated mint from the garden, cuttings of bush daisies (Euryops) that I brought from home, and cut away all the strawberry babies that rooted from the runners in the strawberry bed. We used a new blend of perlite, peat moss, and Kellogg soil.

The mint bed was trimmed down, enabling Kellogg granular fertilizer to be worked into the soil for the lemon tree. Still need to repair the irrigation there. Some weak threads on a black plastic elbow connection are making it leak - just need to swap out the piece. The irrigation checked out okay everywhere else.

The last of the mammoth sunflower heads were cut down. Lots of sunflower moth caterpillars in there, but also a tremendous amount of untouched seeds.

The cauliflower, lettuce, and kale were fertilized with fish emulsion on Friday.

Week of Oct 6 to Oct 10 - posted by Ella

Squash and cucumber leaves were trimmed and rinsed. The curly/Tuscan kale mix bed was refurbished with Kellogg soil and fertilizer. Garlic and several Russian kale were added.

The old woody marigold was cleared away from the lettuce bed from the under the cucumber vine and new lettuce was planted.

Fourth graders propagated lavender and African daisies from neighbor cuttings (the plants in the garden weren't big enough to hack away at).

The mystery night animal (raccoon?, skunk?) made two visit to the garden this week. They dug all over the beds and around some of the fruit trees, disturbing some of the new seedlings and making a mess of the straw mulch. Grrrr.

Two natives were added to the butterfly garden - St. Catherine's Lace and a Tree Mallow.

Our first garden tour with one of the 5th grade classes was held on Friday. They continue through next week.

Week of Sept 29 to Oct 3 - posted by Ella

Squash leaves were trimmed and rinsed. The kale bed was refurbished with Kellogg soil and fertilizer. More garlic cloves were planted and all bolting parts on the kale were pruned off. Only one kale plant looked in bad enough shape to pull out. Several grubs were found in the soil beneath it. The culprit?

Fourth graders propagated rosemary and mint/ rose geranium. The area in the school courtyard for all these starter plants was roped off. The kids made some pretty “do not touch” signs. These will be laminated and hung up on Monday.

Broccoli was planted in the former beet bed. We refurbished this bed with worm castings and Bioflora.

Old sunflowers were removed. Planted some seeds in the off chance that they'll bloom before the cold sets in.

Irrigation was checked. One small leak found in the mint bed. Turned off that line. Will need to tend to that on Monday.

We're temporally collecting green waste that doesn't fit into the compost bin in new trash cans. All this was turned and mulch was added to give it a better brown to green mix.

Week of Sept 22 to Sept 26 - posted by Ella

A big thank you goes out to Western Growers and the American Cancer Society for visiting our garden this week and bringing us so many cool things for the garden! See more details of the event in the Garden Photos section.

Only a few tomato hornworms were found this week. And only a handful of bagradas! No Orange Guard was sprayed.

The beets were all pulled. The bed will be prepped and planted with broccoli early next week.

Lots of grasshoppers were caught this week. And most of them were in the strawberry bed!

We held our first propagating event with the two 4th grade classes. We started strawberry plants from the plethora of runners and chocolate flowers from seed. We planted in plastic cups (holes drilled in the bottom) and old plastic 6-packs. We'll continue to use these until our order of more environmentally friendly plantable peet pots comes in.

Week of Sept 15 to Sept 19 - posted by Ella

One damaged drip line was repaired with a coupler.

All the old squash, melon, and cucumber leaves were removed & the plants were sprayed with water several times for powdery mildew control.

The kale, lettuce, and beets (plus stevia, sorrel & chives) were fertilized with fish emulsion. A water spray cleaned off the aphids and caterpillars. The kale stalks and straw mulch got sprayed with Orange Guard.

The last of the carrots were harvested and the bed was refurbished with worm castings (from the school's worm bin) and Bioflora (chicken manure). A 3rd grade class will plant cauliflower seedlings here next Tuesday.

Less tomato hornworm caterpillars were picked off the tomato plants this week. But lots of cabbage loopers were picked off the kale!

Week of Sept 8 to Sept 12 - posted by Ella

Bean plants and old corn stalks were all pulled out.

Tomato Hornworms were picked off the tomato plants. Lots of grasshoppers were also caught.

Kale stalks and the straw in their beds were sprayed again with Orange Guard. Spinosad was tried the day before, but it didn't seem to have much affect.

Old squash and melon leaves were removed for powdery mildew control.

Week of Sept 2 to Sept 5 - posted by Ella

School was off Monday for labor day. And the bunnies really enjoyed the raspberry and grape leaves while we we gone! Two holes in the fence's chicken wire were patched.

I forgot to mention that last week the kale trunks and straw mulch were sprayed with Orangeguard for the bagrada bugs. I think next week we'll experiment with Captain's Jack's Spinosad, since we're still finding a few of the bugs.

The kale, lettuce, stevia bed, chives, beets, and one grouping of canna were fertilized with fish emulsion.

A leak in a capped off irrigation head was making the entry pathway a little damp on irrigation days. Turns out a big root from the willow tree was pushing the riser out of the elbow pipe it was screwed into. The elbow had to be sawed off and a cap glued on. Thank you to Mark D. for the repair advice.

Week of August 25 to August 29 - posted by Ella

The zucchini bed got a big haircut and rinse – all the old leaves got snipped off and then blasted with water for powdery mildew control. Then it got fertilized with the Kellogg's granular.
The 3-sisters beds also got the haircut, rinse, and fertilizer treatment.
The kale and beets received fish emulsion.

More mulch was added to the outside of the perimeter fence.

It was very fun to do another root crop harvest with the kids. The beets have done so well.

Again several tomato plants (the replacement set) have succumbed to disease. Whatever is hurting them, the basil is immune. It's the star of that bed!

It's been heartwarming to hear kids say:
"I want to be a gardener when I grow up."
“I like seeing all the butterflies. I wish I was a flower.”

Week of August 18 to August 22 - posted by Ella

The garden looked very abundant for the start of school this week! The chocolate mint and the bushy stevia were popular with the kids for nibbling.

No real bug issues this week. We caught several grasshoppers, but not so many cabbage caterpillars or bagradas.

All the fruit trees got a much needed fertilizing and were lightly pruned.

Plant signs with information on native peoples use were installed by all the California native plants in the garden.

Week of August 11 to August 15 - posted by Ella

The cannas were deadheaded.

The greens were given fish emulsion on Friday and everything was hosed off.

A couple of the kale were given bamboo supports. The kale beds were sprayed again with Orange Guard. Very few bagradas can be seen now!

Another blue belly lizard was released into the garden.

The ESS kids helped to catch lots of grasshoppers, cabbage loopers and cabbageworms!

Week of August 4 to August 8 - posted by Ella

Planted the garden's first blackberry (thank you, Lilian!) and one more tri-color sage. Battled with the bagrada bugs by twice spraying Orange Guard on the all the stalks of the kale plants and on the straw all around them (it's made of orange peel and certified for organic use!). Also took advantage of my son's skills at lizard catching and relocated a blue-belly lizard to the garden. For the first time, I feel like we're winning the battle! The number of bagradas has reduced drastically and the kale looks good.

We continue to hand-pick a huge number of green caterpillars from both the kale and the bean leaves.

The powdery mildew really loved the rainy, humid weather over the weekend, so we gave the squash plants a haircut and a milk/baking soda spray.

Finished trellis #2 for lettuce shading (this one for the cucumbers to grow on).

Added more sunflowers and more bird scare tape over them. Pruned the tree at the entry. Fertilized the greens with fish emulsion.

Week of July 28 to August 1 - posted by Ella

On Monday we pulled off all the remaining corn ears we could access. They were only ½ full of kernels (at most), and only good for chicken food (which my chickens appreciated!).

Began planting the dozen donated 4” pots of herbs. Thank you again, Sharon!

Continued to hand-squish the bagradas and tiny cabbage loopers from the kale.

The yellow cloudless sulphur butterflies are creating quite a show in the garden. Their caterpillars have begun to form into chrysalis on the senna.

The ESS kids got to participate in the first carrot and beet harvest on Thursday. We only pulled out the biggest of the plants.

The greens got fertilized with fish emulsion and all the produce beds got hosed off on Friday. Also gave the rest of the garden a good watering -- we had no idea we would get drenched with a summer storm on Saturday!

We are now officially recognized as Monarch Waystation #8408 by Monarch Watch. A Monarch Waystation sign will be installed in the garden next week.

Week of July 21 to July 25 - posted by Ella

Worked in some bioflora to the old radish bed and planted beet seeds on Monday.
Worked bioflora into the zucchini bed to fertilize.

Thank you to Simone and family who helped collect flower seeds on Tuesday and Thursday and helped with the harvest.

Planted one more black-eyed susana and lavender.

Hung more bird scare tape, this time over the raspberries. The tape is working to keep the birds from pecking the kale.

The bagrada bugs are still making trouble, this time with the kale. At least they're a bit easier to catch now, since the kale leaves are high off the ground.

Began the trellis structure over the lettuce bed between the carrots and beets (for the cucumbers to climb).

Week of July 14 to July 18 - posted by Ella

The radishes were pulled out on Thursday. We will plant more beet seeds in their place next Monday. The carrots and beets should be ready for harvest in the next couple weeks.

We set up a bamboo trellis for the cantaloupe to climb up to shade the lettuce near the 3 sisters bed.

The damaged zucchini leaves were trimmed and the remaining leaves were washed off with water. Thank you to Gardener Lilian for helping with this on Friday! And thank you, too, for the many cuttings from her beautiful garden that will be arriving soon to the garden.

Many lavender and black-eyed susans were planted throughout the garden (thank you to Sharon for procuring the donation!). Winter savory was added to the herb garden and pineapple mint was added to the mint bed.

Bird scare mylar tape was installed over both kale beds and in the sunflower circle to stop the goldfinches from devouring the leaves.

The greens were fertilized with fish emulsion on Friday.

Week of July 7 to July 11 - posted by Ella

Every square of corn needed extra support from the rampant beans, so many more bamboo tepee structures were added on Monday. We taste-tested the corn this week with the kids. Very good!

The remaining diseased tomatoes were removed and replaced with healthy seedlings. A few more sunflowers were pulled out and replaced with the multi-branching variety.

Lots of ladybugs in the garden this week. Too bad they don't eat bagrada bugs! I read that the bagradas don't like strong smelling plants like garlic, so we planted garlic cloves throughout the kale beds. We also sprayed the radish leaves with a water-diluted mixture of garlic, cayenne pepper and Palmolive. Bagradas also love to nest in sweet alyssum and nasturtium, so we removed all the sweet alyssum from the raised beds and the nasturtiums growing adjacent to the beds.

All the squash leaves were sprayed again with diluted milk and baking soda for the powdery mildew. It really seems to be helping.

All the drip-lines were tested. One leaking drip-line in the kale bed was replaced.

Week of June 30 to July 4 - posted by Ella

The pole beans have gotten so aggressive they were snapping the corn stalks by weighing them over in some spots. Bamboo supports were added.

In addition to hand-collection, the kale leaves were sprayed with water twice this week to get rid of the munching green caterpillars. The squash/melon had to be sprayed several times in the areas with aphid infestation. Many more bagrada bugs were caught on their favorite radish leaves. Keeping the bagradas company are now some hopping flea beetles. Radishes, THE most insect attracting plant in the garden!

The red bell peppers are such short plants, their fruit was resting on the straw. So we went ahead and began to harvest them while green before the bugs got to them. We ran out of time during the short week to replace the damaged tomato plants.

More commemorative bricks were set in the ground – just a few left to install now.

There have been so many monarchs fluttering through the garden, it wasn't surprising to find at least one monarch caterpillar on the regenerating milkweed near the front fence. Two empty chrysalis were found at the back of the garden (both in odd spots – one on the blue tarp and one on the dolly). One had a newly emerged butterfly resting nearby.

The greens were fertilized with fish emulsion on Wednesday after the harvest. We also added garlic bulbs to the beet/radish bed.

School was off Thursday and Friday.

Week of June 23 to June 27 - posted by Ella

Attack of the bugs and bunnies continues. Bagrada Bugs (what we thought were Harlequin beetles) on the radishes, cabbage caterpillars on the kale, aphids on kale and squash leaves, and bunnies romping through the garden. Add to that, powdery mildew on the zucchini leaves. We hand-picked the Bagradas and caterpillars, water-sprayed the aphids, and applied a water-diluted solution of milk and baking soda on all the squash leaves. We chased out the bunnies and repaired 3 spots in the fence where they had found weak spots in the chicken wire.

The corn is growing well. We may have ears to sample as early as next week. The lettuce, kale, and strawberries continue to amaze. The bell pepper plants are still short, but they're covered with long and fat green peppers. Lots of melons can be spotted in the 3 sisters beds.

The tomatoes (the ones not replaced) are continuing to suffer. I think they'll need to be replaced soon.

Another CA native, orange monkeyflower, was added to the bird/butterfly garden. Chocolate flower was added near the herb garden. Many tall red geraniums (thank you, Virginia, for the donation) were added to the fence on the east side.

More decorative stones were sprinkled in the succulent garden and the center oak tree was finally tied back to stand up straight.

The milkweed that was skeletonized by the monarch caterpillars are leafing out again.

The sunflowers, which have finished flowering and are all in seed-mode, are beginning to be replaced. So far, one strawberry blonde (a multi-branched bloomer) from Farmer Roy was planted.

All the greens were fertilized with fish emulsion on Tuesday.

Thank you to Sharon and her fellow gardeners for the donation of buckets, containers, and hand shovels. We love the new shovels!

Week of June 16 to June 20 - posted by Ella

School was out Monday and Tuesday.

Thursday was the first harvest of the week with the summer ESS students. My apologies to Becky at the Friends and Family Community Connection for the large zucchini!

Lots of harlequin beetles were found snacking on the beet seedlings. The kids helped collect about 4 dozen of them.

Rainbow carrot seeds were planted in the bare spots in the carrot bed.

Week of June 9 to June 13 - posted by Ella

The radishes and beets were thinned and the bare spots were seeded again. The carrots were given a light layer of mulch. They finally poked their way up. Cucumbers were added to either side of the lettuce bed (between the root crops). Now we need to make a trellis for them to grow on so they can shade the lettuce.

The monarch caterpillars were very busy devouring one milkweed plant after another. We suffered several casualties as they migrated across the mulch and pathways. :( One chrysalis was spotted in the aloe plant. The monarch butterflies are continuing to lay eggs on the two milkweed plants in the mint bed.

A big kale harvest this week – a total of 5.5 pounds of curly and dinosaur kale! The zucchini is leafing out like crazy, but fruit production is still stunted since last week's leaf-cut. The bell peppers are still short, but they have fruit!
The corn is producing tassels on every stalk (even on the short ones, unfortunately), and little corn ears can be seen.

A few plants were added to the area around the fruit trees – mostly lantanas and guaras.

The engraved bricks were brought to the garden and we began to install them on Wednesday.

All the greens were fertilized with fish emulsion at the end of the week.

School is out for the summer. The garden will continue to be cared for with the help of the ESS students.

Week of June 2 to June 6 - posted by Ella

Seven of the worst of the diseased tomatoes were pulled out and replaced with new ones. We planted Celebrity (the bigger sized tomato) that seemed to have faired better than the rest.

The zucchini leaves were trimmed. And none too soon, as some powdery mildew had already begun to form on the largest of the plants. Thank goodness for a compost container. That was a lot of leaves! The plants were also side-dressed with Kelloggs fertilizer (the squash bed's first amendment since planting).

A hole found in the chicken wire behind the compost bin was patched.
More decorative pebbles were added to the succulent circle.

The milkweed are covered with caterpillars now. It's real fun for the kids to see, but also a temptation to remove them to play with, or even worse, relocate them. A couple third graders are making some “do not touch” signs.

Another Mexican palm was removed from inbetween the herb and bird/butterfly garden and replaced with some native sagebrush and San Diego sunflowers. We also added some native Toyon and CA currents.

After Friday's harvest, all the greens (kale, lettuce, corn, peppers) were given a fertilizing with fish emulsion.

Week of May 26 to May 30 - posted by Ella

Monday off for Memorial Day.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders harvested a large amount of both types of kale, zucchini (including our first Alexandria – a white zucchini), and all remaining cabbage. I felt sorry for two cauliflower that were late to get their start. They were removed and given a second chance in a large pot. We'll soon see if our experiment works. The cabbage and cauliflower roots were removed and each beds was refurbished with 2 bags of Kelloggs, plus some Bioflora.

On Wednesday, Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders planted radish and beet seeds in the former cabbage bed. The third graders have been studying the local Native Americans in class, so we took a tour of the native plants in the garden and discussed their uses by the Kumeyaay. We started with my favorite, lemonade berry, and worked our way through the sages, buckwheat, Yerba Santa, CA Lilac, and bubble-gum smelling Whooly Blue Curls.

Farmer Roy diagnosed the tomatoes as having a virus. All but a few are affected. I'll leave them in as long as they're producing, and replace the worst few next week. He also advised snipping off the bottom-most leaves on the zucchini to prevent powdery mildew.

The window screen material on the front entry gate (that was torn) was replaced with 1/2" wire hardware cloth. That should stop the bunnies from entering to nibble the lettuce.

The school held its Volunteer Appreciation Assembly on the black top in front of the garden on Friday. The entire school came out to show its appreciation through songs, a recorder concert by the fourth graders, a student cheer, personal words of thanks from some of the third & fourth graders, and a poem (an endearing tribute written by a student and acted out with hand motions by Mrs. Kajita's class). The assembly ended with the entire school dancing to Pharrell Williams' “Happy” and handing out orange roses and hand-drawn cards. So sweet!

Also on Friday, Mrs. Coate brought her third graders for planting seeds of corn in the former cauliflower bed and a talk about the native plants. The kids at recess helped with a small harvest of zucchini and lettuce.

Week of May 19 to May 23 - posted by Ella

Two more classroom salad events happened this week, this time with the 3rd graders. Mrs. Coate's class came out on Tuesday, and Mrs. Golden's on Wednesday. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who assisted.

The tomato plants were fertilized with the Kellogg's veggie fertilizer a few weeks ago (previously forgot to note that), but that doesn't seem to have helped their purple, curled leaves. I suspect a virus, but I'll wait for Farmer Roy to diagnose them.

A few more plants were added this week: a couple salvias to the butterfly garden, and variegated sage and garlic chives to the herb bed.

We're pretty much done with the cauliflower harvest. The kale, the few cabbage that are left, and the lettuce and bell peppers were fertilized with fish emulsion. The kale needed to be sprayed with the hose a few times to wash off the gray aphids.

My goal is to get the carrots and beets seeded next week in place of the cauliflower and cabbage.

We started another level in the worm bin. Ms. Herman's 5th graders assisted.

Week of May 12 to May 16 - posted by Ella

A hot, short, and eventful week!

On Monday, Mrs. Kajita's 2nd grade class was the first to participate in the Make a Garden Salad Event. Thank you to Simone, Mrs. Q., and Ann for assisting. In five teams with a colander each, the kids collected produce, herbs, and flowers (for garnish) from the garden and brought it back to the classroom to prepare. Everyone rinsed their harvest. Then, one team at a time, we prepared the salad and the dressing. The kids (and adults) all loved the shredding machine. And most of the kids liked the salad!

On Wednesday, Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders made their salad. Thank you for Erika and Simone for assisting. We found another herb from the garden to use (basil) for this one. The recipe for the salad we made can be found in the recipes link at left.

School was closed Thursday and Friday due to the local fires.

Week of May 5 to May 9 - posted by Ella

Several new additions were added to the garden. Two grape vines were planted against the rear fence, several African daises were added to the butterfly garden (a favorite of painted ladies), and several misc fill-in flowers were added to the front gardens areas.

Mrs. Shook's class released classroom-hatched painted ladies on Tuesday.

Big wood chunks were removed from the first section of the garden that we mulched long ago and the new, finer mulch was added.

The tomatoes are taking their time to ripen, but we're moving on with plans for the “Harvest to Make a Garden Salad” event for the 2nd and 3rd graders to begin next Monday.

The other 5th grade class got to participate in Friday's harvest.

The garden was given a deep watering in anticipation of next week's heatwave. The straw is doing a superb job of preventing the raised beds from drying out.

Week of April 28 to May 2 - posted by Ella

The three “3 Sisters” planting beds are complete! The two 2nd grade classes came to plant seedlings of pole beans around the corn, and winter squash and melons in between the corn/bean squares. The kids followed popsicle stick markers. The corn seedlings were thinned out to four plants per grouping. Then the beds were mulched with straw and labeled.

We harvested more zucchini and lettuce this week.

The lettuce, kale, bell peppers, and sunflowers were fertilized with fish emulsion on Thursday.

We found a ladybug larva on a mint leaf during Thursday's harvest. The 3rd graders could hardly believe that that ugly little thing turns into a pretty ladybug!

We finished weeding and mulching the line outside the 2 fence sides adjoining the grass. The broken fence pickets have begun to be replaced. Bamboo stakes were added to the sunflower circle.

Week of April 21 to April 25 - posted by Ella

We harvested twice this week for the zucchini, lettuce, cauliflower, and cabbage. We topped last week's harvest total with the abundant kale leaves we collected on Friday. Over 22 ½ pounds of produce was taken to donation! The third graders sampled a crazy cauliflower that bolted in the sun. Very sweet!

Happy little corn sprouts are coming up everywhere the kids planted the seeds last week. Monday, they'll be thinned out when we begin to plant the beans and melon/squash.

On Wednesday, in honor of Arbor Day and Earth Day, The Arbors, a local assisted living community, delivered a plum tree to plant in the garden. Several of their residents watched as we planted this tree with the 5 year-olds of the TK class.

Sweet Alyssum was added to the lettuce beds. Chocolate mint, bee balm, and apple mint were added to the mint circle. The sunflowers are growing well. We still need to add some stakes to give them support when they get taller. A few additions were made to the herb garden and Gazanias were added near the California Poppies. Several gladiola bulbs donated by Mrs. Golden was added to the flower bulb garden.

On Monday, the kale, lettuce, bell peppers, and strawberries were fertilized with fish emulsion.

Mulch is being added in a one foot strip to the 2 outer perimeters of the garden that meet grass, to keep weeds from growing near the fence.

The first blossoms are opening up on the raspberry plants. They're growing up fast!

Week of April 14 to April 18 - posted by Ella

A big harvest and planting week. The zucchini plumped up over the week off, so we harvested four monster loaves with Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders. The cauliflower suffered a little sunburn, so the leaves were clipped together with clothes pins for sun protection. Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders harvested 4 of the cauliflower, 3 lettuce heads, and 2 mini cabbages on Monday. Including Friday's zucchini harvest by Mrs. Kajita's grade 2, it was over 17 pounds of produce taken to donation for the week!

On Monday, we said goodbye to the broccoli plants. We harvested the remaining baby shoots from the broccoli and all the best of the leaves. The crowns were given to the three classes that didn't get to taste-test the produce the last time. The flowers and gangly stems were eaten by the 2 classes that helped with the harvest. Even the part that opened into flower was remarkably tasty! The broccoli plants were removed and the three beds were refurbished with the Kelloggs soil.

On Wednesday, Mrs. Kajita's 2nd graders and Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders planted corn by seed to start the 3 Sisters planting beds. We followed a grid layout and popsicle sticks helped the kids to know where and how deep to plant the corn, the oldest sister. Pole beans and squash/melon/cucumber will be added to the beds sometime in the next couple weeks, completing the 3 sisters.

Additional mulch was carted to the garden. Bare dirt is almost all covered up now!

“What can we taste?” the kids now ask when they visit. Lately, we've been tasting nasturtiums! Lots of pretty ones in bloom now.

Week of April 7 to April 11 - posted by Ella

Off for Spring Break

Week of March 31 to April 4 - posted by Ella

The week of the Garden Open House! Thank you to all the parents, neighbors, and partners who came to visit the garden. We were busy like bees preparing for Thursday's event. The students enjoyed helping by loading mulch into pails and rolling trash cans to transport into the garden. And we almost finished mulching the entire garden! A big thank you to Simone and her girl scout helpers who supervised the play stations, welcomed visitors with take-home tomato seedlings and raffle tickets, provided butterfly/bird decorations, made a life-size scarecrow, and a set up a welcome board with kid photos! Thank you Sunshine Care for providing the garden basket to raffle and all the tomato plants.

Two more class garden tours happened this week, which means that every class in the school has now officially toured the garden and met the worms in the worm bin. Hurray!

A few lettuce plants were added to the strawberry bed (a good companion plant). Some cosmos flowers were added in between the raspberry plants. A couple of the cauliflower heads started showing signs of sunburn, so their leaves were clipped together with clothespins.

On Friday, Mrs. Kajita's 2 graders harvested 10 heads of the red-leaf lettuce and a bag of kale to take to donation.

The kale, broccoli, bell peppers, sunflowers, and cauliflower were fertilized with fish emulsion on Friday after school. One basil plant disappeared overnight from the tomato bed via a gopher tunnel. We'll need to tend to him after the Spring break.

And last, a thank you to Mrs. Bartlett who brought succulent cuttings from her home.

Week of March 24 to March 28 - posted by Ella

Another busy week. Lots of changes taking place in the garden. Lots of mulching, lots of harvesting. We added straw to all the raised beds. What a pretty contrast it makes with all the green leaves! We received our mountain of mulch delivery and began to add weedblock and mulch between the beds.

We harvested some beautiful lettuce, broccoli, and curly leaf kale with Mrs. Coate's 3rd graders on Monday. We took this to donation.

Thank you to Mark who came by on Tuesday to cap off an irrigation leak, flush out a valve, and remove an unneeded sprinkler. The irrigation was kept off all week on account of the rain.

Last week, Tickseed flowers and Lamb's ears were added to the flower seed zones by the front and Marigolds were added to the veggie beds. More Marigolds were added this week.

The cilantro seeds sprouted in one of the side mini raised beds - yeah! Last week a borage plant was added to that one. At the same time, the mini-bed by the herb garden (where the cilantro failed to sprout) was filled with Sorrel and Stevia.

On Friday we harvested the remaining large broccoli heads with Mrs. Golden's 3rd graders for the school to taste-test. We cut enough to deliver broccoli and some leaves to all but 4 classes. Now we wait for the baby side shoots to grow out so the remaining classes can get their taste. I haven't heard one kid say “No, thank you, I don't like broccoli” when we hand it out. You should see how happy and eager they are to taste a green veggie! :)

The two fifth grade classes toured the garden this week.

Lots of preparations underway as we plan for next week's open house. Mrs. Shook's TK'rs helped out with decorative painted rock lady bugs and bumble bees. The Girl Scouts are building a garden scarecrow and animal signs. Lots of signage, displays, music, games, and food are in the works. Rain, please stay away from Thursday!

Week of March 17 to March 21 - posted by Ella

Monday began with more tours, worm bin demos, and harvesting. Monday's 2nd graders picked more Tuscan kale and a large bok choy that shot into flower over the warm weekend.

I was hoping to hold off harvesting the broccoli until next Monday, but many looked like they were threatening to open up flowers by then. So on Friday, I called in Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders to help harvest the most mature heads. We cut just over 2 pounds. We taste-tested one of the largest heads. Wow, what a sweet veggie -- and the stalk, like candy! I took the leaves we plucked off the heads and made a salad out of them at home. They're actually quite tasty, and as expected have a broccoli flavor! I'm leaving the harvested broccoli plants in place to see how the side shoot baby broccoli grow. The last of the bok choy was pulled out for harvest – sadly, even the smallest ones bolted into flower stalks. There is still some curly-leaf kale growing in that bed. As soon as it's harvested (next week, most likely) we'll plant that out with beans and corn.

The broccoli showed a little yellow on some leaves, so I watered it again with the fish emulsion on Tuesday. I noticed mealy bugs deep inside the cauliflower (where the hose spray couldn't wash them away) so I sprayed their centers with the natural Kelloggs bug spray.

A tall-growing columnar basil was added to the middle of the tomato rows, completing our Italian garden bed. Garlic was added to the strawberry bed (strange, but true companion plants). I added another pot with some shade-loving succulents. Sharon dug up some freesia bulbs from her garden and they were planted near the entry.

Week of March 10 to March 14 - posted by Ella

On Monday we started garden tours and presentations of the worm bin. (A schedule is being finalized for the TK and 4th to 5th grades to visit the garden the week of March 24th and March 31st.) This week the Kindergarten classes, 3rd grade, and most of 1st were introduced to the new garden areas and all the growing fruits and veggies. We walked, smelled, marveled at the large dew drops on the broccoli leaves, and laughed while red wiggler worms squirmed in our hands.

In addition to the tour, the 3rd graders got to take part in this year's first harvesting. Each student picked a Tuscan Kale leaf and we weighed the gathered total. We recorded 3/4 lbs. of kale, plus one bok choy at 1/4 lb. The harvest was delivered to Friends and Family Community Connection.

The lunchtime collection of food waste for the worms is going well. Pounds of food (on just one day we got 10!) was diverted from the trash cans.

The Kellogg's soil bags were lifted up onto two pallets. Hopefully that, plus the large tarp, will be enough protection from the elements.

The kale and bell peppers were fertilized with fish emulsion.

Cheryl and I planted garlic (donated by Sarah Clayton) along either side of the tomatoes – a good companion plant. Basil, another tomato friend, will soon join them in the middle – making it our Italian garden bed!

The sunflower bed got a liner of weedblock along the low side to prevent soil from spilling through the gaps in the wood pickets.

Planning has begun for our garden's April 3rd open house. Thank you, Girl Scouts, for volunteering to help out with the activities!

Week of March 3 to March 7 - posted by Ella

The irrigation remained off the entire week. The area was well saturated from last weekend's rain storms and the cool, dewy nights. The new soaker hose was attached to the mint bed, which is filling out nicely again.

The small raised beds on either end of the gravel pathways were planted with cilantro seeds. A few dill plants were added to the butterfly and herb garden. A native sage and two natives with daisy-like flowers were planted in the butterfly garden.

All the beds (except the summer squash, tomato, and kale), were fertilized with fish emulsion.

All the beds are now labeled, with the newest markers installed for the squash, bell pepper and tomatoes.

More succulents were added to the succulent circle and a couple more ceramic pots. More gravel was added to the circle as well.

We received our first tool donation in the drop-off box by the office – yeah for the child's garden rake!

I'm very happy to report that the worm bin is now on campus and the cafeteria food waste collection has begun! The lunchtime monitors are helping to divert the banana peels, apple cores, and other worm favorites to the marked stainless steel trash can.

We finalized a garden visiting schedule for the kindergarten through 3rd grade classes for the next couple weeks. The 2nd and 3rd graders will begin the harvesting of the kale on Monday. All the classes will tour, learn about vermicomposting, and get to meet the red wigglers in the worm bin.

Sharon donated a large plastic tarp to cover the Kelloggs bags of soil. She also gave us a beautiful scale to use for the weighing of the harvest.

More donations from Sarah - 6 pairs of kid's gardening gloves and a bag of organic garlic corms. We'll intermingle the garlic with the tomato plants next week. It's a good companion plant!

WEEK of Feb. 24 to Feb. 28 - posted by Ella

On Monday morning, we received a mammoth donation from Kellogg Garden Supply. We now are stocked with enough organic raised bed soil, fruit/veggie fertilizer, and pest spray to last us through the next couple years! Thank you, Kellogg!
I used their fertilizer on all of the fruit trees. Cheryl applied the bug spray on the two citrus in the raised block planters to help with the ants and scale. My, it does smell lovely! Cloves and cinnamon, ummm.

Some 3rd graders helpers replaced the area of decimated lettuce with bell pepper seedlings and I added additional kale, cauliflower, and broccoli seedlings to other empty spots.
I applied Sluggo Plus around all the veggies and strawberries to keep away the cutworms and other night feeders.

Several 4th and 5th graders helped to expand the sunflower bed with some wood from home (it's now over 5' in diameter!) and a couple 3rd graders got to plant the six Russian Mammoths that I started from seed.

Cheryl brought raspberry plants donated from a neighbor and we divided them into 5 plants to grow up along the back fence. They should get enough water from the overspray of the grass sprinklers.

The 3rd grade kids helped plant seeds of California Poppies and Cosmos flowers in two areas on either side of the stepping stones to one of the tables. I cordoned off these areas with caution tape.

We continue to receive succulent donations from the community. A big thank you to Sarah Clayton, community volunteer extraordinaire, for all the uprootings and cuttings! They'll soon be added to the succulent circle, shady areas, and to some additional pots.

We were rained out on Thursday and Friday. The irrigation is off until Monday (at least). Welcome, rain!

WEEK of Feb. 10 to Feb. 14 - posted by Ella

School is off for the week of President's Day.

WEEK of Feb. 10 to Feb. 14 - posted by Ella

On Monday, the empty raised bed was filled with tomatoes and summer squash by Mrs. Herman's 2nd graders. I put lettuce in-between the two. Unfortunately, something is continuing to have their way with the small lettuce seedlings, bok choy, kale, and cauliflower. And today (while listening to Farmer Roy give a lecture at Sunshine Gardens), it hit me who the mystery night nibbler is – cutworms! That will soon be fixed. ;) Third graders helped put the old cages over most of the tomato plants (Mrs. Marshack kindly offered to buy 6 to make up for the shortage).

All the beds (except the newest planted one) were fertilized with Fish Emulsion. Mrs. Quackenbush and Lorraine applied mulch (a rich, worm-filled mixture from the old pile of wood chips!) around all the plants in the beds, plus the citrus.

Grandpa Fred allowed me to prune his backyard succulents last weekend and take away lots of new additions for the garden. Thank you, Fred! We planted these in pots (I donated some bright and cheery ones). We also spread some succulents close to the entry and two varieties of aloe in the bird garden.

The earthwork at the left of the entry was re-sloped. Thank you to the third graders and fifth graders who sweated in the heat with me to move all the dirt.

A Senna tree was added to the butterfly garden (a host plant for Cloudless Sulphur butterflies).

I checked all the irrigation stations. Fixed another small leak in the soak hose in the tomato bed. Still need to splice/ replace the one in the mint bed – there's a large gash, so I continue to water it by hand. Also, one of the spray heads at the tangerine refuses to come on. I think I need to contact Mark.

Mrs. Vickie from the office and Mrs. Quackenbush donated flower seeds (thank you!) that will be fun to plant when we get back from vacation. Simone set up a wonderful garden display board between the Kindergarten and First grade classrooms with lots of photos of the kids working in the garden.

Come check out the first fragrant bloom in the bulb bed!

WEEK of Jan 31 to Feb 7, 2014 - posted by Ella
I moved an over-baked aloe plant (next to the pineapple guava tree) to a shadier location and started a round mini sunflower patch in its place. I have some giant sunflower seeds starting at home and Roy says he'll have some seedlings for us in a couple weeks.
I transplanted some nasturtium to grow along the west and east fence and filled in with nasturtium seeds. Will train these up the fence.
I picked up more seedlings from Roy – tomatoes, zucchini, squash, and some more lettuce for the empty raised bed. Also got a few fill-in plants for the nibbled ones. Mrs. Herman's grade 2 is confirmed to come Monday to plant the veggies.
I started to add pebbles to the succulent patch. Got a bunch of succulent cuttings on Wednesday from a school parent's garden.
Started to seed California poppies throughout the garden. Added a few more geraniums and got some natives in the ground.
Got the worm bin up and running with Roy's help. I started to construct some compost bins for the garden from a neighbor's torn out decking. When that's set up, I'll bring the worm bin and we can start to collect food waste from the lunchroom (a thank you to Corey for volunteering to oversee the collection!).

Simone and I represented the garden at Friday's PTA drawing event. Simone made a lovely display to encourage parental interest, the purchase of bricks for the garden fundraiser, and water bottle collecting for the arbor funds.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------archived entries below-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

FRIDAY, July 12 posted by Lin
Planted cucumbers, squash and pumpkins.
Fertilized with BioFeed and watered in.
Cut more dead leaves from squash plants.
Emptied trash.
Added another stick to locking hoops and spoke with Susan about ensuring the kids "lock" the gate.

TUESDAY, July 9 - posted by Lin
Harvested and delivered to Becky: 4 lbs. zucchini, 1.2 lbs. yellow squash, .9 lbs. cucumber
1.3 lbs. beans and 11.0 lbs. tomatoes. 8.9 lbs. of those tomatoes were cherry & grape tomato.
There is powdery mildew on the tomato plants, will check with Roy about that.
Trimmed dead leaves from zucchini plants.
Trimmed branches from the tree at the gate and the tree over the worm farm.
Emptied the garden trash.
Rehung the sign on the gate and added a stick for the latch.-

MONDAY, July 8, posted by Jane for Sharon
Harvested: Cucumbers 1 lb, Zucc 51/2 lbs, Y. Squash 2 lbs,Tomatoes 1 1/2 lbs.
Not as much this week. Gayle showed up to help weed and look things over. She looks like a good worker. The melons are coming along. Lin and Roy are meeting in the garden this week to plant pumpkins. There was one bunny in the garden when I arrived--needless to say, the gate was open. I stressed to Gayle to try to keep it closed.

WEDNESDAY, July 3 posted by Lin
Harvested and delivered to Becky, 1.2 lbs. tomatoes, 4.1 lbs. yellow squash, 10.3 lbs. zucchini, 5.4 lbs. green beans, .9 lbs. lettuce.
Trimmed zucchini plants, weeded and emptied the garden trash.
Plan to pick up pumpkin plants from Roy next week to be planted in the south end of bed 6.
Noticed that we have several cantaloup coming along nicely even with what looks to be gopher activity in bed 5.
Met with a new member to our garden, Gayle, who will be working on Mondays with Sharon.
The ESS kids were off on a field trip but when they return they will be harvesting cherry tomatoes an strawberries for their snack time.

FRIDAY, May 17 posted by Lin with Sharon & Fred
Good planting day, nearly all the beds are planted, Fred will get cucumber and melon plants from Roy next week and get them in the ground. Now we just sit back and watch it all grow, if the crops are as healthy as the weed population the harvest will be magnificent! Next week Fred will harvest the romaine and curly lettuce and deliver it to Becky.

TUESDAY, May 14 posted by Lin
Weeded, turned soil and fertilized all beds except the sunflower and romaine lettuce sections of the back row. We should be in good shape for Fridays planting. A high school friend posted a recipe for weed killer using cider vinegar, and Dawn detergent. Thought I'd mix some up and bring to the garden as it's getting out of control again.
Be advised - I was told today that no children except the ESS kids are allowed to eat from the garden.

FRiDAY, May 10th posted by Fred
Pulled and trashed the rest of the Broccoli plants, may they rest in peace. The strawberries need to be picked on a regular basis, there's plenty to eat right now, I told the young man on the ESS yard (I met him at a SunShine Care event). The leafy lettuce is doing well and the tomatoes look like they're in the mid-growing stage. The ZUCHINI will do very well and we should plant more in the empty beds. Planting more tomatoes in the tomato bed should add length to the harvesting season. The beans are just not growing full, there are some beans but not much and they should be doing better.

WEDNESDAY, April 3 posted by Lin
Pulled weeds in the vegetable beds and some from the walkways. Fertilized all beds, thinned the carrots and planted two rows of radishes.
Irrigation from the large field is still causing flooding in the garden, will email the principal in an effort to track down and resolve the problem.

THURSDAY, March 28 posted by Lin
A big thank you to Sunshine Care, Roy, Lisa and several Sunshine Care clients for spending a couple hours with the ESS children this morning. Rolling Hills now has a worm bin of their very own. The children constructed the bin, adding shredded newspaper, dirt, cornmeal, food scrapes and worms. They learned about what foods to feed or not feed the worms to ensure success of a healthy worm farm and the value of the worms by products to our garden. The day ended with a sing along lead by Miss Lisa.

MONDAY, March 25 posted by Lin
Three ESS children helped plant tomatoes and lettuce, watered in the newly planted as well as the bush beans. Turned the irrigation on for row 6. Water is accumulating in the garden rows again - must be from the outside field area.

FRIDAY, March 15 posted by Lin
Fred installed a spring on the gate that might just be the answer. So far there has been no evidence of bunny visits to the garden and we hope that continues.
The children planted beans, cucumbers and zucchini that they raised from seeds! They also added some more lettuce and sunflowers, harvested the radishes and bok chou and planted carrots. Thank you Westley for all your help!

Monday, January 14 posted by Lin with Fred, Sharon & Roy
Planting has begun! The children planted broccoli, lettuce today with Bok Choy going in tomorrow. Fred showed Sharon & Lin how to turn the water system on & off. Now all we need is warmer weather!

Thursday, Dec. 21 posted by Lin
When I arrived Sharon was already busy thinning the strawberry bed on this chilly morning. We pulled the nasturtium which was already damaged by the frost and Sharon trimmed the butterfly bush. We emptied all the trash and placed the irrigation tapes back into the beds that the children had worked yesterday. Hung the sign that Jane had made for the gate requesting that just one side of the gate be opened and that the gate be closed and fastened upon leaving. Many thanks to Ruthanna for donating a box of blue latex gloves to the garden! We found the wheelbarrow holding ice this morning. We emptied it and stood it on end to prevent any water from collecting.
Wishing all Happy Holidays!

- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - -Monday Dec 3rd by Fred
Jr dug up the beds while Jason was trenching for the drainage. I fertilized the beds.Sharon trimmed the strawberries and we dumped all the trash. The water to the fields was not turned off so I asked Kathleen and Louie will call "Jack" to see if they can get that done through this Friday.

Wednesday Nov. 7th by Sharon
Yesterday I delivered some large black bags for the children to use when pulling up the old vegetables--which they were going to do yesterday afternoon. I picked the last vegetables: 1/2 lb of tomatoes, 5 0z. yellow squash and 6 oz. of butternut squash. I will check of the garden today or tomorrow and plant the nasturtiums.

Wed, Nov 7 - posted by Jane
Bruce finished the rabbit fencing today. Hurray! Once Chuck installs a gate, the garden should be rabbit proof and ready for replanting. Are there any areas of vulnerability that still need to be addressed?

Tuesday Nov 6 -- posted by Jane
At Fred's request, the ESS students came and cleared out all the old plantings except the strawberries. Way to go, ESS students! And way to go, Fred, for getting the ESS students involved in the garden again, and Sharon, for providing the students with the trash bags needed to do the job.

Monday Nov. 5th by Sharon
It was so nice to visit the garden and see that the water level is going down! I planted a geranium in the large circle and will plant the nasturtiums this week. I also cut up some of the branches and bagged them, and will continue with that chore this week. The fence looks good.

Monday Nov. 5th by Fred
Chuck and I met to discuss the gate in the garden and decided that his design without the fence slats was right, it leaves the garden with an open look, he'll install the gate and if he needs help he'll contact Bruce. All the veggies in the garden need to be pulled and the garden readied for the next planting. Sharon is planting nastutiums in the center of the garden and I'll contact Susan to see if the ESS kids can pull the veggies so we can go ahead and re-plant.

Wed, Oct 31 -- posted by Jane
After two work sessions, Installation of the rabbit fencing is almost complete, thanks to Fred, Bruce, and Jason. Next steps: install the last of the fencing and install a gate. Fred and Chuck will meet to discuss the gate.

Monday Oct 29th by Fred
I trimmed down the tree in the back of the garden so the fence can be installed. Picked and delivered 10lbs of tomatoes (some green) and 2lbs of zucchini. The harvest in the garden is finished and the beds need to be prepared for the next planting.

Friday Oct 26th by Fred
I spoke with Louie (head of Maint at the school) and he said the groundsman returned and did something to the sprinkler (He didnt know what) but the water is drying up, lets hope this time its right. It appears the sprinkler head was dug up. I picked all the pink and red tomatoes and delivered (est) about 20lbs of tomatoes and 5lbs of Zucchini to Becky.

Roy met with us at the garden and as soon as the fencing is done we can replant.
Bruce and I installed about 40% of the bunny fence, the balance will be done Wed the 31st by Bruce, Jason and me.
I bought the batteries for the scale, now I just have to find where I put them!

Notes from Jane on Wed, Oct 24
1. Rats! I thought our flooding problems were over. I'm so glad you were on top of this, Sharon, and took the opportunity to speak to the sprinkler man. If it doesn't get solved quickly, let me know and I'll go back to the principal. That's what seemed to get things moving. I mistakenly told her things were fixed.

2. Thanks for reporting the need for batteries for the scale, Fred, It takes two AAA batteries. Can one of you provide those or do you need me to buy some and install them? I can reimburse you from the garden funds if you buy them.

Wednesday, Oct. 24th posted by Sharon
I spent an hour in the garden today mostly weeding in the dry areas, but I did have a chance to speak with the man who is looking into the sprinkler problem. The garden was very wet, with pools of water. The sprinkler man turned on the system and we both could see that the sprinklers were not coming into the garden (just a little in the corner with the tools). I told him that it was a problem underground--probably a broken line. He has already replaced the broken sprinkler head, and said he will be coming back to dig up and repair the sprinkler system in that corner. We had the same problem with the house behind ours and the only way is to dig up the system and replace the broken pipes.

Tuesday, Oct 23 posted by Fred
Sharon is out of town so I harvested alone yesterday and delivered 6 lbs of tomatoes, 4 lbs zucchini, 2lbs of yellow squash and 3 lbs of spaghetti squash (Estimates) the scale needs batteries. The garden is still wet but it rained and i'll wait til friday to see if the sprinkler is still aimed at the garden. Roy had the same problem with the tomatoes due to the heat spell, we've got plenty of green tomatoes but birds or bugs are cutting into our harvest.

Wednesday, Oct.10 posted by Lin
It was doughnuts for dads day so there were a lot of garden visitors this morning.
The water is now moving the mulch onto the circular walk. I did some weeding, cutting of dead leaves and delivered to Beck, .75 lbs. of spaghetti squash, .74 lbs. of yellow squash and 10.94 lbs. of zucchini. The tree at the entrance needs to be trimmed because it is encroaching upon the path. Moms with strollers are having the most trouble. We don't have a tool heavy enough to do the trimming. Many tomatoes were lying on the ground with a bite or two taken, wonder if raccoons are responsible? Within the last two days I've seen huge dead raccoons on the side of the roads in the neighborhood.

Mon, Oct 8.posted by Fred..Iwas wondering where the tomatoes went!!(lol).The flooding seems to have effected the Tomato plants, theyre not as bushy as last week. On Friday I planted 20 brocolli in the left side bed but by Monday the bugs had eaten every plant.I picked another 2 lbs of tomatoes and delivered them and the spaghetti squash to Becky.

Mon, Oct 8 Posted by Sharon. I went to the garden this am and it was really flooded around the beds, not in the beds. Obviously the errant sprinkler heads have not be fixed. I did pick 2 3/4 lbs. of tomatoes (removing all the mealy bugs as possible) and one spg. squash that weighed 1 lb. 2 oz. I am off to deliver tomatoes while it is still lovely and overcast.

Wed, Oct 3, Posted by Jane. I took the step of reporting the flooding to Principal Marshack and asking her to ask her maintenance crew to fix the two offending sprinkler heads -- one outside the southwest corner of the garden that's been sheared off completely and one just past the mulch pile that works but sprays water into the garden. I got these descriptions from Mark. Mrs. Marshack responded right away and said she would put in a request to have them fixed. Please continue to report on the problem so I know where things stand.

Wednesday Oct 3, Posted by Fred
The pumpkins and spaghetti squash are finito so I pulled them and weeded but there's more weeding to do, crab/devil grass. I'll be in touch with Susan to get the ESS kids to weed. I picked the last of the cucumbers and spaghetti squash and will deliver it to Becky on Thurs morning, 1.5 lbs cucumbers and 6.5 lbs of squash. The area will be planted with Brocolli on Friday if I can get off work. If not Friday for sure Monday. On Monday (10/1) Ms Goldens 3rd grade class planted Lima beans from starts the kids started from seeds and incubated in the Library! They look great, we hope itz not too late for beans? I think I'm getting the hang of this blog thing.

WEDNESDAY, Oct.3 posted by Lin
Today a young girl and I looked for a caterpillar she saw a couple days ago. Since it was no where to be seen and it was a fat caterpillar she decided to hunt for a cocoon but we couldn't find that either.
Produced delivered to Becky included .97 lbs. yellow squash, 1.18 lbs. cucumber and 5.97 lbs. zucchini.
I pulled several munched on tomatoes and some dead leaves from plants. The irrigation leak is continuing, the back bed is hydroponic.
I watered the fig tree and the plants in the front garden and swept the walk.
Note to Fred: Sharon was told by the custodian that he could not empty our trash, that it must be done by you or your assistants. I have no idea of where the trash goes so I leave this problem for you. Also, there is a bag of clothes for the scarecrows in the large storage bin. Sharon thought this would be a child project so could you make those arrangements please? Sharon also said that they are welcomed to use her hat

Monday, Oct. 1st. Posted by Sharon.
I went by the garden this am to pick veggies. I delivered the following: Zucchini-13 ounces, Y Squash--1 lb 4 ounces, Spag. Squash--2 lbs and Butternut Squash--1 lb. Not too much this morning. We have four pumpkins still on the vines. I was afraid that we would be overwhelmed with giant pumpkins, but they are not that easy to grow. There was so much water everywhere that I did not do any weeding. Lots of big green tomatoes.

Note from Jane on Sept 29 -- The books are now closed on the summer season -- July, August, September. The harvest from our garden totaled 147 pounds! Wonderful! And it may really be more -- I'm not sure everything got recorded early on. I've set up a Harvest Record for the fall season - October, November, December. We'll see how we do!

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 26 by Lin
It was nice to see Sharon in the garden this morning. She brought heavy clippers and took care of the broken limb on the tree at the garden entrance. She also gave the tree a trimming of the low lying branches to prevent invasion by crawling critters. Harvested and delivered to Becky were 5.75 ounces of tomato, 3 lbs. of yellow squash, 3.31 lbs. cucumber and 5.06 lbs. zucchini. The tomato plants are looking good so in a week or so there should be some large harvests. Next week Sharon and I will bring shirts for the scarecrows. We are wondering if maybe a class or two might want to take on dressing the scarecrows?

Monday 9/25
The leak is behind the center of he rear bed and is big. Someone locked the timer control box so I couldn't test the system.The break looks like it's underground. I'll notify Mark. We will take out the spaghetti squash and plant Broccoli on Monday and tie up the tomatoes.

Wednesday, Sept 19 by Lin
Picked and delivered to Becky, 4.03 lbs. zucchini and .35 lbs. cucumber. Finished weeding the circle bed then planted and water in 12 daffodil bulbs, 6 Hyacinth bulbs, and 18 Freesia bulbs. Hoping for a splash of color come spring. Today the children found one small caterpillar and then watched a large spider wrap up prey caught in its web. There is a pumpkin that has lost its outer covering and many pill bugs are tunneling in and around. One child asked if we shouldn't remove it from the vine and that naturally led to a discussion about sacrificial fruit...I am very much enjoying these pop in visits!

Monday, Sept 17 by Sharon
Fred and I met in the garden and picked the following produce: 2.1 lbs yellow squash; 8.9 lbs spg. squash; 5.1 lbs of butternut squash; 8.1 lbs of zucc; and 4.5 lbs of cucumbers. Fred delivered. I tackled the weeds in the pumpkin patch. We had quite a few children come through looking for catapillars. This crop season is winding down, except for the tomatoes and strawberries.

Thursday, Sept 13 by Fred
Updating the garden layout and planned activities. Ms Goldens 3rd grade class will be starting Lima Beans in class and then transplanting them into the front 3ft of the right side bed as soon as they are 3" high. This is a late planting but we're giving this activity a chance. The class will plant broccoli in the left side bed when we pull the spaghetti squash in 1-2 wks We've planted an orange tree and a tangerine tree in the front of the garden replacing the non fruit trees on the diagram We are going to plant succulents in the front of the garden and cauliflower in the veggie garden in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, Sept 12 posted by Sharon
I should be able to get some free men's cloths from the Discovery Store where I volunteer for the scarecrows. I noticed there were a lot of butterflies in the garden also. I think bulbs would be great in the circle bed. Fred and I picked a lot of vegetables on Monday which he delivered. We can pick again this Monday--should have tomatoes soon.

Wednesday, Sept 12 posted by Lin
Weeded the beds and half the circle bed. Fred, do you have plans for the circle bed? Could I bring some succulents and/or bulbs to plant there? There were maybe 3 squash I could have picked but it seems silly to deliver such a meager harvest to Becky so I left them for Friday. There is a dead branch hanging from the tree at the entrance to the garden that I was unable to cut it off. The scarecrows need new clothes as the sun has destroyed the shirts and stuffing is falling out and about. I could check my husbands closet for possibilities unless there is another plan? I did notice that a sunflower plant was out of the dirt and two bamboo sticks were lying among the pumpkins. More child visitors today, a group of girls were chasing a butterfly, boys seem more interested in the pumpkins, me I enjoy watching all. One boy came over and taught me the life cycle of butterflies, how fun is that?

Monday, Sept 10 - Fred
Roy, Sharon and I worked the garden this morning. I delivered 6 lbs of cucumbers, 1.5 lbs of zuks, 2.2 lbs of yellow sq, 3.6 lbs of butternut sq, 6.6 lbs of spagetti sq. The tomatoes and the pumpkins look great, i fixed the hose but I think its a lost cause, the break is in a bad place. The lemon tree looks ok, the butterfly garden is attracting butterflies. We need to build a table in the rear corner of the garden to work and weigh veggies on. All in all the garden looks better than ever before and the main reason is Mark Devlins watering system, consistant regulated watering has made the major difference.

Wed, Sept 5, reply from Sharon -
I have been out of town, but did stop in on Tuesday but only weeded. I think Fred had an idea about what to do with the pumpkins--maybe we can put them in a few of the classrooms. I wonder if the lemon tree needs more water? or it is just stressed from the month of heat we've had.

WEDNESDAY, September 5 - posted by Lin
Harvested and delivered to Becky 4.11 lbs. yellow squash, 2.3 lbs. cucumber and 13.2 lbs. zucchini. The pumpkins are looking good, I found two off the vine. One was rotted but the other, although small, looks like it would make a funny jack-o-lantern. What is the plan for pumpkins off the vine? I did a small amount of weeding but there is still much more to do. Our trash is full so I asked a grounds worker if he might empty it...he said no problem. I asked if we might need to put a liner in the can and then bring the bag somewhere but he said it's fine like it is. Next week I'll plan to trim out all the dead leaves, especially the zucchini plants. While there another family (mom and 3 children) came by, it's great to see the children enjoying the garden! One last thing, the lemon tree isn't looking healthy, the leaves are burnt and curling. What shall we do about that?

Friday, August 31 - posted by Fred.
Roy, Junior, and I installed tomato posts and cages. The tomatoes could be ready in a couple of weeks. Pumpkins are going to be ready for Halloween and squash is ready for next week;s harvest. Nothing was ready today, but when I harvest where should I deliver on Friday a.m..
(Answer from Jane: To Becky please)

Wednesday, August 29 - posted by Lin
Washed, weighed and delivered to Sharon 2.75 lbs. yellow squash, .75 lbs. tomatoes, 2.25 lbs. cucumbers, and 3.2 lbs. zucchini. The garden looks very inviting and in fact while there two children along with their moms came into the garden to look around. The pumpkins are looking great, nice color and growing by leaps and bounds. I swept the walk way and pulled weeds, thanks Fred for the weed puller! Watered the tree in the center circle and got a small shower in the process because of a leak where the hose connects to the nozzle. I'm no hose repair person but it looks like it needs a small repair maybe with a clamp? We could also use a pad of paper and pen to record weights, I will try to remember to bring some next week. A word of caution - I brought some clear plastic bags to carry out the produce but a smart person would double bag them unless you enjoy picking up zucchini in the parking lot. Hoping the up coming weeks make the tomatoes produce.

Monday Aug 20--posted by Sharon
Glad to hear the garden was fertilized today--now our pumpkins will be HUGE! Lin and I met at the garden early. She had already picked our harvest and weighed it. We had 12.65 lbs of Zucchini, 2 lbs of yellow squash and 4.26 lbs of cucumbers. The new tomatoe plants are doing well thanks to our ongoing heat wave. I thought I would use some of my Dahlia poles to stake them (I have pulled out many non-winning Dahlias). Lin suggested that we go to the garden on seperate days to spread the work out more evenly; I will continue on Monday, Lin on Wed. and Fred on Friday. All is well.

Note from Jane on Aug 20 -- I just got a call from Roy, calling me from the Rolling Hills Garden. He said the garden looks GREAT. I loved hearing this, especially with school starting on Wednesday -- a flourishing garden to welcome the children back to school. Roy said he and Fred fertilized everything today -- so that should make things even better.

Saturday, Aug. 18th--posted by Sharon
The heat wave continues! I wanted to break down the harvest from last Monday before I put on the harvest for this Monday. Last Monday Fred and I harvested 7 lbs of spag. squash, 3 lbs of regular squash, 2 lb. of yellow squash, 2 lbs of cucumbers and 2-1/2 of zucs. Other news is that they have been tearing up the streets by the school putting in water pipes, and last Thursday they cut a power line and we were without electricity for an hour. SDG&E were out here for hours fixing the break.

Tuesday, Aug 14 -- posted by Sharon --
The garden is looking good despite the heat wave. On August 8th we picked 6 lbs. of cucumbers, and this Monday Fred and I picked 16 lbs of squash, zucs and cucs. The pumpkins are coming along nicely also.

Monday, July 30- posted by Sharon
Lin and I met at the garden about eight am. Everything looked good, we weeded and picked some zucchini and squash which Lin took with her to combine with Tuesdays haul from the big garden. We used the scale and had a four pound zucchini and 1.2 pounds of squash. I took a broom over on Wednesday to keep the new mulch swept up. I am writing this Thursday.-

Monday, July 23 - posted by Sharon
This morning Lin, Fred and I met at the garden to plant tomatoes. The old tomatoes were either finished or eaten by critters. Lin noticed that there had been vandalism in the garden over the weekend. We guess some kids climbed the fance into the school yard, came into our garden and pulled up several squash. Fortunately there were still squash to pick and also zucchini. I figured we had 2 pounds of zucchine and 8 pounds of squash which I dropped off at Bobby's house later that morning. The mulch has been put down to a depth of four inches in most places. We counted at least three small pumpkins--soon to be giant!

Monday, july 16 - posted by Lin
Mark & Matthew arrived to put down mulch and also repaired a couple leaks. The system will need to be turned on again by Friday in the tomato row. Mark thinks that the animals who had a tomato party (lots of tomatoes on the ground with healthy bites taken) are also biting the irrigation hoses to get water. So I buried the hoses in many of the beds. Fred came by on his way to work and as I was about to leave Sharon arrived and said she'd be back on Friday.

MONDAY, June 25 - Posted by Jane for Sharon - Lin and I were at the garden this a.m. Mark and his son were also there pulling out dead trees and weeds. We looked over the watering and he explained about turning off the water when the beds were either over watered or empty. Lin picked four small crops which I will deliver today and I mostly weeded and pulled out one bed of finished beans. We will pull the other bean crop next week. Fred showed up as we were leaving to work with Mark and his son, so we updated him and chatted a bit. Mark also realized some of the water in the corner was coming from the outside sprinklers and said he would speak with the maintenance man. A good day in the garden!

SUNDAY, June 24 -- Posted by Jane for Sharon -- The students will be working in the garden on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They will harvest on Tuesdays only. Sharon has left white plastic bags in the storage bin to hold the harvest. Sharon will deliver the harvest on Wednesday morning. Any questions, students??? We welcome your participation in the garden!

SATURDAY, June 23 - posted by Jane for Sharon -- I went by the garden on Friday morning and things were drying out nicely. The tomatoes should be ready to harvest in a week or so.

FRIDAY, June 22 - posted by Jane for Mark -- The leaks are fixed -- a loose hose and a loose sprinkler -- so that should take care of the flooding. Let me know if there are other problems.

MONDAY, June 18 - posted by Lin
Fred was present before going to Home Depot and then to get some more plants from Roy. I also believe that Fred will address the irrigation leak. I harvested and then delivered to Becky, 10.75 ounce of strawberries, 5.5 ounces (one only) zucchini, and 6.8 pounds of green beans. thee are lots of weeds to be pulled but I simply ran out of time.

FRIDAY, June 15 - posted by Jane - I received this status update from Sharon: "I was in the RH garden yesterday and noticed that the squash was not doing well. I emailed Roy to see if we could get some replacements or whatever he suggested. I emailed Susan to let her know that it would be great for the kids to work Tues. and Thurs. mornings. They could harvest on Tuesday and since I will be there Wed. I could pick the harvest up. The giant pumpkins are looking great, as are the strawberries and tomatoes. The cucumbers are OK. Lin and I are working on cleaning up the area and we both spoke with Fred last week to let him know what we were doing. I also emailed Crystal and Lonnie to see when they were going to work. I will be back in the garden on Monday with Lin."

MONDAY, June 4 - posted by Jane for Mark, our irrigation volunteer
The drip system to the plant beds is complete and on the timer. We’ll start with 90 minutes of watering, every other day. We’ll see what adjustments we’ll need (maybe too wet or too dry). Everyone should watch it , see what they think, and report any observations here on the blog.

In the event of a problem, each bed can be turned off independently, but that is not the normal way of operating because of the automatic timer. If there is a leak in one bed, volunteers can turn off the water to that one bed until a repair can be made. Anyone who finds this necessary should report it in right away.

Fred plans to combine the 3 long beds in the future. I'll go over there again this week and see how things are, and also I will look into the other hoses, etc., going to the other trees. So, the main system is done!

Addition by Jane -- This is huge, Mark, Thank you so much!!

FRIDAY, June 1 - posted by Jane
I visited the garden today and had the pleasure of meeting Crystal and her son and seeing Fred. I delivered a kitchen scale so we can weigh each harvest. I've added a new page to the web site called HARVEST RECORD so we can keep track of the harvest. Sharon tells me the ESS students harvested about 2 pounds of beans yesterday. Excellent!! I made that the first entry in the Harvest Record. From now on, everyone, please tell here in the blog what you harvest (for example, 4.2 pounds of zucchini and 3.5 pounds of beans), and I'll enter the numbers into the Harvest Record.

MONDAY, May 21 posted by Lin, Sharon also present
After Sharon and Roy met last week we proceeded with their plan. We pulled the broccoli and lettuce beds, pulled the over grown radishes, and moved the few strawberry plants in a very dry bed over with the rest of the strawberries. Sharon planted a bed of squash, we pulled dead leaves from the tomatoes and worked the soil in the empty beds. Mark was there looking over irrigation requirements, looking forward to that work being done. There will be a couple of days without irrigation but Sharon will be alerted to that so hand watering can be done.

MONDAY, May 14 posted by Lin, Sharon also present
Sharon brought and installed 5 tomato cages and trimmed off the suckers on all the tomato plants. We pulled weeds and plan to pole and string for bean support next week. Many plants have gone to seed but we wonder what the plan is... with students coming in we wondered if this might be part of their learning experience? The radish plants are huge, probably not good eating. Shall we pull them? What should replace them?

Monday, May 7th-posted by Sharon
We had a yellow tape blocking the entrrance, but I ducked under to do a little weeding. Tomatoes look great. Had to leave due to fire drill!- - - - - - - - - - -

Thursday, April 19-posted by ESS (Susan)
ESS students were making good use of our lovely weather this week. Our 3-5th Grade group leader took her ESS group into the garden today, to do some weeding. They went to and fro from each of the planter boxes with their gardening gloves on, looking to help out. They also found some Broccoli, that looked ready to be picked and remembered what Grandpa Fred had told them, "the more you pick Broccoli the more it will grow". The last time they picked Broccoli, they enjoyed it as a snack with ranch dressing. They did not pick it this week, but we thought if it was still there next week, maybe they could and enjoy the fruits( or veggies in this case), of their labor.

Thursday, April 12-posted by ESS (Susan)
The 3rd-5th Grade group went into the garden this afternnon, to do some weeding, with their group leader. They said the raised beds looked wonderful, hardly any weeds in the beds. They plan to check on the garden every Thursday afternoon.

Monday, April 16 - posted by Lin
Sharon and I pulled a few weeds.Looks like there will be some broccoli to harvest later this week.

Tuesday, April 10- posted by Fred
Mark Devlin, Jason Martin and Fred met in the garden today and planned the irrigation upgrade.

Tuesday, April 10 - Looks like we may get plenty of rain in the next few days - those weeds
were removed just in time! Sharon

Monday, April 9 -- posted by Jane
What a pleasure to visit the garden today with Janice Schock, Lead Gardener of the Backyard Produce Garden. We were both so impressed with the garden and can't wait to follow its progress.

Monday, April 9 - posted by Lin (Sharon, Fred, Janice & Jane also present)
More weeding done. Janice, Fred & Sharon plotted and planned what to grow and when.

Monday, April 2 - Lin
Weeded the raised beds, all beds are still wet.

Fri, Mar 30 - Fred
Just planted zucchini with Crystal, Lonnie, Greg and Xavier.
Everybody weeded and we fixed 2 leaks in the soaker hoses.

Thurs, Mar 29 - Jane
Here's the first posting in our blog. Hope others will join in